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Who says games are just for kids? With “Do or Drink”, you and your friends can unleash your inner child while also getting to know each other on a deeper level. This game combines drinking with the dares from “Truth or Dare”, making it ideal for every social occasion!

So grab a drink and get ready to laugh, share stories, and maybe even reveal some secrets with our list of 85+ “Do or Drink” questions. Just remember, the more daring the question, the more fun it will be!

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👉 Prefer answering questions to doing dares? Then why not give the “Truth or Drink” game a shot!

How to Play “Do or Drink”

Playing Do or Drink is as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you need is a group of friends, some drinks, and our list of questions.

Step one: Gather your pals. Make sure everyone is in a comfortable and safe environment, and that they are all ready to let loose.

Step two: Choose who goes first. You can pick randomly, go clockwise or counterclockwise, or even use a randomizer app.

Step three: Ask questions! Whoever goes first receives a fun or daring question.

For example: “Who’s the best kisser in this room?”

If they answer, great! If not, they must take a drink. Then, it’s their turn to ask someone else a question.

Keep going until everyone has had a turn or until you’re all too drunk to continue (no judgment here). Be creative and have fun with it!

“Do or Drink” Rules

This game is all about having a good time, but it’s important to establish some rules beforehand. Here are a few suggestions to keep things fun and safe for everyone:

1. Make sure everyone is of legal drinking age. Know every person’s limit and make sure they do too.

2. Respect each other’s boundaries. If someone doesn’t want to answer a question, don’t pressure them.

3. Don’t drive if you’ve had too much to drink. Plan for a designated driver or use ride-sharing services instead.

4. Have non-alcoholic options available! For those who don’t want to or can’t drink, provide alternative options so they can still join in the fun.

Play “Do or Drink” online

Can’t think of “Do or Drink” questions on the spot? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our online version of the game.

Simply visit our website or download our app and choose a category to get access to over 1,000 questions and challenges. And the best part? It’s completely free!

Play Do or Drink online

Fun “Do or Drink” Questions

Ready to get the party started? Here are the “Do or Drink” questions to break the ice and get everyone laughing. Remember, the more outrageous, the better!

1. Who’s most likely to become famous?

The fame, the fortune, the paparazzi.

2. Who’s most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Just let them eat me.

3. Who’s most likely to accidentally lock themselves out of their house?

Door, who needs it?

4. Who’s the best at pretending to understand a foreign language?

“Si, claro… I totally got that.”

5. Who’s most likely to end up on a reality TV show?

The drama, the laughter, the tears!

6. Who’s the worst texter?

Read at 9:00 PM. Responds…never.

7. Who could be a stand-up comedian?

Laughs per minute, guaranteed!

8. Who’s most likely to join a circus?

Tightrope walkers and lion tamers, oh my!

9. Who would be the first to befriend aliens?

“Welcome to Earth! First drink’s on me!”

10. Who’s most likely to win a hot dog eating contest?

Extra mustard, please!

11. Who could talk their way out of a speeding ticket?

“Officer, did you know you have beautiful eyes?”

12. Who’s most likely to become a meme?


13. Who has the best poker face?

“I’m not bluffing… or am I?”

14. Who’s the master of DIY fails?

Pinterest vs. Reality.

15. Who’s most likely to have a ghost encounter?

“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts…or am I?”

16. Who’s your “phone-a-friend” lifeline?

Because Google knows, but so do they.

17. Who’s most likely to cry at a sad movie?

“Are you crying?” “No, it’s just raining on my face.”

18. Who could pull off an undercover spy mission?

“Agent 007, at your service.”

19. Who’s most likely to bring home a stray pet?

Furry friends collector.

20. Who’s the biggest flirt?

Winks and nudges all around.

21. Who always has the best snacks?

Snack attack savior.

22. Who could be a social media influencer?


23. Who’s most likely to have an embarrassing tattoo?

“Remember that night in Vegas?”

24. Who’s the life of the party?

Dance floor champion.

