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Contrary to what people think, asking someone out on a date is nerve-wracking and daunting no matter your age. It doesn’t really get easier. It’s still as challenging as it was when you were still teenagers. Adults are in no way immune to stuttering and having sweaty palms.

We are going to get the rundown on the things you should remember before you go asking someone on a date. Check them out and try to decide if you already and finally have the guts to ask that special someone out!

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How to ask someone out on a date

Asking your crush to a date can be pretty scary. In order to build up the courage to walk up to him or her, consider the following tips that are going to help you speak up to that special person and be a pro on how to ask someone in a cute way.

1. Find a common ground.

When you ask someone out, it’s assumed that you like him or her enough to even ask them out on a date. You already know some sort of background about them and you are interested to know more. Before going for a move, think of something you have in common and dwell on it.

2. Pick an activity you can both do together.

Since you know the person a bit and you have figured out something you both like, you can now try to choose where you can go and what you can do together which you’ll both enjoy and at the same time, have some peace and quiet to talk with one another.

3. Be yourself!

It might be overused time and time again but it is truly effective and necessary. Going into any type of relationship, you’d want the person like you for who you truly are. There’s no point pretending to be perfect and have the other person see who you truly are just when times get tough.

4. Figure out how and where you want to ask them.

Are you going to ask them during class? While at work? While you’re at a party? Are you going to ask them through a text message or in person? It’s all up to you and how comfortable you are.

5. Be brave, seize the day!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Carpe Diem”? It’s mentioned a bunch of times in many movies and it literally means “Seize the Day”. Take that leap of faith, don’t be afraid of rejections. After all, you’ll never know until you try.

How to ask someone out over text

With the emergence of the digital era, people opt to ask each other out over text or chat as compared to physically asking their crushes out (since it’s super intimidating to do it the traditional way).

You might think it’s super easy-peasy to just text someone if they wanna go out with you or not but people have become sensitive and observant when it comes to the tone of your text messages. You must not come off as cocky or weird. There must be sincerity and humor that will interest them enough to go out with you.

Here are some cute texts and pick up lines you can send in order to subtly show your intention to ask someone out:

1. Hey Handsome/Beautiful, wanna Netflix and chill with me?

It might seem like you’re just asking them to watch a movie with you and have a snack but beware of its double meaning in the dating world which translates to hooking up!

2. Hello, your profile picture looks so familiar. I think I met you in my dreams. Would you like to meet in real life?

This will surely make them giggle at the cockiness of the line.

3. I never believe that someone can fall in love at second sight. Care to prove me wrong during dinner tonight?

Perfect for asking out someone you literally just met. Humor and wittiness will be by your side.

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4. I’m in the mood for good food and good company. Care to join me?

You’ll sound so aesthetic with this one that they might just be persuaded to say yes at your bravado.

5. Can you be the Romeo to my Juliet over lunch or dinner on Friday after work?

Another creative and flowery use of words to ask someone out to be your date. You can easily change lunch to prom or something like that.

6. My friends tell me I’m such a darling to be with, would you like to test that theory over lunch tomorrow?

With this one, you’re going to be saying that your friends vouch for how awesome you are so make sure it’s a bit true since your crush can easily ask them behind your back!

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7. I love it when guys call me Señorita, can you be my Señorito for the Prom?

This is yet another very creative way to ask someone out. You might even earn points for your sense of humor!

8. I was having a bad day but then I saw you online, care to turn my frown upside down at the movies and some ice cream afterwards?

How can anyone say no to movies and ice cream, right?

9. I’ve been missing you all day, where have you been, Good Lookin’?

Telling someone that you miss them is another way of saying, “come pick me up!” or “let’s hang out!”

10. I’m kinda hungry, wanna have some burgers and fries with me? Pick you up in 10?

You’d be surprised at how some people would immediately accept your offer, depending on your timing and charms!

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How to ask someone out for coffee

Coffee has been considered one of the love languages in the modern world of dating. A lot of first dates and even more important get-togethers have happened in coffeeshops more often than in restaurants nowadays. But people who are still in the first stages of their relationships opt to go for coffee dates since it’s more casual and don’t necessarily mean you’re committing to anything.

