Never Have I Ever

Play "Never Have I Ever" Online and uncover your friends' secrets!

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Dive into a night of fun and unexpected stories with “Never Have I Ever” Online.

Perfect for parties or even just a night in with friends, this classic game is your gateway to endless fun and unforgettable moments.

Play “Never Have I Ever” Online

Forget about coming up with creative statements: Our “Never Have I Ever” generator has got you covered.

With 400+ statements ranging from funny to naughty, you’ll never run out of things to confess. Simply choose a category and let our generator do the rest.

Most Popular “Never Have I Ever” Categories

Discover our categories and choose the one that best fits your group:

The crowd’s favorite! These statements are a great way to break the ice!


Dial up the heat with these naughty statements. Perfect for adult parties!


These crazy statements will keep everyone entertained.


Explore the love lives of your friends with these revealing statements.

How to Play “Never Have I Ever” Online

Playing “Never Have I Ever” online is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Round up your group

Gather your friends and settle into a comfortable spot.

2. Choose a category

Pick a category to set the right tone for your game.

3. The game begins

Our app will generate a random statement based on your chosen category. One player starts by reading a “Never have I ever” statement aloud. For example, “Never have I ever peed in the shower.”

4. Time to confess

If you’re playing the drinking version, anyone who has done the thing mentioned must take a sip of their drink.

In the non-drinking version, players put up ten fingers at the beginning of the game. Each time you have done the thing mentioned, you must put a finger down.

“Never Have I Ever” Game Rules

Here are a few tips to ensure everyone has a great time playing “Never Have I Ever”:

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