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Giving someone a genuine compliment is like offering chocolate to someone after a very long day. As simple as they may seem, when given sincerely, compliments can make up for any bad day and they can simply turn your frown upside down!

We usually give out compliments to the people we spend most of our time with and it feels nicer to receive compliments from them because we know that they know us enough to compliment us genuinely. People like our families, lovers, partners, friends and best friends.

Try giving out compliments on a daily basis. Don’t hold back! You’ll be spreading love and kindness without fully realizing it and that is so wonderful. In order to give out compliments, you should first know how to! Let us go over the 101 on how to give compliments…

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How to Compliment

Complimenting someone entails knowing or seeing something in them that you honestly and truly find admirable, good or worth emulating. It might be something nice about how they look, their actions or any aspect that you find worthy of praise.

Here the things you should do to compliment someone:

1. Think first! Find something you genuinely feel nice or good about the person who is the object of your compliment.

2. Explain why! Think deep about why you think it’s nice or good.

3. Be honest! Be truthful and authentic, you wouldn’t want the person to feel like you’re giving out empty or pretentious compliments.

4. The more the merrier! Even simple and superficial compliments work so don’t hold back on complimenting someone’s outfit or shoes or hair. You’ll surely make their day!

5. Choose the right words! Use appropriate adjectives or describing words in giving out your compliment as to give it depth and more meaning.

6. Be brave! Don’t be afraid to give out compliments! Don’t hold back and don’t second guess the chance to make some smile.

100 Words To Describe My Best Friend

Aside from families and lovers, the people we share most of our secrets, hopes and dreams are our best friends. Our best friends are like our confidants, our chamber of secrets and our happy pill when life and relationships get too complicated.

These persons are our personal angels and we should make it a habit to tell them how grateful we are to have them in our lives. Let them know how much they mean to us and how great we think they are!

As mentioned in the steps on how to give compliments, you need to be familiar with the right kind of adjectives which are appropriate and in the right context as you deliver your compliment.

You can compliment them in person or over the phone, through a text or call! Here are 100 words to describe your best friend:

1. Gorgeous

You can use this to describe someone beautiful or handsome or use it to describe the eyes, the skin or hair.

2. Genuine

Someone genuine is someone who’s true to you!

3. Cool

A great word to describe someone chill and groovy.

4. Great

Some you think is great is someone who has proven himself/herself to be truly awesome and above average!

5. Kind-hearted

Nothing beats a nice person with a heart of gold.

6. Optimistic

Someone who thinks positively and focuses on the good side of things.

7. Chill

Someone who makes everything in life look so much easier!

8. Dope

This word is also used to describe someone or something that is cool.

9. Attentive

A friend who listens to whatever it is you sometimes rant about and talk about.

10. Affectionate

An affectionate person is someone who’s lovable because he/she is very sweet.

11. Gentle

Delicate people who seem vulnerable to the tortures of the world are the ones easiest to love. Being gentle makes you more lovable!

12. Generous

A big heart for everyone else is an admirable trait.

13. Great Listener

Don’t you just love friends who always lend an ear?

14. Honest

It’s always the best policy and a person following it is more than great 👍🏻

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15. Loyal

You’ll always feel secure around friends who you can trust with your life.

16. Funny

A sense of humor can really brighten up anyone’s day!

17. Forgiving

Life’s too short to hold a grudge against anyone.

18. Sincere

It’s only a fake world if you fake it so don’t!

19. Selfless

Putting others before your own interest is so dang touching and honorable!

20. Helpful

Lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it is heroic in its simplicity.

21. Sensitive

It pays to be observant on how we treat people.

22. Empathetic

Imagine stepping into someone else’s shoes in order to understand his/her situation!

23. Non-judgmental

The world is cruel enough so it’s so refreshing to find people who will accept you for you.

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24. Trustworthy

Someone whose friendship is faithful is someone you should cherish.

25. Fun

Fun people bring a technicolor phase into a black-and-white world.

26. Supportive

A friend who supports you in your endeavours is a friend you should keep.

27. Faithful

A friend who sets off a positive vibe and believes in a better tomorrow is one like no other!

28. Caring

Don’t you like to be taken care of sometimes?

29. Loving

Friendship means you love another person… platonically.

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30. Sweet

Even clingy and adorable BFFs make you feel gios, right? Humans just desire connection.

31. Dependable

Someone you can trust is a true friend.

32. Talented

A person who’s so gifted in music, art and other stuff.

33. Easy-going

There really are people who are just a breath of fresh air.

34. Approachable

You can easily ask for help from someone with a nice heart and a bright smile.

35. One-call-away

One ring and your BFF is on his/her way to the rescue!

36. Brave

The world may be daunting but there’s no shortage of courageous people worth emulating.

37. Cheerful

Ain’t it great to be with someone who’s always happy, make us happy, too!

38. Comforting

Someone whose presence is just pleasing to the eyes and the heart.

39. Compassionate

A person who understands other people’s struggles and wants to take off some of the burden is a person who has this trait.

40. Thoughtful

Some who always thinks of the welfare of others, selfless to his/her core.

41. Understanding

An understanding friend is a friend who will never judge you for who you are and what you did.

42. Warm-hearted

A person who has a kind heart and soul.

