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What do you need for 21? 🤔

  • One or more other people
  • A drink of your choice (e.g. beer wine)
  • The witch glass: An extra glass as the witch glass (You’ll find out more about that later)

Gameplay 👻

Before the start of the drinking game, everybody should mix himself a drink. It should definitely be enough alcohol there for many refills. Preferably the players sit down in a circle, at least everyone should be able to look in everyone’s eyes. The more players, the better! The gameplay of 21 could not be easier: The youngest player starts to count. Then you all start counting aloud in a clockwise direction from 1 to 21. Every player says one number and the first one who says the number 21 drinks and makes up the first rule.

Then the game really starts going:

  • If you make a counting error you drink.
  • If you have to think for more than ten seconds it’s a counting error
  • If you say the number 21 you make up a new rule.

Every rule is possible! But don’t worry: If you have trouble making up new rules we provide some ideas for the drinking game below.

Pay attention, the drinking game 21 can be tricky: If the alcohol kicks in the mistakes multiply which leads to more alcohol!

Rule ideas 👀

  • Add a word to every even (or odd) number
  • Switch the numbers 7 and 14
  • Replace the number 9 with the word “psycatgames”
  • Change the counting direction at number 5

Rule ideas for insanity 😝

  • Clap at every prime number
  • Nobody is allowed to spell “s”
  • At 21 the caller chooses a drinking partner
  • The witch glass: Everyone who says a number which is divisible with 6 the player sacrifices a sip of his drink to the witch glass. The witch glass is in the middle of the table. The player who makes the next counting error drinks all of it.
  • Nobody is allowed to call somebody with their name

And that’s it: The drinking game 21 aka the easiest game ever. Nobody is going to leave sober! Have with fun 21! 🥳

✍️  February 7, 2020

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