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Funny Cheese Puns

When you think of cheese, you think of brie, parmesan, mozzarella, and all sorts of cheesy goodness out there! While the different kinds of cheeses and cheese products can satisfy your dairy cravings, there are also cheese puns that can satisfy your need to laugh!

Whether these puns are funny or not, they’re definitely cheesy in more ways than one! Take a gouda look at these funny cheese puns!

1. Better to ask forgiveness than parmesan.

I prefer to ask forgiveness later than permission ahead when I really want to do something.

2. I’m getting feta up with this.

Don’t get fed up! Be patient!

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3. If Cinderella made pizzas for a living, would she be called Mozzarella?

There is one of the pizza puns!

4. I was told my jokes were cheesy, but I think they’re pretty Gouda.

There’s nothing wrong with cheesy jokes. It’s gouda time!

5. What do you call it when mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan rent a little beach house together? Cottage cheese!

Some people dream of a house made out of candy-like in Hansel and Gretel. I want a house made of cheese!

6. What is a cheese lover’s favorite musician? Mozart-arella.

I bet those classical music lovers know everything about the string cheese theory as well!

7. That’s what cheese said.

It’s a case of he said, she said!

8. Have you accepted cheeses into your life?

Yes, I swear it. Tell me, what’s your favorite cheese?

9. I can feel it coming in gruyere tonight.

There must be something in the air tonight. I’m feeling quite romantic!

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10. What do you call a dinosaur made of cheese? Gorgonzilla

Gorgonzola sounds menacing! Is it maybe the saddest cheese?

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11. You’re sharp as cheddar.

I’ve got an addiction to cheddar cheese! But there are so many great types of cheese!

12. What is a cheese lover’s favorite type of music? R n’ Brie!

It makes people want to chill while eating cheese.

13. Brie yourself always.

Isn’t that what Taylor Swiss said? Let’s brie friends! Cheese for life!

14. Why is cheddar considered the most dangerous type of cheese?

Because it’s sharp.

15. The cheese factory blew up. Da brie was everywhere!

Get all the cheese! Keep the cheese plate coming!

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Romantic Cheese Puns

Romantic cheese puns one liners and jokes when done right can coax a smile out of anyone. People just can’t help falling for it when the ultimate goal is to make them swoon! These lines are for all the cheese addicts!

On the other hand, romantic cheese puns’ goals may be to get people’s hearts, but if they’re really bad, you might get laughs instead! Anyway, you’ll still give people something to smile about!

Will you brie trying out these average cheese puns one liners? Enjoy our puns about cheese!

1. Ricotta gets through this.

I want my partner to say we’ll get through this when times are tough while handing me a plate of cheese.

2. I wheely like you.

I like cheese wheels and your awesome style too!

3. Absence makes the heart grow fondue.

This makes me want to have a cheese fondue date!

4. Do you brie-lieve in magic?

I believe in the magic of good brie! One of the best dairy products ever!

5. Life is cheddar when we’re together!

Let’s be cheesy together! Yes, this also works as a Pick-Up Line!

6. I said to my wife, I’m really fondue you.

Good thing my wife is fond of me too. Mhm, cheese dip!

7. Stand by your manchego.

That line drives cheese crazy!

8. Loving you is cheesy.

Is this line written by Alicia Cheese?

9. Would you brie mine?

Are you a real cheese freak too? Then, yes!

10. Be mine and you’ll never provalone.

No one wants to be alone.

11. I’d love your parmesan to kiss you.

Wow, it’s nice to see people who still ask for permission!

12. The saddest of all the cheeses is the blue cheese.

How can you not feel blue after a bad breakup?

13. You’re so cheesygoing!

That’s what the cheese said to her date!

14. I’m a Kraft single ready to mingle.

There’s nothing wrong with being single!

15. I’m grate in bed.

I’ll keep that in mind, but don’t bring a cheese grater to bed. It might hurt someone!

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Birthday Cheese Puns

The great thing about our favorite cheese puns is that they’re perfect for a pizza party, a wine and cheese night, or for any occasion! Whatever kind of party they have, make someone’s birthday party more awesome with some birthday cheese puns!

Don’t forget to bring in the cheese to truly turn it into a cheesy celebration! If you’re at a party looking to break the ice and want everyone to quickly feel at ease, bringing out cheesy wordplays is a surefire way to crack up the birthday celebrant and all the guests!

Take a look at this brie-lliant cheese puns list for all the cheese addicts out there! Enjoy our jokes about cheese!

1. Have a brie-lliant birthday!

Where’s our swiss cheese? It’s the perfect gift!

2. Having a mozzarhella good day.

Let’s have more hella good days! Set your mind at cheese!

3. Happy brie-day!

Wishing you have lots of wine and cheese today!

4. Have a Gouda birthday!

May you have all the good things in life!

5. Happy birthday to my soul swisster!

That’s how you greet your BFF that’s like a sister to you!

6. It’s your birthday?! I camembert the excitement!

Your birthday is gonna be lit! I hope you have a grate day!

7. I swiss you the best on your birthday!

You should have the best that life has to offer!

8. This might sound cheesy, but I think you’re really grate.

You’ve got an awesome style!

9. Happy birthday! Age only matters if you’re cheese!

Some cheeses taste better when they get older.

10. Have edam fine birthday celebration!

It’s about damn time we go all out with your party!

11. You’re aged to perfection!

You simply get better as you grow older just like aged cheese and wine!

12. You feta have a Gouda birthday!

Have an awesome birthday! And bring some tortilla chips along! (For all the cheese dip.)

13. I hope you have a hole lot of fun on your special day!

And enjoy some Swiss cheese too!

14. Hugs and cheeses on your birthday!

I hope you always receive lots of love!

15. Hoping your birthday is as nice as can brie.

Especially since it’s your special day!

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Bonus: Macaroni and Cheese Puns

When you think of cheese, you can’t leave out mac & cheese! They’re the best comfort food that can make people instantly feel good which is why macaroni puns deserve a bonus pun category of their own.

Puns about mac & cheese will not let you down if you want to make people laugh or groan at the cheesiness! Here are some hilarious cheese puns to mac you laugh!

1. This may be cheesy, but I think mac and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner is really grate.

Truth. I won’t disagree.

2. I macaronly have eyes for you.

Will you be my piece of cheese?

3. It’s impastable not to love macaroni and cheese.

Finding someone who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese is impossible!

4. I am so glad I fondue you.

Now, let’s have some cheese fondue for two. And then we have cheese at prom!

5. What do you call a fake macaroni? An impasta.

It doesn’t sound so tasty. Are you maybo more a fan of spaghetti?

6. You mac everyone around you so happy!

I’m thankful I have mac and cheese in my life!

7. Life is cheddar when we’re together!

Everything is better because you’re here with me!

8. Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie? I cheddar the world and a Feta cheese.

This sounds better than the original lyrics!

9. Don’t be alone-y. Just eat some macaroni on your special day!

Eat mac and cheese with your best bud!

10. I wanna mac you smile whenever you’re sad. Carry you around when your arthritis is bad.

All I wanna do is grow old with you! IYKYK.

11. Me to my baked mac and cheese: Just in queso you didn’t know, I really love you.

No one can keep me apart from baked mac and cheese!

12. You feta not forget to eat some mac and cheese today!

I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

13. You’re the cheese to my macaroni!

We really get along well! Cheese for life!

14. She laughed when I told her I was going to make a bike out of Macaroni.

It’s a school project! Haven’t you heard of pasta art? It’s the perfect gift!

15. What do you call pasta with a cold? Macaroni and sneeze!

I don’t want to get cold!

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