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When it comes to spending quality time with your partner, nothing beats a good card game night! Whether you’re an old-school couple or a modern-day duo, there’s a card game for every couple. For any couple looking for a new way to spice up game night, our top pick is The Ultimate Game for Couples. It’s lighthearted, fun, and can be an amazing way to connect with your partner or bond with other couples.

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We’ve sorted through the endless options using our expertise and compiled this list of five excellent card games for couples. From classic two-player battles to cooperative challenges, we’ve tested over 20 different games to bring you the best of the best. To know more about our process, take a look at our methodology behind the rankings.

1. Best Overall: The Ultimate Game for Couples Game

Available on
  • Player count: 2 or more players
  • Duration: Can vary
  • Ages: 17+

The Ultimate Game for Couples is our top pick for couples looking to have a fun and intimate game night. Featuring over 200 playing cards that touch on themes like love, trust, and honesty, this game can help old and new couples explore their relationship and keep it fresh and exciting.

Why we love it

We recommend The Ultimate Game for Couples because it is a great way to get to know your partner and have meaningful conversations, regardless of how long you’ve been together. You can find all sorts of thought-provoking cards in this game, from questions with a wide variety of topics such as love and trust, to guess cards that will test your knowledge of each other.

In addition, the challenge cards also add a touch of excitement and competition, without making it too intimate or intense. So this can be a perfect gift for white elephant parties or for group-giving occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays.

This game boasts excellent flexibility when it comes to rules, playing time, and the number of players, making it one of the best card games for couples. It can be easily adjusted to suit your needs - whether that’s having a casual game night with your partner or a competitive battle with other couples.

We didn’t like that some of the cards had spelling errors on them, and spelling mistakes can be distracting when you’re trying to focus on the game. Our version also had some cards that are glued together, and taking them apart can be a bit of a hassle.

Overall, we highly recommend The Ultimate Game for Couples and think it’s an excellent choice for any couple looking to boost the fun factor of their game nights. There’s no better way to learn more about each other than through a meaningful card game like this one.

How to play

Because of the flexible rules, The Ultimate Game for Couples can be played in a variety of ways. The two most popular ways to play are when you play with your partner, or when you play with other couples.

When playing with your partner, it’s best to start off by laying out the cards face down on a flat surface. Then, each partner takes turns drawing cards from the pile and answering the questions or completing the challenges. You can decide how long the game will go on for, and you don’t have to answer all the cards.

For the guess cards, draw a card and read the question out loud. Think of an answer and see if your partner can guess it. If your partner guesses your answer or thinks of a better answer, they get the point. For the challenge cards, draw a card and ask your partner to do it. Your partner gets a point if they complete the challenge.

When playing with other couples, the rules are the same but you can play on teams. Each couple should draw a card and answer the question or complete the challenge. The team with the highest score after a set number of rounds wins.

2. Best Cooperative: Codenames Duet

Available on
  • Player count: 2 players
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Ages: 11+

Codenames Duet takes the cooperative Codenames game and turns it into one of the best two-player card games for couples. In this fast-paced word game, you and your partner-in-crime must use your powers of deduction to help each other make connections between words.

Why we love it

What we love about Codenames Duet is how teamwork is required to win the game. You don’t have to worry about competing with each other because the goal is to work together as a team! The game forces you and your partner to strategize together, think on your feet, and come up with creative solutions to get your partner to know the right words.

This game is perfect for couples who know each other well, as it requires you to think outside the box and find ways to communicate effectively. The limited turns and the “timer” also add an element of urgency and excitement that make it even more fun.

One possible downside is that the game can be difficult to win. Especially if you’re not familiar with the original Codenames game or are a casual player, you may have to play several rounds before you figure out the best strategies and really get the hang of it.

We also didn’t like how tiny plastic bags were used as storage for the card sets and would’ve preferred a sturdier container like a box.

If you’re looking for a challenging and strategic game to play with your significant other, Codenames Duet is worth a try. It’s a great way to test your teamwork and problem-solving skills, and it can be loads of fun when you finally crack the code!

