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Play, drink, and be scary! Here’s a list of our favorite party drinking games that adults will enjoy playing!

1. Circle of Death / Kings Cup🍺

Beer with playing cards on table

Circle of Death or Kings Cup is a classic party drinking game that will be a sure hit at any party! It is a simple card game that gives every numbered card in your playing cards deck a function.

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This includes the jack, queen, king, and ace cards. In the regular version of Circle of Death, the cards are placed under the tab of a beer can, and the first to pop it drinks the entire beer.

The Halloween version of Circle of Death is also called Hungry Pumpkin because instead of drinking from a beer can, players will have to drink an alcoholic concoction that is poured into a plastic pumpkin!

Since part of a great Halloween party is scaring your friends and getting them drunk, you can mix all kinds of spirits into your ‘death drink’ to make it a mysterious concoction that your friends will be afraid of drinking. The last person who picks a card has to drink the remaining concoction in the pumpkin!

Kings Cup Online Version

If you don’t have a deck of cards at hand, you can also play our free online version. In the online version, you just have to click, and the game will tell you what to do. Check it out here:

Play Kings Cup online

👉 If you want to find out more about Kings Cup, follow the link!

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2. Boozing for Apples 🍎

Everyone has heard of Bobbing for Apples as the perfect kids’ party game, but did you know that it has an adult version? Boozing for Apples is a lot less innocent than Bobbing for Apples, but it is definitely more exciting for adults!

Based on its name alone, you know that alcohol is involved when you play Boozing for Apples. There are two easy ways to play Boozing for Apples. The easy way is to fill a tub or barrel with apples, water, and miniature liquor bottles. Players will have to bob for apples or drinks from the barrel. If they get the liquor bottles, then they get to enjoy their Halloween treat!

The 2nd and sneakier way to play Boozing for Apples is to dig a hole into each apple and insert a shot of liquor into it. Mix the alcoholic apples together with regular apples so that players will have no idea what they will be getting!

3. Wrap-a-Mummy

All you need to play Wrap-a-Mummy are rolls of toilet paper and teams of two or three people. Each team selects a player to act as a mummy, then both teams try to wrap their mummy with toilet paper as quickly as possible.

The finished mummies will then drink a glass of alcohol after being spun around. Whichever mummy successfully finishes their drink first wins the game! The losing team will have to take another drink as their punishment.

The winners get to watch as the losers chug the rest of their drinks.

4. Liq-Or-Treat Shots

Ready for the grown-up version of Trick or Treat? Forget candy. You’ll have your fill of drinks when you play Liq-Or-Treat!

For this game, one person (ideally someone who isn’t participating) pours a line of treat shots and a line of trick shots when no one is watching. The treat shots should contain liquor or cocktail mixes that are pleasant such as Fireball, Bailey’s, and vodka mixed with soda or juice.

For the trick shots, these should be hard-core liquor such as gin, tequila, whiskey, and vodka without mixers.

Each person will flip a coin. If it lands on heads, they pick a treat shot. If it lands on tails, they drink one of the trick shots.

Tip: If you’re in need of shot glasses, these simple set including 6 different glasses on Amazon are our recommendations:

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5. Eyeball Beer Pong

If you’re familiar with Beer Pong, then you already know how to play Eyeball Beer Pong! Eyeball Beer Pong is the Halloween version of Beer Pong.

The main difference is that you glue or draw eyeballs onto a plain white ping pong ball! Once you have your DIY eyeball ping pong ball, you instantly have a Halloween party game that is guaranteed to give everyone an awesome time!

To get into the Halloween spirit more, put red Halloween punch into the cups instead of beer or water.

👉 Forgot the rules for Beer Pong? We got you covered. Here are all the rules for Beer Pong: Beer Pong Rules

Tip: Want to make it more professional? Take a look at this amazing Beer Pong Set on Amazon:

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6. Name That Bone

Have you ever played the board game Operation as a kid? If you were pretty good at playing Operation, you have a fighting chance of doing well in a game of Name that Bone!

