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Humans as we are, we long for connection and relationships. It is pretty normal to want to have friends and partners in life. You can’t really call it one if you’re all alone. There will always be a need and want for others. That is why you do your best to cherish and treasure your family, friends and lovers!

Making friends or trying to win the affection of people is pretty challenging no matter what people say. You gotta have the confidence, the charisma and the sense of humor in order for someone to even notice and take interest in what you’ve got to say.

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If getting someone to like you is especially hard for you, worry no more! We prepared this list of things you can try to do to make someone like you and eventually love you!

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How to get someone to like you

Do you have some you really like? Do you want them to like you back and maybe take your friendship to the next level? Follow these tips and steps on how to get someone to like you back:

1. Maintain eye contact.

Looking into someone’s eyes can trigger those butterflies in the stomach, baby. After all, they are the windows to their soul! Works every time!

2. Be genuinely interested in everything they do and say.

Show them how much you truly care what they do and say. Your eagerness to know them more is a dead giveaway to how much you like them and they’ll appreciate you for it.

3. Smile a LOT!

You can’t flirt without sporting your best smile ever. Don’t you just love when a person looks at you and smiles at you in the most adorable way?

4. Touch them more often.

You might think that little hand on the leg for the briefest second, that little pat on the back, the way you move a strand of hair out of his or her face went unnoticed… but trust me, it was noticed and it elicited a nice feeling on the other person!

5. Appreciate them.

When a person you like goes out of their way to help you or make you feel good by doing something nice, acknowledge it and tell them how much it helped and how you think it was nice!

6. Embrace their values and passions.

Once you embrace another person’s values and passions in life, it’s automatically a major score for you! Letting them know that you support them and making them feel comfortable to express their passion goes a long way for your efforts to woo them!

7. Make time to spend some quality time.

If you truly like someone, you don’t wait until you’re free to spend time with them. You take time off work, you ditch class… you make time even if you have none! Trust me, they’ll love you for it.

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How to get someone to like you over text

In a world amidst the pandemic, the rise of social media and the impending increase in the number of introverts, chatting or texting someone is pretty much an essential mode of communication. Do you know that you can be nice on text and get the person you’re texting to like you? Here’s how:

1. Make fun of them.

Reading each other’s replies can be boring after a while but if you always send out witty remarks, they’ll never be bored of you.

2. Make fun of yourself, too!

You can’t always be focused on making fun of them, that would turn to rudeness in a bit so make sure to balance it out by making an intentional fool of yourself in a cheeky way.

3. Guess their answers/replies.

When trying to get to know someone over the phone, you’ll be asking lots of questions so in order to add excitement and humor, try to guess what their answers would be.

4. Roleplay

Since you’re not physically together, you can make it seem so by pretending that you’re two different people who are together like you’re starring in a roleplay.

5. Make them chase you.

You can disqualify yourself from their dating pool by joking that he or she is not your type or that he or she looks cute with ____. You’ll know they’re into you if they kind of insist you’re his/her type.

6. Use the right amount of emojis.

For some reason, texting with emojis gives life to your convos with others. You made the effort to choose which emoji is best, after all.

7. Stroke their ego over text.

Make the other person feel special by complimenting them over text but don’t overdo it. Sure, giving your compliment in person is different but over the text, he or she can read it over and over again!

8. Do not over text!

One of the best rules to flirting over text is that you should sometimes take a bit of time not texting. Don’t be on standby by the phone, you’ve got a life! Make the dude chase you a bit. Make them look forward to your precious reply!

How to get someone to like you as a friend

We’re not always after romantic relationships, sometimes, all you need is a friend to enjoy life with and keep your secrets. Here are the stuff you can do to make someone like you as a friend:

1. Ask them questions.

This makes them realize that you truly are interested in what they have to say.

2. Open up about more things.

Talking to someone will make them know that you like them and in turn, they’ll love your company.

3. Spend some quality time with them.

Making time for special people amidst work or school or whatever is the ultimate gift you can give.

4. Listen better!

It’s not enough to just ask and talk on and on. Truly listen and understand the other person.

5. Show some loving care to them and what they value.

You’ll be more likable if you show genuine care to the other person.

6. Admit your mistakes and flaws.

Everybody loves a “real” person, not a “pretend”one. You’ll be more relatable if you are not so perfect all the time.

7. Make jokes and laugh!

Someone who has a great sense of humor beats someone who is intelligent if your goal is to make someone like you.

8. Lighten up!

The world is already full of negativity. Cast those off and choose to be kind, to be funny, to be positive all the way.

9. Don’t be toxic.

No one wants to be around mean and pushy people. Don’t be one!

10. Admit your weaknesses.

We all have weaknesses because we are all human. Others being able to help you will unconsciously make them like you more because you’ve added a sense of purpose to them.

When all is said and done, you’ll realize in the end that you can’t really please and get everyone to like you. Not every person is everyone’s cup of tea, after all, and that is okay! The goal is not for everyone to like you but for you to build long lasting relationships with the right ones who matter. Don’t let others’ opinion of you hold you back… go forth and connect with the rest of the world!

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