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Fun conversation starters and thought-provoking questions are essential for any gathering. And what’s more fun than playing the “What If” game? This simple game can lead to hilarious or profound discussions and bring people closer together.

That’s why we have come up with a list of 100+ fun “What If” questions that you can ask in any situation! Whether you’re on a road trip, at a party, or just hanging out with friends, these questions will keep everyone engaged and entertained. So let’s get to it! 🎉

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Play “What If” Online

What if you’ve had “What If” questions on the go? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out this online version of the game that you can play with your friends and family anytime, anywhere.

Simply download our free app or play it on our website, choose a category that’s appropriate for the occasion, and start asking away! Who knows, you might just discover something new about your loved ones. 🎮

Play What If online

How to Play “What If”

Playing “What If” is easy! To begin, gather everyone in a circle and decide on a topic or category. Choose who goes first and let them ask a “What If” question.

For example: “What if you could time travel to any decade in history, which one would it be and why?”

The person next in line then answers the question, or you could ask everyone in the group to share their thoughts. Once done, it’s the next person’s turn to ask a question.

Keep going until everyone has asked at least one question or until you run out of ideas! Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, so let your imagination run wild!

Best “What If” Questions to Ask

Ready for some fun and challenging “What If” questions? These best “What If” questions are perfect for any situation, so be sure to save this list for future reference.

From supernatural abilities to alternate realities, these questions will definitely spark unique discussions and create lasting memories. So get ready to laugh, think, and maybe even be a little daring with these “What If” questions! 💭

1. What if you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life?

If you’re a foodie, this is going to be difficult.

2. What if you could switch lives with any celebrity for a day? Who would it be and why?

Lights, camera, action!

3. What if you could be any fictional character for a day? Who would it be and why?

Dress up as your favorite character and live their life for a day.

4. What if you had to choose between being able to fly or breathe underwater?

Would you rather explore the skies or the ocean depths?

5. What if you could time travel to any point in history, but couldn’t change anything? Where would you go and why?

Take a trip down memory lane without altering the course of events.

6. What if you woke up one day with a superpower? What would it be and why?

Be careful what you wish for!

7. What if you could live in any fictional world, which one would it be and why?

From Hogwarts to Westeros, the possibilities are endless.

8. What if you could become invisible at will but made silly noises every time you reappeared?

Ready or not, here you honk!

9. What if animals could talk?

Imagine a world where cats actually can throw shade.

10. What if every time you snapped your fingers, you’d teleport to a random place on Earth?

Let’s hope you’re not a fan of snapping along to jazz music…

11. What if your life was a musical?

Get ready to break into song at the supermarket or the DMV!

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12. What if you had the power to bring one fictional gadget into reality?

A lightsaber or the Delorean – choose your tool of cool.

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13. What if for every piece of litter you picked up, you’d find a dollar?

Talk about cleaning up in more ways than one!

14. What if you could learn any language fluently overnight – which would you choose?

Wake up a linguistic prodigy!

15. What if you could summon any historic figure for a day of fun – who’s your ultimate hangout buddy?

Brace yourself for selfies with Shakespeare or high-fives with Hercules!

16. What if your pet had a job?

I’m seeing a cat in a tie making some serious business decisions.

17. What if you could taste colors?

Blue raspberry or more like blue cheese?

18. What if you could rearrange the seasons – how would you mix them up?

Say hello to Snowy Summer Days or Sunglasses at Christmas!

19. What if your dreams could be streamed by your friends?

Would they subscribe for nightly episodes of your wildest adventures?

20. What if you could grow any kind of plant in your backyard?

Personal palm trees or maybe money does grow on trees?

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21. What if every book you read automatically gave you the skill or knowledge within?

Become a master chef, detective, or wizard page by page!

22. What if you could replace grass with another surface?

Is a lawn of marshmallows too much to ask for?

