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A good drinking game doesn’t have to be complicated - it just needs to be fun and get everyone involved. That’s where the “21 Drinking Game” comes in!

This lively game, also called “Cheers to the Governor” or “Power Hour”, is perfect for any hanging out with friends. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to drinking games, our step-by-step guide will have you playing like a champ in no time.

So, grab your favorite drinks, and let’s get started!

How to Play “21 Drinking Game”

Ready to play the 21 Drinking Game? This game is simple: players take turns counting from 1 to 21, each saying one or two numbers per turn. However, there are a few twists and rules that make it exciting.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • At least 2 players
  • Drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

Step 1: Establish a starting order

Choose whoever goes first, usually the youngest player or the one with the most recent birthday. Then, that player decides which direction the game will go (clockwise or counterclockwise).

Step 2: Start counting!

The first player begins by saying “1”, and the player to their left of right says “2”. This continues until the count reaches 21.

Step 3: Drink up!

Whoever says “21” drinks their drink and gets to make up a new rule for the “21 Drinking Game”. This can be anything from adding a silly dance move as a substitute for another number to making a certain number double, triple, or even quadruple the count.

For example: Whoever says a number divisible by 3 has to dance instead of saying their number!

Step 4: Keep counting and adding rules

The game restarts at “1” and continues with the new rule(s) in place. As the “21 Drinking Game” progresses, players must remember and follow all the rules while counting, making it more challenging and hilarious as drinks are consumed.

Step 5: If you mess up, drink up!

If a player makes a mistake, such as saying the wrong number or forgetting a rule, they must drink and start the count from 1 again. This adds an element of risk and keeps everyone on their toes.

Best “21 Drinking Game” Rule Ideas

Can’t think of any fun rules? Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Instead of saying number 1, clap your hands.

After the player calls out “21”, the next player must clap their hands instead of saying the number 1. This can add a fun twist and make the “21 Drinking Game” more challenging.

2. Change direction for any number divisible by 7.

This rule means that after someone says a number like 14 or 21, the direction of play changes. This can throw off players who weren’t paying attention, leading to more drinks.

3. Everyone must stand up at 6, 12, and 18.

Add a physical challenge by making players stand up every time the count hits a multiple of 6!

4. No pointing!

Pointing is forbidden in the “21 Drinking Game”. Anyone who points has to take a drink. So keep your hands and fingers busy with things like holding your drink, giving high-fives, or secret handshakes.

5. Do a victory dance at 11.

Whoever lands on 11 must break into a spontaneous victory dance. The sillier, the better. Not feeling your inner dancer? Take a sip, and maybe you’ll find your groove!

6. The whisper challenge at 17.

The player who says “17” must whisper the next number to the next player. If they can’t hear it, they have to drink! This rule adds an element of suspense to the “21 Drinking Game”.

7. Replace the number 9 with the word “psycatgames”.

Just think that a cat has 9 lives. If you don’t call out “psycatgames” when you reach number 9, you must take a drink! This rule adds a fun twist and makes everyone say something silly.

8. Serenade your drink at 13.

When the count lands on lucky number 13, the player must serenade their drink with the chorus of any song before continuing. If you’re more tone-deaf than a doorbell, take a gulp and pass the mic to the next player. Who knew your drink was such a music lover?

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9. Perform a secret handshake at 4 and 20.

Double the fun with a double rule in the “21 Drinking Game”! At numbers 4 and 20, players must perform a secret handshake with the person next to them. No handshake? No problem—just create one on the spot, or better yet, drink up for your lack of secret society skills.

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10. Sing “Happy Birthday” at 19.

It doesn’t matter whose birthday it is because, at 19, you’re singing “Happy Birthday” to the player to your right. Not a fan of public singing? Hopefully, you’re a fan of public drinking because if you refuse or forget the lyrics, it’s time to chug!

11. Nobody is allowed to grab their phone.

Apart from rules regarding numbers, you can decide to add a non-numerical rule like this one. Keep everyone engaged by banning phone use during the “21 Drinking Game”. Anyone who breaks this rule must take a drink, and they can’t use their phone until the game ends!

12. Replace “3” with a dramatic gasp.

Who needs numbers when you have drama? When you hit 3, replace it with the most dramatic gasp you can muster. Fail to bring the drama? Take a sip, and maybe your drink will spark some theatrics.

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13. The floor is lava at 8.

Remember when the floor was lava? Well, at 8, it is again! Everyone must lift their feet off the ground until the next number is called. The last one to lift ’em has to take a drink. Warning: don’t try this if you’re drinking on top of a volcano.

14. Thumb master at 21

The player who reaches 21 becomes the Thumb Muster. For the next round, every time the Thumb Master puts their thumb on the edge of the table, the other players must do so as well. The last one to do so has to take a drink.

15. Don’t say the word “drink”

As if trying to remember all the rules wasn’t enough, now you can’t say the word “drink” either. If someone does slip up and say it, they must take a drink. This rule adds an extra challenge and keeps everyone on their toes (and hopefully not slurring their words).

16. Laugh like a villain at 16.

Who knew being bad could be so much fun? When the count hits 16 in the “21 Drinking Game”, the next player must laugh like their favorite villain. No evil chuckle? Well, looks like it’s time to take a sinister sip of your drink.

17. Yodel at lucky number 7.

Feeling alpine? When someone says “7”, the next challenger must give their best yodel. If your yodel sounds more like a yelp, it’s time to wet your whistle with a drink and maybe find your inner mountaineer.

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18. High-five the air at 15.

Get ready to slap some invisible hands in the “21 Drinking Game”! When you reach 15, everyone must high-five the air. Miss or too slow? That calls for a toast to your unseen friends and a solo sip of your drink.

19. 5 Second Game at 5

At 5, the player must call out another player and quickly give them a category. The other player has 5 seconds to name three items in that category. If they can’t, bottoms up!

20. Womp womp instead of numbers

For numbers ending in 0, players must say “womp womp”. Think 10 and 20 - you get the idea. If anyone misses this rule and says the actual number, it’s time to take a drink.

21. The “Drink Master” at any multiple of 3

If a player lands on a number that is divisible by 3, they become the Drink Master. They can choose any player to drink, and that player must take a sip.

Remember, these are just a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to come up with your own rules and make the “21 Drinking Game” even more fun and challenging! Just remember to drink responsibly and have a good time. Cheers! 🍻

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