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Looking for some fun party games to liven up your next get-together? Check out our collection of 100+ party games for all ages!


Planning a party can be hard. We know how important it is to make sure that the games you choose would help everyone have fun, but at the same time, it should be easy for guests to participate as well! 🥳

You can play our games how you like to! You can play them in a large group, just with some close friends, or even alone. We’re sure you’ll have an epic game night waiting for you! 🤯

All House Party and Drinking Games 🍻

We’re pretty sure everyone has played a party drinking game before, whether you remember it or not. Party games are always a great choice to turn to; they make for variety, and they’re all fun to play. Make any dull party fun again with these fresh party game ideas.

Explore all party and drinking games that are known to mankind with these detailed game rules, examples, and online web apps. You can choose to play with drinks, playing cards, cups, coins, or dice.

What are Party Games? 🤔

Party games include all games that you can play during any celebration. Normally, these party games are incredibly easy to understand, making them so easy to play!

They’re also great for bringing people together! Because of their simplicity, you can bet that you can play party games with people that you met 2 hours ago! 🕰

What are Drinking Games? 🍻

We know that we spoke of party games with such innocence, but as time went on, some people found ways of tweaking party games and adding a special element: Alcohol!

When you say drinking game, everyone knows you’re referring to party games that involve drinking alcohol. Sometimes you just drink the alcohol, but there are also games where you would be using alcohol in the game itself.

👉 For example, you’ve got Beer Pong

If you’re playing in a club or a bar, however, there are usually rules for who has to pay for the drinks 😉

Best Party and Drinking Games for All Ages

Here at PsyCat Games, we explore different kinds of party games, from innocent and fun party games to crazy and wild drinking games! Many have been introduced in the past years and have become many people’s go-to games at parties.

Here are the different types of party games that you can play at any gathering!

Looking for some fun party games to keep everyone entertained? Keep reading to check out our collection of more than 100 party games for all ages – there’s bound to be something for everyone!

1. Best Trivia Games 👋

Trivia has always been a great icebreaker! It doesn’t really prompt anyone to open up about themselves, and everyone gets to be involved!

Explore the different trivia topics we have and find out which topics are suitable for the group!

2. Fun Never Have I Ever Games!

Never Have I Ever is a classic party game everyone loves because it’s generally easy to play. You also get to know the people you’re playing with!

The game starts with all players holding up 10 fingers or deciding if they’ll play for a certain number of points. One person then begins by stating what they have done.

For example: Never have I ever been to the beach.

For every task/deed you’ve done as well, you put down a finger or lose a point. The winner is the last player who still has some fingers up or still has points left.

Feel free to browse through the different Never Have I Ever articles we created, which features some of the best statements for any party! We’ve also split the statements into specific categories to better cater to whoever’s playing.

3. Best Truth or Dare Topics

Truth or Dare is also a popular party game that anyone of all ages can participate in! It’s so famous that even kids automatically suggest it when one goes, “what game do you want to play?”

This game is famous because it’s so easy to play. The game starts with all players gathered around, and everyone takes turns picking “Truth or Dare.”

With Truth, you have to answer whatever question the group comes up with as truthfully as possible. With Dare, you have to do whatever dare that the group comes up with.

While it’s recommended to set some ground rules to keep everyone safe, you can also go crazy with the Truth or Dare questions that you give out. The sky’s the limit!

Because of how vague everything can be, it can be a bit overwhelming to come up with questions or dares. So take a look at some of the Truth or Dare statements we prepared below!

4. Funniest Would You Rather Statements

Would You Rather is another great party game that is simply the go-to of any host. It’s a simple game that doesn’t prompt anyone to give out much information about themselves. It won’t make anyone uncomfortable… At least we think.

The group can either use a spin bottle or decide whether the turns will go in a certain direction. Once that’s settled, someone starts by asking “Would you rather…” then gives two statements that are either very similar (which makes it hard to choose) or completely different.

For example: Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or in a broken elevator?

Since Would You Rather uses random and unique statements, why not explore the different Would You Rather articles that we made? They were further broken down into various categories to cater to different groups.

5. Party Games Rules and Instructions

Do you need some general instructions? If you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of all the famous party games, here are some articles that were specifically written to help you understand how to play.

6. Best Most Likely To Games

Most Likely To is a game that can bring life to any party. Although it’s a game that’s best played with people you know, you can still play it with some people you just met and use it as an icebreaker!

Most Likely To is played by having each person give a Most Likely To statement, e.g., “Most Likely To get arrested for doing something crazy” then everyone points to whichever player they think the statement applies to the most. The player with the most votes is the loser and is usually given a consequence to do.

Browse through our several Most Likely To articles to get ideas on statements you can give! They were further categorized based on the players of the game. Have fun!

