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The holiday season is a time for coming together and celebrating with loved ones. And nothing says the spirit of the holidays quite like a lively game like holiday “This or That”.

Whether you’re gathered around the dinner table, cozy by the fireplace, or connecting virtually with friends and family, these holiday “This or That” questions will add some fun and laughter to your celebrations. Ready to get into the holiday spirit? Let’s dive in!

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Play Holiday “This or That” Online

Don’t have to prepare your holiday “This or That” questions? No problem! Simply download our free online version and get ready to access over 1,000+ questions with a festive twist.

Just play it for free on our app or website and get ready to experience the holiday magic in a whole new way. You can also customize your game and choose from different categories such as “Party” or “Adults” to make it even more fun and personalized.

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How to Play “This or That” Holiday Edition

To play the holiday “This or That” game, gather your friends and family and choose a category to start with. Then, take turns asking each other the questions and see where your preferences lie.

For example, you could ask: “Real tree or fake tree?” or “Eggnog or hot chocolate?”. A player then has to choose one of the options and explain their choice, and go on to ask a question of their own.

There are no right or wrong answers, just good old-fashioned fun and laughter. As you go through the questions, you’ll learn more about each other’s holiday preferences and traditions. And who knows, you may even discover a new favorite!

Fun “This or That” Holiday Questions

Want to get into the festive spirit and spread some joy? Here are some fun holiday “This or That” questions to get you started:

1. White lights or colored lights?

Ooh, shiny!

2. Elf or Grinch?

That’s a tough one!

3. Ugly sweater or festive pajamas?

Comfortable and cozy all the way.

4. Mistletoe or gingerbread house?

Kisses or delicious treats? Tough choice!

5. Giving gifts or receiving gifts?

Both are equally important, right?

6. Singing carols or watching holiday movies?

Why not do both?

7. Real tree or fake tree?

A classic debate every holiday season.

8. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

Sweet, creamy, and oh-so-delicious!

9. Wrapping presents in paper or using gift bags?

Do you prefer the traditional touch or convenience?

10. Sledding or ice skating?

Let’s get active and enjoy the winter wonderland!

11. Santa hats or reindeer antlers?

Get into character with festive headwear!

12. Christmas cookies or fruitcake?

Indulge in the sweet flavors of the season.

13. Holiday parade or live nativity?

Both offer unique ways to celebrate the holidays.

14. DIY ornaments or store-bought decorations?

Put a personal touch on your holiday decor or opt for convenience.

15. Snowball fight or building a snowman?

Enjoy the snow in whichever way you prefer!

16. Candy canes or chocolate coins?

Which sweet treat makes your holiday special?

17. Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve?

Which night is the pinnacle of your holiday celebrations?

18. Fireworks or firelight?

What sparkles more: the night sky or a cozy flame?

19. Holiday shopping online or at the mall?

Where do you find the holiday magic (and deals)?

20. Stocking stuffers or grand presents?

It’s not about size, but the joy of giving!

21. Ice-skating under the stars or a holiday market stroll?

Embrace the winter chill in your favorite way.

22. Nutcracker ballet or a holiday concert?

Classic performances to warm your heart.

23. Advent calendar or holiday countdown?

The anticipation of Christmas is half the fun!

24. Poinsettias or holly?

Deck your halls with the holiday’s best flora.

25. Hot apple cider or mulled wine?

A warm sip for chilly evenings.

26. New holiday recipes or tried-and-true classics?

Expand your menu or stick to tradition.

27. Handmade gifts or high-tech gadgets?

Old-school craft or cutting-edge tech?

28. Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange?

What’s your style of holiday gifting?

29. Christmas caroling or holiday karaoke?

Raise your voice in song this season.

30. New Year’s resolutions or no resolutions?

Well, goals are important.

31. Pine needles or pinecones?

Natural holiday dรฉcor is always a win!

32. Snowy mountains or sandy beaches for the holidays?

A unique twist on your holiday traditions.

33. Charity donations or volunteer work?

Spread joy and love to those in need this season.

34. Christmas morning brunch or dinner feast?

A delicious start to your holiday celebrations.

