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Would you rather?

The 'Would you rather' - Game is a fun pastime where you get to know each other better on the one hand and on the other hand make your own (insignificant) decisions. The possibilities are unlimited! We have put together a huge list of over 600 funny, sexy and extreme Would you rather? - questions for you.

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Would you rather? - Online

We recommend playing the online version of “Would you rather…?”. There you can choose among different categories and get random question each turn:

Would you rather? - Online

Would you rather? - Question list

You are just looking for the question list and already know how to play this party game? Jump directly to the questionnaire 👉 Would you rather? - Question List

The Would you rather? Game

The Would you rather? Game is a kind of board game in which you give your opponent exactly two choices that are as opposite as possible. They must then make a decision for the thing that they prefer. So, why is that good?

In a playful way, you will learn a little more about the other person or let others know what your preferences are in many different areas. Answering such either-or-questions is simple, but it’s really fun.

Either-or-questions are also usually asked when the two persons or even the members of a group of people want to get to know each other in a funny and relaxed way. At seminars, in online forums or on the first day of the new job, they are especially happy to be asked. This way, you do not have to divulge anything personal about yourself, but you already give the others a small impression about yourself. However, these questions are becoming increasingly popular, especially when dating or communicating on dating platforms. Because the answers usually provide an interesting approach to further questions and discussions and often have a lot to laugh about. So the ice is broken fast! The either / or questions are also a nice pastime among friends when boredom prevails.

What is the goal of the “Would you rather?” Game? 🤔

The goal of the game “Would you rather?” is to have fun, talk about your favorite things, and learn about your friends’ favorites. This game is also an excellent icebreaker and a fun way to get to know your family and friends better! In summary, these are the ideal questions to get to know each other.

What do you need for the “Would you rather?” Game? 👌

Apart from good company, a good mood and a small piece of paper, you do not need anything else. Except for a few questions for the start: 👉 Would you rather? - Question List

How to play “Would you rather?” ✅

This game has different variations and can be played in many different ways. This game is perfect for a group of people and the minimum of players can be two people. Each question offers you two options. You decide which choice you like best. Make sure you always choose your favorite thing from the options offered. Choose what you prefer, even if the choice is not that good.

Version 1 of the “Would you rather?” Game

One way to play this game is as follows: the person draws his two terms and chooses one of those terms that is more appropriate. Other competitors must guess the term chosen by the opponent. The other person must honestly answer which term she has chosen. Here, points can be introduced for those who guess the term chosen by the competitor, so a winner can be obtained at the end of the game.

Variant 2 of the “Would you rather?” Game

Another way to play this game is: The youngest player starts the game and passes the conditions on to the player standing next to him. He pronounces selected terms and asks the question, the player next to him and so on … It’s amazing how many things you can find out about your friends. Your preferences, what you like, what you do not like …

All in all, if you are looking for a fun activity to engage with like-minded people, or if you want to learn more about your friends in order to understand you better, try the “Either or Questions”. You’ll be glad you did.

Have fun playing “Would you rather…?”

Online version of Would you rather?

Check out the online version of this classic party game:

Would you rather? - Online

600+ Would you rather - Questions: Funny, Sexy & Extreme

Would you rather - Questions (Part 1)

  • Shower or bath?
  • Sex with socks or socks without socks?
  • With or without a condom?
  • Big boobs or small breasts?
  • fetish or no fetish?
  • Oral or anal?
  • cheating: yes or no?
  • With the ex: yes or no?
  • Cheating with the best friend: yes or no?
  • You win the lottery, would you tell somebody or not?
  • Would you steal something? Yes or no?
  • Would you leave your girlfriend or friend for 100 million euros?
  • Love or just sex?
  • money or sex?
  • Marry or never?
  • Clean shaved skin or facial hair?
  • dog or cat?
  • tattoo or piercings?
  • smoking or chewing gum?
  • Sleep dressed or naked?
  • Silk or flannel sheets?
  • Egyptian cotton or silk?
  • Normal bed or waterbed?
  • saving or shopping?
  • night owl or early bird?
  • A lazy or a high flyer?
  • 3 meals a day or 5 small meals?
  • silver or gold?
  • pen or pencil?
  • blonde or redhead?
  • Green or blue eyes?
  • adventurous or careful?
  • call or text?
  • E-mail or post?
  • Long or short hair?
  • freckles or dimples?
  • Shy or open-minded?
  • Frozen pizza or delivery service?
  • Pizza Hut or small salad?
  • pullover or hoodie?
  • Blue or red?
  • green or white?
  • pants or shorts?
  • intelligence or beauty?
  • Mac or PC?
  • Style your hair or wear a hat?
  • Do you dye your hair or do you leave everything natural?
  • Natural Breasts or Breast Implants?
  • roses or daisies?
  • something salty or sweet for a snack?
  • wear leather or lace?

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Would you rather - Questions (Part 2)

  • One Night Stands or a great relationship?
  • Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat?
  • Flower or vegetable garden?
  • High-tech or low-tech?
  • Security system or a dog?
  • A big party or a small party?
  • telepathy or teleporting?
  • Hero or villain?
  • Dominate or subservient?
  • money or fame?
  • encounter spirits or demons?
  • Vampires or angels?
  • A witch or a wizard?
  • pirates or a motorcycle gang?
  • Quick temper or control?
  • kisses or hugs?
  • sugar or spice?
  • perfume or deodorant?
  • healthy or unhealthy food?
  • necklace or bracelet?
  • Structured routine or go with the flow?
  • go to the bar or drink at home?
  • ice cubes or crushed ice?
  • swimming or sunbathing?
  • Sofa or couch?
  • Candlelight or lamplight?
  • Shopping online or at the store?
  • Good will or courage?
  • Google or Bing?
  • Roommates: a decent freak or a messy person?
  • films at home or in theaters?
  • Your nails, long or short?
  • Your day - crazy or sensible?
  • Living in the past or present?
  • paper or plastic bags?
  • Open spaces or small closed areas?
  • For dinner, paper plates or porcelain?
  • Watch or play sports?
  • wax or shave?
  • children or pets?
  • spend time in the living room or in the bedroom?
  • burning or funeral?
  • living in a cold or hot area?
  • Pets: hamster or rabbit?
  • Pets: fish or a lizard?
  • Christmas or Halloween?
  • Thanksgiving or Easter?
  • New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day?
  • socks or barefoot?
  • Public library or bookstore?
  • Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
  • Glazed donut or burger?

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Would you rather - Questions (Part 3)

  • A rainy Sunday in bed or at the mall?
  • Prepaid or contract?
  • straw hat or baseball cap?
  • cowboy hat or knit hat?
  • sunglasses or sun visor?
  • Elegant or casual dinner?
  • Many causal friends or just a few close friends?
  • surprise party or theme party?
  • costume party or pool party?
  • Mobile or landline?
  • homeowner or tenant?
  • bubble bath or just a hot bath?
  • see or hear?
  • taste or smell?
  • Creative or ingenious?
  • sweatpants or jeans?
  • swimming pool or lake?
  • Strategy games or first person shooter?
  • Introvert or extrovert?
  • dog or cat?
  • Netflix or YouTube?
  • phone call or text?
  • toast or eggs?
  • Cardio or weights?
  • Facebook or Instagram?
  • popsicles or ice balls?
  • Mobile games or console games?
  • When walking: music or podcasts?
  • IOS or Android?
  • form or function?
  • Pop or Indie?
  • cake or cake?
  • swimming or sunbathing?
  • High-tech or low-tech?
  • Big party or small gathering?
  • New clothes or new phone?
  • Rich friends or loyal friends?
  • football or tennis?
  • work hard or play hard?
  • Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?
  • What’s worse: laundry or dishes?
  • Jogging or hiking?
  • bath or shower?
  • sneakers or sandals?
  • glasses or contact lenses?
  • Hamburger or Pizza?
  • Classical or Modern Art?
  • beer or wine?
  • Camping or stay at home and watch movies?
  • work alone or work in a team?
  • let cook or deliver?
  • sausage or bacon?
  • scrambled eggs or toast?
  • chocolate or haribos?
  • Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
  • jeans and T-shirt or a suit?
  • dress or pants?
  • formal or casual?
  • sneakers or dress shoes?
  • Sandals or high heels?
  • Make-up or none?
  • Black and white decor?
  • Formal dining room or family dining room?
  • Elegant or casual interior?
  • Chaotic or organized interior?
  • Open floor for living, dining and kitchen area or separated by walls and doors?
  • leather or fabric?
  • sneakers or sandals?

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Would you rather - Questions (Part 4)

  • flip-flops or water shoes?
  • paintings or photos?
  • Black and white or color?
  • curtains or blinds?
  • plants or collectibles?
  • Chandeliers or lamps?
  • paper or disguise?
  • Painting or paper?
  • carpets or wooden floors?
  • Modern or rustic?
  • retro or antique?
  • Ranch-style or two-story house?
  • farmhouse kitchen or galley style?
  • SVU or minivan?
  • BMW or Mercedes?
  • Audi or BMW?
  • Ferrari or Jaguar?
  • Ducati or Harley?
  • Apartment or house?
  • work boots or cowboy boots?
  • Rural or suburban?
  • Neutral colors or strong colors?
  • Fireplace or stove?
  • metal or wood?
  • Wood or gas for a stove?
  • cookware made of stainless steel or Teflon?
  • skylights or mirror wall?
  • Spiral or straight stairs?
  • hardwood chairs or upholstered?
  • couch or couch?
  • Shopping online or shopping in a store?
  • Received: e-mail or letter?
  • passenger or driver?
  • tablet or computer?
  • Most important to a partner: Smart or funny?
  • car or truck?
  • Amusement park or day at the beach?
  • For a movie: sweets or popcorn?
  • pen or pencil?
  • Toilet paper: soft or super soft?
  • Glass in the cabinet: opening at the top or bottom?
  • hugs or kisses?
  • Wine or beer?
  • dancing or singing?
  • Chinese or Italian?
  • Early bird or night owl?
  • skiing or snowboarding?
  • Blue or red?
  • Antique or new?
  • put on or take off?
  • Cowboys or aliens?
  • pullover or hoodie?
  • pancakes or waffles?
  • Cola or Pepsi?
  • coffee cup or thermos?
  • winter or summer?
  • train or plane?
  • Smartphone or Tablet?
  • iced coffee or hot coffee?
  • meat or vegetables?
  • International vacation or a new TV?
  • Save or spend?
  • honesty or other feelings?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • TV or book?
  • movie at home or theater?
  • ocean or mountains?
  • horror movie or comedy movie?
  • City or country?
  • winter or summer?
  • soup or sandwich?

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Would you rather - Questions (Part 5)

