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About us

PsyCat Games is an entertainment platform that provides party games and instructions on how to play them. We are best known for creating games, quizzes and articles all about the topic of party and drinking games.


It’s all about fun!

Whether you’re throwing a house party, gathering with your friends and family, or celebrating your cats’ birthday. Having fun is the key to a memorable night! And what else is more enjoyable than playing some games and having a great time?

We got you covered with rules, things you might need, and fun interactive games.


Not sure where to start?

Take a look at the two most popular party games in the world:
Never Have I Ever & Truth or Dare

And yes, we guarantee you to have fun with those!


Our story

PsyCat Games is run by Chris, Daniel, and Ruud. Chris and Daniel met each other in 2018. At this time, Daniel was creating casual mobile games and Chris ran a popular German party drinking games website.

As both of them had similar interests, they quickly developed a close friendship and decided to start a new project. A website with the biggest selection of party games out there. But not only a website. The platform should also cover the app stores.

This is when they met Ruud. While being a serial entrepreneur with multiple online businesses, Ruud is also remarkably passionate about creating apps. And so PsyCat Games was born.


Where are we now?

Today we are reaching millions of people from all around the world. Because having fun is not cultural. It’s human.


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