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Drinking games are a staple of the college experience. They provide a fun and exciting way to bond with friends, meet new people, and let loose after a long week of studying.

Whether throwing a small get-together or hosting a big blowout party, these 12 must-try college drinking games will take your event to the next level. Try them out; they won’t disappoint!

1. Power Hour

A classic and simple college drinking game, “Power Hour” has been a favorite among college students for years. All you need is a playlist of 60 one-minute songs and a shotglass!

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How to play “Power Hour”

The rules of this game are easy. Make sure you have at least three people playing, but the more, the merrier!

1. Gather around a table. Prepare a shot glass for each player and fill it with their drink of choice.

2. Prepare your playlist or set a one-minute timer. You can use a mix of songs or stick to one genre; it’s up to you!

3. Every time a new song starts, or the timer goes off, everyone takes a shot. Since each song is only one minute long, this game moves quickly and keeps everyone on their toes.

4. Keep going until the playlist or timer ends! If you complete 60 shots in one hour, you’ve completed the “Power Hour” challenge!

Note: Be sure to drink responsibly and know your limits. Play at your own risk!

2. Drunk Jenga

This tipsy twist to the classic game of Jenga will have everyone in stitches. Grab a Jenga set and some drinks, and let this college drinking game begin!

How to play “Drunk Jenga”

Set up the Jenga tower as you normally would. Make sure it’s sturdy – you don’t want it falling over too easily!

1. On each block, write a task or rule. Some examples include “take a sip,” “drink two shots,” or “make someone else drink.”

2. Start playing Jenga as you usually would. Remove one block at a time, but be careful not to make the tower collapse!

3. When a player removes a block, they must complete the task written on it. If they refuse, they take an additional shot.

4. Keep playing until the tower falls, or you run out of blocks. The last player to successfully remove and place a block without toppling the tower is the winner of this awesome college drinking game!

3. Never Have I Ever

If you’re looking for a good pre-game or icebreaker, “Never Have I Ever” is the perfect choice. You might be shocked by what you might just find out!

How to play “Never Have I Ever”

“Never Have I Ever” is a simple college drinking game to play. The rules are:

1. Gather in a circle with your drinks. This game is also known as ‘Ten Fingers,’ but we’ll use drinks for this version.

2. Decide who goes first and in which order your play goes. The first player says a statement starting with “Never have I ever…” For example, “Never have I ever been skydiving.”

3. Anyone in the group who has done that action must take a sip of their drink. If no one has done it, the person who made the statement drinks!

4. Continue going around the circle, taking turns making statements. The statements can become more personal or scandalous as the college drinking game progresses and people get tipsier. Just be sure to drink responsibly and keep it fun!

Play “Never Have I Ever” online

Don’t have time to think of “Never Have I Ever” questions? No problem! You can easily access 3,000+ questions on our free online version. All you have to do is download our app or visit our website and start playing.

You can even choose the theme of your questions – from “popular” to “party,” there’s something for everyone.

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“Never Have I Ever” questions

The fun of “Never Have I Ever” lies in your statements. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo.

College is an era of exploration and self-expression, so it’s no surprise that many students get tattoos during this time.

2. Never have I ever been to Europe.

A popular bucket list item for many college students!

3. Never have I ever stayed up for 24 hours straight.

College students are notorious for their all-nighters – see who can claim this accomplishment!

4. Never have I ever skipped a class for no reason.

Sometimes, the temptation to enjoy a day off proves too much, even without a valid excuse.

5. Never have I ever failed a test.

A shared fear or reality for many, this statement will surely get drinks flowing.

6. Never have I ever sung karaoke in public.

An experience that ranges from exhilarating to embarrassing, depending on who you ask.

7. Never have I ever been on a blind date.

The thrill or awkwardness of meeting someone new in this way is a memorable experience.

8. Never have I ever lost my phone.

In a modern-day catastrophe, losing a phone can feel like losing a limb for some.