Here are the steps on how to ask your crush out for coffee:

1. Start talking.

Before asking anyone out, use your charms to ease your way into a conversation with them. Don’t make it look like your goal is to ask them out but you can drop a few hints here and there.

2. Find a diving board in order to give way for your question.

Speaking of major hints, you may say something like “I heard there’s a new coffee place around the corner”, or “I really am dying to have a frappe right now”, or “Have you tried the new pumpkin spiced latte?”.

3. Ask away!

After the diving board questions, you can simply and subtly ask them to try the new place or new coffee with you sometime soon! Such a smart and breezy move for you!

4. Consider a Wing Team

If you feel like they’re going to say no because they’re uncomfortable (some people are just shy, it’s not always because they don’t want to), try suggesting going with a group of friends. At least you’re still going to be able to spend time with your crush!

6. Laughter is the secret ingredient

Whether it’s a yes or no, make sure to end your convo with a light note by using jokes or anecdotes that would make them laugh. It’s part of your goal to make it seem like asking them out wasn’t your goal.

7. Practice, but don’t overdo it.

Practice makes perfect but don’t overdo or overthink it. It’s supposed to be fun and casual. You don’t want everything to feel so planned and scripted, right?

How to ask someone out on Tinder

Tinder has helped thousands, if not millions, of single people connect with the rest of the world and increase their chances of finding the perfect partner… or even just the next great hookup! Of course, the app can’t do everything for you. After finding someone you like and who seems to like you back, you gotta keep the convos going until you eventually decide to meet in real life.

Here are some great tips on how to ask someone you met and like on Tinder out on a real date:

1. Starting the Conversation Right Way

In order to start a conversation with someone on Tinder, you need to know even just a bit about them. Do some major stalking on their profile and observe his/her language and personality (however you can). This way, you can find an angle in which to start your conversation.

In need of more info on how to start a convo on Tinder? Follow this link to learn more: How To Start Tinder Conversations!

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2. Pay attention to what he/she says

Make sure to seem interested in his or her replies. Answer promptly but with depth. People tend to notice if your replies lack substance and/or interest. If you really like the person, you’ll easily remember every detail you know about them since the replies are documented and their profiles are always there for your viewing.

3. Follow the Tinder Etiquettes

If you can’t reply because there has been an emergency (a real one since you don’t fake emergencies if you want to chat with your crush, right?) or something came up, make sure to let them know so they won’t be waiting restlessly for your call or reply. Be sensitive. It’ll hurt a person’s feelings if you suddenly start to ghost on them.

4. Ask him/her out

Go for the kill when you have the chance anytime during your conversation. Pick the right timing and the right way of asking him or her out on a date.

5. Keep the conversation going.

Don’t end the conversation after asking him or her out. You are friends now and you want to enjoy each other’s company. Besides, if he/she said yes, then you’ll want to agree where to go, what to do and what time to meet, or who picks up who.

6. Check with him/her before your date

Life is hard and busy so it’s normal to forget things, even dates. To avoid this, gently remind and check on him or her the day before. A simple text like “Are we on for tomorrow?” will do!

7. Don’t make any last-minute changes

Do everything in your power to secure the schedule for your date. Make it a priority, relationships take commitment and once you ask someone out, make sure you keep your word and honor. Showing up on time and with your best foot forward will say a lot about you.

8. Let your date know you had a great time, be honest about it!

If you had a blast during your date, make sure to tell the other person about how you felt about it because it’ll surely make them look forward to the next one with you. You both deserve some good vibes and affirmations after the nerve-wracking first date!

If it didn’t work out for you, kindly let them know that you’d be glad to stay as friends. You don’t have to be awkward with each other in the future.

It might sound cliche and overused but the most important thing to remember if you’re truly determined to ask someone out is to be yourself and try to see if the other person likes you for who you are. If you get rejected, remember that there are other fish in the water and it’s not the end of the world. Saddle up and charm the world!

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