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Uno is one of the most popular card game that has been around for decades. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all of your cards!

In this article, we will give you a brief introduction on how to play Uno as a drinking game. Don’t worry, it’s really easy!

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How to Make UNO a Drinking Game

The UNO card game is already fun to play on its own, but if you play UNO as a drinking game, it becomes more fun and hilarious!

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UNO comes with its own set of cards. The great thing about this is that you can assign drinking rules to UNO cards. Get ready to have a blast when you play UNO as a drinking game!

UNO Regular Version

In the regular version of UNO, players receive 7 cards each. The remaining cards are stacked as a pile at the center of the table or floor.

Players begin the game by laying down the same cards from their hand (same color, same number or action). They then take turns drawing cards from the pile of cards to find pairs for the remaining cards that they have.

The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards as soon as possible. Whoever has one card left in their hand must shout “UNO” to successfully exit the game.

UNO Drinking Game Version

When playing UNO as a drinking game, you’ll find that it’s pretty similar to how you would play regular UNO. What’s different is that UNO action cards become drinking rules instead! There are 112 cards in an UNO deck. That’s a whole lot of drinking rules for you and your friends!

If you want to add your own twist to your UNO Drinking Game, you can also include other mini drinking games with UNO cards. Surprise your friends by adding deadly cocktails at random times during the game!

UNO Drinking Game Rules

Ready to play UNO as a drinking game? Shuffle the cards well, and let the youngest player go first. The rest of the players then take turns in a clockwise sequence.

What makes the UNO Drinking Game extra fun are the drinking rules that can be assigned to the cards. Get your bottle of vodka or tequila ready because you’ll be drinking a lot of UNO Drinking Game shots!

Before you start, decide as a group what your 1 drink will be. Is 1 drink equivalent to 1 shot of vodka or tequila? Or is it equivalent to 1 sip of beer? You don’t need to drink large amounts of alcohol all at once. It’s more important that your game lasts for a while so that you can enjoy it!

Here are some UNO Drinking Game rules to keep in mind for your game.

1. If you forget the rules or ask a question, take 1 drink.

Better pay attention!

2. If you play a card with the same color as the player before you, take 1 drink.

How does one avoid that?

3. If you play a card with the same number as the player before you, take 1 drink.

This is just pure luck.

4. If you lose a turn because of a skip or miss a turn, take 1 drink.

This sucks.

5. If you play a Draw-Two card, take 2 drinks.

Makes sense.

6. If you play a Draw-Four card, everyone drinks!


7. If you forget to shout “UNO” when you have 1 card left, take 4 drinks.

Be alert! If you can!

8. If you play a suspension card, you may choose a player to drink.

Of course, pick someone who needs to catch up on their drinks!

9. If you are the player with the most cards at the end of the game, drink a glass of beer bottoms up.

If you’re drinking shots, should you make them drink what’s left on the bottle?!

10. If you play a blank Wild Card, you can make up any rule you like!

Make someone do jumping jacks while tipsy and see how that goes!

If all the cards from the pile have been drawn, you can shuffle the cards that have been laid down and use them again. The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards.

You can continue the game until there’s only one player left with cards. The player with the remaining cards is the loser. Make him/her a dare as a penalty!

Well, there you have it! Now that you know how to play Uno as a drinking game, why not explore other fantastic drinking games? If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our article on the best drinking games for any occasion. Cheers and happy playing!

Card Drinking Games Like UNO

There are many party card games that are just as fun and exciting to play as an UNO Drinking Game. When playing these card games, you need to keep your wits about you which is a challenge when you’re going from slightly tipsy to completely drunk!

Here are other games similar to the UNO Drinking Game:

1. Kings Cup

Kings Cup aka Circle of Death is a famous card party game that can be played in small or big groups depending on your mood! Although it’s played with a regular deck of cards, it is similar to the UNO Drinking Game since rules are also assigned to the cards that players pick.

To play Kings Cup, you need to have a mug/glass of beer at the center of a table. You then surround the glass with playing cards facing down.

During the game, players will take turns drawing cards from the center pile. Once they pick a card, they must perform the rule associated with the card that they got.

Make sure to pay attention! If you keep failing to follow the “rules”, you’ll end up drinking way more than the other players!

Here are some random Kings Cup rules:

  • If you draw a 2-card, point at someone and say “you”. That person must drink.
  • If you draw a 6-card, all the female players must drink.
  • No first names. Anyone who uses a name must drink.
  • Any time someone touches their nose, everyone else must do it as well. The last person to notice and touch their nose must drink.
  • Say a word that everyone must take turns rhyming with. The first person that fails to give a rhyming word or repeats a word must drink.
  • If you draw a Jack card, you get to play a quick game of Never Have I Ever.
  • If you draw a King card, you can make up a rule that everyone has to follow!

👉 Check out more Kings Cup rules to make your game more exciting!

2. Higher or Lower

How good are you at making guesses? That’s the skill you need if you want to win in a game of Higher or Lower.

Higher or Lower is an easy-to-play card drinking game that anyone can play though you need to have lots of luck if you want to win this game!

To play Higher or Lower, players are dealt a card first. Once a player receives the first card, he/she needs to guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the first card that they received.

  • If a player makes a WRONG guess, the person sitting next to them drinks once.
  • If a player makes a CORRECT guess, the player can pick another card and make a guess again.

Once the player has guessed three consecutive cards correctly, he/she may continue guessing with the succeeding cards or say that they’ll take a pass. If a player passes on a turn, the next player can play.

Every time a player makes a wrong guess, he/she drinks for each card showing.

Try to remember which cards have come out so that you can make more accurate guesses later in the game!

3. Blowing Cards

Want a drinking game where you don’t have to keep track of cards all the time? Blowing Cards is an extremely fun and easy card game that won’t make you think too much!

Just like with other games in this list, make sure that you have your deck of cards and your choice of alcohol. You will also need a tall drinking glass for your alcohol and a table.

All you need to do to play Blowing Cards is to fill the drinking glass with beer or any other drink of your choice then set it at the center of the table. Once your drinking glass is ready, you place the deck of cards on top of it.

Now that the cards have been placed on top of the glass, players take turns trying to blow the cards away until there’s no card left on the glass. The person that is left with the last card is the loser and has to drink the alcohol in the glass!

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