9. Never have I ever broken a bone.

Injuries are a part of life, whether from sports, a mishap, or reckless fun.

10. Never have I ever eaten something weird on a dare.

From ghost peppers to exotic cuisines, dares can make us taste the unthinkable.

11. Never have I ever pulled an all-nighter studying.

A testament to the determination (or procrastination) of a student’s life.

12. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.

A statement that can uncover wild adventures or bucket list desires.

13. Never have I ever been caught lying to my parents.

This one is bound to stir up some guilty confessions and hilarious stories.

14. Never have I ever had a paranormal experience.

This question is for those who’ve encountered the unexplained or simply enjoy a good ghost story.

15. Never have I ever traveled alone.

Exploring new places solo is a unique and enriching experience for any adventurer.

4. Beer Ball

How much beer can you drink within a minute? Test your chugging abilities with the college drinking game “Beer Ball”!

How to play “Beer Ball”

“Beer Ball” is easy to learn and requires minimal setup – perfect for a party or tailgate. Here’s what you’ll need for the college drinking game:

  • A long table
  • 2 teams of 2 players
  • 4 unopened beer cans (1 for each player)
  • 1 ping pong ball

1. Set up the table with unopened beers on each end, in front of each player. Divide your group into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides of the table.

2. Decide who goes first. Flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors to determine which team starts.

3. The first player from the starting team throws the ping-pong ball at their opponent’s beer can. If they hit it, they should unopen their beer and start chugging it as fast as they can.

4. The opposing team can stop them by taking the ping pong ball and touching it to the table. If the player finishes their beer before their opponent touches the ball to the table, they get a point!

5. Whoever scores gets the higher point wins! So, get to chugging – and be careful not to spill during this fun college drinking game!

5. Flip Cup

“Flip Cup” is a classic college drinking game that will definitely get the party started. All you need is a table, some cups and drinks, and a group of friends ready to compete.

How to play “Flip Cup”

This game is perfect for big groups at parties. You’ll only need a long table, plastic cups, and drinks. Here’s how to play:

1. Prepare your drinks and cups. Place a cup filled with drinks on each player’s side of the table. It’s best to use light drinks like beer or cider, but you can use any beverage of your choice.

2. Divide players into two teams and stand on opposite sides of the table. Make sure there is an equal number of players on each team. Each player should have their cup in front of them.

3. Flip a coin to determine which team goes first. The starting player from each team starts by chugging the drink in their cup as fast as possible, then placing the cup right side up on the edge of the table with their fingers still touching it.

4. Once they finish chugging, they must use one hand to flip the empty cup so that it lands upside down on the table. After the first player successfully flips their cup, the next person on their team can start chugging.

5. “Flip Cup” continues until the last player on a team successfully flips their cup. That team wins this college drinking game!

6. Chandelier

Bored of “Beer Pong”? Try “Chandelier” – a more challenging and strategic version of this classic college drinking game.

How to play “Chandelier”

To play “Chandelier”, you’ll need a table, cups, and drinks. Here’s how it works:

1. Set up the cups in a triangle formation on one side of the table – similar to “Beer Pong”. Fill each cup with an equal amount of beer or your drink of choice, and make sure to remember where your cup is!

2. Place a cup filled with beer in the middle of the table. This is the “death cup,” and you’ll use it to bounce your ping-pong balls into other players’ cups.

4. The first player starts by bouncing the ping pong ball off the table into one of their opponents’ cups. The ball should bounce off the table, hit the “death cup,” and then land into a player’s cup. If they make it, that player must drink their cup, and they are out of the game.

5. The game continues until only one player is left – the ultimate winner! This college drinking game requires skill, strategy, and a little luck. Are you up for the challenge?

7. Cheers to the Governor

Say goodbye to boring drinking games with “Cheers to the Governor”! This game is all about memory, speed, and, of course, taking drinks.

