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Laughter does more than make you feel good! Did you know it’s actually an important survival tool? If we didn’t laugh, we would be too caught up in our own misery to take care of ourselves and effectively care for and raise children.

Have you ever heard a good bread pun? We’re talking about something that is truly clever and original. Well, if not, don’t worry. The following article will help provide some humorous insight to get you started! Make your personal bread maker laugh!

Funny Bread Puns

If you want to make someone’s crummy day better, cheer them up with some funny bread puns! Whether they laugh or groan, they’re going to crave freshly-baked delicious bread after hearing bread puns! This ultimate comfort food gets even better when you inject some humor!

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Hurry to the next bread factory and share these hearty and funny puns! Get ready for the bread pun battle!

1. The young loaf of bread was fired from his job because he was always just loafing around.

You’re not getting paid to loaf around!

2. The bread baker was in a serious panic because he found himself in a loaf or death situation.

I always believed bread is life. Show your baking skills!

3. How did the detective find the bad bun in the bakery? He left no scone unturned.

He ate all the scones! That one is for Bread Pitt who is currently walking on the bread carpet.

4. What did the bakers do when their bakery was under attack? They came out buns glazing.

Naturally, they won!

5. What’s a baker’s favorite martial art? Tae Kwon Dough!

Who doens’t like dough puns? I want to learn taekwondo and eat your piece of bread!

6. Who is the meanest cowboy in the bakery? Clint Yeastwood.

That’s one of my yeast favorite jokes.

N e w !
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7. Why did the hamburger bun and the hotdog roll break up? There wasn’t enough crust in their relationship.

I bet there first kiss was under a mistle toast! Mhm, now I want a piece of toast.

8. What does a loaf of bread say to a friend after doing them a favor? It’s the yeast I could do.

Friends should help each other out! Be careful with sharing this joke, you don’t want to make your bread upset!

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9. Heard the one about the loaf of bread who was sad? He had a breakdown and rye, then he felt much better.

You always feel better after a good cry or a good rye sandwich! That’s how you make sandwich puns!

10. What do you call a piece of dough that’s being a jerk? Crepe!

No one likes creeps, but I love eating crepes!

Aw, let’s make dough balls together! They’re like bread kids!

12. What type of hotel does a baker stay in when on vacation? A B&B (Bread & Breakfast)!

Staying in a B&B is so refreshing.

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13. Why does bread hate summer weather? Because summer heat can make bread too toasty.

A black toast who feels like a rock? I think I’m becoming toast intolerant.

14. Why are bread jokes funny? Because they never get mold.

That’s what you think!

15. How does bread woo a lover? With lots of flours.

That’s so sweet! I always try peanut butter!

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Bread Pun One Liners

If you want to joke about food, you can’t go wrong with puns and one liners. It’s a good thing that bread can be easily made into bakery puns! Tell them on your bread party!

Since there are various kinds of breads, there is a lot of material or ingredients that you can use for hilarious one liner bread puns that will give your friends belly aches from laughing too much! Check out this bread puns list!

1. Before I break down and rye, I want you to know that I loaf you.

I love you too!

2. Bready or not, here I crumb!

Don’t crumble! Be strong!

3. Ciabatta stay away from me.

Don’t make the bread angry!

4. The best is yet to crumb.

Where are my bread people? That was a crumby bread pun!

5. That sour loaf kneads to be punished.

Why does this sound kinky?

6. I am really into roll play.

That’s one way to spice up date night!

7. Don’t you baguette about me.

From bread to bread, I won’t forget you in return.

8. Baking is a labor of loaf.

Oh, I smell beef between bread and you!

9. Business at the bakery is on the rise.

There’s a lot of bread rising inside the bakery!

10. It’s way past your breadtime.

But first I want my bread time story!

11. Butter kept talking to the bread because he felt he was on a roll.

Butter goes well with rolls! Enjoy your butter fingers!