To play Name that Bone, you will need a cheap, plastic, or cut-out skeleton, preferably one that has most of its bones. Each player takes turns in naming a specific bone on the body. If they get it wrong, they will have to drink!

Make sure you have some reference materials like an anatomy book or access to Google so that you can look up the correct answers!

Available on

7. Boring Costume Bingo

Wearing a costume is one of the best things about Halloween. It’s the perfect excuse for you to let loose and become someone or something else for a night!

The Boring Costume Bingo is a game you can play to see if your friends will come to your party wearing costumes that are either fun and creative or boring and stereotypical. How many people do you think will come as Catwoman? Or Batman? Don’t forget the sexy bunny or the (lazy) ghost too!

Play this game by watching guests arrive at your party. If one of your guests points out someone coming into the party venue wearing a stereotypical Halloween costume such as a bunny, cat, sexy nerd, prisoner, or ghost, then everyone in the party will have to drink. The person who pointed out the costume is exempted from drinking.

If you plan on playing this game, you can even give your guests a heads up that they need to come in a crazy costume or else. You’ll see how many will take your warning seriously!

8. Halloween Movie Night

Are you thinking of binge-watching your favorite horror movies for Halloween? Scaring yourself silly with your friends while watching horror movies is a fun way to spend your Halloween night!

To spice up your Halloween Movie Night, throw in some alcohol too! One of the hilarious things about watching horror movies is when you find yourself screaming at the actors when they do something stupid. Why not have a drink every time something cliche happens? All scary movies have some scenes in common that are perfect for a Halloween movie drinking game!

Horror Movie Game Rules Where Everyone Must Drink

  • Drink when the phone rings, and no one speaks on the other end of the line.
  • Drink when someone in the movie drinks alcohol.
  • Drink when someone goes to the house’s 2nd floor to run away from their attacker.
  • Drink when the car doesn’t start.
  • Drink when someone leaves to investigate a strange noise.
  • Drink when there’s an unnecessary underwear scene.
  • Drink when the killer is hiding in a car’s backseat.
  • Drink when a character that you thought was dead shows up later in the movie.
  • Drink when someone goes down to the scary basement.
  • Drink when one of the victims grabs a kitchen knife or stabbing weapon for protection.
  • Drink when someone dies before the opening credits.
  • Drink when there’s suddenly a loud or eerie sound, but nothing bad happens.

👉 For more ideas, check out our article about Horror Movie Drinking Games!

9. Halloween Feel Box

The Halloween Feel Box is a mystery box game! In this game, the players reach into boxes filled with items that feel like eyeballs, bones, guts, fingers, or other creepy stuff that fit right in with your party’s Halloween theme.

The players need to feel the item inside the boxes and guess what it is. Each player writes down their guess on a piece of paper, and the player with the most correct guesses wins! The losers will have to drink alcohol as a penalty.

This game is also known as Halloween Feely Box, Halloween Sensory Box, or Halloween Touchy-Feely Box. The main point is that you will have to use your senses and not let your imagination take over so that you can guess correctly!

Of course, the fun comes from what you imagine is inside the box! Does the box have a label saying it contains eyeballs? Even though it feels round, slimy, and squishy to the touch, there’s no need to run away screaming! It’s just peeled grapes or olives!

Here are other ideas of what you can put inside your Halloween Feel Boxes:

  • Dried apricots - ears
  • Fuzzy pipe cleaners - spider legs
  • Baby carrots - toes
  • Steamed cauliflower - brains
  • Popcorn kernels or elbow macaroni - teeth
  • Candy corn - vampire’s teeth
  • Peeled tomato - heart

10. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Kiss, Marry, Kill is a no-frills game where you only need your imagination to make players squirm in their seats! This game is so easy to play! You are given the names of three people.

