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A game that has taken the world by storm, Among Us is all about teamwork, betrayal, and community. And what better way to spice up your gaming experience than a tried and tested method of flirting? That’s right, we’re talking about pick-up lines!

With the added twist of Among Us references, these lines are bound to create an impression. So, don’t be sus and let’s jump right into our curated list of Among Us pick-up lines that’ll make your journey among the stars a little more romantic!

Fun Among Us pick-up lines

Ready to make your crush smile? Try out hilarious pick-up lines that are sure to make them chuckle and maybe even blush a little.

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From sabotaging the ship to fixing wires, these pick-up lines will surely hit the sweet spot.

1. I think someone sabotaged the lights, but it’s alright. You can still be my beacon.

My light to guide me through the dark.

2. Are you the card-swiping task? Because I’d swipe right on you.

Among Us is not a dating app, but it COULD be if you try hard enough.

3. This isn’t the only rocket ship you’ll be on tonight.

If you know, you know.

4. Are you the reactor saboteur? Because you’ve powered up my heart meltdown.

The one’s with electric sparks are the best, aren’t they?

5. All I saw on cams was that sweet body running around.

What’s your next move, impostor?

6. [Insert color] is Sus. I saw them kill my interest in others.

Vote them off!

7. Can we navigate this ship to the bedroom?

I like the way you pilot.

N e w !
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8. Did you sabotage O2? Because you just took my breath away.

Give me air!

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9. Was that the reactor going off or did your hotness just skyrocket?

Oh, it was both? Perfect.

10. That medscan cannot show what I see in you.

But I’d love to give it a try.

11. Oh, the electricals got sabotaged? I couldn’t tell when there’s so much electricity between us.

Sparks are flying everywhere.

12. Without you, I feel like a dead body.

But please don’t report me.

13. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you really happy to see me?

Either way, I’m flattered.

14. Are you the impostor? ‘Cause you’re killing me with your charm.

But let’s keep it a secret for now.

15. You can call me sus and vote me off anytime you want, because I’m willing to die for you.

That’s how strong my feelings are.

16. Would you be the witness to my medbay scan?

I need someone to hold my hand.

17. That pet looks good on you but you know what would look better? Me.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about being an impostor.

18. Somebody call an emergency meeting! I think I finally found the one who stole my heart.

Unleash the power of these epic gamer pick-up lines to make a lasting impression on your special someone.

Dirty Among Us pick-up lines

Feeling flirty? Pick-up lines with a naughty twist are perfect for those steamy conversations.

Of course, keep in mind the other person’s comfort level before blurting these out. Use them with caution!

1. Did you sabotage the lights or did you just turn me on?

Either way, I’m all fired up.

2. You don’t have to vote to get me off.

Just ask nicely.

3. Are you one of my tasks? Because I really want to do you.

Over and over again.

4. Call me the MedBay… because I’d love to scan your body.

For science, of course.

5. I’m jealous of your hat… Because it gets to be on you.

I want to be on you too.

6. Are you busy later? Because I’d love to explore your lower engine.

I heard it’s a hot spot.

7. Do your tasks include making me scream tonight?

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

8. Done with your tasks? Wanna come explore my cockpit next?

The view is amazing.

9. Are you a vent? Cuz I wanna pop in you, do the deed, and pop out.

It’s all about efficiency, right?

10. Hey, did you just kill me? Because I’ve got a big bone sticking out now…

I blame it on the adrenaline.

11. Thankful to have you as a crewmate… but do you want to add a letter and become screwmates instead?

Just being honest!

12. Wanna come back to my place and finish the rest of your tasks?

Spoiler alert: they all involve you.

13. Are you a vent? Because I can totally dig into you.

And no one will ever know.

14. If we were in the Reactor, there’d be a meltdown of our clothes by now.

Time to cool down in my arms.

15. Hey, that space suit must be really uncomfortable. Want me to help you out of it?

Want to make your crush melt? Our article reveals a tantalizing array of dirty pick-up lines that will leave your special someone craving more.

Pick-up lines are a great way to break the ice and add some fun to your gaming experience, even in a game like Among Us. But remember, always be respectful and know your boundaries. Happy flirting! Explore our handpicked conversation starters and create memorable connections now.

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