What If

Unleash your imagination with the "What If" online game, the ultimate icebreaker, sparking fun conversations with friends and strangers!

Spice up your conversations with the ultimate question game - “What if”. Perfect for dates, parties, or casual hangouts!

Discover the endless possibilities and unexplored territories of your imagination with the “What if” game online. Whether you’re with friends, family, or strangers, this game will spark fun and exciting discussions and debates.

Play the “What If” Game Online

Having trouble coming up with interesting questions? Say no more. The “What if” game online has got you covered.

With hundreds of fun and thought-provoking questions, you’ll never run out of questions. Simply choose a category and let your imagination do the rest.

Most popular “What If” game categories

Dive into a world of hypothetical scenarios with the most popular categories in the “What if” game online.

The go-to mix for a guaranteed good time. These questions are like your bestie - always there to get the party started!


Tickle your funny bone with these hilarious and light-hearted questions. Perfect for breaking the ice and getting to know someone new.


Ready to get real? These questions will take you on a trip down the rabbit hole of life’s big mysteries.

For Couples

Get cozy and personal with your significant other and uncover new layers of your relationship with these intimate questions.

How to Play “What If” Online

Playing the “What if” game online is as easy as it gets. Simply follow these steps:

1. Gather your people

Depending on the type of game you want, gather a group of friends (or strangers) or simply play one-on-one with someone.

2. Choose a category

Pick a category that fits the mood and vibe of your group.

3. Ask the question

Read the question out loud and let every one ponder their answers. You can either ask one person directly or have everyone share their answers.

3. Discuss and debate

This is where the magic happens. Let everyone share their thoughts and opinions. This will surely lead to interesting conversations and debates.

4. Keep the fun going

Bounce off each other’s ideas. Laugh, debate, and maybe even have an “aha” moment or two.

“What If” Game Rules

Here’s how to keep the game fun and fair for everyone: