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Get ready to kick your party up a notch with an epic lineup of 17 insanely fun drinking games! We’ve handpicked these games to make sure your night is anything but ordinary. From hilarious classics that’ll have you in stitches to fresh new twists that’ll keep you on your toes, we’ve got it all covered.

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So grab your favorite drink, gather your crew, and let the games begin! Get ready for an unforgettable night filled with laughs, drinks, and memories that’ll be talked about for ages.

1. Buzz Drinking Game

Buzz is a game that seems easy to play at first, but don’t be fooled - it’s a game that ramps up the difficulty as you dive in. The game starts off simple: players take turns counting from one, but here’s the twist – certain numbers get swapped out for the word “buzz.” And when someone slips up and forgets to buzz in when they should, drinks are in order!

How to Play Buzz Drinking Game

Buzz is a fast-paced game that becomes more challenging as the game goes on. To start playing Buzz, the youngest player or whoever the group decides to be the starting player will start the count and say “one”. The player to their left continues the count by declaring “two,” and so on. The game continues until someone slips up and fails to call out “buzz” when they should.

N e w !
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Here are some examples of rules when you can replace numbers with the word “buzz”:

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  • Numbers with a 7 in it (7, 17, 27…)
  • Multiples of 7 (7, 14, 21…)
  • Double-digit repeating numbers (11, 22, 33…)

When someone messes up a buzz, everyone drinks!

2. Beer Pong Beirut

When it comes to fun party drinking games, you can never go wrong with a game of Beer Pong Beirut. Whether you’re a player or a spectator, people competing to shoot ping pong balls into red solo cups half-filled with beer is exciting!

How to Play Beer Pong Beirut

As its name implies, Beer Pong is played similarly to a regular ping pong game. However, you don’t need a table tennis table or paddle to play! In Beer Pong, players must face each other with a table in between them. Each side of the table table will have 6 cups of beer placed which should be arranged in a triangle (3-2-1) formation.

Players take turns throwing a ping pong ball across the table and trying to shoot the ball into one of their opponent’s beer-filled cups. Once a player successfully shoots a ping pong ball into a cup, their opponent has to drink the cup where the ball landed, and that cup gets taken off the table.

The first player to successfully hit all of their opponent’s cups wins the game! The losing player must drink the remaining cups.

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👉 Learn more about playing Beer Pong!

3. Kings Cup

Playing card games is another fun activity you can do, whether you have a party with a huge group or just a casual hangout with friends. Also known as Circle of Death, Kings Cup is a drinking game where players draw cards and must perform the action associated with a card they picked.

Tip: Playing Kings Cup is even more fun when the cards are waterproof. No more ruined games or soggy house rules! Check out this waterproof card deck on Amazon:

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How to Play Kings Cup

Place the cards face down in the center of the table and let each player take turns drawing a card from the deck. Your cards can surround a mug/glass of beer, which would be your Kings Cup. Players then take turns picking a card and doing the action assigned to that particular card.

What makes Kings Cup so much fun are the rules/actions players need to follow whenever they pick a card.

For example: Whoever picks a King card can pour additional drinks into the King’s Cup. The player who draws the 4th King card will have to drink the entire Kings Cup with all sorts of booze in it!

👉 Check out more Kings Cup rules to make your game more exciting!

All Kings Cup rules on paper to print at home

Download the Kings Cup Rules PDF

Play Kings Cup Online

If you don’t have a deck of cards nearby, you can still play using our web browser version of Kings Cup.

Play Kings Cup online

You can also download our Kings Cup app to your mobile phone or tablet so you can play it anytime you want!

4. Most Likely To

Most Likely To is one example of a party drinking game that is also an excellent way to discover new things about your friends. This game is about answering questions about who is most likely to do a particular thing. Don’t forget that hearing the story behind the answers takes the conversations to a whole new level!

How to Play Most Likely To

The main rule of Most Likely To is that players must choose which one among the players is most likely to do a particular action. Depending on how obvious or shocking the answers are, talking about the answers adds more fun to the game!

Most Likely To Questions

Most Likely To questions can be about anything; there are so many topics available that you may not know where to start. Here are some Most Likely To questions that will help you kick-start your game.

1. Who is most likely to get upset for the most stupid reasons?

Does someone sitting on your “spot” on the couch count as stupid?

2. Who is most likely to get away with murder?

You better have a face to kill for!

3. Who is most likely to become a CEO at a company ranked among the top 100 largest in the world?

It’s always the quiet ones who will rule the world someday.

4. Who is most likely to go skinny dipping shamelessly?

Someone who has a great body!

5. Who is most likely to be a sucker for romantic movies?

I’ve seen people here cry while watching The Notebook!

6. Who is most likely to get kicked out of a karaoke bar for singing too passionately?

Their uncontainable enthusiasm and powerhouse vocals are bound to rock the karaoke stage, maybe a little too much!

7. Who is most likely to streak through a crowded street?

This one is for the wild at heart!

8. Who is most likely to participate in a reality TV show and cause the most drama?

Who’s the drama queen in the group?

9. Who is most likely to spend a night in jail for a dare?

Someone who loves daring adventures and isn’t afraid to take risks!

10. Who is most likely to accidentally walk into a glass door or window?

It happens to the best of us, don’t worry!

👉 Take a look at more Most Likely To questions!

Play Most Likely To Online

Don’t have the time to come up with Most Likely To questions in advance? Say no more! Experience instant fun with our online version of Most Likely To. Simply click the button below and let the fun begin!

Play Most Likely To online

For even more convenience, you can also download the Most Likely To App on your Apple or Android phone. Carry the game in your pocket wherever you go!

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Most Likely To Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

5. Cheers to the Governor

Get ready to elevate your drinking game experience with the thrilling Cheers to the Governor! Just like the ever-popular Buzz game, this one is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. All you need is some alcohol and a healthy dose of imagination to have a great time with your friends! Also called the 21 Drinking Game, Cheers to the Governor is a fun drinking game where you need to keep your wits about you while drinking, which doesn’t make sense at all!

How to Play Cheers to the Governor

Gather in a circle and have your beers ready. The game kicks off with a player starting the count by saying “one.” The player to their left continues the sequence by saying “two,” and so on, until the count reaches “twenty-one.” That’s when the real excitement begins as all players raise their glasses, yell “Cheers to the Governor!” and drink.

The person who said 21 has the privilege of introducing a new rule to spice up the next round.

For example: When a player reaches number 5, all the female players must raise their glasses and take a sip.

👉 Learn more about Cheers to the Governor!

6. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is another simple but tricky game that will let you see your friends make some exciting choices. It’s a great way to learn how similar or different you are from your friends!

How to Play Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a game where players must choose between two challenging scenarios. Brace yourself, as the questions can range from light-hearted to thought-provoking in the blink of an eye. It’s your chance to spark lively conversations and delve into the realm of hypothetical dilemmas for the sake of pure enjoyment!

Would You Rather Questions

The secret to having a great game of Would You Rather is asking the right questions. While easy choices might be tempting, it’s important to sprinkle in unexpected and challenging dilemmas that will truly put players’ decision-making skills to the test. Prepare for moments of contemplation, debates, and plenty of laughter as players find themselves weighing their options over and over again.

Ready to kick-start your game of Would You Rather? Here are some exciting questions to add to your list:

1. Would you rather dine alone or watch a movie by yourself?

No one can see if you’re alone at the movies when the lights are switched off.

2. Would you rather lose all of the money you’ve earned this year or lose all of the memories you’ve gained this year?

Memories are precious!

3. Would you rather accidentally like an old photo of your ex on Instagram or accidentally send a sext to your boss?

I don’t even want to imagine what the conversation with my boss will be like.

4. Would you rather be gorgeous but dumb or ugly but rich?

If you’re rich, couldn’t you just get plastic surgery instead?

5. Would you rather have a mullet haircut or an apple bob haircut?

Bring back the 80s and go for the mullet!

6. Would you rather have a wardrobe malfunction in public or trip and fall in front of a large crowd?

Embarrassment awaits, but which scenario would you rather endure?

7. Would you rather know the date of your own death or know the cause of your own death?

Brace yourself for the chilling prospect of foreknowledge, whether it be the when or the how.

8. Would you rather fart loudly in a quiet library or have your most embarrassing moment caught on camera and go viral?

Decide between a noisy disruption or enduring lasting digital humiliation.

9. Would you rather have a pet dinosaur that acts like a dog or a talking cat with a sarcastic sense of humor?

Prepare for hilarity as you ponder the comedic possibilities of an unconventional pet companion.

10. Would you rather have the power to make people sneeze on command or have the ability to turn any situation into a dance party?

Choose your power wisely and enjoy the attention that comes with ruling a room!

👉Check out more Would You Rather questions!

Play Would You Rather Online

Don’t have time to put up a list of questions? With our web browser version of Would You Rather, you can instantly dive into the game with over 800 different questions at your fingertips.

Play Would you rather? online

For even more convenience, you can also download our Would You Rather App on your Apple or Android devices. Carry the game with you wherever you go, and never miss an opportunity to challenge your friends with amusing dilemmas!

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Would you rather? Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

7. Jenga as a Drinking Game

If you’re familiar with the game Jenga where players build a tower by stacking wooden blocks or “stones” and are willing to drink alcohol, then you’re ready to play Jenga as a drinking game. Just like in regular Jenga, players will still need excellent hand-eye coordination and mental skills to ensure that the tower doesn’t fall.

The only difference is that there are additional rules where players need to drink while playing, which makes the game more unpredictable!

Available on

How to Play Jenga as a Drinking Game

In Jenga as a drinking game, the rules follow the same structure as the traditional game of Jenga, but with an added twist involving drinks. Before starting the game, you need to label the wooden blocks with actions and drinking rules. Then, you set up the tower as you would for a regular game.

Take turns removing one block at a time from the Jenga tower. When it is your turn, you have to read the instruction written on the block that you chose and follow the rule. For example, a block might say, “drink two sips”.

Once you finish following the instruction, place the block back at the top of the tower. The game goes on until the tower collapses.

The one who has caused the tower to fall loses the game and must drink!

👉Learn more about playing Jenga as a drinking game!

8. Truth or Dare

No list of party drinking games would be complete without the classic favorite, Truth or Dare! As its name implies, Truth or Dare is all about players choosing whether they will share a truth about themselves or do a dare instead. This game can go from harmless to dangerous in a hot minute, especially once people play this game while drinking beer or tequila!

How to Play Truth or Dare

In Truth or Dare, each player takes turns choosing between answering a question truthfully or accepting a dare. Whether you’re sharing a hilarious secret or embarking on a bold challenge, this game promises laughter, surprises, and unforgettable moments.

👉Learn more about Truth or Dare!

Questions for Truth or Dare

We’ve prepared an awesome list of questions that will push boundaries and reveal some juicy truths. Have fun!

1. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done while drunk?

Prepare for some hilarious and cringe-worthy tales of intoxicated mishaps!

2. Have you ever had a crush on someone in this room?

Let the sparks fly as we uncover hidden attractions among friends!

3. Have you ever cheated on a partner?

Brace yourself for some honest and potentially shocking revelations about past relationships!

4. What’s your craziest one-night stand story?

Get ready for some jaw-dropping tales of passion and spontaneity!

5. Have you ever had sex in a public place?

Spill the details!

6. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Poor you!

Don’t miss out on the best questions! 👉 Check out our list of the top 25 Truth or Dare questions.

Dares for Truth or Dare

It’s time to unleash your wild side and embrace a series of hilarious and daring challenges that will leave you in stitches. This list of dares will get you out of your comfort zone and make you do some crazy stuff!

1. Take a body shot off someone’s belly button.

This will be a mouthwatering experience that’ll make the party heat up!

2. Share your most cringe-worthy pickup line.

Prepare for some hilariously cheesy lines that might make everyone facepalm!

3. Swap clothes with the person to your right and wear them for the next three rounds.

Let’s hope you’re the same size.

4. Perform a lap dance for another player of their choice.

Show off your seductive moves!

5. Let a member of the group give you a temporary tattoo with a marker in a visible spot.

Let’s make it really embarrassing!

6. Call a random number and sing “Happy Birthday” to the person who answers.

How would you react if someone did that to you??

Ready for more fun dares? 👉 Check out our ultimate list of fun and crazy dares!

Truth or Dare Online

Ready to play Truth or Dare? Check our ultimate collection of exciting questions and dares in our web browser version of Truth or Dare. Simply click the button below to get started!

Play Truth or Dare online

If you want to play Truth or Dare anytime, you can also download our Truth or Dare App to your Apple or Android devices.

App icon Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

9. Yahtzee as a Drinking Game

Yahtzee is a popular dice-rolling game that you can easily turn into a drinking game. What players need to do is to get the most number of points by rolling different dice combinations with five dice.

A Yahtzee occurs when a player scores five dice of the same value. When this happens, the player should yell, “Yahtzee!”

Available on

How to Play Yahtzee

When playing Yahtzee, players can roll the dice up to 3 times. After the first and second rolls, a player must decide which dice to keep, if any, and roll the dice not kept. After the third roll, the player must choose a box to score on the scorecard.

Once the player finishes their turn by writing something on the scorecard, their opponent takes a turn. This continues until both players fill all 13 boxes on their scorecard. After which, the final tally can be made. The player with the highest score wins the game!

If you’re playing Yahtzee as a drinking game, the mechanics are the same as when you would play regular Yahtzee except with some additional dice rules that will make people drink!

For example: When players roll a “one”, they must take a drink.

👉Learn more about Yahtzee as a drinking game!

10. Never Have I Ever

If you have never heard about this game, chug your beer now! Have you been living under a rock?! Never Have I Ever is an infamous question-and-answer game that people of all ages can play. Once you include alcohol in your game, get ready for some loose lips and secrets spilling out!

How to Play Never Have I Ever

To play Never Have I Ever, players take turns making statements beginning with the phrase “Never have I ever…” and describing an action they have never done before.

For example: Never have I ever had sex with another player present here.

  • If anyone has done the action mentioned, in this case, sex with one of the players, they must take a drink.
  • If no one has had sex with one of the players, then the player who made the statement must drink.

The game then continues with the next player making another statement. This continues until everyone has made a statement or people become too drunk to play!

Never Have I Ever Questions

The right Never Have I Ever questions can lead to surprising revelations about your friends! Feel free to come up with your questions, or you can use our Never Have I Ever questions to begin your game.

1. Never have I ever fallen over due to drinking.

Have you ever felt like meeting the floor face to face?

2. Never have I ever dumped someone over text.

It’s the modern way of dating!

3. Never have I ever gone drinking by myself.

If you’re drinking wine, it doesn’t sound so bad.

4. Never have I ever drunk alcohol to gain confidence.

Liquid courage is real!

5. Never have I ever given a fake name to someone who tried to pick me up.

The names Regina Phalange and Ken Adams sound good!

6. Never have I ever woken up in an unknown place after a night of drinking.

Ever experienced the confusion of waking up somewhere unfamiliar?

7. Never have I ever used a cheesy pickup line on someone.

Did you ever unleash your inner smooth-talker with a classic pickup line?

8. Never have I ever gotten kicked out of a bar or club.

Let’s just say I’ve pushed the boundaries of having a good time.

9. Never have I ever danced on a table or bar.

When the music takes over, the dance floor expands to new heights.

10. Never have I ever gone skinny-dipping.

Nothing feels better than diving into the water with no clothes on, feeling totally free and wild!

👉 Check out more Never Have I Ever questions!

Play Never Have I Ever Online

No need to worry about coming up with questions on the spot! We’ve got you covered with our online version of Never Have I Ever. Explore a wide selection of hundreds of questions that you can readily use or draw inspiration from.

Play Never Have I Ever online

For even more convenience, download our Never Have I Ever app to your Apple or Android devices and have the ultimate party game at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you want!

App icon Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

11. Bite the Bag

Bite the Bag is another party-drinking game on this list! The main mechanics of this game are based on its name, meaning for this game players will have to go around biting a bag! Sounds fun!

How to Play Bite the Bag

Put an empty brown paper bag on the floor and have the players form a circle around it. Without letting anything except their feet touch the floor, players take turns bending down and biting the bag, only using their mouths and not their hands.

After all the players have bitten the bag at least once, it’s time for round two! Cut one inch off the top of the bag, and all the players bite the bag again. This goes on until there is nothing left of the bag.

The lower the paper bag gets, the harder it will be for players to go down and bite it while not using their hands. If a player fails to pick up the bag with their mouth and bite it, they must take a drink and start the game over!

12. The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game is a fun game that makes you think while drinking. This game mainly involves choosing a category or theme and players taking turns giving words that start with every letter of the alphabet. Of course, the game becomes much funnier when drunk people scramble to think of words!

How to Play the Alphabet Game

In this fun drinking game, each player recites words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. However, with a twist—all the words must be related to a specific theme or category.

For example: If the theme is “movie”. The first person could say “A Quiet Place”, the second person could say “Back to the Future”, and the third person could say “Captain America: Civil War”.

This goes on until there is a player who can’t give a related term; then, they must take a drink. The game then starts over with a new theme or category.

13. Medusa Game

You’ll need to prepare some shots beforehand when you play Medusa. This is a fun drinking game where people who lock eyes with each other need to shout “Medusa” and drink!

Available on

How to Play Medusa

Each player begins the game with their head on the table or with their eyes closed. One player initiates the countdown by starting at “3” and counting backward: “3, 2, 1.”

After the countdown, all players simultaneously look up and make eye contact with another player. If a player locks eyes with another player who is also looking at them, both players must shout “Medusa!” and take a shot of alcohol. However, if a player does not have anyone looking at them, they can skip taking the shot.

Once everyone has taken shots, the players repeat the same process, and the game continues until all the shots are gone.

14. UNO as a Drinking Game

Get ready to take your UNO game to the next level with an alcoholic twist. Grab your deck of UNO cards, stock up on your favorite drinks, and get ready to unleash a whole new level of competitive chaos.

Available on

How to Play UNO as a Drinking Game

Your mission remains the same: be the first to ditch all your cards before anyone else. However, in the drinking game version of UNO, you’ll encounter some fun drinking rules.

Here are some rules when playing UNO as a drinking game.

  • Matching colors: Drink when you draw the same color as the player in front of you.
  • Matching numbers: Drink when you draw the same number as the player in front of you.
  • Suspension card: If you draw a suspension card, you may choose a player to drink.
  • Draw-Two card: In a draw-two card, the player who next draws a card must drink. (If your Draw Two card is the same color as the previous card, you must drink as well.)
  • **Plus-Four party:**For a plus-four card, everybody has to drink.

👉 Learn more about UNO as a drinking game.

15. Drinking Game “21”

The 21 drinking game is a simple party drinking game that you can play at once without any additional setup. All you need are players and your drink of choice. It is a counting game where players need to count from 1 to 21, and the player who calls out “21” must drink before the next round starts!

How to Play 21

First, gather the players and make sure that you have enough alcohol for several rounds. The players must sit in a circle, and everyone should be able to look into each other’s eyes. The more players, the better!

Next, the youngest player starts to count. All the players should count aloud in a clockwise direction from 1 to 21. Every player says one number, and the player who says the number 21 drinks and makes up a rule that can be added to the next round.

For example: When players reach 3, they need to clap their hands three times instead of calling out the number.

If they don’t follow this rule, they must drink, and the count starts over.

👉 Learn more about the 21 drinking game!

16. Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is a fun side game that can be played with the other party-drinking games on this list. Play this game anytime during a party to confuse everyone even more!

How to Play Mr. Freeze

For this game, one person will be appointed as Mr. Freeze at the start of a party. During the party, this person can randomly choose to “freeze” at any time, and everyone that notices must stop and do the same. The last person to follow the freeze takes a shot.

The first person that noticed the freeze is now the new Mr. Freeze, and everyone can play again. Be careful! You never know when the new Mr. Freeze will become “frozen”!

17. Cup Swap

Cup Swap won’t get you drunk quickly if you have the unique expertise of transferring drinks to an empty cup using only a spoon. Sounds ridiculous? Well, that’s the point! It’s a silly drinking game that will drive you and your friends crazy!

Available on

How to Play Cup Swap

Prepare two cups and a spoon for each player. Fill one cup with an alcoholic beverage and leave the other cup empty.

When the game starts, each player has exactly 1 minute to pour as much of the drink as they can into the empty cup using only a spoon. Once the minute is over, the players must drink the remainder of the original cup. You better be handy with that spoon!

Now that you’re armed with a sensational collection of 17 insanely fun drinking games, it’s time to unleash the party animal within you. So, go forth and host the most epic parties, impress your friends with your game selection, and keep the good times rolling. And if you’re hungry for more party and drinking games, be sure to check out our extensive collection: 👉Here you can find even more party and drinking games!

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