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The Newlywed Game is fun, easy to play, and entertains both the newlyweds and the guests. We have created lists of questions for you to put the bride and groom to the test:

How To Play Newlywed Game? ๐Ÿค“

The Newlywed Game is available in many different variations. It originally comes from a US TV show called “The Newlywed Game”, in which couples compete against each other. The couple with the most points won a honeymoon. Since then, the Newlywed Game has been a popular game at weddings and bridal showers. In this setting, you don’t win a honeymoon, but it’s still fun.

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The Newlywed Game can be played in different ways, depending on the occasion. In this article, you find question lists of different categories. You can find detailed instructions on how to play the “Newlywed Game” at a bridal shower, for example, in the corresponding chapter.

Here is a general guide for the Newlywed Game for wedding parties: To play, you need a host to guide the quiz. In general, the bride and groom are asked questions which they have to answer. Mostly these are questions about their partner. There are two common ways of answering the questions: (1) the interview method and (2) the whiteboard method.

The Interview Method

In the interview method, questions are asked alternately to the bride and groom. For example, after the bride answers a question, the groom resolves the question. There is one point for each correctly answered question. The person with the most points wins.

The Whiteboard Method

The whiteboard method is my personal favorite. The groom and the bride each receive a small whiteboard with a marker. Whenever they are asked a question, they write their answer on their whiteboard at the same time. Then they simultaneously reveal their answers on the whiteboard.

Who is the host of the Newlywed Game?

The host of the Game can be chosen freely. Usually, it is a good friend of the bride and groom.

Funny Newlywed Game Questions ๐Ÿคฃ

In the Newlywed Game, it’s important to include creative and entertaining questions. So that the wedding guests (and the newlyweds) don’t get bored, we have selected the funniest Newlywed Game questions that are guaranteed to create a lively atmosphere.

1. What ticks or quirks does your partner have?

Do their nostrils tremble when she’s angry? Do they hold their breath when they get on a subway? Everyone has their own oddities.

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2. Who is your partner’s celebrity crush?

You don’t know the answer? With Ryan Gosling, you have a good chance of being right (both with women and men).

3. What is your partner’s clothing size?

If you’re not sure, say a size smaller than bigger.

4. Who is the better driver?

It’s definitely not me.

5. Which of you tend to forget to flush the toilet?

Don’t be shy!

6. Which of you is more likely to ignore the check engine light?

What is your first reaction when you see the check engine light up?

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7. Which of your partner’s clothing items do you hate the most?

I’m pretty sure there is one item of clothing that you would like to burn.

8. Which of you will have the worse hangover tomorrow?

Which of you is more likely to have one too many?

9. What is the worst birthday present that your partner has ever given you?

What was your reaction to the gift?

10. Who of you is more likely to start crying when watching a movie?

Which movie always makes you cry? For me, it’s “Hachi: A Dog’s Tail”.

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11. What is your partner’s shoe size?

If you don’t know, take an inconspicuous look at their shoes and take a guess.

12. Which of you takes longer to shower?

Are you rather quick at showering, or could you linger in the steamy shower for hours?

13. If your partner was a superhero, what would their superpower be?

Hmm… my partner would have the ability to turn invisible.

14. Is your partner more like their mother or their father?

I don’t know anybody who likes to be compared to their mother or father.

15. If your partner was an animal, which one would they be?

If I could choose, I would like to be a cat. Realistically, I’m more of a sloth.

16. Who of you farts more often?

That is a shameless question. ๐Ÿ˜…

17. Who of you would rather get by in a strange city without Google Maps?

Who has a better sense of direction?

18. Does your partner snore?

Snoring is completely natural, and no reason to be ashamed of.

19. If your partner were an emoji, which one would they be?

I would pick this one for myself: ๐Ÿ™ƒ

20. How well can your partner cook on a scale from 1 to 10?

1 = very bad, 10 = master chef

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21. How much time does your partner usually spend in the bathroom (per session)?

