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“Little Max”

Little Max, also known as Mexicali or Mexican, is a fun and straightforward drinking game that can be played perfectly by three.

Preparation for “Little Max”

This is what you need to play:

  • Two dice and a dice cup
  • Coasters or something of the sort.
  • Alcoholic drinks

The dice cup with the two dices in it is placed upside down on the coaster so that the dices cannot be seen.

Dice values

In the card game “Little Max”, the higher value of a dice is the tens digit, and the smaller value is the unit digit.


  • Someone rolls a 6 and a 4. This corresponds to a value of 64.
  • Someone rolls a 1 and a 3. This corresponds to a value of 31.

Special combinations of numbers: A Posch is when you roll two identical numbers.

  • 1st Posch: 11
  • 2 Posch: 22
  • 3 Posch: 33
  • Poser 4: 44
  • 5 Posch: 55
  • 6 Posch: 66 (second highest value)

A Little Max denotes the number combination 21 and is the highest value that can be rolled.

How to play “Little Max”

The first player starts rolling the dice and then looks under the dice cup to see what he rolled. The other players are not allowed to see the number of spots.

Then the player must announce what he has just rolled. He can decide for himself whether he tells the truth or lies.

The second player must decide whether to believe the first player or not. If the second player believes him, it is his turn and must also announce the number he rolled.

Important: The value of the dice must always be higher than the value rolled by the previous player.

If the second player doesn’t believe him, he may reveal and check the dice. - If the announcement is correct, the player who has accused the other of lying must drink. - If the announcement was a lie, the player who lied must drink.

Then the game continues as normal.

Sam Yuk Gu (3, 6, 9,)

Sam Yuk Gu is a fun Korean drinking game where you only have to count from 1 upwards. We promise you that counting will become more and more difficult during the evening.

How to play Sam Yuk Gu?

You don’t need anything else for the drinking game except yourself and at least one other person.

The rules

You are not allowed to say the numbers 3, 6, and 9 and have to replace them with a clap instead. If several of these digits (3,6,9) appear in a number, you have to clap once for each of these digits.

Example: The numbers in bold are replaced by clapping.

  • 1 - 2 - (3) clap once - 4 - 5 - (6) clap once
  • (35) clap one time - (36) clap twice
  • (369) - clap three times

One of you starts counting at 1. Then counting continues clockwise. As already mentioned above, you have to stick to the rules for the numbers 3, 6, 9.

You have to drink if…

  • you count wrongly,
  • you say a forbidden number,
  • you forget to clap,
  • you clap too often or too little,
  • you take too long.

Blowing cards

This drinking game requires sensitivity. The only thing you need are playing cards, a glass, alcohol, and at least two players.

Preparation for “blowing cards”

At the beginning, you fill the glass with an alcoholic drink and place it in the middle of the table. Then you put all playing cards on top of the glass.

How to play “blowing cards”

One of you starts by carefully trying to blow cards off the glass. It is best if you blow several cards at once, because then it is more difficult for your opponents. But be careful: if you blow all the cards off the glass, you have to drink the entire drink.

“Never have I ever”

The drinking game “Never have I ever” is a classic that never gets boring. Whether for two, three or ten, “Never have I ever” always provides surprises.

“Never have I ever” questions list

These “Never have I ever” questions got you covered with enough conversation material for the whole evening.

Funny “Never have I ever” questions

  • Never have I ever… committed a crime.
  • Never have I ever… found dust in my belly button.
  • Never have I ever… lost a drunk friend.
  • Never have I ever… puked in a cab (taxi).
  • Never have I ever… drunk so much that I peed myself.
  • Never have I ever… drooled while sleeping.
  • Never have I ever… cried after visiting the hairdresser.
  • Never have I ever… forgotten where I live, because I was drunk.
  • Never have I ever… talked to my parents about sex.
  • Never have I ever… used a toothbrush from another person.

