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A fun way to get to know your boyfriend even better is by asking each other “What If” questions! These hypothetical scenarios can lead to some interesting and thought-provoking conversations that will bring you closer together.

And who knows, you might learn something new about your significant other in the process. So grab a snack, get comfy, and let’s dive into these fun 50+ What If questions for quality time with your boyfriend!

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Don’t have “What If” questions on hand? No problem! We’ve got over 1,000 “What If” questions available on our website and app for you and your boyfriend to explore.

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Simply visit our website or download our app to access these fun questions anytime, anywhere. And the best part? It’s completely free!

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How to Play “What If” with Boyfriend

“What If” is a simple game where one person poses a hypothetical scenario, and the other person answers with what they would do in that situation. It’s a great way to learn more about each other’s values, desires, and fears.

To play “What If” with your boyfriend, set aside some time where you can give each other your undivided attention. Then, decide who goes first and ask a question following the “What if…” format.

For example: “What if we switched bodies for a day, what would be the first thing you’d do?”

Keep taking turns asking and answering questions, and don’t be afraid to get creative and silly with your scenarios! The goal is to have fun and learn more about each other while doing so.

Best “What If” Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Ready to get started? Here are some of our favorite “What If” questions that will help you connect with your boyfriend on a deeper level.

From lighthearted and fun to thought-provoking and daring, these questions cover a wide range of topics that will keep your conversations interesting and engaging.

1. What if you had a superpower, what would it be?

Imagine the possibilities.

2. What if you could time travel?

The choice is yours.

3. What if you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life?

Pizza? Sushi? Burritos? The options are endless.

4. What if you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you want to be stranded with?

Choose wisely.

5. What if you could switch lives with any celebrity for a day?

Who would it be and why?

6. What if you won the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first crazy thing you’d buy?

Let’s dream big!

7. What if you could have dinner with any fictional character?

Who’d be at your table?

8. What if we could communicate with animals, which species would you chat with first?

A little birdie told me…

9. What if you had to live in a video game, which one would you pick?

Choose your own adventure!

10. What if you could master any instrument instantly, what would you play?

Rock on or jazzy vibes?

11. What if you could live in any movie universe for a week?

Lights, camera, action!

12. What if you could invent something, what would it be?

Let’s get those gears turning!

13. What if you could perform magic, what would be your signature spell?

Abracadabra, alakazam!

14. What if we went on a space mission together, where would we explore?

To infinity and beyond!

15. What if you had to wear a costume every day, what would be your go-to outfit?

Superhero cape or clown shoes?

16. What if you could teleport to anywhere in the world, where’s our first stop?

Pack your invisible bags!

17. What if you could relive one day from your past?

The DeLorean awaits!

18. What if you were a character in a sitcom, which show would it be?

Cue the laugh track!

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19. What if you could write a book, what would it be about?

Once upon a time…

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20. What if you had the power to freeze time, when would you use it?

Pause for dramatic effect!

21. What if you could taste colors, what do you think blue would taste like?

A culinary rainbow!

22. What if you could smell like anything, what would be your signature scent?

Eau de Adventure, perhaps?

23. What if every time you snapped your fingers, you could make something appear?

Voilà! Magician or genie?

24. What if we could build our dream home together, what’s one must-have feature?

A slide instead of stairs, maybe?

25. What if we started a band, what would we name it?

Let’s hit the stage, rockstar!

26. What if you could bring one fictional gadget into our world?

Get ready to geek out!

27. What if we could start a new life on Mars?

Suit up, space pioneer!

28. What if you could have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life?

Imagine the possibilities!

29. What if every time you danced, you turned invisible?

Bust a move, Casper!

30. What if animals could vote, what policies do you think they’d support?

A paw-liamentary debate awaits!

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31. What if you could choose an imaginary friend to come to life?

Who’s your invisible buddy?

32. What if you had the ability to walk through walls?

Where would you sneak into first?

33. What if our pets could talk to us for a day?

Get ready for a furry heart-to-heart.

34. What if we could switch lives with each other for 24 hours?

Let’s walk a mile in each other’s shoes—or slippers!

35. What if we could grow any kind of plant instantly?

Green thumbs, activate!

36. What if your favorite meme came to life?

Brace yourself, laughter is coming!

37. What if you could steal a skill from any athlete?

Better start warming up!

38. What if your life had a theme song that played every time you entered a room?

Hit play on your personal anthem!

39. What if you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport?

Ready, set, hobby!

40. What if we could be cartoon characters for a day?

It’s ’toon time!

41. What if everything you drew became real?

Sharpen those pencils—it’s doodle magic time!

42. What if you could make any fictional vehicle your primary form of transportation?

Zooming through on The Batmobile or sailing in the Black Pearl?

43. What if you woke up tomorrow as a world leader?

Get ready for your reign!

44. What if you could design your own planet?

Calling all cosmic architects!

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45. What if we were treasure hunters—what lost item would you want to find?

X marks the spot, matey!

46. What if you could learn any language instantly?

Parlez-vous awesomeness?

47. What if your life was a musical?

Time for your show-stopping number!

48. What if you could turn into any animal at will?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s you!

49. What if we could breathe underwater?

Prepare for some deep-sea chatter!

