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Never have I ever… The Online Party Game (18+)

“Never have I ever - Online” is the browser version of the famous drinking game “Never have I ever”, which is often played at parties and among friends. It is reminiscent of the world-famous party game “Truth or Dare” - but only with truth questions. Every turn there are private or intimate questions that start with “Never have I ever…”.

Never have I ever Online Rules

Here are the rules for the classic party game Never have I ever…:

The Classic Rules

The classic variant is the most basic, yet the most common way to play “Never have I ever.” Have everyone gathered, and read the first statement, beginning with: “Never have I ever…” followed by something you have not done.

For example: Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar.

Whoever answers with “I have” gains one point. Usually, if it’s a really funny or weird statement, the one who as done it, has to tell a short story of what happened.

Other versions of the game represent points by eating gross foods. Or take a shot, if you’re playing Never have I ever as a drinking game.

This game is also referred to as “I’ve Never”, “Nevermind” or “Have You Ever”.

Never have I ever as a Drinking Game

A popular way to play Never have I ever, is as a drinking game.

It starts just like the basic game. One player reads a statement and whoever has done it has to drink. But if no one has done it, the player who read the statement has to drink. So either way, one person will have to drink! Then the next player starts a new round, again beginning with “Never have I ever…”.

In this version, there are no winners or losers. Well if you play it long enough, people will start to pass out. Survival of the fittest!

Ten Fingers / Points Game

Another variation of this game is called “Ten Fingers” which represents points with fingers.

At the beginning of the game, everyone starts by holding up 10 fingers.

Now when anybody reads a statement, and you have done it, you have to put down one finger. The last man standing wins this one.

Gross Foods Game

The name says it all. In this version of “Never have I ever”, you have to eat something nasty if you’ve done it.

Read the first “Never have I ever” and see who answers yes. But instead of just moving onto another statement, those who’ve done it have to eat something gross!

But please: Do not eat anything poisonous or expired! We want you to have fun and with everyone alive.

Custom Rules

There are countless ways to play “Never have I ever” and only your imagination is the limit. For example, you can play the kissing, touching and or stripping game all of which are self-explanatory. Here’s a little preview on how you could play them:


If you have done it, you get to kiss the person who read the statement.


If you have done it, you get to touch the person who read the statement.


You have to remove one piece of clothing for every action you have done. Whoever is fully naked first ends the game.

The above versions of the game are best played with a mixed group of girls and boys who are comfortable with each other since some of these activities can be a bit embarrassing.

More Ways to Play Never Have I Ever…

“Never have I ever” can be used in many situations, from work to bachelorette parties (just choose the appropriate game mode). “Never have I ever” can also be used as an icebreaker at a work get-together. Either way, we hope you will have a blast with Never have I ever ONLINE!

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