  • Card game or board game?
  • houseboat or yacht?
  • Landscape garden or just lawn?
  • Games room or sewing room?
  • Wooden cabinets or metal in the kitchen?
  • log cabin or contemporary home?
  • sun porch or deck?
  • gas or charcoal grill?
  • football or baseball?
  • football or hockey?
  • Golf or basketball?
  • Race or Polo?
  • football or football?
  • field hockey or ice hockey?
  • Polo or horse racing?
  • Nascar or Drag Racing?
  • Goalkeeper or defender?
  • hunting or fishing?
  • Comedy or drama?
  • dog or cat?
  • chocolate or gummy bears?
  • backpack or suitcase?
  • pants or skirt?
  • chocolate or vanilla pudding?
  • Football or Formula 1?
  • lemon or peach tea?
  • Mercedes or BMW?
  • Puzzles or TV?
  • Tea or coffee?
  • McDonald’s or Burger King?
  • Tattoo or Piercing?
  • Vampire or werewolf?
  • Gold or silver?
  • Rock or pop music?
  • red or green?
  • rabbits or guinea pigs?
  • wood or plastic?
  • Car or bike?
  • singing or dancing?
  • beer or wine?
  • book or audiobook?
  • celebrate or chill?
  • Black or white?
  • Christmas or Easter?
  • Butter or margarine?
  • summer or winter?
  • Superman or Batman?
  • plague or cholera?
  • classical or techno?
  • Warm or cold?
  • stag or bear?
  • moose or deer?
  • Pike or tuna?
  • ocean or lake?
  • lake or river?
  • skiing or surfing?
  • Xbox or PS?
  • Multiplayer or single player?
  • Sport or Sagittarius?
  • strategy or puzzle?
  • Pacman or Tetris?

Would you rather - Questions (Part 6)

  • Foosball or table tennis?
  • Computer or game consoles?
  • Live action role-playing games or online games?
  • Wrestling or Mix Martial Arts?
  • Bowling or tennis?
  • Poker or chess?
  • volleyball or skateboarding?
  • Cardio or weight lifting?
  • Go to the gym or work out at home?
  • running or jogging?
  • Weightlifting or Pilates?
  • off-road or racetrack?
  • skiing or snowboarding?
  • Train three times a week or every day?
  • Eat whatever you want or eat healthy to stay in shape?
  • Workout alone or with a partner?
  • swimming or reading?
  • Paintball or motocross?
  • BMX racing or hang gliding?
  • Skateboarding or swimming?
  • Triathlon or marathon?
  • Personal trainer or train alone?
  • clay pigeon shooting or archery?
  • domestic or international?
  • driving or flying?
  • plane or boat?
  • Amusement park or historical sites?
  • train or bus?
  • hunting trip or ski resort?
  • Tropical or Arctic?
  • hot tub or hot springs?
  • spring or autumn?
  • winter or summer?
  • Performing Arts or Science?
  • Ghost Tour or Historical Tour?
  • art festival or music festival?
  • Renaissance fair or craft fair?
  • Flea market or shopping center?
  • Carnival or theme park?
  • Zoo or Aquarium?
  • Thunderstorm or snowstorm?
  • truck or motorcycle?
  • beach or mountaineering?
  • Hiking or Monster Truck Rally?
  • Spa or gym?
  • nature or stay at home?
  • tent or camper?
  • Ghost hunting or artifact hunting
  • A cruise or a romantic retreat?
  • Ireland or Hong Kong?
  • Anthropology dig or safari?
  • Jamaica or Rio?
  • Africa or Asia?
  • Mexico or Monte Carlo?
  • New York City or Vegas?
  • museums or observatory?
  • group travel or alone?
  • fireman or policeman?
  • Doctor or nurse?
  • military or civilian?
  • boss or worker?
  • Lawyer or carpenter?
  • plumber or stock exchange?
  • Taxi driver or bus driver?

Would you rather - Questions (Part 7)