23. What if all your clothes were made of food – what’s your go-to outfit?

Walking around smelling like pizza might be the cheesiest trend of the year…

24. What if you could design a new holiday – what would we celebrate?

How about National Stay-in-Your-PJs Day? Cozy!

25. What if you had to choose a theme song to play every time you entered a room?

Make an entrance they’ll never forget…queue the dramatic orchestra!

26. What if your life was a video game – what’s the ultimate boss you’d have to defeat?

Face off against the legendary Sock Monster that steals your left socks!

27. What if you had the ability to instantly make any mundane task exciting?

Dishes and laundry – with fireworks and glitter. Oh, yeah!

28. What if you could only communicate using movie quotes?

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” or “I’ll be back” for every exit.

29. What if balloons were your only mode of transportation?

Float to your next appointment with style (& hope it’s not windy).

30. What if every pizza you ordered came with a free wish?

Pepperoni with a side of million dollars, anyone?

👉 If you’re playing with a partner, we’ve got more specific questions for couples, too! Check out our list of “What If” questions for couples and spice up your date nights or long car rides.

Funny “What If” Questions

A good laugh is always the best medicine, so here are some funny “What If” questions to keep the good vibes going. Laughter guaranteed! 😂

1. What if your phone could talk, what do you think it would say about you?

“Another selfie? Really?” or “Please charge me, I’m begging you.”

2. What if you had to wear the same outfit every day for a year, what would it be?

A tuxedo onesie or your favorite sweatpants from college?

3. What if cats could talk, how do you think they’d convince us to serve them even more?

“Meow-sers of persuasion,” “Purr-suasion tactics” or “Feline charm offensive”?

4. What if every time you took a picture, it would come out as a stick figure drawing?

Say goodbye to Instagram-worthy shots and hello to modern art.

5. What if instead of hair, we had feathers?

Welcome to the world of ostriches and peacocks.

6. What if you woke up to find out you were the last person on Earth?

Survival mode activated – what’s your plan of action?

7. What if all vegetables tasted like chocolate, but still had their nutritional value?

Is it still considered being healthy if your entire diet consists of chocolate?

8. What if your shadow had a personality – would it be a shady character or your sunniest sidekick?

Better watch your back, or better yet, your side!

9. What if you could jump as high as a kangaroo – where’s the first place you’d bounce to?

Boing to the moon, or just to skip the line at the coffee shop?

10. What if every time you laughed, it changed pitch – how would your giggle symphony sound?

From bass to soprano, get ready for the most interesting concert of your life!

11. What if your favorite fictional character could become your roommate?

Would Sherlock Holmes be too nosy, or is Darth Vader simply too breathy?

12. What if you had to fight a duel with dessert foods – what’s your weapon of choice?

Choose wisely, a cream pie or a frozen cheesecake frisbee?

13. What if instead of a handshake, greetings involved dance moves?

Get your disco moves ready for the next business meeting!

14. What if you could only eat foods that start with the first letter of your name?

Hopefully, you like apples, anchovies, and artichokes if your name is Andy!

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15. What if your life’s awkward moments were narrated by a comedian?

Anecdotes of tripping up the stairs just got a whole lot funnier.

16. What if you had the ability to turn anything you touch to rubber?

Bouncy cars and rubbery watermelons – it’s a whole new world.

17. What if you sneezed glitter?

Achoo, and now it’s a sparkle party!

18. What if you could become any age at will for a day?

Relive the terrible twos or experience your wise eighties on a whim.

19. What if your hands turned into giant foam fingers permanently?

Get ready to literally be your team’s #1 fan.

20. What if instead of clapping, applause was just everyone yelling “You did a thing!”?

Bravo becomes a lot more straightforward.

21. What if all birds could walk but not fly – what would the morning rush look like?

Daily traffic report: massive pigeon crossing!

22. What if you were a magnet for a day – would you stick to the plan or just to the fridge?

Attraction to metal objects at an all-time high!

23. What if every time you blinked, you switched accents?

Now that’s a real conversation starter.