Do they get it done rather quickly, or do they spend half an hour with their phone on the toilet?

22. Which of you is more jealous?

A bit of jealousy in a relationship is totally normal and healthy.

23. Which of you is more chaotic?

There are three types of people: (1) The tidy person, who loves to clean; (2) The systematic chaos person who loves their organized chaos; and (3) the chaotic person with no plan. Which type are you?

24. Who of you forgets to change the toilet roll more often?

I often have this discussion with my boyfriend. We agreed that we both forget to change the toilet roll equally often. But let’s be honest - we don’t forget to change it; we don’t WANT to change it. ๐Ÿ˜†

25. Which of you is more likely to start laughing at an inappropriate moment?

In case you feel addressed, what was the most inappropriate moment that you started laughing?

Best Newlywed Game Questions โญ๏ธ

Here is our best-of list of newlywed questions. With these questions, you can find out how well the bride and groom really know each other. From funny to deep questions - this list has it all.

1. Did your partner have a pet as a child? What was its name?

A little guinea pig or an old St. Bernard? What kind of furry family member does your partner have?

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2. What was your partner’s first job?

That’s a tricky question! - Especially if your partner has already had many jobs in their life.

3. What is your partner’s favorite travel destination?

Have you already traveled a lot around the world?

4. Spa or active vacation? What would your partner like more?

Relaxing in the whirlpool or cliff jumping by the sea?

5. How would you describe your partner in one word?

I asked my partner this question out of interest. His answer: “Exhausting.”

6. What is the name of your partner’s best friend?

Don’t you dare to be wrong on this question.

7. What does the perfect weekend look like to your partner?

Netflix & Chill, pizza and cuddling or cocktails, friends, and music?

8. Which of you took the first step?

Which of you took the initiative?

9. Which of you is more romantic?

What do you think about romantic? Do you think of it as cheesy or super cute?

10. Who of you has the better taste in music?

Do you and your partner have a similar taste in music?

11. What is a bad habit from your partner?

Don’t overdo it - one or two examples are enough.

12. What do you value most about your partner?

Is there a personality trait or behavior that you particularly appreciate about them?

13. What did you do on your first date?

If the first date was 10 years ago, in my opinion, you are allowed to forget a few details.

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14. How romantic was the proposal on a scale from 1-10?

1 = not romantic at all, 10 = Disney-like romance

15. Who is more dominant in your relationship?

Are you in charge in your relationship?

16. What do you find most attractive about your partner?

You can also name personality traits.

17. Which of you is the tidier person?

Are you chaotic, Monk-like orderly, or something in between?

18. What are the names of your partner’s uncles, aunts, and cousins?

In all honesty, I couldn’t answer that question.

19. What can your partner talk about for hours?

Another good question is: are you interested in this topic, or will you switch off as soon as the topic comes up?

20. Which of you is lazier?

Laziness lies in the nature of humanity. It’s all about self-discipline.

21. What can you do to make your partner laugh?

Do you two have an inside joke?

22. What is your partner’s best character trait?

Which positive traits do you value most in your partner?

23. What was the first gift you received from your partner?

I will never forget my first present. โค๏ธ

24. Is your partner more like their mom or dad?

Dear parent, who was not named, please don’t be sad.

25. Which of you is more stubborn?

Are you more of a forgiving or stubborn person?

If you’re looking for more questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend, here is a list of 100 fun relationship questions: ๐Ÿ‘‰ Questions for Couples

Newlywed Game Questions for Friends ๐Ÿ•บ

Are you friends of the newlyweds and looking for fun questions for the Newlywed Game? In this list, you find all the questions you need.

1. Is your partner more optimistic, pessimistic, or realistic?

Optimist, pessimist, or realist? (or a little bit of everything?)

2. Who of you is more likely to get wasted today?

Not everyone knows their limits. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

3. When is your anniversary?

Of course, we don’t mean your wedding day, but the day on which you officially got together.