50. What if we were superheroes—what would our origin story be?

To the comic book panel!

51. What if you could be a character in any video game?

Ready Player One?

52. What if we opened a restaurant, what would be our signature dish?

Let’s cook up some love!

53. What if you had a personal mascot following you around?

Let’s meet your cheerleader!

54. What if we could invent a new holiday?

Mark your whimsical calendars!

55. What if your dreams were broadcasted on TV every night?

Tune in to the Dream Network!

56. What if you could compete in a pie-eating contest with any historical figure?

Go ahead, take a bite out of history!

57. What if we discovered a new planet and you got to name it?

Let your name echo through the galaxy!

58. What if you had a secret hideout like a superhero?

What’s behind your bookcase?

59. What if every time you laughed, it changed pitch?

Who needs a laugh track when you’ve got your own symphony?

60. What if you could create a new ice cream flavor?

Scoop up your imagination!

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61. What if you were a wizard at Hogwarts for a day?

Grab your wand and let’s swish-and-flick some fun!

62. What if your childhood toy came to life?

Reunite and let the playtime adventures begin!

63. What if every book you read literally opened a door to its world?

Step into the pages and let’s journey through litera-land!

64. What if you could become the best at any board game instantly?

Monopolize the fun or be the clue master!

65. What if you could control the weather with your emotions?

Feeling sunny or is there a storm brewing?

66. What if you had a flying carpet?

Where to first, oh soaring nomad?

67. What if every movie you watched became your reality for the next day?

Action hero or rom-com lead, what’s your pick?

68. What if you could pick a new topic for everyone to be instant experts in?

Spread the knowledge in the most random subject!

69. What if you had your own theme park?

Thrills, chills, and fun that never ends!

70. What if you could bottle a memory and revisit it anytime?

Pop the cork on your favorite day!

71. What if you always had perfect comebacks?

Be the wittiest kid on the block!

72. What if we could trap villains in a video game?

Press play to save the day!

73. What if you could sculpt anything from clay and bring it to life?

Unleash the art and maybe your own little clay army!

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74. What if every time you clapped, you changed the music genre playing?

From rock to reggae, clap to the beat!

75. What if you had a tree that grew money?

Cash in on the green, literally!

76. What if you could whisper to plants to make them grow?

Chat up a green storm!

77. What if all insects were fluffy and adorable?

Cuddle with a beetle? Sure, why not!

78. What if we were part of a spy action movie?

Get ready for some undercover laughs!

79. What if you could taste sounds?

Listen up and take a flavor tour!

80. What if shadows could dance alongside you?

Shake it with your darker side!

81. What if every sweater you wore was magically cozy?

Snuggle-up revolution coming right up!

82. What if we could create a new color?

Let’s paint the town in… what shall we call it?

83. What if mirrors showed us in different historical eras?

Which time-traveling reflection will you choose?

84. What if we could only eat desserts for the rest of our lives?

Let’s get that sweet tooth talking!

85. What if your pet could choose one superpower for themselves?

Will it be super sniff or turbo fetch?

86. What if you could turn into a piece of art for a day?

Abstract or realistic, it’s your frame to fame!

87. What if we could communicate with aliens through dance moves?

Get your intergalactic groove on!

88. What if your favorite fictional universe had Yelp reviews?

5 stars for Middle Earth’s “Rivendell Retreat”!

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89. What if every high five gave you an extra hour of energy?

Slap hands for super stamina!

90. What if your fortune cookies always predicted something hilariously mundane?

“Today you will… eat another cookie.”

91. What if every time you sneezed, you swapped lives with someone for a minute?

Achoo! And you’re a circus performer!

92. What if you could transform any object into chocolate?

Chocolate couch, anyone?

93. What if you had an internal playlist that perfectly matched your mood?

Walking on sunshine or maybe… Feeling Good?

94. What if you could turn escalators into slides on command?

Whoosh down on your daily commute!

95. What if your shadow could do your chores?

Shadow, take out the trash please!

96. What if clouds were fluffy beds you could nap on?

Float into your dreams mid-air!

97. What if every bookshelf held secret portals to other worlds?

Just climb through “War and Peace” to find peace… or war?!

98. What if your emojis came to life to express your feelings for you?

Walking, talking heart-eyes and thumbs-up!

99. What if you could only speak in rhymes for a day?

Roses are red, this could lead to some dismay!

100. What if your morning alarm could brew fresh coffee?

Wakey-wakey, your caffeinated tune awaits!

101. What if you could replay your favorite day with a commentary track by Morgan Freeman?

“And here, our hero savors their ice cream splendidly…”

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102. What if all historical events were taught through catchy pop songs?

The Battle of Hastings now has a beat drop!

103. What if you could win an Olympic medal in napping?

Doze off the competition!

104. What if the tooth fairy was a high-rolling casino boss?

Gamble your molars for a jackpot!

105. What if every pizza you ordered became a surprise mystery topping feast?

Spin the wheel of pizza fortune!

Keep the playful and daring spirit alive in your relationship by continuing to ask these thought-provoking questions. This way for more “What If” questions for couples, perfect for date night or spicing up your everyday conversations!

100+ Fun Relationship Questions for Couples
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