25. Who’s most likely to forget their own birthday?

“Wait, what date is it today?”

26. Who’s the best at making up songs about anything?

The next viral jingle writer.

27. Who’s your go-to for fashion advice?

Walking Vogue magazine.

28. Who’s most likely to star in their own talk show?

Move over, late-night hosts!

29. Who’s the Sherlock Holmes of the group?

Mystery solvers unite!

30. Who’s the most likely to invent something useless but hilarious?

Fashionable socks for chairs, anyone?

31. Who’s most likely to become a vigilante superhero by night?

Fighting crime, one spandex suit at a time.

32. Who can never remember where they parked their car?

“Was it level 3 or 4… or was it in another building?”

33. Who’s the king or queen of conspiracy theories?

“Wait until I tell you about the moon!”

34. Who would make the best detective, but only for finding lost remote controls?

“No couch cushion left unturned!”

35. Who’s likely to become a professional cat herder?

“Come on, whiskers, time to get organized!”

36. Who’s most likely to laugh at the worst possible moment?

Funerals, weddings, quiet libraries…

37. Who could eat pizza for every meal and not complain?

“Pepperoni for breakfast, margarita for lunch…”

38. Who’s the unofficial therapist of the group?

“Tell me how that makes you feel…over wine.”

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39. Who’s most likely to become an accidental internet meme?


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40. Who always has a bizarre fact up their sleeve?

“Did you know otters hold hands when they sleep?”

41. Who could start a dance party anywhere, anytime?

Groove in the grocery line!

42. Who’s the sneakiest snack thief?

Caught red-handed but never guilty.

43. Who would win an award for being overly dramatic about cold food?

“The coffee’s lukewarm, life is bleak!”

44. Who’s the wizard of last-minute costume ideas?

“A bedsheet and sunglasses, and you’re a celebrity avoiding paparazzi.”

45. Who’s likely to invent a new language unintentionally?

“Gibberish but make it fashion.”

46. Who always knows the direction but still ends up getting lost?

“It’s just a scenic detour, I swear.”

47. Who’s the champion of not-so-scary ghost stories?

“And then… the Wi-Fi went out!”

48. Who’s most likely to start a band but never actually play music?

“We’re called The Pending Invites!”

49. Who always knows where to find the best memes?

Meme library curator.

50. Who’d be the most entertaining reality TV show host?

“Welcome back to ‘Living on the Edge of Sanity’!”

“Do or Drink” for Couples

Want to get to know your significant other even better? Here are the “Do or Drink” questions for couples. Get ready for some revealing (and potentially hilarious) answers!

1. Who’s most likely to say “I love you” first?

The lightning bolt of love!

2. Who’s always in charge of planning date night?

Candlelit dinner or skydiving…you decide.

3. Who’s most likely to forget an anniversary?

Wait, was it the 2nd or the 20th?

4. Who’s the better cook?

Masters of the kitchen (or microwave).

5. Who’s more likely to binge-watch an entire series in one weekend?

The couch is my kingdom, and this remote is my scepter.

6. Who’s the bigger shopaholic?

If there’s a sale, I’m there!

7. Who’s most likely to get lost even with GPS?

Turn left? But that looks like a river…

8. Who snores louder than a freight train?

Me? No, that must be the neighbor’s dog.

9. Who’s always ready for a spontaneous adventure?

Pack your bags, we’re leaving in 5 minutes!

10. Who’s the social butterfly at parties?

Stranger? I just haven’t met you yet!

11. Who’s more likely to adopt another pet on a whim?

Look, it followed me home. Can we keep it?

12. Who’s the expert at assembling IKEA furniture without looking at the manual?

I am the DIY guru – who needs instructions?

13. Who’s more likely to strike up a conversation in an elevator?

Nice weather we’re having…on floor 5.

14. Who takes the longest showers?

Waterproof speakers were invented for a reason.

15. Who’s most likely to have a secret talent no one knows about?

I can wiggle my ears – wanna see?