24. What if you had to perform a magic trick every time you entered a room?

Is pulling coins from people’s ears an acceptable party trick?

25. What if sweat was brightly colored – how vibrant would the gym get?

Neon green on the treadmill, anyone?

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26. What if water behaved like gelatin – what would swimming look like?

Dive in, but don’t get stuck wiggling in the deep end!

27. What if your heartbeat played music – what rhythm would your heart pick?

A tango today, or maybe some smooth jazz?

28. What if trees could walk and talk – what would the local park gossip about?

Leafy whispers and root-rooting stories.

29. What if you could turn into any inanimate object for a day – what would you pick?

Does being a fly on the wall count?

30. What if your pillow collected your dreams and played them back for you on demand?

Recap the night’s adventures over breakfast.

👉 You can also make your boyfriend laugh with these “What If” questions for boyfriend. They are perfect for a silly and fun date night.

Amazing “What If” Questions for All Ages

These amazing “What If” questions will get the whole family or friend group excited and thinking in no time! Have fun and don’t be afraid to be a little daring with your answers.

Who knows, you may learn something new about each other along the way. 🙌 Let’s jump right in!

1. What if you were the president of the United States?

What would be your top priorities and what changes would you make?

2. What if you could time travel?

The future, the past, or maybe just last week?

3. What if you could communicate with animals?

Which animal would you talk to first and what would you say?

4. What if money wasn’t an issue?

What dreams would you pursue or places would you travel to?

5. What if teleportation was possible?

Where’s the first place you’d go and who would you bring with you?

6. What if you could switch lives with someone for a day?

Who would it be and what would you do in their shoes?

7. What if we lived on Mars instead of Earth?

How would life be different and what challenges would we face?

8. What if every pizza you ordered came with a free magic trick?

Who needs a free soda when you can have a side of abracadabra?

9. What if you could read everyone’s thoughts, but only in rhyme?

Would it be a curse or the ultimate verse?

10. What if all shoes squeaked in tune with your favorite song?

Walking down the street or just tapping your feet, it’s a musical treat!

11. What if you woke up with a superpower every Monday morning?

Would you choose flight, might, or the power to never have a boring meeting?

12. What if your pet could cook your favorite meal?

Would Fido’s steak be the real deal or would Whiskers whip up a better feel?

13. What if hats gave you the skills of whoever owned them before?

Would you pick Lincoln’s top hat or the cap of a baseball lore?

14. What if you could grow any plant instantly from your hand?

A rose for a loved one or a beanstalk to a land grand?

15. What if everyone had their own personal theme music that played when they walked?

Is your life a soaring opera or more of a rock anthem rocked?

16. What if your shadow danced while you were still?

Would it waltz, tango, or pop and lock with skill?

17. What if you could only speak in movie quotes?

Would you be dramatic, comedic, or the master of anecdote floats?

18. What if board games came to life when you played them?

Battling real-life thimble tanks or trading on a full-sized Boardwalk gem?

19. What if you could capture smells in a jar and release them at will?

A whiff of nostalgia or a scent thrill?

20. What if each snowflake tasted different, like various flavors of ice cream?

Would snowball fights be more about taste testing than they seem?

21. What if you could make clouds into any shape by pointing at them?

A fluffy bunny or a soft-serve ice cream with a stem?

22. What if desserts sang to you before you ate them?

Would the serenade of a chocolate cake make it even harder to condemn?

23. What if every time you high-fived someone, you both learned a new fact?

A slap of knowledge, in your brain intact!

24. What if balloons were sentient and could be your party guests?

Would they bring the helium laughs or just float about in festive jests?

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25. What if you could trade voices with someone for a day?

Would Morgan Freeman’s narration make your life epic in every single way?

26. What if you could pull any book character out to join you for lunch?

Would you dine with wizards, detectives, or the Captain Crunch bunch?

27. What if you opened a door and stepped into a random movie scene?

Would you land in a drama, comedy, or something unforeseen?