  • railway engineer or mechanical engineer?
  • Woodworking or car mechanic?
  • Superior or hourly employee?
  • Self-employed or a businessman?
  • Office work or outside work?
  • Work from home or commute to work?
  • pilot or ship’s captain?
  • electrician or engineer?
  • author or publisher?
  • A job that you love or someone who brings you more money?
  • fisherman or lumberjack?
  • farmer or factory worker?
  • Tank attendant or seller?
  • government work or private sector?
  • Working in a team or working alone?
  • Landscaper or welder?
  • Fashion designer or interior designer?
  • Cosmetologist or CEO of a big company?
  • Work in production or work for a company that invents great things to help the world’s population?
  • Inventing something that makes you rich or protects the world’s population from hunger?
  • Meetings all day or produce goods?
  • Working with your hands or with a computer?
  • Working in a shop with the public or working in research?
  • A long drive or a short drive to work?
  • party planner or printer?
  • anthropologist or astronomer?
  • Suit and tie or jeans?
  • Cook or Maître Di?
  • Drug representative or researcher?
  • cook or waitress?
  • Janitor or IT tech?
  • Bank or stock trader?
  • Actuary or detective?
  • street sweeper or sanitary supervision?
  • telemarketer or organizer?
  • secretary or office manager?
  • Physiotherapist or psychologist?
  • Rock star or racer?
  • country singer or professional athlete?
  • Wrestlers or football players?
  • Professional bowler or poker player?
  • Professional league coach or amateur coach?
  • actor or model?
  • Actress or Talkmaster?
  • Newscaster or meteorologist?
  • jeweler or seamstress?
  • computer programmer or criminologist?
  • construction worker or artist?
  • Newspaper editor or reporter?
  • journalist or photographer?
  • Dentist or Podiatrist?
  • Forensic doctor or emergency doctor?
  • teacher or administrator?
  • Auctioneer or sportsman?
  • Stockbroker or Day Trader?
  • author or advertising agent?

Would you rather - Questions (Part 8)

  • truck mechanic or long distance driver?
  • seller or lawyer?
  • artist or curator?
  • FBI agent or local police?
  • Secret Service or private bodyguard?
  • policeman or security guard?
  • Cola or Pepsi?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Black or white?
  • Drawings or paintings?
  • dresses or skirts?
  • books or movies?
  • Sweet cucumbers or dill pickles?
  • Crushed Ice or Dice Ice?
  • Board games or video games?
  • silver or gold?
  • Jazz or Classical?
  • Lady or chess?
  • Comedy or blockbuster?
  • boots or sandals?
  • freckles or dimples?
  • honey mustard or BBQ sauce?
  • Bodyweight exercises or weight lifting?
  • tennis or basketball?
  • Crosswords or Sudokus?
  • Facial hair or shaved clean?
  • smile or poker face?
  • Bracelet or necklace?
  • Fruits or vegetables?
  • hunting or fishing?
  • winter or summer?
  • spring or autumn?
  • Rural or urban?
  • PC or Mac?
  • Tan or pale?
  • cake or cake?
  • ice cream or yogurt?
  • ketchup or mustard?
  • Tattoos or piercings?
  • book or ebook?
  • comic book or comic movie?
  • Motorcycle or bike?
  • nap or no nap?
  • money or leisure?
  • iPhone iOS or Android
  • Console gaming or PC gaming?
  • money or love?
  • points or stripes?
  • mountains or sea?
  • Sweet or salty popcorn?
  • sports or lounging?
  • Gentle or passionate?
  • pizza or pasta?
  • Early or late risers?
  • ketchup or mayo?
  • Pasta or potatoes?
  • Britney or Christina?
  • strawberry or cherry?
  • day or night?

Would you rather - Questions (Part 9)

  • Dreamer or Realist?
  • Cinema or TV?
  • Fruits or vegetables?
  • Messy or neat?
  • rain or snow?
  • brunette or blonde?
  • guitar or piano?
  • Hamburger or cheeseburger?
  • Saturday or Sunday?
  • travel or home?
  • house or apartment?
  • pale or brown?
  • bread or rolls?
  • Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
  • showering or bathing?
  • cook or order?
  • Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  • country or city?
  • Back or side sleepers?
  • Cough or runny nose?
  • marriage or wild marriage?
  • Apple or Microsoft?
  • sweat or freeze?
  • cereals or cornflakes?
  • carpet or tiles?
  • Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

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Dangers of playing “Would you rather…?”

If you decide to spice this party game up a notch, for example with alcohol, please make sure to know your limits!

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