16. Who can’t help but sing along to every song on the radio?

Car concerts, featuring me!

17. Who’s the bigger risk-taker?

Skydiving or shark-diving? Why not both?

18. Who’s most likely to pull a prank at the worst possible time?

Just added some extra ‘spice’ to life!

19. Who has an unhealthy obsession with weird historical facts?

Did you know that Vikings used the skulls of their enemies as drinking cups?

20. Who’s more likely to try and fix a broken appliance before calling a professional?

Who needs a repairman when you’ve got YouTube tutorials?

21. Who’s more likely to get into a laugh-off and not be able to stop?

Yesterday’s joke, still funny today!

22. Who’s always dreaming about their next vacation?

Just checking flights during my lunch break.

23. Who’s most likely to give a stray animal a ridiculous name?

Introducing Sir Fluffington the Third!

24. Who’s more likely to send back their meal because they found a better option?

I changed my mind, can I have what they’re having?

25. Who’s the king or queen of board games?

Prepare to meet your Monopoly maker.

26. Who’s most likely to get a tattoo on a dare?

Something to remember the night by!

27. Who’s most likely to invent a cocktail that becomes world-famous?

Shaken, not stirred - with a twist of outrageous!

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28. Who can turn a bad hair day into a new trend?

Oops, I did it again, and now everyone wants in.

29. Who’s the human equivalent of a golden retriever?

Always happy, slightly clueless, but you love me anyway!

30. Who’s most likely to give a TED Talk on the art of procrastination?

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

31. Who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime?

Is this a challenge? Hold my pillow…

32. Who’s most likely to become famous for a cooking fail?

Introducing the charcoal crust pizza – it’s revolutionary!

33. Who’s always a step away from initiating a food fight?

Pasta-la vista, baby!

34. Who’s the master of making awkward situations even more awkward?

I have a special skill set. You’re welcome.

35. Who’s most likely to end up as a meme after attempting a viral dance challenge?

Nailed it? More like, ‘failed it’ – but in style!

36. Who would accidentally become a philosopher while drunk?

Hear me out…what if we’re all just Sims?

37. Who’s the life coach for pets?

Speaking fluent feline and canine for existential crises.

38. Who could outwit a scammer and end up becoming friends?

Started from a scam now we here.

39. Who’s most likely to accidentally join a circus?

I came for the popcorn, stayed for the trapeze.

40. Who’s the mixtape master, resurrecting forgotten hits?

Brace yourselves, the 90s are back.

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41. Who would volunteer to test drive a flying car?

Traffic? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

42. Who’s most likely to become an accidental hero in a heist movie?

It all started when I took the wrong coffee order…

43. Who’s a closet karaoke superstar, slaying in secret?

Shower performances only – tickets not for sale.

44. Who could sweet-talk their way out of a kidnapping?

Not only did I escape, but I also snagged a dinner invitation.

45. Who’s mistakenly believed to be an undercover celebrity?

Sure, I’ll sign that. You’ll love my autograph.

46. Who would find a way to broadcast their own reality show from a deserted island?

Survivor? Nah, welcome to My Island.

47. Who’s more likely to turn a work meeting into an impromptu comedy show?

Who says reports can’t be reported with a punchline?

48. Who’d win an award for sneaking snacks into movie theaters?

Call me the snack ninja - silence is golden, but chocolate is golden-er.

49. Who could accidentally start a fashion trend by wearing clothes inside out?

Fashion faux pas or fashion genius? You decide.

50. Who’s most likely to invent a new dance move while trying to swat a fly?

Introducing the ‘Swat & Sway’ – coming soon to dance floors everywhere.

Feeling adventurous, mischievous, or just in for a good laugh? These questions are designed to sprinkle a little extra fun into your life and turn the mundane into extraordinary. Challenge accepted?

69+ "Do or Drink" Questions for Couples
Suggested read: 69+ "Do or Drink" Questions for Couples
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