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How to play “Truth or Drink”

Truth or Drink can be played by 2 or more people. Take turns getting one random question that you’ll read to the other person. The other person then must answer the question truthfully or take a shot.

What is Truth or Drink?

Truth or Drink is the drinking game version of Truth or Dare. Instead of players giving challenges to each other, they must take a drink instead if they don’t want to answer a question.

While Truth or Drink can be played by two people, it also works exceptionally well when played by a group. It’s a great way to break the ice and get people to relax!

Get ready for some good Truth or Drink questions that will either make you reveal unexpected things about yourself or get you utterly drunk by the end of the night!

Online version of “Truth or Drink”

In the free online version of “Truth or Drink”, you can choose between 4 different categories:

Normal Mode

This is the casual mode to get started. Just funny questions to find out things about the others. It’s also safe for work!

Party Mode

The Party mode of Truth or Drink is perfect to share some wild party stories while being nice to each other.

Dirty Mode

The title says it all. Spicey questions and definitely NSFW (not safe for work)!

Intimate Mode

For good friends and couples. These questions will test your relationships.

Truth or Drink alternatives

If you prefer the physical card game version of Truth or Drink, grab your copy at a discounted price on, or if you prefer the non-alcoholic version, play Truth or Dare online.

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