Party and Drinking Games

Drinking games rules and instructions.

Drinking and party games rules and instructions for your next party - with cups, balls, cards, coins or dice.

1. Kings Cup

Kings Cup or Big Kings Cup is one of the most popular drinking games out there. Known everywhere, the game is played at every houseparty. Here you can find the rules and the instructions for Kings Cup. Kings Cup only requires one deck of cards.

2. Ride the Bus

The bus driver drinking game (also known as bus driving or pyramid) is a very popular drinking game, but also one of the toughest. It only requires playing cards, alcohol and people who like to party hard.

3. Never have I ever…

“Never Have I ever” is one of the oldest and most famous drinking games in the world. There are rumors that even the ancient Romans played it at their parties. It’s perfect if you’re meeting a new group of people. It will definitely spice up your night with some dirty and sexy questions. Don’t play it with your parents.

4. Beer Pong

What began as a drinking game in American colleges has developed into a world-famous party hit: Bier Pong, also called Beer Pong Beirut, is fast to set up and belongs to every party!

5. Rage Cage

Rage Cage is not your typical Beer Pong drinking game, as players try to get the ball into the cup as fast as possible. Rage Cage becomes even funnier if you’re playing it in a big round of people. It only requires some cups and a ping pong ball.

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Never have I ever

The classic party game, Never have I ever - now for your phone.

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