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Most good drinking games usually require several people or a slightly larger group. Here are great drinking games that you can play with two people.

Drinking Games for 2 People - Overview

Here is our list of the best drinking games for two that you can play right now. Just choose one of the games below to view the rules and guidelines.

👉 We sorted the list by popularity.

Never have I ever… 🤭

The drinking game “Never have I ever” definitely belongs at the top of the list. It’s perfect if you want to get to know each other (like on the first date), but it’s also perfect to play with your best buddy and learn one or two dirty secrets of each other. Either way, it’s a great game to get to level up your night.

Warning! ⚠️

One round of Never have I ever… could go dirty extremely quick! 😏

So if you find yourself in a kind of awkward and boring first date, try to break the ice with a game of Never have I ever…

Rules for: Never have I ever

For two players usually, the older one goes first and begins with the statement: “Never have I ever…

Never have I ever had sex on the first date.

Never have I ever - Online Version

Play “Never have I ever” online in your browser:

Play “Never Have I Ever” online

Now in this example, if one of you two already had sex on the first date, drink. To overcome an embarrassing silence, simply hold the drinking glass close at hand.

If none of you can agree with this statement, nobody has to drink. Then it continues clockwise, starting with “Never have I ever…”
Info: This rule is slightly different if you play it with only two people. If you’re in a big round, you only make statements that you already have done.

Bonus: 800+ Never have I ever - Statements

Here is our list of the most bizarre and dirtiest statements for the drinking game Never have I ever:
👉 800+ Never have I ever - Questions

“Never have I ever” - App

If you want to have it even easier, we have an App for “Never have I ever”. There you get random statements and questions. (Warning: Those questions are super dirty!)

UNO as a Drinking Game

As one of the most popular card games in the world, there is, of course, also a drinking game variation of UNO for 2 people.

UNO Drinking Game Rules

As with the normal version of UNO, the rules are simple: shuffle the cards and you’re ready to go. The youngest player always starts. Then continue clockwise. Here are the rules that makes UNO a drinking game:

You have to drink when…

  • You draw the same color as the player in front of you.
  • You draw the same number as the player in front of you.
  • If you draw a suspension card, you may choose a player to drink.
  • With a return card, the direction is changed just like with the normal Uno.
  • In a draw-two card, the player who next draws a card must drink. (If your Draw Two card is the same color as the previous card, you must drink as well.)
  • For a plus-four-card, everybody has to drink.

It is played until all cards have been drawn once. Various additional rules listed below can be executed. These increase the intensity of the drinking game.

Additional Rules for UNO as a Drinking Game

We have written down additional rules for UNO that make the drinking game even more intense: 👉 Additional Rules for UNO

Blow the Cards

All you need is a deck of playing cards and something to drink.

Setup of Blow the Cards

At the start of the game, you place a glass filled with any drink in the middle of the table. Then all the cards are put together in a stack and placed on the glass. For Blow the Cards it does not matter which cards you use and how many. But we recommend waterproof playing cards because the cards are very close to your drink.

Gameplay of Blow the Cards

The youngest of you start the drinking game. Then one of you now tries to blow at least one card from the deck of cards. Any number of cards may be blown from the glass. The goal is, of course, to “remove” the cards so that the next player clears all cards and must drink.

Jenga as a Drinking Game

Of course, as you know, Jenga is perfect for two. With a few extra rules, the Wooden Tower game becomes one of the best drinking games of all time. The Jenga rules remain the same, but individual stones are labeled. If you drag one of these labeled stones, you must perform the action associated with the label. The stones can be labeled arbitrarily. Ideas for potential labels:

In one go

Drink your drink in one go.


The smallest player has to drink three times and then may appoint someone who also has to drink three times.


Drink a tequila shot.

80s bands

Name three bands from the eighties or drink three times.

70s bands

Name three bands from the seventies or drink three times.


The ship goes down, everyone has to drink his drink.

More Jenga Drinking Game labeling ideas

For Jenga as a drinking game, there are still countless lettering ideas. If you need inspiration, have a look at our list: 👉 Jenga Drinking Game labeling ideas

“I’m Going on a Picnic…”

This is a memory game, which can be super hard if you already had one or two drinks.

Rules for “I’m Going on a Picnic…”

Go through the alphabet naming things you’d bring on a picnic, adding one more item per turn.

“I’m Going on a Picnic…” Example

  • Person A: I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing Apples.
  • Person B: I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing Apples and Bananas.
  • Person A: I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing Apples, Bananas, and Carrots.
  • And so on…

Drink every time someone makes a mistake. This game gets more hilarious both the drunker and the farther down the alphabet you get. Very likely you’ll get sidetracked by arguments about why anyone would need to bring a xylophone to a picnic.

Caps Drinking Game

This one can be played with either two or four people.

Rules for Caps

Each player sits facing the other at opposite ends of a table. Next to each player is a cup full of beer. Each player takes turns trying to throw a bottle cap into the other player’s cup. If one makes a hit, then the player that was scored on has to chug the cup of beer. What else are you going to do with those old bottle caps?

Quarters Drinking Game

For the drinking game Quarters you only need quarters and cups.

Quarters Rules and Gameplay:

One player tries to bounce a quarter off the table into a cup or shot glass.

If the shooter makes it, the other player must drink and the shooter gets another turn. If the shooter misses, it’s the other players turn to shoot.

This is probably the best drinking game for 2 people because it’s a skill game, and you definitely want to practice one-on-one before playing it at a party.

More Drinking Games for 2 People

Death Pong Drinking Game:

Beer pong with beer but one cup has a shot of liquor in it. The other team doesn’t know where you put the shot.

Tic-Tac-Toe Drinking Game:

Play tic-tac-toe with shots instead of x’s and o’s.

True American Drinking Game:

Set up tables, chairs, and cushions in a room so players can move around to escape from the “molten lava” on the floor. At the center is a castle made of a bottle containing a strong drink and many beers. As players traverse the game area, they remove beers and drink them. Once all of the beers have been removed, the first player to reach the bottle with the strong drink, finishes their beer, and takes a swig from the bottle, wins the game.

Conan the Barbarian Drinking Game:

Play Conan the Barbarian movie on DVD or stream it with the commentary turned on. Any time Arnold says the words, “right”, “exactly”, or a combination of the two, take a drink.

Red/Black Drinking Game:

You’ll need a deck of cards and beer. The dealer flips a card and other person guesses whether it’s red or black. If they’re right, nobody drinks. If they’re wrong, the guesser drinks. Three correct in a row you can make a rule, such as can’t say drink, drank, or drunk. If a rule is broken, the rule breaker must drink. Once the deck is completely gone through, reshuffle and start over.

Of course, there are many more drinking games that are suitable for two people. Search our list with all drinking games, maybe you like one or the other game better than one of this list.

👉 All Drinking Games

We hope you’re having a great time! 🎉

And don’t forget: Take care of yourself and don’t drink and drive afterward!

✍️  April 17, 2020

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