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How many Players do you need for Boat Race?

To play Boat Race you need enough players to create two teams.

What do I need to play Boat Race?

Boat Race Game Rules:

The teams should line up on the opposite site of the table. Every player needs a cup with a drink in front of him. Make sure that every player has the same amount and same drink in their cup.

On the count of three, the first player on each team starts to drink. Once a player has drained his cup, he slams it upside down onto the table.

This is the signal for the next player on the team to start drinking.

If a player spills any of his drink or flips his cup over before he finished it, he has to drink another cup, before the next player on the team can continue.

Of course this rule also applies if a player starts drinking prematurely before the player him has finished.

The first team to finish all their cups wins.

The losing team has to drink another round of cups or a round of shots.

As always please drink responsible and adhere to your local drinking laws.

✍️  March 23, 2019

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