How to play “Cheers to the Governor”

“Cheers to the Governor”, also known as 21 drinking game, is perfect for smaller groups. All you need for this college drinking game is your group of friends, drinks, and a good memory. Here’s how to play:

1. The first player starts by counting “one.” The next player says “two,” and the game continues until the count reaches 21.

2. Once a player reaches 21, they must say, “Cheers to the Governor!” and take a drink. They now get to make a rule for the game. For example, they can say, “Instead of saying ’three,’ you have to clap your hands.”

Can’t think of rules? Here’s some inspiration:

  • Players must clap for multiples of 7 (7, 14, 21) instead of saying the number.
  • For multiples of 11 (11, 22), players must switch directions and count backward.
  • For any number with a 5 in it (5, 15), players must say “Hooray!” instead of the number.

3. The game continues until someone messes up or forgets a rule. That player then has to drink and start the count over at one. This college drinking game ends when players have come up with enough rules or when everyone is too tipsy to continue.

8. Beer Pong {beer-pong}

It wouldn’t be a list of drinking games without mentioning the classic – “Beer Pong”. This game is a go-to at parties, and for good reason.

How to play “Beer Pong”

If you’ve never played “Beer Pong” before, don’t worry – it’s easy to learn. Here’s what you’ll need for the college drinking game:

  • A long table
  • 20 cups (10 for each team)
  • Beer or your drink of choice
  • Ping-pong balls

1. Set up the cups in a triangle formation on both sides of the table, with 6 cups at the back and 4 in front. Fill each cup with an equal amount of beer or your drink of choice.

2. Divide players into two teams and stand on opposite sides of the table. Each player should have their cup in front of them.

3. Flip a coin to determine which team goes first. The starting player from each team starts by trying to throw the ping pong ball into one of their opponents’ cups.

4. If they make it, the opposing team must drink that cup. The cup is then removed from the table, and the game continues until one team eliminates all of the other team’s cups.

The first team to eliminate all of their opponent’s cups wins this college drinking game!

Pro tip: Make sure to have extra beer on hand for refills – things can get messy with this game!

9. “Paranoia” Game

Ready for a game that will put you on the spot and possibly cause some tension? Enter “Paranoia”, the perfect drinking game for a group of close friends looking to have some fun!

How to play “Paranoia”

Want to know what your friends think about you? This college drinking game will reveal all. Here’s how it works:

1. Gather in a circle and choose who will start the game. Get your drinks ready and make sure everyone is comfortable with the game’s rules.

2. The first player leans in and whispers a “paranoia” question to the person next to them. This can be anything from “Who do you think is the most attractive person here?” to “Who do you think is the worst driver?”

3. That person must answer loudly with a name. The person they choose then has two choices: drinking to know what the question was or passing and letting the paranoia continue.

4. The game continues until everyone has had their turn to ask a question and answer someone else’s. Get ready for some revealing and possibly embarrassing answers!

Play “Paranoia” Online

Need fun questions for your next game night? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The online version of Most Likely To is a great way to play with friends without the hassle of thinking up your questions for your next “Paranoia” Game.

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“Paranoia” Questions

Need some questions to make your friends squirm? Try any of these fun questions that will keep the college drinking game interesting:

1. Who do you think has had the most romantic partners?

Only the lucky ones.

2. Who would you never want to be stuck on a deserted island with?

Zero survival skills.

3. Who is the biggest lightweight when it comes to drinking?

That’s understandable.

4. Who do you think is secretly in love with someone here?

Let’s get juicy.

5. Who do you think is the biggest flirt in this group?

The most charming one, usually.

6. Who do you think would survive longest on a deserted island?

Do you think anyone here has the skills?

7. Who has the best sense of humor among us?

The one who always makes us laugh.

8. Who is the most likely to end up famous?

Destined for the spotlight.

9. Who is the best secret keeper in the group?

Safe with them, always.

10. Who would you trust to plan a trip around the world?

The adventure planner.

11. Who is the most likely to become a millionaire?

Money moves.

12. Who has the best dance moves?

The life of the party.

13. Who is the most likely to write a bestselling book?

The storyteller.