4. What annoys your partner most about you?

Now it turns out how reflective you are. Maybe you weren’t even aware of some annoying habits you have.

5. Who of you is more likely to fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie?

How often does it happen to you that you nod off halfway through the movie?

6. What is your partner most afraid of?

Heights, spiders, confined spaces, rejection? Does your partner have a phobia or any other fears?

7. What has been your partner’s greatest sense of achievement so far?

We can have a sense of achievement in both professional and private life. Can you think of something?

8. What characteristics do you and your partner have in common?

Do similarities or opposites attract? Depending on your point of view, you will have more or less in common.

9. What is your partner’s favorite ice cream?

So many possibilities…

10. Which of you has the worse time management?

This is probably the person who is always late for appointments.

11. What do you think is on your partner’s bucket list?

Have you ever talked together about things you want to achieve or do in your life?

12. Who of you looks better today?

Don’t be humble!

13. If your partner’s life was a movie, what famous actor would play them?

Which actor reminds you of your partner?

14. Which of you takes up the most space in bed?

Which of you is the bigger “space-thief”?

15. Who of you has a higher alcohol tolerance?

This isn’t really something to be proud of, though.

16. Which of you would rather have the sex talk with your future child?

Let us know how you would tell your child about the birds and the bees.

17. What do you do when you have the house to yourself?

Dancing to my favorite music, playing video games all day, binge-watching Netflix… I could think of a lot of things.

18. Who of you is more likely to eat the other’s food?

Which of you is a food-thief?

19. Which of you is the bigger morning grouch?

How well do you function as a human being before your first coffee?

20. Which of you is more likely to start a discussion?

Maintain harmony or address things immediately? What do you prefer?

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21. What’s your partner’s addiction?

Smartphone, cigarettes, chocolate? If your partner has a serious addiction problem, skip this question.

22. What did your partner want to be when they grew up?

Phew, I had so many career aspirations as a child. My partner could only be wrong on this question.

23. Which three famous people (dead or alive) would your partner invite out to dinner?

These would be my top 3: Viktor Frankl, Robin Williams, and my grandpa (even if he wasn’t a well-known person).

24. Which of your partner’s friends would look best in underwear?

What a bold question. ๐Ÿ˜

25. What is your partner’s bra size? (For women: what do you think your partner will say?)

I’d really like to know how many men are wrong on this question.

Newlywed Game Questions Bridal Shower ๐Ÿ‘‘

The rules for the Newlywed Game are slightly different if you want to play it at a bridal shower. There are several ways to play this question game. The version that we are introducing to you needs a little preparation. In the end, however, it’s totally worth it.

How to play the bridal shower game?

  1. First, print the question-list on paper. Before the bridal shower begins, give the list to the future spouse. He has to answer all questions on the list. Here’s one important note: When the question is, “What is your partner’s favorite movie?” he has to name his favorite movie and not his partner’s.
  2. When he has answered all the questions, the bridal shower game can begin. All guests sit in a circle, and the bride sits on a chair in the middle of the circle. One person must be the moderator who asks the bride the questions.
  3. After each question answered it is resolved whether the bride was right or wrong. For each correctly answered question, she gets one point. In the end, the points are added up.

Tip: Think of a small prize that the bride can win.

Now you know how the bridal shower game works. Here are some questions that you can use for your Newlywed Game:

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1. How many jobs has your partner had so far?

It used to be a common thing to take on a job after school and do it for the rest of your life. Today things are different. Not a single person in my circle of friends has had less than three jobs in their life.

2. What is your partner’s favorite band?

It doesn’t have to be a band - singer/songwriters and composers are also allowed.

3. What are your partner’s hobbies?

If your partner doesn’t have any specific hobbies, list things that they enjoy doing.

4. Sweet or salty? What does your partner prefer?

The answer can also be “both”.

5. Who of you said “I love you” first?

Saying “I love you” isn’t for everyone. How does your partner show his love to you?

6. What is your partner’s favorite movie?

If you can’t remember the title, I would also accept a description of the film.

