Party & Drinking Games

Whether you’re in a bar looking for a drinking game, or are at home and want to play party games. We’ve got you covered with the best games for your next party!


Best Ideas for Party Games and Drinking Games

Here’s our list of the best party games for teenagers and adults. These games can be played with just about any group of friends. Equip yourself with some drinks and get ready to try these epic group games.

All House Party and Drinking Games

Make any dull party fun again with these fresh party game ideas. Explore all drinking and party games known to mankind here with detailed game rules, examples, and online web apps. Play with drinks, playing cards, cups, coins, or dices.

List of Party & Drinking Games

All About Party and Drinking Games

Each of you has probably played a party or drinking game before. Party games always make for variety and fun to play.

What are Party Games?

Party games include all games that are played as part of a celebration. Party games are usually played without alcohol. Therefore they are also suitable for children. On our website, you can also find child-friendly versions of party games, such as Charades for children or “Never Have I Ever” questions for children.

What are Drinking Games?

A drinking game is basically a party game with drinking rules. The rules of the game determine when and how much someone has to drink. When you play in a pub, there are sometimes rules for who has to pay for the drinks.

Types of Drinking Games

There are different types of drinking games. Here you will find a list of popular types of drinking games and some examples.

Skill Drinking Games 🙌

A game of skill in combination with alcohol consumption sounds impossible, doesn’t it? That’s more or less the point of it. If your goal is to get drunk as quickly as possible, skill drinking games are a good option for you. It is easy to get into a vicious circle when playing. The more you drink, the worse your motor skills become, and the worse you are at playing. The worse you play, the more you have to drink.

These are the funniest skill drinking games:

Icebreaker Drinking Games 👋

A drinking game is an excellent way to start talking to people. Drinking games have many advantages, especially when you are shy. The more alcohol you drink, the more open you become, and the funnier the conversations become. Here are the best drinking games to get to know each other:

Card Drinking Games ♣ ️

Almost everyone has a standard deck of playing cards at home. There are countless card drinking games. Some of the most popular card drinking games are as follows:

Drinking Board Games 🎲

Many board and card games from our childhood can be converted into fun drinking games.

TV Drinking Games 📺

With the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the popularity of movie- and TV-Show drinking games also increased. On our website, you find new ideas for TV drinking games regularly. These movie and TV-Show drinking games are timeless classics:

Video Game - Drinking Games 🎮

Do you prefer to chill on the couch at the weekend and play your favorite video game? No problem. You can easily combine partying and gaming. There are different ways of turning your favorite video game into a drinking game. On our website you can find the following ones:

Virtual Drinking Games 💻

Since the pandemic started, the demand for virtual drinking games has been very high. Virtual party games are an excellent option for connecting with your friends if you can’t meet in person for whatever reason. With us, you will find various drinking games that can be played via Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp.

The World’s First Drinking Game 🌍

Who would have thought that drinking games already existed in the 4th century BC? In fact, the first drinking game called “Kottabos” was created between the 4th and 5th centuries BC. It came from the Greek colonies of Sicily. It is a fun game of skill that became increasingly difficult as alcohol consumption increased. The aim of the game was to hit a bowl with the last sip of wine.

How did you play “Kottabos”?

After an extended dinner, servants brought each person a drinking vessel with wine. In the middle of the room, a small bowl was carefully placed on a metal bar. The aim of the game was to unbalance the dish so that it falls on the ground. How did they do that? First, they drank their wine. However, the last drops of wine had to stay in the cup. Back then, people didn’t drink up all the wine, because wine-lees would settle down on the ground of the drinking cup. Then one after the other threw the wine-lees let in his drinking cup towards the cup. Whoever managed to bring the bowl to fall got a prize, for example, a kiss.

Fun fact: In ancient Greece, there was literally a god of wine. May I introduce to you Dionysus, the god of the vine, grape harvest, wine-making, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, theater fertility, joy, madness, and ecstasy.

In the Greek drinking sessions, being drunk was considered an exceptional condition. It enabled them to get in contact with a higher power. Drinking feasts took place after dinner ended. Drinking feasts served as offerings for the “good spirit”. The Romans also enjoyed drinking. However, they drank only for fun and not for spiritual reasons.

Party and Drinking Games Today

Party and drinking games are just as popular today as they were 1000 years ago. Nowadays, we have a vast selection of party and drinking games available. If you need inspiration for fun party games, you’ve come to the right place. We are regularly posting the best drinking games for every occasion.

