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A good party game can be a lifesaver when you have kids, especially during long car rides or rainy afternoons. And what better way to get their minds working and their creativity flowing than with a round of “What If”?

These 50+ “What If” open-ended hypothetical questions are perfect for kids, encouraging them to think outside the box and express their wildest ideas. So, gather your little ones and let the fun begin!

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Don’t have time to think of your own “What If” questions? No problem! The online version of “What If” has you covered with over 1,000 wacky and imaginative scenarios to explore.

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With our free app or web version, you and your kids can take turns answering crazy “What If” questions or playing together as a family. So what are you waiting for? Download our app or visit our website now and let the fun begin!

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How to Play “What If” for Kids

Playing “What If” for kids is simple and easy for kids of all ages. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Gather your family or friends in a circle. Decide who will start first.

Step 2: The first person asks a “What If” question. For example, “What if we could fly like birds?”

Step 3: Each person takes turns answering the question and sharing their thoughts and ideas. Encourage everyone to be creative and have fun!

Step 4: After everyone has answered, the next person asks a new “What If” question. Keep going and see where your imaginations take you!

Best “What If” Questions for Kids

Ready to have fun with your kids? A game of “What If” will surely bring out their playfulness and spark some interesting discussions.

From silly scenarios to thought-provoking questions, try out some of these best “What If” questions for kids. They’re perfect for starting conversations and getting everyone’s imagination going!

1. What if animals could talk?

Oh, the conversations we would have.

2. What if you could turn invisible?

Be careful not to get into any mischief now.

3. What if you could travel back in time?

Where and when would you go?

4. What if gravity stopped working?

Hold on tight!

5. What if we lived underwater?

Would you still have legs or fins instead?

6. What if you woke up with superpowers?

Imagine the incredible (and hilarious) possibilities!

7. What if you could invent a new color?

What on earth would you call it?

8. What if pizzas grew on trees?

Pizza party at the orchard, anyone?

9. What if you could shrink down to the size of an ant?

Watch out for raindrops!

10. What if every time you laughed, you changed color?

A human mood ring!

11. What if you could talk to plants?

Maybe they have some growing tips!

12. What if your pet could grant wishes?

Choose wisely, Fido’s listening!

13. What if you could walk through walls?

Never get stuck in traffic again!

14. What if your toys came to life?

To infinity and beyond!

15. What if you could breathe underwater?

Mermaid or merman, which would you be?

16. What if you could fly, but only backwards?

Hope you have eyes on the back of your head!

17. What if you had a tail?

What kind would you want? Fluffy, long, spiky?

18. What if your food sang to you before you ate it?

Maybe it would sing for its supper!

19. What if all books were pop-up books?

Every story leaps off the page โ€” literally!

20. What if you could teleport anywhere?

Just don’t zap yourself into a wall!

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21. What if your dreams could be streamed online?

Let’s hope the Internet is ready for this!

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22. What if your clothes changed design every hour?

A fashionista’s dream… or nightmare?

23. What if your shadow had a life of its own?

Shadow, what’s your story?

24. What if you could jump as high as a kangaroo?

Boing, boing, boing!

25. What if you could change the weather with your mood?

Sunny smiles or thunderous frowns?

26. What if the moon was made of cheese?

Which type would you hope it would be?

27. What if you could hibernate for the winter?

See you in spring!

28. What if everything you drew became real?

Doodle with care!

29. What if you could taste colors?

Rainbows must be delicious!

30. What if you could hear colors?

I wonder what blue sounds like?

31. What if you couldn’t stop dancing?

Show me your best moonwalk!

32. What if your thumb was a chocolate bar?

Don’t get too hungry, okay?

33. What if you laid an egg every morning?

Better than alarm clocks, I guess?

34. What if you could turn things to gold with a touch?

A golden opportunity… or a sticky situation?

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35. What if your hair was made of spaghetti?

Pass the meatballs, please!

36. What if every day was your birthday?

Cake for everyone, every single day!

37. What if you could make things grow with a wish?

Jack and the Beanstalk, eat your heart out!

38. What if you never had to sleep?

Think of all the fun you could have!

39. What if balloons could lift you up?

A real-life adventure in the sky!

40. What if you could swim in the clouds?

Fluffy and wet or dry and cozy?

41. What if your words appeared in bubbles over your head?

It’s hard to whisper now, huh?

42. What if you could control machines with your mind?

Robots, assemble… sandwiches?

43. What if everyone had their own theme song?

March to the beat of your own… trombone.

44. What if the stars were made of ice cream?

Dibs on the chocolate chip constellation!

45. What if you had a secret underground lair?

Shh, don’t tell anyone about your hideout!

