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Welcome to PsyCat Games, your ultimate source for party games, brain-buzzing quizzes, and conversation starters. From mobile marvels to tipsy trivia, we specialize in turning any gathering into a legendary bash.

Think of us as your entertainment alchemists, transforming dull moments into gold. Are we ready to kick off?

Our story

Vanilla started its journey in 2013 in the Netherlands, not as just another app company but as a beacon of fun in the mobile gaming world.

What started with a spark of imagination has now illuminated the lives of millions, offering a kaleidoscope of entertainment through dozens of party game apps, websites, card games, and an endless array of quizzes and name generators.

Vanilla is more than just a company; it’s a testament to the power of friendship, innovation, and the universal language of fun. So, here’s to the adventures that await and the memories to be made. Vanilla—because life’s too short for bland entertainment.

💪 Our team

Discover the amazing minds that bring our apps, quizzes, and website to life! Take a peek behind the scenes and meet the talented individuals who make it all possible:

Behind every successful team, there’s a loyal pet. In our case, we’re guided by a diverse board of fluffy and wagging advisors. It’s time to meet the adorable masterminds behind our team:

✍️ Our editorial standards

We have a strict set of editorial standards to ensure our outputs are responsible, accurate, inclusive, and entertaining.

Inclusivity and respect

Recognizing the power of games to bring people together, we are dedicated to creating inclusive and respectful content for all players. This means designing accessible quizzes for diverse audiences and games that provide positive experiences for everyone.

Innovation and creativity

At the heart of our editorial philosophy is a commitment to innovation and creativity. Our content reflects this belief, pushing boundaries and introducing our audience to novel concepts and gameplay experiences.

Community engagement

We value the input and engagement of our community. Our content is crafted with the audience in mind, encouraging interaction, feedback, and participation. We believe that the best games and quizzes evolve with their players’ insights and contributions.


Honesty and transparency are cornerstones of our editorial approach. When reviewing games or developing our own titles, we maintain an open and truthful dialogue with our community. This includes clear disclosure of any partnerships or sponsorships.

By adhering to these editorial standards, we aim to create a trusted space for fans of party games, quizzes, conversation starters, and mobile games. Our mission is to entertain, inform, and unite people around the world through content that reflects our values of accuracy, inclusivity, innovation, community, and transparency.

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Are you curious about any of our services or interested in partnering with our brands? We’d love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

We look forward to talking with you at support@psycatgames.com

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