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Stump is a mix of skill and luck. The need for a stump makes it suitable for special parties. Stump is the perfect drinking game for tailgates or frat parties The game originated in rural inns in Germany. Fresh cut out tree trunks were carried by woodworkers to the local inn to party after the work for the day was done.

Equipment to play stump:

  • Stump
  • Masonry Hammer
  • Nails
  • Alcohol
  • Two or more players(depending on the size of the stump)

Which nails are suitable for the nailbar drinking game?

We recommend to use slim and long nails, because slim nails are bent extremely fast (which of course makes the game more exciting and funnier).

How to play stump setup

The players and specatators gather around the stupmp.

Each player receives a nail.

Before the game starts, each player pokes his nail about a thumb’s breadth into the stump.

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It is convenient to place the nails at some distance from each other. The nails should all be roughly the same depth in the stump before the game begins.

Each player takes turns in trying to hit his nail with the slim side of the hammer into the stump.

Procedure and rules of the party game Stump:

The goal is to hit the nail with the thin side of the hammer completely into the stump.

The youngest player starts and clockwise everyone is allowed to hit his nail once.

Once the first player has struck his nail completely in the stump, all other players have to drink.

If more than two players participate, the game is not over yet. It continues until only one player has a nail that has not yet been hit in the stump. Whenever a player hits a nail in the stump all other players who have not yet hit their nail in the stump must drink.

In the second round, the player who was unable to hit his nail in the stump in the first round starts. However, every player gets a new nail again.

Be careful when handling the hammer. Stump is a great drinking game, but it should not necessarily be played when the degree of alcoholization is too high. Otherwise, injuries can occur.

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As already mentioned, a masonry hammer is needed to play stump. This and the required stumk often exclude stump as a spontaneous party game.

Additional rules for stump:

If some people are completely incompetent and the difference in skills is too great, they may be allowed to hit the nail with the thick side of the hammer. However, this is really only to be recommended if VERY little to no manual skills are available.

As always, it is important to take care when dealing with alcohol and please use no tables to play stump!

Stump is really a drinking game of skill and player with manual skills have a strong advantage. However due to the preparation need to play the game, it is alway a hit and makes for special parties.

Dangers of drinking game stump:

As funny as the drinking game stump is, also as always: Take care when dealing with alcohol and knows your limits!

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