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Which wild animal are you?

Who doesn’t love an awesome game of Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare is a great way to know stuff about your friends or just understand them more. If you pick “truth”, you must honestly answer a question, no matter how embarrassing it is!

If you don’t like the question, you can choose “dare” and perform whatever crazy challenge they have for you. If you don’t have the guts, choose a second challenge but this time, there’s no backing out!

For more info on the rules of Truth or Dare, visit the Official Truth or Dare Website.

Playing this game is pretty simple but after a few rounds, everyone will start to run out of exciting dares more than they’ll run out of questions to ask because we all love to do dares more!

Not to worry, we prepared a selection of the 25 craziest dares to make sure you pick the best challenges for your friends…

Craziest Dares of all time

Here is our list of the craziest dares of all time:

25. Tell each person in the room what you don’t like about them, then give them a hug afterwards to make up for it.

Oh, you harsh, sweet thing!

24. Twerk in front of the group.

Do pray that you know how to dance.

23. Drink egg white and swallow.

And try not to puke!

22. Sing “Happy Birthday” in a sad tone.

You will be the epitome of mixed emotions haha.

21. Read backward a whole paragraph from your favorite book.

Your own version of a tongue twister!

20. Tell your parents that you are pregnant/you got somebody pregnant.

This is going to be tough so try to feel the situation before going for it!

19. Drink a cup of pure lemon juice and try not to make a face.


18. Drink a shot of mouthwash.

At least you’ll be refreshed. LOL!

17. Let the person on your right wax your back.

Here’s to hoping that you love waxing!

16. Put hot sauce on ice cream and eat it.

At least you’ll be able to say you’ve tasted spice cream. Hahaha!

15. Change your relationship status to ‘Married’.

Congratulations, my dear!

14. Message your arch-nemesis on Facebook and tell them “Wanna hang out?”.

Spread love, not hate!

13. Lick the foot of the person sitting next to you.

I hope it tastes good, I really do! Lol!

12. Call up your crush and talk about the weather in a random state and nothing else for at least one minute.

You talked, that’s all that really matters!

11. Wear your underwear out in front of your clothes until the game ends.

Pray you’re wearing decent ones!

10. Call a random number and ask how their day went.

You’re gonna make a new friend today!

9. Cut your hair and give yourself bangs in front of the group.

New hair, don’t care!

8. Lick everyone’s cheeks for five seconds each.

Now you can tell who among your friends are really “sweet”!

7. Kiss another player with the shortest hair on the lips.

Time for some smoochin’!

6. Hop into a dumpster and have someone take a picture of you. Post it on Instagram with the #whereitbelongs

Flaunt yourself!

5. Let the group put a full make-up on you!

It’s time for a make-over!!!

4. Do 20 burpees.

Who says you can’t exercise anytime, anywhere?

3. Pick the nose of the person on your left.

Personal hygiene is everything.

2. Text your crush and tell him/her you love him/her.

It’s the moment of truth!!!

1. Post a naughty message on your Facebook timeline.

Everyone likes to maintain a wholesome image on their public social media accounts, let’s destroy that image!

With these crazy dares, you will surely have a blast during your party with your friends!

Ready for more? Try out online version of Truth or Dare:

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✍️  September 8, 2020

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