They could be celebrities, people you know, or even fictional characters. All you have to do is to answer a simple question: out of these three people, who would you kiss, marry, or kill?

Sounds easy, right? Not really if your choices are Lord Voldermort from Harry Potter, Pennywise from It, or Ghostface from Scream! You can even list people who are present at your party, which will make things hilariously awkward!

Is this a drinking game? It could be! For people who can’t give an answer at all, make them drink a shot of tequila!

11. Never Have I Ever - Halloween Edition

Never Have I Ever is a classic party game that is perfect for any occasion, including Halloween! All you have to do to start the game is for someone to begin a sentence with “Never have I ever” and complete it with an action that the remaining players may or may not have done.

For example: Never have I ever…worn a sexy bunny costume for Halloween.

The players who have worn a sexy bunny costume for Halloween need to take a drink! If there’s none, then the one who made the statement takes a sip of beer, a shot of tequila, or a glass of your special Halloween cocktail.

To give your game of Never Have I Ever a Halloween twist, come up with statements about your favorite horror movie scenes, haunted house stories, paranormal experiences. Think about all sorts of scary stuff that will have your friends screaming or drinking the night away!

Beware! This Halloween Edition Never Have I Ever Questions are only for those who are brave enough to answer!

  • Never have I ever… screamed inside a movie house while watching a scary movie.
  • **Never have I ever…**watched a Japanese horror movie.
  • **Never have I ever…**watched the original Psycho movie.
  • **Never have I ever…**been to a haunted house.
  • **Never have I ever…**felt the presence of something unnatural.
  • **Never have I ever…**thought that I had a third eye.
  • **Never have I ever…**had my car break down on an empty road in the middle of nowhere.
  • **Never have I ever…**seen a ghost.
  • **Never have I ever…**felt scared in a hotel room by myself.
  • **Never have I ever…**had trouble sleeping after hearing a ghost story.
  • **Never have I ever…**joined a seance.
  • **Never have I ever…**played an Ouija board with my friends.
  • **Never have I ever…**stopped watching a movie because I was too scared.
  • **Never have I ever…**felt that someone was watching me, but there was no one around me.

👉 Looking for more ideas on what to ask? Check out More Never Have I Ever Questions

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Play Never Have I Ever online

12. Halloween Jinx

How do you go to a Halloween party and not say the word Halloween? That’s the entire point when you play Halloween Jinx!

To play Halloween Jinx, you need to pick a couple of Halloween-themed words that will be your taboo words for the night. For example, you can forbid people from saying Halloween, scary, pumpkin, trick or treat, etc.

When someone hears a friend say one of these words, they need to shout, “Jinx!”. The person who said the taboo word will have to take a drink.

You can play this throughout the night while playing other games. The more time passes, or the more people drink, the more they will get careless and forget not to say the forbidden words. It’s going to be an endless cycle of trying to keep your wits while getting tipsy at the same time!

At the end of the night, the winner is the person who said the least number of taboo words. Include Halloween Jinx in your Halloween party activities if you want a simple game that gets crazier the longer you play it!

13. Truth or Drink

Chances are you have played Truth or Dare at least once in your life, so you already know the rules when you play Truth or Drink. The only difference is that you drink alcohol instead of doing a dare!

To play the Halloween version of Truth or Drink, come up with your list of horror-themed, spooky questions!

Truth or Drink - Halloween Questions

  • Which friend will you bring with you if you need to sleep overnight in a haunted house?
  • Have you ever slept with the lights on after watching a scary movie?
  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • Do you believe in the paranormal?
  • Would you spend a night in a haunted house if someone pays you a lot of money?
  • Would you like to be a vampire or werewolf?
  • Can you lay down in a coffin for three minutes?
  • Have you ever walked through a graveyard late at night?

For people who can’t answer the questions, they will have to drink as punishment. Take your drink penalty up a notch and use Liq-Or-Treat-Shots! Picking Drink instead of Truth will not be as easy as it sounds. Your friends will have no idea if they are getting a trick or treat shot!