7. What was the best thing that you have experienced with your partner so far?

I’m sure you can think of something.

8. When did you realize that your partner is the one?

Well,.. today at the latest.

9. Does your partner want to have children in the future?

It would be great if you two had the same opinion on this subject.

10. How did your families react to your engagement?

Were your families happy with your decision?

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11. On which topic do you have completely different opinions?

Disagreements add some spice to the relationship.

12. What was your partner’s celebrity crush as a teenager?

I had two crushes in my teen years. At first, it was Zac Efron, later Jared Leto.

13. Which emoji does your partner use the most?

Or does your partner not use emojis at all? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

14. If your partner wins $ 10 million, what would be the first thing they would buy?

Would it be something practical or just a pure luxury item?

15. Which idioms or filler words does your partner use often?

Here is an example: My mother always reacts to surprising news with “Crazy!”. My father uses the word “perverted” very often (not in a sexual context, though).

16. Who is your partner’s role model?

Maybe your partner doesn’t have a specific role model. Instead of role models, you can also name their core values in life.

17. Which of you is funnier?

Who of you makes the other laugh more often?

18. What is your partner’s zodiac sign?

If you know their birthday and a little bit about astronomy, you should be able to answer this question.

19. What color are your partner’s eyes?

You have looked at your partner in the eye so many times. But did you also note the color of his eyes?

20. What did your partner wear on your first date?

That’s a hard question!

21. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner - What is your partner’s favorite meal of the day?

Every meal has its advantages.

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22. How often do you go on dates?

Dates are also important in long-term relationships. Never neglect quality time in a relationship.

23. Do you know your partner’s cell phone number?

I used to know the cell phone numbers of all my best friends by heart. Now I just know my number. That’s kinda bad. If I don’t have my smartphone with me and I’m in an emergency, I can’t even call my mother. Even though in an emergency, one should rather call the ambulance or the police than their mother.

24. What three things would your partner take to a desert island?

What things are your partner’s priorities?

25. If your partner could only eat one dish for the rest of their life, which would they choose?

What can’t your partner get enough of?

How well do you know the bride? ๐Ÿ‘ฐ

In this game, the bride’s friends get to be tested. With this bridal shower game, you can prove how well you really know the bride. Ideally, no more than 5 people should play (otherwise, the Game will last too long). These people can volunteer, or the players are chosen at random.

__ Here’s how it works:__

  1. Each player (and the bride) receives a copy of the question-list. Before the game starts, the bride must answer all questions. After she has finished answering all questions, she gives back the list to the host.
  2. Each player then receives their question list. They have about 10 to 15 minutes to answer the questions.
  3. Then the question and answer session starts. The host asks the participants the questions. Each player has to give their answer one by one. When everyone has given their answer, the moderator resolves the question.
  4. For each correctly answered question, the players receive one point. The person who has the most points in the end wins.

Here is a list of questions that you can use for your bridal shower quiz:

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1. What would the perfect honeymoon for the bride look like?

You may have talked to the bride about it before. If not, think about what she might like.

2. Where or how did the bride get to know her future husband?

Did they meet through a dating app, or did they meet in person?

3. What is the bride’s favorite color?

This is a question that you normally don’t think about.

4. Who was the bride’s first crush?

This is a tough question that probably only good childhood friends can answer.

5. What is the bride’s favorite TV-Show?

You can also list more than one TV-Show.

6. When is the bride’s birthday?

No aids are allowed for this question!

7. Would the bride rather read a book or watch a film?

Reluctant reader or bookworm?

8. Was there an ex-partner of the bride that you couldn’t stand? If so, who was it?

What’s better than gossiping about your friends’ exes. ๐Ÿ˜†

9. Does the bride want to have children in the future?

“Not sure” is also an answer option.

10. Would the bride rather live in a cozy house in a rural area or a modern flat in the city?

Does she prefer the tranquility of nature or the hustle and bustle of the city?

