Cashflow Rush - Money Game for iOS and Android

Cashflow Rush: Get Rich Quick!

Money is hard to get. But not in this game. Tap to collect as much money as you can, within 30 seconds. Are you going to be rich?

It's Casual Adventure 🤩

Discover fun and addictive mobile games by PsyCat Games. From endless jumping platformers to adventurous worlds right in your pocket. Tap in and enjoy our games!

Mystic Land - Adventure Arcade Game for iOS and Android

Mystic Land: Ava's Epic Quest

Accompany Ava on a beautiful journey in Dream Valley to save her friends and bring back the light.

Bouncy Heroes: Tiny Thief, King of Dungeon Thieves - Arcade Game for iOS and Android

Bouncy Heroes: Tiny Thief King

Steal as many diamonds with your tiny thief from the dungeon, and survive the moving walls before they will smash your little hero!

Bouncy Heroes: Jumping Quest - Jumping Arcade Game for iOS and Android

Bouncy Heroes: Jumping Quest

Join Flyps and all his little friends in this arcade style adventure through the magical floating islands. Explore the world by jumping from island to island and collect precious golden stars to unlock all the awesome and cute bouncy characters.

Happy Pills: Ridiculous Fun - Tap Arcade Game for iOS and Android

Happy Pills: Ridiculous

The human nature is ridiculous. As ridiculous as your mission: Save the human body - or at least, what remained. You’re jumping through the human body. And you’re trying to not get killed by weird stuff like knives and needles and green slime stuff. It’s just like Flappy Bird. But without birds. And without pipes. And vertical.

Danger Bricks: Risky Ballz - Arcade Game for iOS and Android

Danger Bricks: Risky Ballz

Swipe and jump to the top without smashing into the moving color bricks. Only the brave and skillful players will find out what awaits them at the top. Are you one of them?

Circle Jump: Endless Zen Duet - Arcade Game for iOS and Android

Circle Jump: Endless Zen Duet

Pass through the circles at the right moment but don't touch the red, moving dots. Patience is key.

Skillball - Color Maze for iOS and Android

Skillball - Color Maze

Surrounded by the dangerous color maze you will challenge your own skills and your nerves. Do you have what it takes to master this challenge?

Red Ball Rush for iOS and Android

Red Ball Rush

“HAHA. I have beat your score!”
- Grandma

Trashy Doves for Android

Trashy Doves - Trash Dove Game

To be honest: It's just another Flappy Bird like game. But with a different theme.

Super Turbo Ball - Rush Fever for iOS

Super Turbo Ball - Rush Fever

Grab your little rushing ball and tap to the top without touching or smashing any obstacles.

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