Dirty “Never have I ever” questions

  • Never have I ever… had sex that lasted more than an hour.
  • Never have I ever… had sex outdoors.
  • Never have I ever… masturbated several times a day.
  • Never have I ever… had a finger in my butt or stuck a finger in someone else’s butt.
  • Never have I ever… had unprotected sex.
  • Never have I ever… taken photos or videos while having sex.
  • Never have I ever… showered or bathed with another person.
  • Never have I ever… read an erotic book (e.g. Fifty Shades of Gray).
  • Never have I ever… masturbated anywhere other than at home.
  • Never have I ever… had sex with multiple people on the same day.

For more questions, you can find a list of 800+ “Never have I ever” questions here 👉 Never have I ever - 800+ questions.

If you like it really dirty, then we have a list for you with the most perverse “Never have I ever” questions 👉 Kinky “Never have I ever” questions

The most convenient option is, of course, our online version of “Never have I ever”, where you get asked questions by chance. You should definitely try it out!

👉 Never have I ever - Online

“Truth or Dare” as a drinking game

Another fun drinking game, which can be played well by three, is “Truth or Dare”. If you already know how to play Truth or Dare, you can jump straight to our list of the best questions and tasks.

How to play “Truth or Dare” as a drinking game?

The rules are straightforward. One of you begins by asking someone the question “Truth or Dare?”. The other then has to choose between the two options.

If he/she chooses Truth, he/she will be asked a question that he must answer honestly. If the person does not answer the question, he/she must drink.

If the person chooses Dare, the person is given a task, which he/she has to perform. If the person refuses to do the task, he/she must drink.

“Truth or Dare” - Questions and Tasks

If you run out of ideas, check out our list of funny and dirty questions and tasks.

“Truth” - The 10 funniest questions

  • If you made your money illegally, how would you make it?
  • Have you ever had an erotic dream in which someone from this group appeared?
  • If you were blind, who would be your guide dog?
  • If you would be a prostitute - what would be your specialty?
  • What was your craziest sex experience?
  • Who is the famous person you would like to have sex with?
  • Do you look in the toilet bowl before you flush?
  • Have you ever stuffed your bra with toilet paper?
  • Do you have pubic hair?
  • Would you rather be ugly and popular or pretty and unpopular?

“Dare” - The 10 best tasks

  • Make me a romantic love confession.
  • Open the pants of a player of your choice by only using your mouth.
  • Show your fellow players your favorite sex position.
  • Give a fellow player a lap dance.
  • Find out whose hair smells best.
  • Look seductively at the person to your left.
  • Take a banana or cucumber and simulate a blowjob.
  • Call Burger King and ask where the nearest McDonald’s is.
  • Call your mother or father and tell them that they are going to be grandparents.
  • Kiss the person to the right of you on the buttocks.
  • Massage the feet of a fellow player of your choice.

Do you want to play “Truth or Dare” online? Then take a look at our web browser version with more than 800 different questions and tasks.

👉 Truth or Dare - Online

“Movie and TV-show” drinking games

Movie and TV-show drinking games are perfect for a small group of people. If you feel like a cozy TV evening, but at the same time you want to be a little tipsy, then movie and TV-show drinking games are just the thing for you.

We have put together a small list of 5 fun movie and TV-show drinking games for you. If a TV-show or a movie appeals to you, just click on the name and you will be redirected to the original article, where you can find out all the drinking rules.

List of funny movie & series drinking games

For all horror movie lovers among you, there are also universal drinking rules that fit almost all horror films. You can find them here: 👉 Horror movie Drinking games

Monopoly as a drinking game

If you like board games, chances are that you also own Monopoly. With a few additional rules, Monopoly can be converted into an amusing drinking game. Here are a few drinking rules.

Rules for Monopoly as a drinking game

  • Take 1 sip if you land on someone else’s property.
  • Take 3 sips if you land on a hotel.
  • Drink all of your drink when you go to jail.
  • Pass out two sips if you land on the GO field.

All drinking rules and game rules for Monopoly can be found here 👉 Monopoly as a drinking game

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