11. Does the bride have a second name? If what is it?

If you don’t know, take a guess.

12. What would be the worst job for the bride?

What job would she absolutely hate?

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13. Which fashion trend can the bride not stand?

Crop tops, high waist jeans, mom jeans, shoulder pads, perm? What trend does the bride find terrible?

14. How long has the bride been with her groom?

This question seems easier than it really is.

15. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter - which season is the bride’s favorite?

Warmth or cold - what does she prefer?

16. When is the wedding?

Checking the calendar is prohibited.

17. How did you react to the news that your friend is getting married?

Let the bride know how you felt about her engagement announcement.

18. How do you find the groom on a scale from 1 to 10?

1 = terrible, 10 = great

19. If the bride was a Disney character, which one would she be?

Which Disney character suits her personality the best?

20. What do you think - how long does the bride need on average in the bathroom?

Is it a few minutes, or is it more like hours?

21. What was the funniest thing you have experienced with the bride?

There is no right or wrong answer here. This question is about sharing your memories with the bride.

22. What was her favorite subject at school?

You would have an advantage if you went to school with her.

23. Which song could the bride sing by heart here and now?

Does she know all the lyrics of her favorite songs, or is she having a hard time memorizing lyrics?

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24. How many wedding dresses has she tried on?

How long did it take the bride to find the perfect dress?

25. How well does the bride get along with her in-laws on a scale from 1 to 10?

1 = not at all, 10 = very good

Dirty Newlywed Game Questions ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Perhaps you should wait until your family members have left the party before asking the following questions because these questions are anything but family-friendly. With these questions, you can learn more about the sex life of the newlyweds.

1. At what age did your partner lose their virginity?

Family members, please stop listening for a moment!

2. Who of you has more ex-partners?

One-night stands are not included.

3. Who of you had more one-night stands?

Don’t worry. You don’t have to give a number.

4. Would your partner rather survive a week without sex or a week without their smartphone?

TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, … - Does your partner have a social media addiction? And would they rather give up sex instead of turning off their phone for a week?

5. How many dates did you have before you had sex for the first time?

We have all been waiting for this question.

6. Who is better in bed?

That’s a mean question.

7. Who is the dominant partner in bed?

Give up control or have control? What do you like better?

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8. How good is your partner in bed on a scale from 1 to 10?

1 = horrible, 10 = sex god

9. How long does your act of love usually last?

Do we talk about a few minutes or hours?

10. What does your partner wear while sleeping?

Sleeping naked or sleeping in pajamas?

11. What turns your partner on the most?

Your friends have been waiting for questions like these.

12. Which of you sends the other more nude photos?

Do you even still do that when you live together?

13. What was the strangest place you had sex?

Have you had sex anywhere other than your bedroom? What was the craziest place?

14. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

This question is more aimed at women. I guess, as a man, it is harder to fake an orgasm.

15. Have you ever used a lie as an excuse for not having sex with your partner?

Who hasn’? However, as the relationship progresses, one should be able, to tell the truth. If you don’t feel like having sex, that’s reason enough.

16. Which of you watches more porn?

Do you watch porn? If so, does your partner know about it, or are you hiding it from them?

17. Has any of you ever injured yourself during sex?

Did either of you have to go to the hospital?

18. You can choose between (1) never having sex again, (2) flower sex for the rest of your life, and (3) BDSM sex for the rest of your life. What would you choose?

That’s a difficult decision.

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19. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during sex with your partner?

Every now and then, small embarrassments can happen. There is nothing bad about it - laugh about it and go on.

20. Which of you masturbates more often?

Even if nobody talks about it, people still masturbate in relationships.

21. What would you do if your partner developed a strange fetish? Would you try it out for them?

That probably all depends on the specific fetish. What’s your limit?

22. Do you prefer being on the top or the bottom?

It would be perfect if one would prefer to be on top and the other on the bottom.

23. Have you ever had a threesome? (or do you want to try it out?)

Is a threesome exciting for you or an absolute no-go?