14. Who is the most likely to move to a different country?

The wanderlust heart.

15. Who is your ride-or-die in this group?

You and them go through thick and thin.

10. Fuzzy Duck

Quick thinking and alcohol don’t always mix, but that’s the fun of “Fuzzy Duck” – a fast-paced word game. This game is perfect if you want to get a little silly in your college parties.

How to play “Fuzzy Duck”

“Fuzzy Duck” sounds simple, but it can get tricky when the drinks start flowing. Here’s how to play this college drinking game:

1. This game involves players sitting in a circle. The first player starts by saying, “Fuzzy duck.” The person to their left then says “ducky fuzz” and so on, going around the circle.

2. The catch? After the turn returns to the first player, they can choose to say “does he?” instead of the usual phrase. This changes the direction, and players must now say, “Does he, fuzzy duck?” and so on.

3. If someone messes up or takes too long to respond, they must drink and start over at the beginning. Make sure everyone is paying attention – things can get confusing quickly!

Keep playing until you want to stop or when everyone is too drunk to continue. The last player standing without messing up wins the college drinking game!

11. King’s Cup

“King’s Cup” is a staple at college parties and is known by many different names, including Circle of Death and Ring of Fire. Whichever name you prefer, this game promises to get everyone in a good mood.

How to play “King’s Cup”

“King’s Cup” is a popular card game that involves players completing various tasks based on the cards they draw. Here’s how to play:

1. Prepare your drinks and spread a deck of cards out in a circle, face down. This circle is the “King’s Cup.”

2. Then, players take turns drawing cards. Based on the cards you draw, you have to complete the corresponding tasks:

  • Ace: Waterfall – Everyone starts chugging their drink until the player who drew the card stops.
  • 2: You (the drawer) – Choose someone to drink.
  • 3: Me (the drawer) – The player who drew the card drinks.
  • 4: Floor – Everyone must quickly touch the floor. The last person to touch it must drink.
  • 5: Guys – All men in the group must drink.
  • 6: Chicks – All women in the group must drink.

3. The game continues until all of the cards have been drawn or the king’s cup is full. The person who draws the last king must drink whatever is in the cup!

12. Rage Cage

If you’re looking for a high-energy game that will get everyone riled up, look no further than “Rage Cage”. This fast-paced college drinking game is perfect for groups of friends who love a little competition.

How to play “Rage Cage”

“Rage Cage”, also known as Stack Cup or Boom Cup, is a drinking game that involves speed and accuracy. You’ll need a round table, a few ping pong balls, and plenty of drinks to get started:

1. To set up the game, place a cup in the center of the table, filled to the brim with beer. Then, surround it with 20-30 cups filled halfway with your drink of choice.

2. Give two players on opposite sides of each other a ping pong player and an empty cup each. To start the game, one player must bounce their ping pong ball into the center cup.

3. Pass it on! If you get it on the first try, you can pass it to anyone. It can be any player except someone already trying to make a shot. If it took you two or more tries, pass it to the player next on your left.

4. Depending on how many tries you took to make a shot, you pass your cup (with the ping pong ball in it) to another player. If you get it on the first try, you can pass it to anyone. It can be any player except for the player already trying to make a shot.

5. If two players are playing next to each other and one makes a shot while the other is still trying, the player who made the shot can stack their cup on top of the other player’s cup. The player who got their cup stacked now has to grab a drink from the center pile, chug it, and try to bounce their ball into the empty cup. Avoiding a stack is key to the game, so ensure you’re quick!

6. The game continues until one player is left to drink the center cup. They are declared the loser and must drink the contents of the cup.

Drinking games are fun to break the ice and get everyone involved at college parties. Whether you prefer a game that reveals secrets or one that involves quick thinking, there’s a drinking game out there for you and your friends.

Just remember to drink responsibly and have fun! So next time you’re looking for some party entertainment, grab a deck of cards or some ping pong balls and get the drinks flowing with these classic college drinking games.

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