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What is the Cheers to the Governor Game?

Looking for something to play in a party that doesn’t require playing cards, dice or other party game materials? Cheers to the Governor is a fun turn-based party drinking game where you only need two things - alcohol and a lot of imagination to have an great time with friends!

Make sure to yell “Cheers to the governor” as loud as you can once the game gets going! Also known as the 21 Drinking Game, Cheers to the Governor is perfect when played with three or more people.

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How to Play Cheers to the Governor

One of the key points that you need to remember when learning how to play Cheers to the Governor is that players need to count from 1 to 21. Everyone takes turns saying a number until a player reaches 21. Once the number 21 is called out, all the players must yell “Cheers to the governor!” and drink.

Sounds easy, right? It becomes a little harder after every round. Every time you and your friends make it to the number 21 and complete a round, the person who calls out the number 21 gets to make a rule.

As new rules keep adding up, your game won’t be as easy as you first thought. The more you play, the more it becomes messier and entertaining!

Cheers to the Governor Rules

Getting used to the Cheers to the Governor rules is pretty easy. To sum it up, it basically involves counting and drinking. Easy peasy! The main rule is that players need to count to 21 while doing certain actions at certain numbers and of course shouting “Cheers to the governor!” when a player reaches the number 21.

Here are the basic rules when playing Cheers to the Governor.

  1. All the players sit in a circle while taking turns counting from 1 to 21.

  2. Whoever messes up the count has to drink, and the game starts back at number 1.

  3. When a player gets to the number 21, he/she says ‘Cheers to the governor!’ and everyone drinks.

  4. The player who said the number 21 gets to make up a new rule for the next round.

  5. Every time a round finishes, the person who said the number 21 can add a new rule.

  6. If players are not able to follow the rules assigned to their number, they must drink. The game starts at number 1 again.

  7. The game ends once you have 21 rules or players are too tired or drunk to play!

New rules can be things like, ‘Clap five times on number 5’, or ‘say a celebrity’s name on number 8’. Feel free to make up rules while playing!

Cheers to the Governor Rule Ideas

What makes Cheers to the Governor extra fun is making up all sorts of crazy rules and trying to keep track of every single rule which becomes more challenging when players start becoming drunk!

Check out some of these Cheers to the Governor rule ideas that have already been assigned to specific numbers. You can also tweak these rules to make your game more exciting!

1 - Jump

When players say number 1, they must jump once.

2 - Swap a number

When players get to the number 2, they must call out number 3 instead. The next player has to say number 2 then.

3 - Make an animal noise

When players get to number 3, they must make an animal noise.

4 - Use another language

When players reach number 4, they must say the number four in another language. For example, 4 is quatro!

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5 - Girl power

When a player says number 5, all the female players must drink.

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6 - Cursed number

Say a curse word after saying number 6. If it’s not a curse word, you must take a drink.

7 - On 7, say 11

When players get to the number 7, they must say the number 11 instead. 7-11…get it?

8 - Boys’ world

When players say number 8, all the male players must drink.

9 - Counting fingers

When players get to number 9, they must hold up 9 fingers. If they say number 9 out loud, they must take a drink.

10 - Everyone drinks

When a player calls out the number 10, everyone must drink.

11 - Around the world

When players say number 11, they must say a country too.

12 - Skip a number

Nobody can say the number 12. Once a player gets to number 12, he/she should say number 13 instead.

13 - Dance away

When players reach number 13, they must dance instead of saying the number 13 out loud.

14 - Say nothing

When players reach number 14, they must say nothing and just take a drink.

15 - Stand up

When players reach number 15, they must stand and take a drink.

16 - Clap

When players reach number 16, they must clap 16 times.

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17 - Rhyme

When players reach number 17, they must shout “Clementine”.

18 - Sing a song

When players reach number 18, they must sing a song.

19 - Strike a pose

When players reach number 19, they must make a selfie pose.

20 - Sharing is caring

When players reach number 20, they can point to someone who must take a drink.

21 - Switch places

When players call out the number 21, they can make everyone change places to make it more confusing!

More Cheers to the Governor Rule Ideas

Still looking for more rules? Here are a few more ideas that you can use any time during the game.

1. Cheers, guvnah!

Instead of yelling, “Cheers to the governor!”, players must yell, “Cheers, guvnah!” instead.

2. No laughing

Any player who laughs during a round must drink.

3. Be brave

Any player who hesitates to call out a number must drink.

4. Go left

For one round, all players must use their left hand whenever they have to drink.

5. Count backwards

Play a round counting backwards. One player starts calling out number 21. The player who reaches number 1 must yell, “Cheers to the governor!” and add a rule for the next round.

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