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Who says playing games is just for kids? A good party game like “What If” can bring out the inner child in even the most serious adult.

Get ready to laugh, think, and let your imagination run wild with our collection of 90+ fun “What If” questions for adults. From silly scenarios to thought-provoking dilemmas, these questions are perfect for getting the fun going at your next party or get-together!

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What if you don’t want to come up with your own “What If” questions? Well, we’ve got you covered! You can now play “What If” online and access over 1,000 questions at the click of a button.

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Best “What If” Questions for Adults

Looking for a fun way to get to know your friends? These “What If” questions are perfect for an evening of deep conversations and hilarious revelations. Here are some of our favorites:

1. What if you could have any superpower, but it had to be an embarrassing one?

The possibilities are endless!

2. What if you were stranded on a deserted island with your least favorite person in the world?

That sounds awful.

3. What if the world was ending tomorrow, what would your last meal be?

I hope it’s yummy.

4. What if you woke up one day with no memory of who you are?

A new meaning to the term “identity crisis”.

5. What if you could only communicate through song lyrics for a day?

Show off your singing skills!

6. What if animals could talk – which species would be the sassiest?

Let the wild banter begin!

7. What if every time you snapped your fingers, you’d instantly be transported to a random place in the world?

Pack light or don’t pack at all!

8. What if you had to fight a duck the size of a horse or a hundred horse-sized ducks?

Choose your battle, brave warrior.

9. What if your clothes always matched how you were feeling?

I smell a fashion emergency!

10. What if every movie you watched turned into reality for an hour afterward?

Are you ready to live your blockbuster dream?

11. What if you could taste colors?

Art just got flavorful!

12. What if you could steal one skill from any person you meet?

The ultimate skill-snatcher!

13. What if your laugh changed every day?

Get ready for the guffaw lottery!

14. What if your pet named you?

Fingers crossed it’s something flattering!

15. What if every time you told a lie, your nose whistled a tune?

You can’t whistle your way out of the truth!

16. What if you had to dance every time you heard music?

Brush up on those dance moves!

17. What if you had the power to read minds but only when people are thinking about food?

A delicious invasion of privacy.

18. What if you could teleport anywhere but only on Tuesdays?

Plan your teleportation accordingly.

19. What if every time you blinked, you changed the TV channel?

Who needs a remote control when you’ve got eyelids?

20. What if your shadow narrated your life?

The ultimate sidekick storyteller!

21. What if you got a dollar for every step you took?

Walking just got more profitable.

22. What if you could choose a theme song that played every time you entered a room?

Let’s set the stage.

23. What if you had the power to turn everything you touch to cheese?

Dairy interesting superpower, indeed.

24. What if every time you sneezed, the weather changed?

Catch a cold, change the world.

25. What if you had to wear a costume every single day?

Every day is Halloween!

26. What if you could breathe underwater, but only while singing?

Let’s make a splash in the musical deep blue sea.

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27. What if you could only eat foods that are the same color as your outfit?

Fashion never tasted so good.

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28. What if your life was a sitcom – who would play your quirky neighbor?

Hope they’re ready for some laughs.

29. What if you had to switch jobs with your boss for a day?

Boss for a day, pray the team will stay.

30. What if for every book you read, you forgot one random memory?

A page turner with a catch!

31. What if every time you coughed, glitter came out?

Shine bright like a diamond – even when you’re sick.

32. What if you had to use a typewriter instead of a smartphone?

Talk about a keyboard throwback.

33. What if every time you yawned, you changed hairstyles?

A hair-raising experience!

34. What if vegetables screamed when you bit into them?

You might consider going fruitarian.

35. What if you could invent a new holiday?

Everyone gets the day off on your new made-up holiday!

36. What if your fingers were as long as your legs?

Handshakes would never be the same.

37. What if you were invisible but only when you screamed?

Not so stealthy, are we?

38. What if each time you snapped your fingers, everyone in the room switched places?

A game of musical chairs, no music required.

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39. What if every song you sang came true?

Choose your lyrics wisely.

40. What if your dreams could be streamed live for everyone to watch?

Would you be a dream blockbuster or a snoozefest?

41. What if you only had to sleep one hour a night?

Think of all the extra time for activities!

42. What if you had to give up TV or social media forever?

The ultimate screen sacrifice.

43. What if your hands were swapped with your feet?

Be prepared for some awkward high-fives.

44. What if you could give any object the ability to speak?

Conversations just got a lot more “object"ive.

45. What if you could relive one moment from your life whenever you wanted?

Choose wisely, time traveler!

46. What if you woke up as a character in the last movie you watched?

Roll credits on your new reality show!

47. What if your dance moves were contagious?

Bust a move and watch the world groove with you!

48. What if you could turn back time every time you clapped?

Let’s get ready for a round of applause (and no regrets).

49. What if flowers whispered advice to you?

“Leaf” your worries behind and “petal” towards happiness!

50. What if your dreams were made into a bestselling novel?

Sweet dreams or bedtime bestsellers?

51. What if you grew taller with every lie you heard?

Heightened awareness takes on new meaning!

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52. What if you could summon an army of squirrels to do your bidding?

Prepare for the cutest conquest in history.

53. What if your burps sounded like your favorite songs?

Belch out a tune and let the music flow!

