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As the year is coming to an end, we always throw one last big party to celebrate the year, and what’s coming next. And as always on New Year’s Eve, we’re playing drinking games. These games match perfectly for New Year’s Eve, because usually there are new people joining the gang. And how to get to know those strangers? Yes, by playing some fun party games. With loads of alcohol.

But even in a small cozy round, full of friends, or even people you have not seen for a long time, make these drinking games especially fun.

New Year’s Eve Drinking Games Overview

We’ve collected some drinking games for you to play on every New Year’s Eve party. Just click on the name of the game and you will automatically scroll to the respective drinking game.

Drinking Games that you need to play on New Year’s Eve

👉 We’ve sorted the list by popularity. Let’s have a look:

Never have I ever… 🤭

Never have I ever is my personal favorite. It’s the best drinking game to get to know new people. But even when you’re playing with your friends, it might bring out some dirty little secrets.

One more thing: Never have I ever get’s really fast, really dirty. 😏

The oldest player within your party round starts the game by saying: “Never have I ever…”

Never have I ever had sex on a New Year’s Eve party.

Anyone who has ever had sex on a New Year’s Eve party in your round has to drink now.

If no one can agree with the statement, then the player who made the statement must drink. Then it goes on clockwise and the next player meets the next statement, again starting with “Never have I ever”.


We’ve put together a list of statements for “Never have I ever”:

  • taken food out of a trash can and eaten it.
  • peed a friend’s bed and then not told them.
  • cried during sex.
  • dined and dashed.
  • had a sex date with someone I had met online.
  • accidentally sent nudes to the wrong person.
  • peed in the shower.
  • masturbated in a public bathroom.
  • looked through someone’s phone without permission.
  • smelled my used panties.
  • had period sex.
  • sold my dirty panties online.
  • sent a dick pic.
  • smelled someone else’s panties.
  • recorded talking to myself with a camera.
  • done hard drugs.
  • been to a rave party.
  • been caught embarrassingly dancing in my room all by myself.
  • fallen on the floor whilst dancing in a club.
  • injured someone during sex.
  • injured myself during sex.
  • bragged about something I have not done.
  • doubted my sexuality.
  • made fun of someone.
  • liked a song by Nickelback.
  • made a picture of my genitals just to see what they look like.
  • lied in this game.
  • been kicked out of a store or bar.
  • said “I love you” without meaning it.
  • thrown a booger on the floor.
  • kissed someone of the same sex.
  • gone skinny dipping.
  • had slept with someone twice my age.
  • had sex with a friend’s mom or dad.
  • had a crush on a relative.
  • accidentally shat in the bathtub.

“Never have I ever” - App

If you want to have it even easier, we even have an app made for “Never have I ever”. The app will randomly display various questions and you just need to read them out. Very dirty questions!

Play Online

Jenga as a Drinking Game

The Jenga rules remain the same, but individual stones are labeled. If you drag one of these labeled stones, you must perform the action associated with the label. The stones can be labeled arbitrarily. Ideas for potential labels:

In one go

Drink your drink on Ex.


The smallest player has to drink three times and may then appoint someone who also has to drink three times.


Drink a tequila shot

80s bands

Name three bands from the eighties or drink three times.

70s bands

Name three bands from the seventies or drink three times.


The ship goes down, everyone has to drink his drink.

More Jenga drinking games label ideas

For Jenga as a drinking game, there are still countless labeling ideas. If you need inspiration, have a look at our list:

👉 Jenga Label Ideas

Looping Loui as a Drinking Game

In order to play Looping Loui as a drinking game, of course you need the base game Looping Loui.

The rules are simple:
If you lose your coin 👉 Drink 🍺

Looping Loui is even more fun with shots instead of beer.

Kings Cup

Kings Cup or Big Kings Cup is one of the most popular drinking games. Known everywhere, the game is played at every party or celebration. For Kings Cup only one card deck is needed.

Kings Cup set-up

A deck of cards is spread over the table face down. A drink is placed in the middle.

Procedures and rules of Kings Cup

Kings Cup is played round by the round in a clockwise direction. Each turn, a player turns over an unturned card. Each card represents an action. When a card is turned over, the player who turned the card executes the action assigned to the card.

Kings Cup basic rules


Waterfall - All players must drink for so long and may not stop until the person stops drinking at their right. The first person allowed to stop is the person who turned the card over.