How to play

To set up the game, you and your partner should sit on opposite sides of the table. Place the 25 Codename cards in a 5x5 grid between you and your partner. Then, place the agent and assassin cards where both of you can see them. Set the nine timer tokens to the side.

Set the plastic stand beside the word grid, and shuffle the deck of key cards. The player who goes first draws the top key card and places it on the stand so both players can see. On each turn, one of you gives a clue, which is always a name and a number. The other player then guesses as many words connected to the clue as they can.

If you guess an assassin, your turn ends immediately and both of you lose. If you guess an agent, the turn continues and your partner covers that word with a green agent card. If you guess a bystander, your turn ends and your partner covers that word with a timer token.

The game is over when all 15 agent cards and 15 words have been guessed. If you and your partner run into an assassin, you lose. If you have used up all your timer tokens and there are still words to guess, you stop giving clues and try your best to guess the remaining words.

Codenames Duet offers a unique and exciting experience for couples and is a great way to test your wits and teamwork. Have fun, and don’t forget to encourage each other as you come up with creative solutions!

3. Best Icebreaker: Let’s Get Deep - The Relationship Game Full of Questions for Couples

Available on
  • Player count: 2 players or more
  • Duration: Can vary
  • Ages: 17+

For the new love birds out there, Let’s Get Deep - The Relationship Game Full of Questions for Couples is the perfect icebreaker. This game was designed to help couples learn more about each other and create a deeper connection. It’s perfect for those romantic nights in or just a casual evening at home.

Why we love it

We picked this game as our top icebreaker because it’s a simple and straightforward way to deepen the connection between two people. The questions range from light-hearted and fun to more serious topics that can really spark meaningful conversations.

This game is ideal if you’re a new couple and want to get to know each other better, or if you’re trying to get acquainted with someone new. It includes plenty of conversation-starters that can be used even during work, school, or family gatherings.

There’s no official time limit for playing the game, so it can last as long or as short as you like. We think it’s best when played over a romantic dinner and some cocktails, but you can also pull it out during a work party or a friend’s get-together. Either way, you’ll be sure to learn something new about your partner!

The most significant drawback of this game is that it can be too boring for couples who’ve been together for a while and know each other too well. The questions can also be repetitive, especially over an extended period. That being said, it’s still a great game for lovers to learn something new about each other!

How to play

Let’s Get Deep - The Relationship Game Full of Questions for Couples has a simple setup and rules. Divide cards into three piles: Ice Breaker, Deep, and Deeper.

The person who made the first move, or if you’re playing with colleagues, the person with the most experience, will draw one Ice Breaker card, two Deep cards, and two Deeper cards. A player reads the card and the other responds.

After each player has answered the questions, they switch roles, and the other draws new cards.

Players alternate reading and answering the questions, starting with the Ice Breaker card and then working their way to the Deep and Deeper cards. When all questions have been answered, the round is over and you can choose to continue playing or end the game.

4. Best Creative: That’s What She Said Game

Available on
  • Player count: 2 players or more
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes
  • Ages: 17+

Wanna get risky, but still keep it light? That’s What She Said Game is the perfect game to get your creative juices flowing. It’s a party game that has a similar feel to Cards Against Humanity, and it’s sure to make you and your partner laugh until your stomachs hurt.

Why we love it

Our favorite thing about the That’s What She Said Game is coming up with outrageous and funny punchlines for some of the wackiest scenarios. You can play this game as a couple, but we think it’s best when played with friends for an even bigger laugh.

This game is perfect for adults who are looking for more provocative and risqué fun. That’s What She Said has a variety of cards that range from the slightly naughty to downright inappropriate, so you can choose which type of questions you want to answer.

The game has little replay value because the jokes can sometimes get stale and it can be quick for the punchlines to get old. We think this game is great for one-time events or parties but not to be played on a regular basis.