28. What if raindrops played musical notes when they hit the ground?

Would your stormy day be the hottest ticket around?

29. What if you could invent a new color – what would you call it and what would it look like?

Something beyond the rainbow, a shade nobody could dislike?

30. What if your dreams had a rewind button – would you ever want to leave?

Reliving flying with dolphins or cake-eating contests, do you believe?

👉 This way for “What If” questions for kids, because we all know they have the most creative minds!

Juicy “What If” Questions To Spice Things Up

Need some juicy conversation starters for your next social event? These juicy “What If” questions are sure to get people talking and laughing. Cheers to a great time with friends and family!

1. What if you could only wear one color for the rest of your life?

Hey, monochromatic fashion can be chic!

2. What if our dreams were actually glimpses into parallel universes?

That would explain the weird ones.

3. What if every time you turned on a light, it summoned a ghost?

Who ya gonna call? 👻

4. What if you could instantly become fluent in any language?

Bonjour, hola, ciao! The possibilities are endless!

5. What if books were edible and tasted like the story inside?

Would you devour a mystery or savor a romance ride?

6. What if your reflection could talk to you and give advice?

Would it be like having your own personal therapist for life? 💭

7. What if you woke up with the ability to fly, but only while singing show tunes?

A whole new world of musicals to explore!

8. What if you could shrink down and explore the inside of a computer?

The motherboard becomes your playground.

9. What if laughter was a form of currency?

Just think, you could be rich in giggles!

10. What if time ran backwards on the weekends?

TGIF would take on a whole new meaning!

11. What if every time you sneezed, you changed colors like a mood ring?

Try explaining that at your next job interview!

12. What if each time you blinked, you took a snapshot with your eyes and could print the photo?

Say cheese and keep those memories forever—or just a really flashy album!

13. What if you could taste words?

Would “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” be a mouthful of flavors?

14. What if your socks could talk?

Would they tell the tale of the dreaded washing machine monster?

15. What if your name determined your job?

Hello, Doctor Doctor, pleased to meet you!

16. What if for every step you took, a penny dropped in your bank account?

Get stepping because every penny counts—cha-ching!

17. What if instead of snow, it rained confetti?

Every day’s a parade with the chance for a cheeky fiesta.

18. What if cats ruled the world and we were their humble servants?

Bow down to your feline emperors and await their meowjesty’s commands.

19. What if you could breathe underwater, but only while humming sea shanties?

Practice your tunes; we’re going under the sea!

20. What if you could turn invisible, but only when no one was looking?

Now you see me, now you… well, you still see me, don’t you?

21. What if your pillow remembered your dreams and could play them back for you every morning?

Like Netflix, but for your zany nocturnal adventures.

22. What if your hair changed style and color based on your mood?

No more hairdresser’s lottery—it’s a head full of feeling!

23. What if birds could be rented as personal flying taxis?

Skip the traffic and catch a ride on the fly-away express!

24. What if each leaf you crunched in the fall granted a wish?

Fall into a season of wishful crunching!

25. What if every book you read increased your life expectancy?

Become immortal one page at a time.

26. What if you could see WiFi signals, and they were all different colors?

Surf the radiant aurora of connectivity!

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27. What if each time you high-fived a tree, it dropped a fruit for you?

Respect nature, and it’ll give you a five-a-day reward.

28. What if you could swap talents with your best friend for a day?

Borrow that sick skateboarding skill or maybe their baking magic?

29. What if every time you yawned, the nearest furniture item came to life?

Animated chit-chat with your chaise lounge or a gossip session with the bookshelf?

30. What if your fingers were all different tools?

The human Swiss Army Knife experience—handy, literally!

There are so many “What If” questions to explore and have fun with. If you’re looking for more risque questions, check out our “What If” questions for adults!

Who knows, one of these questions might spark a million-dollar idea or at least give you something to laugh about with your friends. So go ahead, ask away and let your mind wander into the realm of endless possibilities!

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