43. Quick-witted

Don’t you just enjoy people who are witty and whose jokes make sense and yet are dang hilarious?

44. Wonderful

Call someone this when they amaze you in any way!

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45. Hard-working

Having a driven and focused friend by your side will definitely inspire you.

46. Heartfelt

Anyone who’s touched your life in any way will make you believe in the restoration of humanity.

47. Golden

Someone called “golden” is somewhat like the chosen one because of his/her redeeming qualities.

48. Reassuring

People who have this inherent charisma to make people feel secure is a gift!

49. Reliable

It kinda feels nice to be depended on and needed and relied on.

50. Responsible

A responsible person is someone you can trust to do what he or she is supposed to do.

51. Righteous

Someone who always chooses to do what is right.

52. Independent

It pays to be strong and independent in life, darling.

53. Considerate

We should all realize that no one is perfect and consider that each one is going through different challenges every single day.

54. Constant

A person who is constant is someone you can rely on to be always there for you no matter how long you’ve last seen each other.

55. Cute

To be called cute means you look nice and adorable!

56. Consistent

A person who’s consistent is someone who never fails to be as amazing as they are, without fail.

57. Fantastic

Remember that friend who’s so great and kind and perfect? Call him/her this.

58. Awesome

Same as this person who’s always so great at everything he/she tries to do.

59. Amazing

Oh yeah, another word for that great friend you have!

60. Perfect

I know they say nobody’s perfect but you can cut those people who are nearly perfect some slack.

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61. Charming

There really are people who are gifted with the aura and vibe that could launch a thousand ships.

62. Straight-forward

There’s also something positive about people who have a no-nonsense policy. What you see is what you get!

63. Patient

People gifted with amazing patience are very rare so make sure they know you appreciate their patience!

64. Bright

Someone who’s bright is smart not only in academics and technical things but also in practical things.

65. Witty

Mix being smart and funny and voila! You have “witty”!

66. Dynamic

Someone who easily adjusts to any changes in his/her environment like a chameleon.

67. Practical

Some people are academically intelligent, the book-smarty pants. Then there are those who are streetsmart.

68. Resourceful

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

69. Intuitive

A person who has strong intuitions is very sensitive and observant to the point that he/she sees patterns in people, events and situations.

70. Amusing

Another word for funny… people who can give you good vibes.

71. Humorous

It means funnier than funny. A person that can make you laugh a lot.

72. Hilarious

A person who is very, very, very funny!

73. Chatty

Chatty is the positive word for talkative… ability to hold conversations is a skill!

74. Kooky

The positive kind of crazy. Kooky people are a joy to be around.

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75. Enthusiastic

People who are hype and always up for a good time are this type of people.

76. Energetic

This person rarely gets tired and bored. They’re always on the go!

77. Adventurous

Some people are homebodies, and some just want to travel the world.

78. Happy

A happy person is everybody’s role model.

79. Soft-hearted

People who are soft-hearted are the strongest and the most blessed.

80. Low Maintenance

Being like this is such a thrifty and chill move.

81. Laid-back

Some people are just exhausting and then there are those that are just chill and peaceful.

82. Determined

Hardworking and focused people are worth following!

83. Passionate

People who follow their passions in life are the happiest.

84. Fearless

These are the people who are afraid but they jump anyway.

85. Blessed

You can go as far as to call someone blessed when they’re lucky, nice and at the same amazing at almost anything they try. Lucky them, right?

86. Strong

A person can be physically strong and/or emotionally strong.

87. Friendly

It’s kinda nice to know that they appreciate how friendly you are and how you deal with people.

88. Thankful

People who are always thankful continue to have lots of things to be thankful for.

89. Nice

Whatever you do, it pays to be nice to people.

90. Sympathetic

To show sympathy to someone is care for them when they’re down and incapable of taking care of themselves.

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91. Amicable

If you are amicable, you know your way around people.

92. Steadfast

You can say someone is steadfast when they are unwavering in their love, actions and affection for something or someone.

93. True

Someone true is someone who is truthfully being who he/she is and that’s something to be proud of!

94. Uncomplicated

The world is cruel and complicated enough, choose to be simple and void of complexity!

95. Deep

You don’t wanna be called shallow minded. You want to be cultured and full of substance.

96. Unequalled

Being superior compared to others is definitely a good thing as long as it doesn’t get to one’s head.

97. Hero

Being called a hero means you’ve done something to right a wrongdoing or save something that needs saving.

98. Accepting

You are inclusive and non-discriminatory. You believe in justice and equality for all.

99. Dearest

To be called dearest by someone means that he/she has deep regards and care for you. Cherish your relationship with that person. Lucky you!

100. Soulmate

You’re a soulmate if you have connected with another person on a whole new level and you both have a lot of common traits and principles. Girls even have their own term for this, “soul sisters”.

👉 In need of more tips on how to compliment your friends? Follow this link: Compliments for Friends!

Being able to tell your best friends how much you appreciate their kindness, their generosity, their presence or even the superficial things like their looks or style will mean the whole world to them. We all need daily affirmations to make us feel great. It’s normal because we’re humans and we need to feel appreciated in order to continue keeping up the good work! Compliments can go a long way!""

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