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What is the “What would you do?” game?

Answering “What would you do?” questions is a fun icebreaker that has no winners or losers. You and your friends take turns asking and answering questions about what they would do in various scenarios.

Hearing your friends’ answers to crazy questions is one thing. Finding out the “why” behind their answers can lead to great conversations filled with laughs!

Gameplay: How to play “What would you do”?

The rules are simple. For each round, a player will be asked a hypothetical question and four different scenarios that could be their possible answer. Players will have to choose the best scenario that suits them. Each player can have some “talk time” to explain their answer.

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The game goes on with everyone taking turns both asking and answering questions. You may think that you know your friends, but you might get surprised by their answers!

Feel free to create your own questions or choose one from our “What would you do?” dilemma questions below!

Light and funny dilemmas

Everyone loves a good laugh. Here are some fun and quirky dilemmas that will make you and your friends chuckle or LOL! Get ready for some funny conversations when you hear the answers to these questions!

1. What would you do if you switched places with your pet?

  • I would sleep, eat, and chill all day.
  • I would become a kind and loving pet to my owner.
  • I would run away. I want freedom.
  • I would hide and give my owner a hard time looking for me.

2. What would you do if you got trapped in your favorite movie?

  • I would hang out with my favorite characters.
  • I would just play a minor role and watch from the sidelines.
  • I would tell the characters how the movie will end to change their “fate”.
  • I would steal the spotlight from the lead characters and become the protagonist.

3. What would you do if your cell phone fell in the toilet?

  • It’s gross, but I would pick it up with my bare hands.
  • I would just flush it and let go of my cell phone.
  • I would ask for help from someone.
  • I would stare at it for 5 mins and panic.

4. What would you do if you aliens landed in your backyard?

  • I would call the police.
  • I would hide in the bedroom, pretend not to see anything, and hope they did not see me.
  • I would be friendly and welcome them.
  • I would scream and run away as fast as possible.

5. What would you do if you had the One Ring from Lord of the Rings?

  • I would run away with it and rule the world.
  • I would destroy it.
  • I would sell it.
  • I would pass the burden to someone else.

6. What would you do if you were the strongest person alive?

  • I would protect the weak and innocent.
  • I would join the circus.
  • I would impress a girl or boy by carrying something heavy, like a truck.
  • I would be a superhero, be popular and loved.

7. What would you do if someone tried to share a urinal with you while you were using it?

  • I would stop mid-pee and transfer to another urinal.
  • I would look into his eyes and ask “why”.
  • No big deal. I would just keep on peeing.
  • I would aim at his shoes.

8. What would you do if you received a job offer where you get paid $50,000 to sit in a pitch-black room and do nothing for 8 hours?

  • Hell yes! I would not miss this opportunity.
  • No! Are you crazy? I would not even dare.
  • It depends. What is the purpose?
  • It depends. Can I bring someone with me?

9. What would you do if you had a tail?

  • That would be too weird. I would hide it.
  • That would freak me out. I would cut it.
  • That would be amazing! I would flaunt it.
  • I would just live with it and join the circus.

10. What would you do if you could talk to animals?

  • No big deal. I would just ignore it.
  • I would tell the authorities, surrender myself, and get tested by scientists.
  • I would ask them the biggest secret they know and write a book about it.
  • Amazing! I would be an animal whisperer and ask them questions like whether they think it is better to live like an animal or a human.

11. What would you do if you saw your zipper was down and people had noticed?

  • I would discreetly pull it up and pretend that knowing happened.
  • I would laugh it out and say, “oops”.
  • I would immediately run and hide out of embarrassment.
  • I would keep it down. It’s not a big deal anyway.

12. What would you do if you could stop time?

  • I would find out the winning lottery numbers to hit the jackpot.
  • I would find out the dirty secret of your enemies and expose it.
  • I would catch all the criminals, end wars, be a superhero, and be loved.
  • I would be a supervillain and try to take over the world.

13. What would you do if you used a public toilet and discovered there was no tissue paper?

  • I would look for a piece of paper from your bag, maybe an old receipt will do.
  • I would ask for a tissue paper from a stranger.
  • I would pretend nothing happened and just walk away.
  • I would walk away and hope that I don’t stink.

14. What would you do if you found a hundred million dollars?

  • I would invest my money and never work a day in my life.
  • I would surrender it to the authorities.
  • I would keep a small portion of it for myself, share some with my family and friends, and donate the rest to charity.
  • I would donate everything to charity.

Serious dilemmas

Keep the ball rolling by asking these serious “What Would You Do” questions. These questions will make you choose between a rock and a hard place. Be careful! You and your friends might end up arguing! Remember that these situations may or may not happen at all!