How to play

To start the game, separate the white and red cards and deal each player seven white cards. The person who is known as the kinkiest begins the game as the first Judge and will draw a red card. The Judge reads it out loud and from there, each player takes turns playing a white card that they think best matches the red card.

After all the players have had their turn, the Judge shuffles all the white cards and reads them aloud. The Judge will then pick the white card they think is the funniest and whoever played that card wins the round and gets to keep the red card.

The game keeps going until all the players have had a chance to be the Judge. The first player who collects five red cards wins the game!

5. Best Classic: Exploding Kittens

Available on
  • Player count: 2 to 5 players
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Ages: 7+

Exploding Kittens is a feline lover’s favorite game and is our classic pick for a couples’ game night. This fun game features a nice balance of luck, skill, and strategy that makes it perfect for all types of players.

Why we love it

We appreciate the game’s easy-to-learn rules and straightforward gameplay, making it a great choice for those who are new to card games. It also keeps the tension high with its unique mechanic of exploding kittens and other fun cards that can turn the game around in an instant.

We love the stunning artwork that has made Exploding Kittens so popular. The game also allows players to experience some challenge and variety with its expansion packs. The expansion packs introduce new cards, rules, and strategies that go beyond the original game.

However, there is a lack of replay value with its base game. Once you get a feel of the cards and gameplay, it’s not as interesting to play the game again and again. We also didn’t like how the cards are easily bent and warped, making them look worn quickly.

Overall, we still think this is a solid game whether you’re playing it as a couple or with a group of friends. If you want a classic card game that appeals to all kinds of players, get ready for some cat-astrophic fun with Exploding Kittens!

How to play

Begin the game by removing all the Exploding Kittens and Defuse cards from the deck and shuffling the remaining cards. Give each player one defuse card and put one back in the deck. Deal each player seven cards and insert enough Exploding Kittens cards back into the deck so that there is one card fewer than the number of players.

Shuffle the deck and place it in the center of the table. Pick a player to go first and then it’s time to start playing!

On your turn, you must do two things: either play a card from your hand OR pass. To finish your turn, you draw a card from the deck and then it’s the next player’s turn.

The game ends when all but one player has been eliminated by an Exploding Kitten. The last remaining player is the winner!

How we picked and tested

PsyCat Games is built by people who know how to have fun! We’ve been researching parties and games since 2018 and have published 400+ articles on our website. That’s why we’re confident that we know what we’re talking about!

We want you to have the best time possible and not waste your money on a subpar product. That’s why we spend over three months testing over 20 different games with couples and groups of friends. We’ve ranked the games by the fun factor, player experience, and replayability!

Our ranking is subjective, but we’ve tried our best to be as impartial as possible. However, if you stumble upon a couples card game that you think deserves a spot on our list, please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

PsyCat Games is supported by readers clicking on our affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, we might earn a commission if you buy something through our links.

FAQ about Couples Card Games

1. What is a fun game for couples to play?

The best game for couples to play is a game that allows you to share laughs and create memories. Card games are an excellent way to do this as they provide a fun and interactive way to socialize. From classics like Exploding Kittens to newer games like Codenames Duet, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Pick the perfect game for you and your special someone, break out the cards, and get ready for a night of fun and laughter!

2. What card game has marriages in it?

There are plenty of card games that feature marriage as one of their mechanics. One example is the popular game Love Letter, where players attempt to win the heart of the Princess by eliminating rivals and delivering their love letter.

In the game Marital Bliss, you try to outsmart your spouse by doing missions and completing tasks without them knowing. You play this game over seven days, and it’s a perfect way to have a bit of fun with your partner.

3. What is the card kissing game called?

The card kissing game you might be thinking of is the Do or Drink card game. This game features plenty of Do or Drink cards, one of which includes kissing a player or attempting to do push-ups.

The game is perfect for adult couples or a big group of friends who want to have some hilarious, naughty fun. We do have to note that this game can be a little inappropriate, so make sure you know your audience before playing it with them!

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