35. Baking cookies or decorating them?

Get creative in the kitchen with loved ones.

36. White elephant gift exchange or stealing Santa game?

Which brings more laughter and surprises?

Sweet treats that are fun to make and eat.

38. Holiday lights drive or holiday lights walk?

Enjoy the festive displays in your favorite way.

39. Secret family recipe or new holiday dish?

Add some new flavors to your traditional feast.

40. Reindeer ride or horse-drawn carriage ride?

Embrace the winter wonderland with a fun ride.

41. Snowflakes or snowmen decorations?

Create your own winter scene indoors!

42. Gingerbread latte or peppermint mocha?

Warm up with a festive, flavored coffee.

43. Christmas cards or New Year’s cards?

Keep in touch with a holiday greeting.

44. Wool socks or fuzzy slippers?

Keep your toes warm and cozy.

45. Red and green or silver and gold?

Choose your festive color scheme.

46. Homemade eggnog or store-bought?

Test your culinary skills or enjoy the convenience.

47. Tinsel or garland?

Add some sparkle or nature to your decor.

48. Holiday potluck or catered party?

Share favorite dishes or enjoy hassle-free hosting.

49. Fireplace or candle ambiance?

Create a cozy atmosphere in your preferred way.

50. Holiday window displays or holiday yard inflatables?

Which makes your home look more festive?

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51. Christmas tree star or angel?

Top your tree in style.

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52. Outdoor winter sports or indoor board games?

Choose your type of holiday fun.

53. Christmas market or online holiday fair?

Browse for gifts in person or from home.

54. Holiday crossword or jigsaw puzzle?

Challenge your mind with a seasonal brainteaser.

55. Classic holiday novels or holiday movie marathons?

Immerse yourself in festive storytelling.

56. Jingle bells or choir songs?

Add some musical cheer to your holidays.

57. Vintage holiday decor or modern designs?

Decide on a retro vibe or a contemporary look.

58. Fruit punch or spiced tea?

Pick your festive party drink.

59. Roasted chestnuts or toffee nuts?

Indulge in these savory or sweet treats.

60. Ceramic holiday village or nativity scene?

Display your miniature winter wonderland or a religious tableau.

61. Holiday stamps or seals?

Personalize your holiday correspondence.

62. Midnight Mass or Christmas Eve service?

Reflect spiritually in the way most meaningful to you.

63. Synthetic ice rink or natural frozen pond?

Skate in your preferred setting.

64. Solstice celebration or Christmas lights festival?

Mark the winter season traditionally or brightly.

65. Wreath-making or tree-trimming?

Engage in festive crafting or decorating.

66. Angel choir or bell ringers?

Choose the sound that heralds your holidays.

67. Secret recipes or a new chef’s holiday cookbook?

Stick with what you know or try something new.

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68. Pine scent or cinnamon aroma?

Choose the fragrance that defines your holiday experience.

69. Ugly holiday tie or festive holiday dress?

Decide on a fun or formal holiday outfit.

70. Digital holiday greetings or mailed holiday postcards?

Choose the medium for your season’s greetings.

71. Yule log or solstice lanterns?

Pick a traditional light source for the long winter nights.

72. Ice sculpture or snow art?

Marvel at cold creations of different forms.

73. Ornamental bells or red ribbons?

Adorn your space with shining chimes or classic bows.

74. Winter solstice party or New Year’s countdown?

Celebrate the end of the year in your favorite way.

75. New Year’s Day run or leisurely pajama morning?

Welcome the new year actively or relaxed.

76. Fresh snowfall or city lights reflection?

Bask in the serene beauty of winter.

77. Ornate holiday dishes or simple festive platters?

Serve your holiday feast with elegance or simplicity.

78. Seasonal ale or holiday cocktail?

Enjoy a crafted brew or mix a merry drink.

79. Sparkling cider or champagne toast?

Choose your bubbly for cheering to health and happiness.

80. Resolutions list or wish list?

Plan for a new start or hope for future gifts.

Happy holidays! Whether you prefer old-fashioned customs or modern twists, spending time with loved ones or indulging in festive treats, the most important thing is to cherish the season and create cherished memories.

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