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Would you like to find out which of your loved ones knows you best? Perfect, then keep reading! Our 120 Who Knows Me Best Questions are ideal to find out who really listens to your stories.

Tip: Let two or more compete against each other! How about if your boyfriend has to prove himself against your best friend? Or your mum against your dad? That sounds like fun!

These 120 questions are awesome conversation starters when you want to break the ice, beat boredom, play a couple of games, or simply get to know the people closest to you a lot better!

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Who Knows Me Best Questions for Family

So, let’s get started! Find out who’s really your favorite sister or who of your parents is the better listener. The following 20 questions are meant for family members or close friends which know you since your birth! Enjoy!

1. Who was my favorite superhero growing up?

We all had our favorite superhero! If you’re into superheroes, you should check out our Would You Rather Superpowers Questions!

2. Did I have a toy I played with for a long time?

Like a favorite teddy bear, doll, or maybe a car.

3. How many times was I hospitalized as a kid?

I hope not too often!

4. Was I an outdoorsy kid growing up?

That’s an easy question.

5. Did I go to summer camps?

Or any camp at all. Like church camp, or horse camp, or whatever you attended!

6. How many pets did I have as a child?

If you grew up on a farm, you may need to think about this answer yourself first.

7. Where was I born?

Yes, exactly where. And maybe add a “when” to the question.

8. Who was my first love?

Aaaw, there are (nearly) always cute stories behind first crushes!

9. Did I play video games as a kid? If so, do you know my favorite game?

It doesn’t matter if you played on a computer, on a console, or just on a smartphone.

10. What horror movie traumatized me as a kid?

I hope none at all!

11. Did I have a middle name?

If yes, what is my middle name?

12. How old was I when I had my first kiss?

And with whom? If they really know you, they know the story behind this moment!

13. When did I learn how to ride a bike?

And who taught you?

14. What TV show, movie, or book made an impact on me growing up?

I bet it was Harry Potter! If I’m right, you should try out our Harry Potter Would You Rather game or test your knowledge with our Harry Potter Trivia!

15. How many scars do I have that came from my childhood?

And do they know the stories behind them?

16. What was my favorite snack as a child?

Hmmm, there are so many delicious snacks out there!

17. Which did I enjoy better: primary school or high school?

In case you don’t like school at all, which of the two was worse for you?

18. Where did I learn how to swim?

And who taught you?

19. What instrument did I dream of playing, but never had a chance to play?

Haven’t we all dreamed of being a rock star on guitar?

20. Do I have a childhood nickname?

If it’s an embarrassing nickname, skip the question.

Who Knows Me Best Questions for Friends

Are you trying to test your friends? Then you came to the right place! The following 20 who knows me best questions are made for you to check who is really your best friend!

1. What is my mom’s profession?

An easy question for the start.

2. What is the story of my name?

Maybe you were named after your grandmother or grandfather? Or maybe after a celebrity?

3. Did I have a treehouse when I was a kid?

A treehouse is definitely every child’s dream.

4. What’s my favorite place in the world?

Yes, your best friend should know that one!

5. When was the last time I was brokenhearted?

If your heart is still broken, take a look at our Article on how to get over someone! I promise you everything will be fine! It just takes some time.

6. What is something I cannot live without?

Do you think one thing is too easy? Let them name two, three, or even more things!

7. What does my ideal date look like?

Are you still not sure how your ideal date should look like? Check out our Date Ideas!

8. Do I like my coffee black or creamy?

Maybe add what milk do you use. Normal cow milk, or maybe soy or oat milk?

9. How long do I sleep usually?

Of course, if an alarm clock doesn’t wake you up.

10. What is my favorite movie series ever?

There are so many great movie series out there! Do you want to make your next binge-watching session more interesting? Check out our Netflix Movie Drinking Games!

11. What type of foods do I hate?

You can of course also turn the question around: What type of foods do I love?

12. What’s my favorite outdoor activity?

Here you could specify the question. For example, what you like to do in winter or in summer.

13. Who is the black sheep in my family?

That’s an evil question. I hope nobody answers that you’re the black sheep.