24. Have you ever been to a sex shop together?

If so, would you like to share with your guests what you’ve bought?

25. What is your partner’s favorite position?

Is it one of the classics or a rather unusual position?

Not-So Newlywed Game Questions โœŒ๏ธ

These questions are for married and unmarried couples who have been together for a long time. Test how well you know your partner.

1. Does your partner have any allergies?

This knowledge literally saves lives.

2. What has been one of the most embarrassing moments in your partner’s life so far?

Think carefully about whether you want to answer this question or not. Will your partner take it with humor, or will the answer end in a relationship crisis?

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3. What is your partner’s favorite song at the moment?

If you can’t remember the title, you can sing it too.

4. Which alcoholic drink does your partner prefer?

If your partner doesn’t drink alcohol, you can also name their favorite soft drink.

5. Which family member of your partner do you get along with best?

Hopefully, by answering the question, you’re not causing a family drama.

6. How do you spend quality time with your partner?

Do you do something active, or do you spend time together at home?

7. What has changed since you were married?

Did the wedding have an impact on yourself, your life, or your relationship? If so, what is different today than it was before the wedding?

8. What was your first impression when you met your partner for the first time?

Was it love at first sight, or did your love develop over time?

9. Where did you have your first kiss?

Do you still remember?

10. Which animal does your partner like the least?

The fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias out there. Is there an animal that scares your partner or that they find disgusting?

11. How many times does your partner press the snooze button before getting up?

The snooze button is actually counterproductive, in my opinion. The more I press the snooze button, the later I get up.

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12. Which of you is the first to apologize after an argument?

Which of you is more in need of harmony?

13. What are your partner’s goals for the next 10 years?

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Do you regularly talk about things that concern you in life?

14. How long does your partner wear pants before they wash them?

For a day, a week, a month?

15. Which of you is more likely to forget your anniversary?

How do you spend your anniversary? Do you celebrate this day?

16. Which of your habits does your partner dislike?

Do you leave your socks all over the place? Do you never change the toilet roll? Everyone has their own peculiarities.

17. If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be?

Ideally, you should love your partner for who they are. In real life, however, there are mostly things that annoy you about the other.

18. Which of you wanted to marry first?

Who took the initiative?

19. Which of you is the greater procrastinator?

“I’ll do that tomorrow.” Do you suffer from procrastination?

20. Shopping online or going to a store? What would your partner rather do?

Do you prefer to shop comfortably from home, or do you love the hustle and bustle of the store?

21. Who of you would be more likely to spill a secret?

Who is the bigger chatterbox?

22. When was the last time you slept together?

If you can’t remember, this is a sign for you to work on your sex life.

๐Ÿค“ Suggested read: 40 Hard Riddles To Blow Your Mind

23. Which of you has the nicer handwriting?

Nowadays, who needs beautiful handwriting when everything can be written digitally?

24. Can your partner whistle?

Stupid question, but have you ever heard your partner whistle?

25. Have you lied to your partner before?

I would be surprised if not.

Are you having a hard time starting a conversation? Here’s a list of questions and icebreaker games to help you get into conversations with people easily: ๐Ÿ‘‰ Conversation Starter

Newlywed Game Questions for Families ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ

The Newlywed Game can also be converted into a fun family game. In this game, the children play against their parents. Both teams ask each other questions. For every correctly answered question, you collect points for your team. The team with the most points wins.

Tip: It is best to answer the questions for yourself in advance. Print out the questions and write your answers below. But be careful that nobody can read your questions.

1. Am I more of a cat or a dog person?

Team cat or team dog? Which animal do you like more?

2. Disneyland or Lego-Land - Which do I prefer?

If you’ve never been there, where would you prefer to go?

3. What is my favorite candy?

Are you more of a chocolate or gummi bears type?

4. What was my favorite family vacation or trip?

Is there a vacation or trip that you will never forget?

5. What do I like to do in my free time?

Painting, reading, playing video games, … What do you like to do most?

