Would you rather?

What would you choose?

What is “Would you rather…”?

The question game “Would you rather” is a great conversation starter. It’s not only perfect for getting to know new people, but it’s also an excellent way to learn more about your friends and family. If you think you know everything about your loved ones, this game will prove you wrong. There’s always something new to learn from people.

How to play “Would you rather…?”

The rules are simple. Each round, you’ll get a “Would you rather” question with two options. You then have to decide which one you prefer.

Example: Would you rather control people’s emotions near you or control time?

If you play this game within a group of people, each round, another player must answer a question. An alternative way of playing would be that all players have to answer every question. Both game versions are great fun.

“Would you rather…?” Drinking Game

You can also transform “Would you rather…” into an amusing drinking game. Here’s how it works:

To play, you need at least three people. The gaming rules don’t change a lot. One of you asks a “Would you rather” Question. Then you count to three, and all players have to tell their choice simultaneously.

The Drinking Rules

Here is an example:

Would you rather be allergic to babies or be allergic to elderly people?

In this case, Lucas would have to drink because the majority has chosen the other option.

Play “Would You Rather…?” Online

In our online version of “Would you rather” you can choose between different categories. By clicking on Game Mode, you can switch between the categories.

Each round, you get two options. You then decide which option you prefer and click on next. After you’ve made your decision, you also see how other people decided.

Submit your own “Would you rather…?” Questions

If you would like to see your questions here, send us an email with your ideas, and we’ll get them into the game as quick as possible!

How To Play “Would you rather…?” Online With Friends

If you can’t meet your friends but still want to play “Would you rather”, you can play it over Zoom or Skype. Just share your screen, and everybody can read the questions.

Similar Games to “Would you rather…?”

If you like question games like “Would you rather…?”, you should also check out these games. All of these games you can also play as a drinking game.

Never have I ever

Never have I ever is one of the most popular drinking games in the world. Of course, you can also play it without alcohol. However, it is played most commonly as a drinking game. You can play it as a couple or with a group of friends.

How to play “Never have I ever”

One of you starts by asking a “Never have I ever” question, for example: “Never have I ever been so drunk I peed myself.” If you cannot agree with the statement (if you already pissed yourself while drunk), you have to take a sip or shot.

Each round, someone else asks a “Never have I ever” question. Everybody, including the person who asked the question, must answer the questions. That means everybody either has to drink or not to drink.

You can find a lot of inspiration for “Never have I ever” questions on our website. And if you want to play “Never have I ever” on your phone or tablet, you should download our App:

Play Never Have I Ever online

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is ideal for a house party or gaming night with friends. You can play it with or without alcohol. Either way, “Truth or Dare” is the perfect ice breaker.

How to play “Truth or Dare”

Here’s how it works: One of you starts by asking a person the question “Truth or Dare?”. The person then has to choose between the two options.

On our website, we regularly post new articles with fun and also dirty “Truth or Dare” questions and dares. You should definitely also check out our App. There you can choose between different categories, from Classic to Dirty.

Play Truth or Dare online

Most Likely to

If you’ve never played the game “Most likely to”, you should definitely give it a shot. For this question game, you need at least three people.

How to play “Most likely to”

Each turn one of you asks a “Most likely to” question, for example: “Who is most likely to rob a bank?”. Then all of you have to point to the person you think is most likely to do it. It’s all about the fun, so don’t be mad if your friends point at you.

You can play “Most likely to” also as a drinking game by adding this drinking rule: The person who got chosen by most people has to take a sip or take a shot.

You can find a lot of excellent “Most likely to” questions on our website. If you want to play “Most likely to” online, you can check out our web browser version, where you can choose between various categories.

Play Most Likely To online

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