14. What do I think about dressing up for Halloween?

We love everything about Halloween! If you’re also into the holiday, you should take a look at our Halloween Would You Rather or our Halloween Charades!

15. Do I believe in zodiac signs and astrology?

You can argue about this interest, but it is definitely exciting.

16. Am I afraid of spiders?

Or any other things?

17. What is my worst nightmare?

Your best friend should really know what your worst nightmare is.

18. What is my favorite genre of movies?

Maybe comedies, horror films, or even romances?

19. When is my favorite time of the day?

And what’s your favorite day of the week?

20. When I’m bored, what do I usually choose to do?

Maybe spend the time with your real best friend!

Who Knows Me Best Quiz Questions

Still not enough of all the questions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! The following 80 additional questions come from a wide variety of categories and are suitable for everyone!

1. Do I love giving or receiving flowers?

2. What do I prefer: humor or smarts?

3. Am I friends with my exes?

4. When did I move out of the house?

5. Which set of grandparents do I spend my annual vacations with?

6. Am I open to adoption?

7. How easily do I forgive a person?

8. What do I think is the sexiest chore a partner could do?

9. Do I love traveling alone or with a group of people?

10. Do I tear up easily when watching movies?

11. Is my childhood best friend still a part of my life?

12. Do I love my job?

13. Do I believe in love at first sight?

14. How do I apologize?

15. Am I afraid of lizards, snakes, and other similar reptiles?

16. What physical challenge have I mastered?

17. Where do I see myself in 10 years?

18. Do I see myself growing old with my girlfriend/boyfriend now?

19. What is my biggest turn off?

20. Was I a good student or kind of a slacker?

21. Do I spend time planning weekend getaways?

22. If I could be a superhero, what powers would I want to have?

23. If I could turn a movie into my life, which one would it be?

24. What is my dream wedding?

25. What is my favorite band?

26. Am I the jealous type?

27. Do I believe in the paranormal?

28. Is this my natural hair color?

29. Have I ever been on a blind date?

30. What is my favorite alcoholic drink?

31. Have I ever cheated before?

32. Is there a physical feature I’m self-conscious with?

33. What is my ideal date-night?

34. If I could choose how to do a marriage proposal, how would it go?

35. Which boy-band do I hate with a passion?

36. Do I love surprises?

37. Am I a green thumb?

38. Do I plan to have kids? If so, do I have an ideal number of kids?

39. What 3 traits do I love most in a partner?

40. Do I speak any foreign language?

41. What 3 things make me nervous?

42. Am I an artistic soul?

43. Is there a music genre that I absolutely hate?

44. Do I get flattered easily?

45. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have I had?

46. Did I ever have to go to the emergency room as a grownup? Why?

47. Am I a fan of podcasts?

48. What is my favorite t-shirt of all time?

49. Have I ever tried and loved paintball, laser tag, and other similar activities?

50. Did I ever break someone’s heart?

51. Do I like pastel colors?

52. Am I good at handling money?

53. What do I think about online dating?

54. Do I enjoy exercising?

55. Am I a beach person or a lake person?

56. Which celebrity do I love?

57. What is my all-time favorite phone app?

58. What pastime am I passionate about?

59. Do I collect anything?

60. Do I prefer hiking or Netflix binge-watching on a weekend?

61. Am I a morning person?

62. What is the thing that annoys me the most?

63. Do I have a funny skill that has no use?

64. Am I allergic to any food?

65. Am I an organized person when it comes to my things?

66. What other phobias do I have?

67. Which song gets on my nerves the most?

68. What is my favorite holiday?

69. What is my most-used stress relief technique?

70. Do I believe in aliens and life-after-death?

71. Do I have any hidden talents?

72. Do I have a bad habit I’ve been trying to change?

73. What 5 things do I always have in my bag/purse/pocket?

74. What is my height?

75. Do I love trying something new?

76. How quickly can I start a fire?

77. Where is the furthest place I’ve ever visited?

78. Have I ever had a near-death experience?

79. If I could choose a charity to give some of my money to, which one would it be?

80. Do I have an ultimate life goal?

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