54. What if you had to use roller skates everywhere you went?

Get ready to roll into every situation with style!

55. What if every pizza you ordered came with a surprise topping?

Dinner roulette, anyone?

56. What if you could turn any fruit into a bomb?

Melon grenades and pineapple explosives—fruit warfare unleashed!

57. What if you swapped voices with the last person you spoke to?

Is it time for a duet or a voice identity crisis?

58. What if your hair color changed based on your mood?

A veritable rainbow of emotions on display!

59. What if every book you read transported you into its world?

Book lovers, choose your next adventure wisely.

60. What if all insects suddenly started to dance?

The bug boogie is about to begin!

61. What if your fingers were all thumbs?

Grab a hold of… well, everything best you can!

62. What if laughter was the only currency?

Get rich with giggles!

63. What if every historical figure had a Twitter account?

History just got a hashtag.

64. What if balloons were sentient and judged your party planning skills?

Float a little judgment into the party mix.

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65. What if each sneeze speed up time for 10 seconds?

Achoo and zoom, the race against time!

66. What if your reflection had a different personality?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sassiest of them all?

67. What if you became a superhero whose power was controlled by your appetite?

The hungrier you are, the stronger you become!

68. What if clouds were made of cotton candy?

Who’s ready for sky-high confection perfection?

69. What if you could play a soundtrack to accentuate any situation you’re in?

Life’s about to get its own score!

70. What if your life stats appeared above your head for everyone to see?

Level up or prepare for some real talk!

71. What if every time you blinked, colors swapped around you?

Isn’t reality just a big, old kaleidoscope anyway?

72. What if you could transform any boring meeting into a beach party?

Board shorts under business suits, anyone?

73. What if you had a pause button for life’s awkward moments?

Click, and freeze-frame!

74. What if your pet could talk for just one day each year?

Woof, meow, or chirp – let the animal conference begin.

75. What if business suits were replaced with superhero costumes?

To the boardroom – cape first!

76. What if every time you laughed, you changed age?

The fountain of youth or a quick trip to wisdom?

77. What if you could throw a pie in history and change its course?

Dessert-powered time warp, that’s how we roll.

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78. What if you had to moonwalk everywhere you went?

Michael Jackson would be so proud.

79. What if plants gave you a report card on your eco-friendliness?

Let’s grow our green scores!

80. What if you could teleport but only to places you’ve mispronounced?

See you in Paris… I mean, Pari-si!

81. What if you could only speak in rhymes?

It’s cheery, it’s beery, it’s never dreary!

82. What if every Monday was a national holiday?

Welcome to the never ending weekend!

83. What if all your thoughts were auto-tuned?

Life is a song, sing it in key!

84. What if you could control traffic lights with your mind?

Green means go, red means… oh, who are we kidding, green means go!

85. What if every high five made you instantly fluent in a new language?

Slap palms, parlez-vous français?

86. What if you could read an entire book by eating its pages?

Literary munchies coming right up!

87. What if your shadow acted out your deepest desires?

Shadow puppetry with a twist.

88. What if water turned to wine as soon as you touched it?

Miracle or party trick? You decide.

89. What if you could only move in slow motion on Tuesdays?

Embrace the slow-mo doughnut dunk!

90. What if you could breathe life into any drawing you make?

Sketch, live, repeat.

91. What if every compliment you gave turned into a cupcake?

Sweet words, sweeter rewards!

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92. What if you hiccoughed in different musical genres?

Jazz, opera, or a pop hiccup medley?

93. What if your daily calories were displayed in fireworks each night?

A grand finale to a tasty day.

94. What if your voice changed pitch based on your height above sea level?

The higher you climb, the squeakier you speak!

95. What if you had the power to end any conversation with a dramatic movie exit?

Exit stage left with a flourish!

96. What if all your selfies came to life and shared their stories?

The real tales behind the perfect angles.

97. What if you could bounce like a kangaroo whenever you’re in a hurry?

Hop to it, skip the traffic!

98. What if every time you sneezed, you swapped lives with someone else?

Achoo, hello new you!

99. What if your clothes did a fashion show without you every night?

Strut and fret, dear wardrobe!

100. What if your car sang opera every time you hit the gas?

Vroom vroom aria!

101. What if every time you snapped, you learned a new random fact?

Snap to it, smarty pants!

102. What if you turned into a classic painting whenever you got shy?

Mona Lisa’s smile’s got nothing on you.

103. What if each step you took sounded like a different musical instrument?

March to the beat of your own drum, literally.

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104. What if you could taste words?

Words sweet and sour, we speak for hours.

105. What if all dogs were actually spies for an alien civilization?

The truth is not out there—it’s sitting, staying, and rolling over!

106. What if rain smelled like anything you wanted?

Scentsational showers on demand!

107. What if every sports game outcome was decided by rock, paper, scissors?

The ultimate playoff showdown.

108. What if your teeth glowed in the dark?

Never lose your grin in the night again!

109. What if you could change your body material at will — wood, metal, or glass?

I am Iron Man. Or am I Mahogany Man today?

110. What if your ringtone reflected your current mood?

Ring ring, cranky or cheerful – caller beware!

Go ahead, embrace your inner child and let the fun begin! No matter what wacky or crazy scenarios come to mind, let these “What If” questions for adults alike spark you and your friends’ imaginations and lead to some unforgettable conversations.

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