6. Name one of my talents.

Everyone has talents. What are yours?

7. What do I like most about dad?

What’s so special about your dad?

8. What do I like best about mom?

What makes your mom special?

9. Which food or dish do I hate?

I wouldn’t say I like artichokes and marzipan. What do you find disgusting?

10. What was the best present I have received so far?

It can be both material and non-material.

11. What is one of my favorite movies?

It’s difficult for me to choose one. How are you doing with that?

12. What annoys me most about my siblings?

Siblings can be quite annoying from time to time. Right?

13. What annoys me the most about dad?

Parents can be stressful at times. What bothers you about your daddy?

14. What annoys me most about mom?

Is there anything your mom does that really annoys you?

15. What is my favorite color?

It can also be several colors.

16. Would I rather eat a large spoonful of hot sauce or live without a cell phone for two weeks?

Is the pain worth it?

17. What was (is) my favorite toy as a child?

To the adults: can you still remember your favorite toys?

18. Would I rather be Spongebob or Patrick?

To answer this question, you should know the Spongebob SquarePants series. But honestly, who doesn’t know them?

19. Would I rather have a lot of friends or a lot of money?

Does money make you happy?

20. Who is my best friend?

Do you think your parents/children will answer this question correctly?

21. What makes me happy?

Friends, family, video games, sweets, hobbies … I’m sure there are quite a few things.

22. If I had one free wish, what would I wish for?

What would make you really happy right now?

Is it more important for you to be liked by many people or to be smart?

24. What am I proud of?

You must have had a few moments in your life when you were really proud of yourself.

25. What is my favorite animal?

Is it a wild animal or a pet?

Christian Newlywed Game Questions ๐Ÿ˜‡

Here you can find a family- and Christian-friendly version of the “Newlywed Game.”

1. What is your partner’s favorite food?

Which dish makes your partner happy? You should know that.

2. What are three things your partner couldn’t live without?

You can think of something, right?

3. Who of you misplaces things more often?

It mostly depends on how tidy you are.

4. Who of you is better with children?

Don’t you quite know what to do with kids, or are you the first to start playing with kids?

5. Which of you is more creative?

Would you consider yourself a creative person? If so, how do you live out your creativity?

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6. Does your partner have a nickname for you?

Honey, sweetheart, darling, baby, my love, beloved, babe…

7. Which of you does more household chores?

Statistically, women take on more household chores. But there are, of course, exceptions. Are you one of them?

8. Who of you is the better dancer?

Who of you shakes their booty more often?

9. Are you planning to start a family? If so, how many children would you like to have?

Another good question is: how many children does your partner want?

10. Which of you goes to church more often?

Do you go to church every Sunday?

11. Which household chore does your partner hate the most?

Doing laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming … I hate everything.

12. When did you first pray together?

Praying together is an intimate experience.

13. Question for the groom: Did you ask her parents for permission?

What do you think of this tradition?

14. What does the perfect date night look like for your partner?

Going out or staying at home?

15. Who of you controls the remote at home?

Which of you decides what’s on the TV?

16. Name the 10 commandments.

As a Christian, you shouldn’t have a problem with this task.

17. Does your partner sing in the shower?

You get a bonus point if you can tell which songs they sing.

18. How many dates did you have before you first kissed each other?

How long did you wait?

19. Who of you indulges in a midnight snack more often?

What is your favorite midnight snack?

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20. Is your partner a night owl or a morning person?

The early bird catches the worm - What do you think of this saying?

21. Which of you is more patient?

How well can you deal with long waiting times?

22. Who of you can cope better with stress?

Do you quickly lose your nerves in stressful situations, or do you keep a cool head?

23. Which of you is more athletic?

It’s easy to find out. Who gets out of breath faster when climbing the stairs?

24. Which Christian holidays or festivals does your partner like the most?

Christmas, Easter, Pentecost … for me, it’s definitely Christmas.

25. When does your partner usually get up?

In the early morning or almost noon?

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