7. Great Drinking Games for Big Parties 🍻

If you’re preparing for a big party and you’re worried about what the guests might be up to, we might be able to help you with that! Here are some party games that can cater to a big group of people! You might need some equipment for these games, but they should be things you can find lying around the house!

Feel free to explore through the Drinking Games below:

8. Best Party Games for Kids 😜

Not every party is open to everyone. The kind of content you get is essential based on who’s around!

You may find these games a lot more innocent than the others! They’re definitely child friendly, and the content you’ll find here has been carefully filtered to your child’s interests.

You can count on these games to help the kids have a great time with each other. And the great thing about this is that anyone can join in too!

9. Best Party Games for Teens 🥳

Teenagers are a special kind. You never really know their interests as they’re constantly changing. However, with these games, we’re sure that all teenagers would be able to participate!

As they are the midway between a child and an adult, we have tailored these games to be a great mix of both! What are you waiting for? 😁

10. Naughty Games for Adults 🔞

Drinking/Party games have always been an excellent way for adults to let loose and have fun. And for some reason, we’ve all just adopted this humor that finds taboo topics hilarious.

Wild, intense, and tons of fun! These are some words we can use to describe these party games for adults.

Feel free to browse through our huge selection of adult party games that will help you have fun! Be careful, most of these games have little to no rules. So things can definitely get crazy 😉

11. Fun Themed Party Games

’Tis the season to be jolly, la la la la, la la la la! Holidays are often spent with our loved ones, and to celebrate together! So what better way to spend the holiday season than with our themed party games?

12. Best Board Games 🎲

Many board and card games from our childhood can be fun party games. Find out how these games are played and how they can be turned into the best board games you can play at a party:

13. Best TV Drinking Games 📺

If you prefer spending your Friday nights staying at home with a simple drink in your hand, then these games are for you! Whether you’re alone or with a friend, we’ve given a twist to some TV shows that could get you drunk!

If you’re not up for drinking, you can think of your punishment!

14. Best Movie Drinking Games 🍿

If you’re not that into TV shows, why not try playing this game with movies instead? The rules here are the same as the TV Drinking games. We will be giving you statements or instances where you would have to take a drink, and once this happens, suffer the consequence, and everyone takes a shot!

There are thousands of movies available, so check out our takes on the famous ones first! Be careful; some of the statements used here often come up during the movie, so you can be sure that the consequences would be happening a lot 😂

15. Best Video Game - Drinking Games 🎮

The demand for virtual drinking games has been very high, even more so now with the advancement of technology. Virtual party games are an excellent option for connecting with your friends if you can’t meet in person for whatever reason.

The World’s First Drinking Game 🌍

Did you know that the drinking games existed in the 4th century BC? The first drinking game called “Kottabos” was created between the 4th and 5th centuries BC.

It came from the Greek colonies of Sicily. It is a fun game of skill that became increasingly difficult as alcohol consumption increased.

The aim of the game was to hit a bowl with the last sip of wine 🍷

What is Kottabos, and how was it played?

Kottabos was played by Ancient Greeks at Etruscan symposiums (drinking parties), and it became most played around the 6th and 5th centuries BC. This game mainly uses wine-lees, which are the leftover yeast particles of wine.

Don’t worry, wine-lees settling at the bottom of your cup was normal back in the day!

To play the game, one must somehow fling the wine-lees in a dish or bowl placed in the middle of the room, where it’s placed carefully on a metal bar. This becomes more interesting as it gets harder to hit the target as everyone gets drunker throughout the night!

The goal of Kottabos was to unbalance the dish so that it fell to the ground. Then one after the other threw the wine-lees in his drinking cup towards the cup. Whoever managed to bring the bowl to fall got a prize. It could be cakes, sweets, or even a kiss 😉

Fun fact: In ancient Greece, there was a god of wine: Dionysus! He was the god of the vine, grape harvest, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, theater fertility, joy, and ecstasy!

In the Greek drinking sessions, being drunk was considered an exceptional condition. It enabled them to get in contact with a higher power.

Drinking feasts took place after dinner ended. Drinking feasts served as offerings for the “good spirit”. The Romans also enjoyed drinking but drank only for fun and not for spiritual reasons.

Party and Drinking Games Today

Party and drinking games are just as famous today as they were 1000 years ago. Yet to date, there are so many party and drinking games that you just lose count!

If you’re curious about the different kinds of drinking games, there are all around the world, and how they’re all played, then you’ve come to the right place! We regularly post the best drinking games fit for every occasion!

Occasions to play Party and Drinking Games 🎉

While drinking games are more commonly known to be played at parties, there are many other occasions where drinking games would be a huge life saver!

