Most Likely To

Get to know your friends in this wild party game for adults.

How to Play Most Likely To

Most Likely To can be played by two or more people. Players take turns drawing a random question. The player then reads the question out loud. Now each player decides on who is ‘most likely to.’ The player who reads the question begins a three- or five-second countdown. At the end of the countdown, every player points to the person who they think is most likely to do it.

Online Version of Most Likely To

In this free online version of “Most Likely To”, you can choose between six different categories. Each category provides a generator with funny statements. Play with your best friends or a group you’ve just met to enliven your home party or social gathering.

Most Likely To Questions Generator

With the online version of Most Likely To, you will have an endless stream of the best β€œMost Likely To” questions you will ever encounter. You will receive a random question each turn, so you don’t have to create your own questions.

So hop on the partybus with us, and let’s set the generator in motion. Enjoy!