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Top 8 Halloween Drinking Games

Here’s an overview of our favorite adult Halloween party drinking games.

1. Circle of Death / Kings Cup 🍺

Circle of Death is a classic card drinking game. Everyone knows it. And everyone loves it. Circle of Death is a simple drinking game that gives every numbered card, including jack, queen, king, and ace, a function.

In the traditional game, the cards are placed under the tab of a beer can and the first to pop it drinks the entire beer. In this version, a strong and off-putting concoction is poured into a plastic pumpkin. When someone draws specific cards such as 6 or 10, they have to take a sip from the pumpkin.

Kings Cup Rules & Gameplay

If you’re not familiar with the game rules, have a look here: Kings Cup Rules

Kings Cup Online Version

If you don’t have a deck of cards at hand, you can also play our free online version. In the online version, you just have to click and the game will tell you what to do. Check it our here:

Play Kings Cup online

2. Boozing for Apples 🍎

This game is a fun and adult version of the game bobbing for apples.

There are two ways to play this game. If you are feeling particularly lazy, just add apples and small liquor bottles and make players push past the apples to pick up a bottle. The best way to play, however, is to dig a hole into each apple and insert the liquor shot so the player has no clue what they will be getting.

We prefer the second way! 😉

3. Wrap-a-Mummy

To play Wrap-a-Mummy, all you need is a generous stock of toilet paper and teams of two or three.

When the teams are distributed, they are all given a roll of toilet paper. One or two people from the team will be the wrappers and the other person will be the mummy. Someone in the group must serve as the judge, and the team that wraps their mummy the fastest wins.

The winners get to watch as the losers chug the rest of their drinks.

4. Liq-Or-Treat Shots

For this game, one person (ideally someone who isn’t participating) pours a line or treat shots and a line of trick shots when no one is watching. The treat shots should contain liquor or cocktail mixes that are pleasant such as Fireball, Bailey’s, and vodka mixed with soda or juice.

In the trick shots, there should be hard-core liquor such as gin, tequila, whiskey, and vodka without mixers. Each person will flip a coin. If it lands on heads, they pick a treat shot. If it lands on tails, they pick a trick shot.

5. Eyeball Beer Pong

For the lazy people out there (like myself), this is the perfect game for you. All that it entails is gluing (or drawing with sharpie) eyeballs onto a plain white ping pong ball. Once the eyeballs are complete, they should be used as the balls in beer pong. To get even more in the spirit, use red Halloween punch in the cups instead of water or beer.

Beer Pong Rules

Forgot the rules for Beer Pong? We got you covered. Here are all the rules for Beer Pong: Beer Pong Rules

6. Name That Bone

In order to play this game, you’ll need a Halloween skeleton, preferably one that contains most if not all of the bones.

But well, not everybody got a skeleton at home. So you can also take a look at pictures for this one. One by one, starting from the skull to the toes, guests must guess the name of the particular bone. If they can’t, they must drink.

Those that can, get to dish out a drink to someone else. If there are no medical experts at the party, a quick google search will suffice.

7. Boring Costume Bingo

Whether it is at a bar, or as new guests arrive at the party, this game can be played anywhere.

The game is played throughout the night as people enter the party (or the bar). If someone comes in or is seen with a stereotypical costume such as a bunny, cat, sexy nerd, prisoner, or ghost, then everyone has to drink but the person who pointed the costume out.

8. Halloween Movie Night

A perfect occasion for a Horror movie drinking game at the movie night is Halloween. Matching the theme, there are also Halloween drinking games. But be honest: if it’s up to us, you should definitely play the horror movie drinking game a lot more often than once a year on Halloween!

12 Horror Movie Drinking-Game Rules Everyone Must Drink

  • Every time a loud or eerie sound suddenly sounds to scare the viewer but nothing bad happens, everyone has to take a sip. Who flinches or yells, drinks twice!
  • Every time the phone rings and a mysterious caller is on the line everyone has to drink!
  • Every time someone in the movie drinks alcohol, everyone has to take a sip.
  • When drowning in ex horror movie, all players have to empty their glass in one go.
  • Every time a person screams in the movie, everybody has to drink.
  • Whenever one of the main characters receives an urgent warning of the evil, but simply does not want to hear it, they all have to take 3 punches as a substitute.
  • Every time in the movie without good reason technology fails, for example, the phone, the electricity, the car, the lawnmower, have to drink all three sips.
  • Every time 2 people smooch together, a romance or sex scene develops, 2 couples have to find each other and the glass of the other exen!
  • Whenever one of the victims grabs a kitchen knife or a stabbing weapon, everyone must drink.
  • Every time someone goes down to the basement, up the loft, into a secret passage or a hidden room, everyone has to take a drink!
  • Everyone has to exept their glass when someone you thought was dead, later comes back alive.
  • When someone in the movie undresses, everyone has to take off a piece of clothing and take a deep sip from the glass to make up for the heat loss.

For more rules, check this out: Horror Movie Drinking Games

Dangers of playing these Halloween games ⚠️

Halloween is a perfect occasion to party and have some drinks, but it could also lead to consuming a lot of alcohol. I mean, yes, that’s why we’re playing drinking games. But please, don’t drink and drive afterwards! Have fun playing these Halloween drinking games!

✍️  September 16, 2019

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