Occasions to play Party and Drinking Games 🎉

In addition to the fact that party games are just a lot of fun to play, other reasons speak for drinking games. In the following, we will introduce you to various occasions and situations that are perfect for drinking games.

House Parties 🏡

It won’t surprise you that party- and drinking games are very popular with house parties. Drinking games are ideal to spice up every party. Drinking games are also the perfect icebreakers if you want to get to know new people. So before you throw your next party, create a collection of fun drinking games.

Terrible First Dates 😐

Who hasn’t been confronted with situations like these: You sit in a bar with your Tinder date, and it turns out that you have nothing to say to each other. The atmosphere changes between boring small talk and awkward silence. Drinking games are often the last resort in such situations. Even if the two of you are unlikely to become lovers, you can at least make something fun out of this evening. Drinking games like “Never have I ever” or “Truth or Dare” are particularly suitable for terrible first dates. So you can get to know each other and get drunk at the same time. This is the best formula for a relaxed atmosphere.

Being a Wallflower 🙈

This time you are on a date and immediately had a crush. Unfortunately, shyness often gets in the way to take the first step. When both of you are shy, things get even more difficult. In this case, the right drinking game could loosen you up and bring you two closer together. Icebreaker drinking games are the best choice if you don’t know each other well. Once the ice has broken between you, you won’t need alcohol anymore.

Family Parties 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

There are two reasons why people play drinking games at family gatherings. Either you have an incredibly fun family or have exhausting relatives that you cannot withstand without alcohol. In both cases, it is totally okay to take a cup too much.

Things you need to know before playing

For family celebrations, you should carefully consider which drinking game is the right one. With these games you should note the following:

You are on the safe side with card or dice drinking games. There are also fun drinking game versions from Monopoly or UNO. With these games, you don’t have to worry about saying something wrong.

After-work parties in the office are the funniest. Some celebrate after a successfully completed project, others celebrate the birthday of a colleague. And then some simply celebrate life. No matter what the occasion, party and drinking games strengthen team building and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party 💍

The Bachelor (Bachelorette) party is the last unmarried party evening with your best friends. Traditionally, the bachelor/bachelorette is picked up by his / her friends with a limousine or a party bus. While you are initially greeted elegantly with a glass of champagne in the limo, the celebration gets wilder as the evening progresses. To make this special evening unforgettable, party and drinking games are a must.

What Type of Party Gamer are you?

There are different reactions from people when they hear the word “drinking game.” Find out what kind of person you are.

The Joker Type 🤪

The joke guy is always highly motivated at parties and loves to entertain the crowd. He is probably the first to suggest playing a drinking game. A “No” to drinking games is not accepted by him. Everyone has to play along. Most of the time, he manages to get even the toughest party game haters to play together. He is also the Wikipedia of drinking games. If someone has forgotten the name of a drinking game, he will know. The joke guy knows the right match for every occasion.

The Hard Drinker Type 😎

The hard drinker guy likes to take part in drinking games. On the one hand, because he has a “justification” for his drinking behavior and on the other hand because he can impress others with his drinking skills. Playing a party game with a hard drinker can quickly escalate because he never wants to stop playing. When his friends fall off the armchair, for him, the fun has just begun.

The Shy Type 😌

With the shy type, it depends on which drinking game is played. Card drinking games are no problem for him. You don’t have to talk or give away a lot and get drunk quickly. However, he has a love-hate relationship with question games such as “Truth or Dare” or “Never have I ever”. At first, he feels too sober to answer dirty questions truthfully. That’s why he/she drinks during the drinking game, even if he/she doesn’t have to drink. With increasing alcohol levels, the wallflower loosens up. Suddenly the wallflower is the one who reveals the dirtiest secrets of himself/herself.

The Party Game Hater 😒

A party game hater is the first one who sighs loudly at the suggestion to play a drinking game. Even if he /she ultimately plays along, he always expresses his displeasure with the game. Typical sayings from him are, “Drinking games are something for children” or “I don’t need a drinking game to drink.” It is best not to go into these sayings. In the end, he plays along anyway and maybe has fun too. But you can be sure that he will react precisely the same at the next party.

List of Party & Drinking Games

Here is our full collection of hilarious games that everyone should know:

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