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These 150 questions are awesome conversation starters when you want to break the ice, beat boredom, play couple games or simply get to know the people closest to you a lot better.

Childhood and Growing Up Questions

  1. Who was my favorite superhero growing up?
  2. Did I have a toy I played for a long time?
  3. How many times was I hospitalized as a kid?
  4. Was I an outdoorsy kid growing up?
  5. Did I go to summer camps?
  6. How many pets did I have as a child?
  7. Where was I born?
  8. Who was my first love?
  9. Did I play video games as a kid? If so, do you know my favorite game?
  10. What horror movie traumatized me as a kid?
  11. Do I have a middle name?
  12. What instrument did I dream of playing, but never had a chance to play?
  13. Which did I enjoy better: primary school or high school?
  14. How old did I learn how to ride a bike?
  15. What was my mom’s profession?
  16. Which set of grandparents do I spend my annual vacations with?
  17. Did I have a feel-better food growing up?
  18. How many scars do I have that came from my childhood?
  19. What is the story of my name?
  20. Is my childhood best friend still a part of my life?
  21. Did I have a tree house when I was a kid?
  22. Where did I learn how to swim?
  23. Was I a good student or kind of a slacker?
  24. Who was my senior prom date?
  25. How old was I when I had my first kiss?
  26. What was my favorite snack as a child?
  27. When did I move out of the house?
  28. What TV show made an impact on me growing up?
  29. Who is the black sheep in my family?
  30. Do I have a childhood nickname?

Love Life Questions

  1. When was the last time I was brokenhearted?
  2. What does my ideal date look like?
  3. Do I love giving or receiving flowers?
  4. What do I prefer: humor or smarts?
  5. Do I believe in love at first sight?
  6. What 3 traits do I love most in a partner?
  7. When did I meet my spouse?
  8. Do you know our anniversary date?
  9. Am I the jealous type?
  10. What is my ideal date-night?
  11. Do I research and pick new activities to do with my partner?
  12. What made me fall in love with my significant other?
  13. Am I friends with my exes?
  14. Do I spend time planning weekend getaways?
  15. What is my favorite cuddle movie?
  16. If I could choose how to do a marriage proposal, how would it go?
  17. What is your dream wedding?
  18. Have I ever been on a blind date?
  19. Do I plan to have kids? If so, do I have an ideal number of kids?
  20. Am I open to adoption?
  21. What do I think is the sexiest chore a partner could do?
  22. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have I had?
  23. Did I ever break someone’s heart?
  24. What is my biggest turn off?
  25. Would you sacrifice your body organ for your current partner?
  26. What do I think about online dating?
  27. Do I have a role model when it comes to maintaining relationships
  28. Have I ever cheated before?
  29. Do I see myself growing old with my girlfriend/boyfriend now?
  30. How do I apologize to my partner?

Likes and Dislikes Questions

  1. What is something I cannot live without?
  2. Do I love surprises?
  3. What type of diet did I absolutely hate?
  4. Which celebrity couple do I love?
  5. Do I enjoy exercising?
  6. How do I like my eggs?
  7. Do I like my coffee black or creamy?
  8. What chore do I actually love doing?
  9. Do I like my steak rare, medium or well-done?
  10. Which boy-band do I hate with a passion?
  11. What is my favorite t-shirt of all time?
  12. Do I love my job?
  13. Have you tried and loved paintball, laser tag, and other similar activities?
  14. What is my all-time favorite phone app?
  15. Do I love fishing?
  16. Is there a music genre that I absolutely hate?
  17. What’s my favorite outdoor activity?
  18. Do I like pastel colors?
  19. Am I afraid of lizards, snakes and other similar reptiles?
  20. What pastime am I passionate about?
  21. When is my favorite time of the day?
  22. Do I prefer taking a train ride or boat ride?
  23. Am I a fan of podcasts?
  24. Do I collect anything?
  25. What is my favorite movie series ever?
  26. Is there one color that dominates my house/life?
  27. Do I still watch cartoons? If so, do you know my favorite one?
  28. What’s my favorite place in the world?
  29. Do I like wine vs. beer?
  30. What type of foods do I hate?

My Personality Questions

  1. What makes me irritated when going out?
  2. Am I good at handling money?
  3. Do I love going on nature trips?
  4. Do I prefer hiking or Netflix binge-watching on a weekend?
  5. How long do I sleep daily?
  6. Do I tear up easily when watching movies?
  7. Can I stay up late over 20 hours a tday at a time?
  8. What is the thing that annoys me the most?
  9. Do I love dressing up for Halloween?
  10. How easily do I forgive a person?
  11. Do I love traveling alone or with a group of people?
  12. When I’m bored, what do I usually choose to do?
  13. What is my most-used stress relief technique?
  14. Am I an organized person when it comes to my things?
  15. How comfortable am I camping?
  16. Do I believe in zodiac signs and astrology?
  17. Am I a morning person?
  18. Do I believe in aliens and life-after-death?
  19. What other phobias do I have?
  20. Do I curse?
  21. Which song gets on my nerves the most?
  22. What 3 things make me nervous?
  23. Am I a beach person or a lake person?
  24. Do I get flattered easily?
  25. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  26. Do I have a bad habit I’ve been trying to change?
  27. YAY or NAY: reality TV shows.
  28. Where do I see myself in 10 years?
  29. Am I a good or bad drunk?
  30. Do I love trying something new?

Random Questions About Me

  1. Am I afraid of spiders?
  2. What physical challenge have I mastered?
  3. Do I have a funny skill that has no use?
  4. What is my favorite holiday?
  5. Am I allergic to any food?
  6. What is my height?
  7. Is there a physical feature I’m self-conscious with?
  8. Am I a green thumb?
  9. Do I speak any foreign language?
  10. Where is the farthest place I’ve ever visited?
  11. If I could be a superhero, what powers would I want to have?
  12. What is my favorite alcoholic drink?
  13. Is this my natural hair color?
  14. Do I know how to iron clothes, do my laundry, and other day-to-day chores?
  15. What is my favorite band?
  16. If I could turn a movie into my life, which one would it be?
  17. Do I believe in the paranormal?
  18. What 5 things do I always have in my bag/purse/pocket?
  19. Do I love politics and debating about it?
  20. What is my worst nightmare?
  21. If I could choose a charity to give some of my money to, which one would it be?
  22. Do I have any hidden talents?
  23. Have I ever had a near-death experience?
  24. What is my favorite genre of movies?
  25. Did I ever have to go to the emergency room as a grownup? Why?
  26. Have I ever tried creating my own blog?
  27. Am I an artistic soul?
  28. Do I have an ultimate life goal?
  29. What song has been my longest LSS?
  30. How quickly can I start a fire?

✍️  September 24, 2020

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