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After the first date, it’s time to find out if there is enough chemistry for a second one. But there are plenty of signs to look out for before sending that text or making plans with them, both of which could lead to another date. One great way to get the ball rolling is by following up with something witty and interesting after your first date - but not too pushy or desperate.

You’ll want to take cues from the conversation and then send something witty or interesting but not too pushy or desperate. A nice way to do this is with a follow-up text.

You could also try making plans with someone who seems open to hanging out again by asking what nights they’re free or suggesting a specific time and place - it’s okay for a woman to text first as well!

But whatever you decide, don’t be afraid of being yourself because that will show through in your message no matter how hard you try otherwise. And remember: The more effort you put into texting the better chance you have at getting another date.

What you should text after a first date?

You should text your date after a first date to find out if there is chemistry for a second one. Start by reading the cues from your conversation and send something witty or interesting, but not too pushy or desperate.

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For instance, you could try sending a text and following up with an offer of hanging out again. Or you could text them something like “Hope you don’t get turned off if I order more drinks on our next date.”

If the conversation went well, then they’ll probably respond with something like, “Haha, why not!” That means they want to see you again! If not, then they would most likely ignore you because it’s better to avoid unpleasant conversations following dates.

If you feel confident that there is chemistry for a second date, then the next thing you could do is make plans with them by asking what nights they were free or suggesting a specific time and place. You could try to set up a second date in two days, which would give you enough time to prepare for it without being too eager.

In the end, though, there’s no way to know if someone is interested in dating you unless they convey it to you through clear actions. So if the other person seems interested, proceed with caution and see where things go. If not, then keep looking for someone who matches your standards!

Examples of what to text after a first date:

  1. β€œThank you for a really fantastic time. I had a wonderful evening tonight.”
  2. β€œI had a fantastic time with you the other night. We should repeat that experience at some point.”
  3. β€œYou had a good time tonight, didn’t you? When you get home, will you text me so I know you arrived safely?”
  4. “I was really nervous about our first date, but I thought it went well! Nothing relieves tension quite like laughing for four hours.”
  5. “Thank you so much for an amazing date :) My work week is rather hectic, but I’m free on Saturday night if you’d want to get together again.”
  6. “I’d give our first date a solid 8.5 out of 10. What do you think?”

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How can you tell whether or not someone wants to see you again?

It’s not always easy to tell whether or not someone is interested in seeing you again. Sometimes they’ll lead you on, have second thoughts, or decide to go on a date with somebody else. However, there are signs that show that the other person is interested in you:

1. Mirroring

Mirroring is the automatic tendency to do or say something that someone else does or says, especially body language. If your date copies your body movements, postures, and behaviors, it’s a clear sign of attraction.

2. Understanding Space

When you’re in the same place as others, the gap between you and them may provide valuable insights into your connection. Here are some ways to determine another person’s level of interest:

Leaning in: Does this person lean in toward you or do they move away? Leaning is a nonverbal cue of partnership, agreeableness, and camaraderie.

Touch: Touching is one of the most common forms of showing affection. Touching shows that someone cares for you and can also be used to show sexual interest.

3. Eye contact

When you grasp the significance of eye gazing and contact, you acquire superpowers. When you’re with this person, do they make more eye contact with you than other people? Eye contact is a good attraction signal.

Of course, there are many more signs that show attraction or if a person is interested in you. Not everybody is giving the same non-verbal cues. Keep that in mind. If the date goes really well and you enjoy it, chances are high the other person does as well. Don’t overthink it and ask for a second date!

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3 Best Practices for Sending Good Follow-Up Texts After Dates

1. Be specific

If you have plans to meet up again or are trying to find out, it’s fine to be direct. Asking if they’re free this week or next might give them an easy excuse if they don’t want to hang out again.

Rather ask if they can do Tuesday or Friday at 4 PM at a specific place. This provides an option while taking away the burden of finding a suitable space and time.

2. Keep it light

There are several really tough issues in the world today, so it may be hard to conceive of anything else other than that for a little while. It’s fantastic to reach out and see how someone is doing, but after a few days, you should try sending them something pleasant and light.

3. Be concise

If you have a lot going on in your life or if you’re not sure what to say, it might make sense to send a short text. It might give them some time to think of something to say back, and it will save you from sending an awkward string of texts when they don’t respond for a while. Texts don’t need to be long and involved. Sometimes a simple, “Hey, up for a coffee at 12?” is all you need to say.

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Who should text first after a date?

Whoever makes the first move after a date is usually the man. But it is okay for the woman to text first as well.

There are a few reasons why it is usually the man who texts first. For one, men tend to be more impatient than women. Men also have a harder time being vulnerable and asking for affection from someone else, which puts them in a tough spot when they don’t hear back from a date right away after the date is over.

An example from the The Big Bang Theory portrays this classic scenario when Howard makes the first move after he and his girlfriend, Bernadette, have their first date: He sends a text message asking if she wants to do something together soon. Inevitably, though, she’s too busy with work and other things going on in her life to text back. Howard finds this unacceptable and begins to doubt their relationship, which Bernadette finds immature.

Making the first move can be scary for some people - man and woman - because it means taking a risk on something new and unknown. Because of this, it is nice when you get a response to your follow-up text.

Should I text him after the first date?

You can text, call, or message him after the first date. Do something that would seem fun and appropriate for your personality. The one thing you should avoid doing is asking out of desperation as this will send a bad message.

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least an hour before texting someone after a first date. If it’s early in the morning, you may also want to hold off on contacting your date until later that afternoon or evening. Generally speaking, don’t contact him right away unless there were clear signs he was interested in hanging out again.

You can mention how much you enjoyed the first date by sending a flirty text or message. You could also send them something funny and ironic because first dates are often awkward and uncomfortable, so lightening things up with a joke is an easy way to keep things friendly.

Even if you had fun on the date, it’s important to stay realistic about whether or not you’ll hear back from the person with whom you went out. Keep in mind that there are many reasons why things might not work out, so avoid getting your hopes up for a second date.

If it seems like there is chemistry between you and your date, don’t be afraid to ask for the next date.

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