12. The most sophisticated bread is always the upper crust.

I don’t care. Just give me bread!

13. That sourdough bread really rose to the occasion today.

It was delicious too. That’s one of the greatest baking puns!

14. The two slices of bread left the bakery and decided to grow mold together.

This doesn’t sound romantic at all.

15. A young slice of bread told her he could not help but to fall in loaf with her.

Who doesn’t love bread?

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Banana Bread Puns

Are you a banana bread lover? It’s sweet, delicious and is a perfect blend of bananas and carbohydrates! If you love banana bread, enjoy some with your friends while having coffee and make them go LOL with some banana bread puns!

It’s a great way to spend some fun time with them! Make your friends go bananas with these hilarious banana bread puns! Have fun with this list of bread puns!

1. Why do people like banana bread? Because they find it appealing.

You’ll need to peel a lot of bananas to make banana bread.

2. What do fruit use to buy things? Banana bread.

Who needs money made out of paper when you have banana bread?

3. Why doesn’t banana bread like hot weather? Things get Toasty!

I bet that’s a joke that one slice of bread say to another!

4. What did I say to my banana bread before leaving the house? I am going, bananas!

I just left! I’m not going crazy!

5. Why is banana nut bread the craziest food? If it ain’t bananas, it’s nuts.

That’s how you spot a radical baker!

6. If it’s hard to make lemonade out of lemons when the world is going bananas, what should I do? Make banana bread!

7. Nothing with bananas in it tastes good. Me: I bread to differ.

Banana bread is in a different league. But to be honest, I prefer a piece of cake!

8. Why did the banana bread fail his driving test? It was a crumby driver.

It was so bad at driving!

9. How does banana bread answer the phone? It says yellow!

That’s adorable!

10. Why doesn’t banana bread like warm weather? Because it gets toasty!

I like my banana bread moist and soft!

11. What do you do after breaking bread? Just loaf around.

It’s called taking a rest.

12.Our banana loaf is not over until it’s loafer.

My love for banana loaf bread will never be over!

13. Why did the banana bread get sent to the headmaster’s office? Because it went bananas during class!

That’s crazy!

14. Why couldn’t the banana bread yell high? Because it could only yellow.

The banana bread had a low voice.

15. Where does a banana bread buy its clothes? Banana Republic

Did you see the punchline coming a mile away?

Did it take some time for you to figure out the punchline to these banana bread puns? Don’t sweat it! Puns can be just like fun riddles that will make you think and laugh at the same time!

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Garlic Bread Puns

Kissing someone with garlic breath makes for a funny story, but you don’t have to do that to make someone laugh! You can just as easily make people laugh with some clever garlic bread puns!

If you like having garlic bread with your favorite pasta or eating it on its own, why not throw in some funny garlic bread puns to make a meal with friends more exciting?

Take a bite out of these hilarious garlic bread puns!

1. How did the hipster burn his mouth? He ate garlic bread long before it was cool.

He burned his mouth and got garlic breath too.

2. I had sex with garlic bread. Now I have herbes.

I’ll never look at herbs and garlic bread the same way again.

3. What do you call people who have been raised by garlic? Garlic-bread

I think they’re garlic lovers too!

4. What are the best shoes to wear while eating garlic bread? Loafers.

This sounds heavenly after an entire day of walking.

5. Why did vampires leave the restaurant? Someone ordered garlic bread.

I think the vampire didn’t like the smell of garlic!

6. Why can’t the baker play the drums? He forgot the garlic breadsticks.

Or maybe he ate them?!

7. How do you kill a gluten-free vampire? With garlic bread

Let’s bake more garlic bread!

8. What do cloves use for money? Garlic bread

Bread is such an essential item.

9. I went to an Indian restaurant for some garlic bread, but they had naan.

I was disappointed that they didn’t have garlic bread!

10. I loaf garlic bread!

Puns about garlic bread will not be complete without this!

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