46. What if you could taste sounds?

Yummy, that song is so chocolatey!

47. What if your bedtime stories came true?

As long as the monsters stay in the book…

48. What if you had magic shoes that could take you anywhere?

Where would you go skipping off to?

49. What if you could create a new holiday?

Celebrate… anything day!

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50. What if you had a robot best friend?

Robo-buddy and me, friends forever!

51. What if you could change the ending of any movie?

Rewrite the scripts of fate!

52. What if every step played a musical note?

Walk to the rhythm of your own beat!

53. What if you could open a portal to any fictional world?

Hop on through to adventure!

54. What if you were a secret superhero by night?

Saving the world, one snooze at a time!

55. What if you could have any mythical creature as a pet?

Dragon, phoenix, or unicorn?

56. What if your stuffed animals had dance parties when you’re not home?

Shake your fluff and stuff!

57. What if you could make candy rain from the sky?

Sweet showers ahead!

58. What if your drawings could become your best friends?

Art buddies for life!

59. What if you had a backpack that could fit ANYTHING inside?

Packing made easy, or a portable black hole?

60. What if you could grow a garden of doughnuts?

Sprinkle a little joy!

61. What if you could bounce like a bouncy ball?

Boing your way to school!

62. What if your voice could echo everywhere?

Helloooo out thereโ€”is this thing on?

63. What if you could turn homework into ice cream?

Homework never tasted so good!

64. What if every tree was a secret elevator to a treehouse in the sky?

Next stop, Cloud 9!

65. What if you could surf waves of lava?

Hot-foot it on the molten waves!

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66. What if you had a magic carpet that only flew upside down?

Hang on tightโ€”this could get upside wacky!

67. What if your finger paints were made of jelly?

Sticky art at its finest!

68. What if your laugh could be heard around the world?

A giggle that goes global!

69. What if your pencil could write the future?

No erasers needed, or maybe a lot?

70. What if you could read minds but only those of squirrels?

Nuts about thoughts!

71. What if you could sneeze with your eyes open?

Achoo-sing to see it all!

72. What if you could jump into photos and live there for a bit?

Picture-perfect adventure!

73. What if all your clothes were invisible?

Now you see me, now you… still see me!

74. What if you had a magic wand that only worked on Tuesdays?

Wave hello to terrific Tuesdays!

75. What if you could talk backwards with ease?

Speak in a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma!

76. What if your pet could talk but only told really bad jokes?

Prepare to groan and giggle!

77. What if your shadow could do your chores?

Kick back while your dark side does the dirty work!

78. What if you could invent a new ice cream flavor every day?

Scoop up today’s batch of ‘Bubblegum Bash’ or ‘Pickles and Cream’!

79. What if colors had flavors and each crayon was a new taste test?

A rainbow in your mouth โ€“ donโ€™t chew the indigo!

80. What if you could jump so high, you needed a parachute to come down?

Leap into the sky, and don’t forget to float back!

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81. What if your hair turned into snakes like Medusa when you got angry?

Hiss-torical hairdos โ€“ the ultimate bad hair day!

82. What if you could breathe underwater like a fish?

Gurgle up a conversation with a friendly flounder!

83. What if every time you sneezed, you changed color?

Seasonal sniffle spectrum, anyone?

84. What if your teddy bear guarded your dreams at night?

Cuddly commando on night patrol!

85. What if trees danced when they thought no one was watching?

Boogie-woogie in the woods!

86. What if you could make fireworks with just a snap of your fingers?

Light up the sky with your dazzling digits!

87. What if every time you burped, it sounded like a musical instrument?

The Burp Symphony Orchestra is ready to perform!

88. What if you could turn into any vegetable at will?

Transform into a stealthy carrot or a leaping lettuce!

89. What if your toys staged epic battles when you left the room?

Toy turf wars โ€“ may the best action figure win!

90. What if you had a slide instead of stairs in your house?

Descend with a whoosh and a whee!

91. What if your nose grew like Pinocchio’s whenever you told a joke?

Hope you’ve got some funny ’nose-no bounds’ stories!

92. What if each time you blinked, the season changed outside?

Blink into a winter wonderland, then a spring spectacle!

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93. What if pillows could record your dreams to watch later?

Don’t let those dreamy dramas or comedies fade away!

94. What if you could bounce on clouds like trampolines?

Hop high into the sky - no shoes, no service!

95. What if your backpack could teleport you home from school?

Zip home in a flash - homework optional, adventure mandatory!

Let your kids’ imaginations run wild with these “What If” scenarios. Encourage them to daydream, explore new ideas, and embrace their creativity. Who knows? Maybe one of these ideas will spark the next big invention or story!

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