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“Buzz” is the perfect game for any party or gathering. It’s fast-paced, easy to learn, and guarantees a lot of laughs. Whether hosting a small get-together with friends or throwing a big bash, “Buzz” will surely be a hit.

This fun drinking game is all about counting and paying attention, so make sure your guests are ready to bring their A-game. The more players, the better – but be warned, things can get pretty wild with a big group!

How to play “Buzz” Drinking Game

Playing the “Buzz” drinking game is simple and only requires a few items. Here’s what you’ll need:

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  • A group of 2 or more players
  • Drinks for each player (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  • Quick reflexes and a good sense of humor

Once you have your players and drinks ready, follow these steps to get the “Buzz” drinking game started:

1. Gather in a circle!

Have all players sit or stand in a circle facing each other.

2. Decide on the starting player!

You can pick someone randomly, go around the circle, or even start with the host – it’s up to you!

3. Start counting!

The “Buzz” drinking game begins with the first player saying “1” and then continuing to count. The next player says “2”, and so on.

4. Watch out for specific numbers!

Players must also watch out for specific numbers as the numbers get higher. These numbers are:

  • Any number containing the digit 7 (e.g., 17, 27, and 37)
  • Any multiple of 7 (e.g., 14, 28, and 35)
  • Double-digit numbers (e.g., 11, 22, and 33)

When a player reaches one of these numbers, they must say “buzz” instead of the number. For example, if Player 1 says “15”, Player 2 would say “16”, and then Player 3 would say “Buzz”.

5. Don’t make mistakes!

If a player messes up the counting, doesn’t say “buzz” when they should, or says “buzz” when they shouldn’t, they must sip their drink.

6. Keep the “Buzz” drinking game going

The counting continues clockwise, with players taking turns saying numbers and “buzz” when necessary. The “Buzz” drinking game gets more difficult as the numbers increase and players start to feel the effects of their drinks!

“Buzz” Drinking Game Rules

Now that you know how to play, here are a few extra rules to make the game even more enjoyable. These rules are entirely optional, so feel free to add or modify them as you see fit:

1. Reverse Counting

Once the counting reaches 20, players must start counting backward. This can get tricky and add an extra challenge to the “Buzz” drinking game.

2. Change the direction

A player can change the counting direction at any point during the “Buzz” drinking game by saying “switch”. This means that players will now count in a counter-clockwise direction instead of going clockwise.

3. Make it more difficult

You can make specific numbers even more challenging if you want to up the stakes. For example:

  • Instead of saying “buzz” on numbers containing 7, you can make players stand up and spin around once.
  • Instead of saying “buzz” on multiples of 7, you can make players take a shot or chug their drink.
  • Instead of saying “buzz” on double-digit numbers, you can make players say a word or phrase that rhymes with the number (ex: instead of saying “22”, they would say “boo”).

Get creative and have fun with it!

Now that you know the rules, gather your friends and prepare for a night of laughter and good times with the “Buzz” Drinking Game. Cheers! 🍻

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