We will introduce you now to various occasions and situations perfect for drinking games:

1. House Parties 🏡

It won’t surprise you that party games and drinking games are top-rated at house parties. Drinking games are ideal to spice up every party.

Drinking games have been the best thing about house parties, and for a good reason!

It’s a great way to break the ice and get to know new people. Most drinking games don’t require you to know each other, so it’ll be very easy to play with anybody!

So if you’re interested in making sure that your next house party will become a big hit, make sure you have a handful of fun drinking games up your sleeve! You never know when they’ll come in handy 😉

2. Terrible First Dates 😐

First dates can be challenging. It’s genuinely the time to get to know your potential partner, and it’s the time to impress your date to show them that you’re a great catch!

So imagine this: You sit in a bar with your Tinder date, and it turns out that you have nothing to say to each other. Isn’t that just the worst?! 😣

Drinking games are often the last resort in such situations. Even if the two of you are unlikely to become lovers, you can at least make something fun out of this evening 🥂

For dates, drinking games like “Never Have I Ever” or “Truth or Dare” work the best. It allows you to get to know your date on a deeper level, and you also get to see their fun side! It’s especially fun when both of you are drunk to help create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

3. Being a Wallflower 🙈

This time, imagine you’re on a date and immediately have a crush! Unfortunately, shyness often gets in the way of taking the first step. When both of you are shy, things get even more difficult 🤷‍♀️

In this case, the proper drinking game could loosen you up and bring you two closer together. Icebreaker drinking games are the best choice if you don’t know each other well. Once the ice has broken between you, you won’t need alcohol anymore.

4. Family Parties 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Family parties can also be a fun occasion to drink! People usually have 2 reasons to drink at family parties: You either have a fun family, or you have an exhausting relationship with everyone that needs the help of alcohol to cool everyone down! 😂

In any case, drinking at family parties would help ensure everyone has a great time.

Drinking games like “Most Likely To” or card games with an added twist involving alcohol are great for family parties. Truth or Dare could also be played, but it depends on whether you’re close with your family because otherwise, the game could be quite boring.

Things you need to know before playing

You should carefully consider which drinking game is the right for family celebrations. With these games, you should note the following:

You are on the safe side with card or dice drinking games. There are also fun drinking game versions from Monopoly or UNO. With these games, you don’t have to worry about saying something wrong.

5. Bachelor Party / Bachelorette Party 💍

The Bachelor or Bachelorette party is the last unmarried party evening with your best friends. So you’ll want to go out with a bang!

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties almost always start with drinks. It’s mostly to help everyone let loose and to make sure that everyone has a good time throughout the night 🍾

More often than not, the night will be a blast, but in the rare cases that everyone’s a bit tense, you can incorporate some drinking games! It’s fun, and it gets everyone to drink some! Two birds with one stone, am I right? 😜

What Type of Party Gamer are you?

People react differently when they hear the word “drinking game.” Find out what kind of person you are.

1. The Joker 🤪

No, this isn’t Batman’s rival, but the Joker at a party usually is someone who livens up the party. As stated in the name, this person brings a lot of jokes to the table!

The Joker is often someone who can talk to anyone and usually is the one to make the group laugh. It’s important to have a Joker in the group as they usually break the ice on any occasion!

2. The Hard Drinker 😎

The Hard Drinker usually is someone who will never say “no” to any drinking game. They’re also usually the ones to pass out the shots and ensure everyone has a drink in their hand!

Playing a party game with a hard drinker can quickly escalate because, more often than not, they never want to stop playing. As soon as someone falls off the chair or starts walking wobbly, for a Hard Drinker, the fun has only just begun 😉

3. The Shy Type 😌

The shy type is someone who drinks depending on what game is played or who they’re with; The Joker can normally tear down their walls pretty quickly. However, card drinking games are no problem for them.

For one, card drinking games don’t usually need any talking at the beginning and can start pretty mellow. However, drinking games like Truth or Dare, Most Likely To, or even Never Have I Ever could be a problem for the shy type.

But don’t worry! If The Hard Drinker can get enough drinks in The Shy Type’s system, they’ll suddenly loosen up. Don’t be surprised though if this wallflower suddenly lets out their dirtiest or darkest secrets while in this state 😏

4. The Party Game Hater 😒

A party game hater is the first to sigh loudly at the suggestion of playing a drinking game. Even if they play along, he always expresses his displeasure with the game.

Typical sayings from them are, “Drinking games are something for children” or “I don’t need a drinking game to drink.” Don’t let these words fool you, though. After a while and a couple of drinks, The Party Game Hater eventually turns into The Party Game Lover! 😂

If there’s The Party Game Hater at your party, you can maybe ask The Hard Drinker to help nudge him in the right direction and prevent him from a buzz kill 😉

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