The player may choose a person to drink.


The player must drink himself.


All ladies at the table have to drink.


All guys drink.


Everyone drinks.


Everyone has to put his left hand on his head. The last one who does this drinks.


The player chooses a friend who must drink with him.


Rhyme - The player may choose a word and clockwise the next player has to figure it out. If no rhyme comes to mind, he has to drink.


Thumbking - The player may choose a position for the other players, to whom he puts his thumb. Every time he puts his thumb in that spot, the other players have to do the same. The player who puts his thumb last on this spot must drink. The Daumenkönig may repeat this as often as he wishes.


The player must finish the drink in the middle. The drink is then replenished.


Categories - The player is allowed to choose a category. Example: car brand. Clockwise - starting with the player who called the category - everyone must mention a car brand. The player who can not think, must drink.


Rule - The player may set a rule or remove a rule. An example of a rule is: Each player may only drink with his left hand. If someone drinks with his right hand, he must drink again. At the bottom of the page we show some examples of further rules.

Kings Cup Online

If you don’t have a map deck at hand, here’s a app that’s designed to play Kings Cup online. It has all cards and rules in:

Play Kings Cup online

🚌 Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus is probably one of the toughest drinking games I know. Eve the most alcohol-resistant players who can normally put away 5-6 beer without any problems, were too drunk after one round of Ride the Bus to see the fireworks.

For Ride the Bus only one card deck is needed.

The rules for the drinking game Ride the Bus are a bit more complex and need a bit more explanation than the other drinking games in this list, so we’ve put them together on a separate page:

👉 Ride the Bus Rules

UNO as a Drinking Game

Of course, as one of the most popular card games in the world, UNO also offers a party and drinking game variation. Anyone who doesn’t have UNO in the household, can get UNO dirty cheap on Amazon for only 4.97

👉 UNO on Amazon

UNO Drinking Game Rules:

Mix the cards and you’re ready to go. The youngest player always starts. Then continue clockwise. Here are the rules that make UNO a drinking show:

You have to drink if:

  • You draw the same color as the player before you.
  • You draw the same number as the player before you.
  • If you draw a suspension card, you may choose a player to drink.
  • With a return card the direction is changed just like with the normal Uno.
  • With a draw-two card, the player who next draws a card drinks. (If your Draw Two card is the same color as the previous card, you must drink as well.)
  • For a plus-four-card: everybody has to drink.

It is played until all cards have been drawn.

Additional rules for UNO as a drinking game

We have written down some additional rules for UNO that make the drinking game even more intense: 👉 Additional rules for UNO

Russian Roulette

Russian roulette is a drinking game in which luck and skill are important. Since there is only one cup filled with vodka on each side and the opposing team does not know which one it is, a hit can often be enough to avert the worst and plunge the opponent into misfortune.

Equipment for Russian Roulette

  • 12 Beer Pong Cups
  • a Ping Pong Ball
  • Vodka or other hard liquor
  • A big table

Guides and rules for the drinking game Russian Roulette:

A team starts and tries to throw the ping pong ball into the cup of the opponents. If he succeeds, the opposing team must drink the cup and take it off the table. After every throw, as usual in Russian roulette, the opposing team’s turn. The winner is the team that first hit all the opponent’s cups. The losing team must also drink the remaining cups of the winning team.

Power Hour

Since there is already music playing in the background on almost all New Year’s Eve parties, you can also hit a power hour mix. Because Power Hour is a drinking game based on music, where every minute a shot of beer is drunk.

What is a Power Hour Mix?

A power hour mix is a mixture of several songs, each lasting only one minute. After that the next song will be played.

On Soundcloud there are countless Power Hour Mixes for free:
Power Hour Music Mix

This is how Power Hour works:

Each player places a shot glass in front of them (or simply a beer bottle), and with every song change, the shot is drunk, or a sip taken from the beer.

Power Hour can be played casually without you playing “actively” a drinking game.

Further drinking games for New Year’s Eve

Of course, there are many more drinking games that are suitable for your New Year’s Eve party. Search our list with all drinking games, maybe you like one or the other game better than one of these in the lists.

👉 All Drinking Games

Have a nice New Year’s Eve and enjoy the last day of the year! 🎉

And do not forget: Take care when drinking and please do not drive afterwards by car or bike!

✍️  September 15, 2019

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