👉 Don’t have time to make up your own questions or dares? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Truth or Dare app

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14. Halloween Charades

You can never go wrong with a game of charades if you want a game that everyone can easily play. Charades is a great game that you can play anytime, including in your next Halloween party!

Need a refresher on how to play charades? Check out our Step by Step Guide on How to Play Charades

There are many ways you can add a Halloween twist to your game of charades. Split guests into teams and have them act out only Halloween-related words. If you think that’s too broad, you can also specify categories such as scary movies, Halloween decorations, songs to play during Halloween, monster characters, etc.

👉 If you need more ideas, check out more Ideas for Charades

15. Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt is an exciting group game that you can play with your friends. All you have to do is to set up Halloween-themed scavenger items around your party venue and tell your friends to hunt for it!

To be more specific, they will have to take photos of the scavenger items that they find. You can split up your guests into groups so that more people will be looking for the items.

You can either have the teams send their photos to a group messenger app within a specified time. (1-2 hours) The team that first sends all the photos in the scavenger list wins! For the players who lost, make them drink your special Halloween drink as penalty!

You can give people a list of items to find. To make the game more challenging, you can also throw in some riddles for people to figure out what the item is.

Here’s a list of Halloween-themed items and riddles for your Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Items

  • Pumpkins
  • Black cat
  • Spider
  • Halloween candy
  • Catwoman
  • Glow-sticks
  • Monster masks

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Riddles

  • I light up at night and often have a candle inside of my mouth. (jack-o-lantern)
  • If I cross your path, you may be destined for bad luck. (black cat)
  • I am often tangled up in a web of doom. (spider)
  • The person who built it sold it. The person who bought it never used it. The person who used it never saw it. What is it? (coffin)
  • Tonight is not all fright and fear, a trick or treat is waiting near. (Halloween candy)
  • I ride on a broom and stir up potions. (witch)
  • How do you spell candy in 2 letters? (C-and-Y = candy)
  • I’m tall when I’m young, I’m short when I’m old, and every Halloween, I stand up inside Jack-o’-lanterns. (candle)
  • If you see one flying around, you’d better be careful at night, as some turn into vampires and will give your neck a big bite. (bats)

16. Halloween-themed Would You Rather

The Halloween version of Would You Rather is just as fun to play as the regular version! With a Halloween-themed Would You Rather, you can ask all sorts of fun and spooky questions that will keep everyone on their toes!

To start your game, someone gives a question starting with, “Would you rather…”.

For example: Would you rather be bitten by a vampire or a werewolf?

Count to three and have everyone say this choice out loud. The people who picked the less popular choice will have to drink!

Here are some Halloween-themed Would You Rather questions that you can ask:

  • Would you rather spend Halloween night at a haunted house or spend the night at a cemetery?
  • Would you rather be in a zombie apocalypse or a ghost in a school forever?
  • Would you rather be a ghost or a zombie?
  • Would you rather have a creative costume or a scary costume?
  • Would you rather visit a haunted house or a haunted graveyard?
  • Would you rather date a scary clown or a sexy vampire?
  • Would you rather have Annabelle or Chucky as a toy?
  • Would you rather be a ghost and haunt anyone you want or just go to heaven?
  • Would you rather survive a horror movie scenario, but some of your friends die, or all your friends live, but you get killed?
  • Would you rather watch the original Japanese version or the US remake of The Ring?
  • Would you rather live in the world of The Purge or The Walking Dead?

👉 Want more ideas? Check out our list of Would You Rather questions!

Dangers of playing these Halloween games

Halloween is the perfect time to get crazy, have some drinks, and party with your friends! Even if you’re drinking, remember to be safe! Everyone can have a great time during Halloween as long as you look out for yourself and your friends. And remember not to drink and drive! Enjoy playing these Halloween drinking games, and cap off your night on a high note!

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