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1. What would you do if you found the answer sheet to an important test?

  • I would surrender it to the teacher.
  • Nice! I would leak it to other students.
  • This is just perfect. I would keep it for myself.
  • I want nothing to do with this. I would ignore and throw it.

2. What would you do if you know absolutely everything?

  • I would find a cure for cancer.
  • I would join Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
  • I would keep on studying, get a degree in everything, and achieve the Guinness Record of a person with the most degrees.
  • I would beat Elon Musk with an invention such as a flying car.

3. What would you do if you woke up on the Titanic just as it leaves the bay?

  • This is my chance. I would look for Jack/Rose and steal him/her from his/her significant other.
  • I would try to convince the ship crew and captain that the Titanic is going to sink.
  • I want to live! I would sneak away in a lifeboat.
  • I lived a good life. I would stay on the ship, sacrifice myself, and help evacuate as many people as I could.

4. What would you do if you would turn into a zombie within an hour?

  • I would kill myself before I turn.
  • I would not go without a fight. I would go to a medical center hoping for a cure.
  • I would go to the person I hate and kill him/her.
  • I would lock myself in a room.

5. What would you do if you found out you were dead and you’ve been a ghost all this whole time?

  • I would tell my close friends/family only.
  • I would investigate how I died.
  • I would accept my fate, leave this world, and move on into the afterlife.
  • I would keep it a secret and continue living my life as if nothing is wrong.

6. What would you do if your memory was erased but you were aware of it?

  • I would do nothing. This is just exactly what I want- a fresh start.
  • I have no reason to live anymore. I would kill myself.
  • I would go to the doctor to find a cure.
  • I would find everything that was wiped out.

7. What would you do if Mark Zuckerberg gave you access to all the private information of every person on Facebook?

  • I would delete all the private information of every person on Facebook (thus, deleting Facebook).
  • I would spill the dirty little secrets of politicians and celebrities for money.
  • I would spy on my enemies and blackmail them.
  • I would submit evidence against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s breach of civilian privacy to the US government.

8. What would you do if everything you touched turned into gold?

  • I would not touch anything.
  • I would touch a lot of things to get rich but live miserably.
  • I would join the circus and use it as a trick.
  • I would kill myself. My life would be too miserable.

9. What would you do if your celebrity crush asks you out?

  • I will say yes immediately.
  • I will ask him if he’s doing a prank. It has to be a joke, right?
  • I will tell them that I need to check my calendar first.
  • I will say no. I’m happy enough looking at him from afar.

Personal dilemmas

Get to know your friends on a deeper level with these personal “What would you do” dilemmas. Get ready for some bonding time with your friends when you answer these questions.

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1. What would you do if, for 24 hours, you can switch lives with someone that you are close to?

  • I would try to live their life to better understand them.
  • I would make their life better.
  • I would ruin their life because I secretly hate/envy the people closest to me.
  • I would find out their deepest darkest secret (for leverage in the future).

2. What would you do if you found out your best friend was secretly in love with you?

  • I would hook up with him/her.
  • I would pretend not to know to avoid the awkwardness.
  • I would avoid him/her and end the friendship. I don’t want any drama.
  • I would tell him/her that I know and tease him/her.

3. What would you do if you got an opportunity to talk to your younger self?

  • I would cringe at my awkwardness and just ignore him/her.
  • I would spend a whole day hanging out with my younger self.
  • I would tell him/her about his/her future.
  • I would give some loving advice/motivational speech about how life is tough but she/he/we are tougher.

4. What would you do if you woke up next to your best friend after a night of drinking?

  • I would sneak out and hope that she/he won’t remember.
  • I would pretend to sleep until my best friend leaves.
  • This cannot happen again. I would say “good morning” and have a serious talk with him/her.
  • I would just live in the moment and enjoy it!

5. What would you do if the love of your life dies but you find out that they have an identical twin?

  • I would ignore the twin and try to move on.
  • I would date the twin and see how it goes
  • I would think that the love of my life never died and s/he is the same person as the twin.
  • I would stalk the twin.

6. What would you do if you were in love with your best friend who was in a toxic relationship?

  • I would ignore my feelings and be a good best friend.
  • I would confess my feelings and hope that my friend feels the same way.
  • I would convince my best friend to break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.
  • I don’t want any drama. I would end the friendship and find someone to date.

7. What would you do if you only had 24 hours to live?

  • I would tell all my family and friends that I love them and spend my last moments with them.
  • I would kill my worst enemy.
  • I would rob a bank to get rich and live it to my family.
  • I would stay in my room, do nothing, and just wait it out.

These “What would you do?” dilemmas are perfect icebreakers to make people more at ease. Throw in these dilemma questions to kickstart fun conversations and see where it would lead to!

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