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What Are Icebreaker Activities? 🤓

Icebreaker activities are games that spice up the mood and help to get to know new people. Especially in a group of many people who do not know each other, ice breakers can help to get into a conversation.

10 Fun Icebreaker Activities 😂

These ten fun icebreakers are perfect for any occasion. You can play these games with your friends or in a group of strangers. A lot of fun is guaranteed!

1. The Mystery Box

The Mystery Box Game requires sensitivity. The goal is to recognize different objects only by feeling them.

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Before you start playing, you have to build a mystery box. This should be done by a person who doesn’t play this game. The mystery box can be a moving box or a shoebox, or any other container. Then you cut a hole into the box. It should not be too big, but also not too small. It should be so big that you can reach into the box with your hands and get the items out of the box. Finally, you put random things into the Mystery Box. Be creative and make sure that there are also a few objects that are tricky to guess.

How To Play

In each round, a player is selected who tries to guess an item with his/her eyes closed. The player grabs an object from the box and tries to guess what he/she is holding in his hand by feeling and touching it. Usually, a time limit of 60 seconds is set.

If the person has guessed the item within the time, he/she gets a point. If he/she didn’t make it, he/she doesn’t get a point.

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The game ends when there are no more objects in the box. In the end, each player adds up their points. The person with the most points is the winner.

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2. Who am I?

“Who am I” is a fun icebreaker for people of all ages. The goal of this game is to guess who or what you are. All you need to play is at least two players, sticky notes and a pen.

The youngest starts guessing. First, the other players think about who or what the person is. When the players have decided on a person or an item, they write the name on a sticky note and stick it on the person’s forehead. Then the person can start guessing by asking questions to the other players. However, he/she may only ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. Optionally, you can also set a time limit.

3. Paper Airplane

This easy and fun icebreaker game is perfect for getting to know each other. Each player writes a fact about him/herself, or a short story from his/her life, on a piece of paper and then folds it into a paper plane. Then you let your paper planes fly by throwing them at another player. In the end, everyone reads the text on the paper plane out loud and tries to guess whose story it is.

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4. Blind Drawing

Blind drawing is a game variant of charades, in which instead of acting out words, you have to draw them blindly. To play, you need:

  • Notes
  • A blindfold
  • A whiteboard or flip chart
  • A pen
  • At least four players

In the beginning, all players are divided into two teams, each with its own note box. Each team thinks of different charade words for the opposing team (at least one word for each player) and writes them on a piece of paper. You can choose which team starts or someone volunteers. A person from the team pulls out a note of the box and briefly considers how he/she would like to draw the word. Then he/she puts the blindfold on and starts drawing. The person’s team has 1-2 minutes to guess the word. If you manage to guess the word in time, you get a point. The team that ended up with the most points won.

5. Swedish storytelling

In this game, improvisation, creativity, and concentration are required. In short, it’s about inventing a story spontaneously. There are three different roles:

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  1. A storyteller
  2. Two interrupters (people who come up with word suggestions)
  3. The audience (the rest of the people)

The storyteller stands in front of the audience. The two interrupters stand behind the storyteller. The storyteller begins to tell a story. While he/she is doing this, the interrupters are allowed to say different words out loud whenever they want. The storyteller must incorporate these words into the story as quickly as possible. When the storyteller can’t think of anything anymore, he formulates a final sentence and ends it. The roles are swapped in each round.

6. Egg Drop

The skill game “Egg Drop” is about protecting a raw egg from breaking. To play, you need:

  • raw eggs (at least one per group)
  • cardboard (1 meter per group)
  • Duct tape
  • straws (at least 40 per group)
  • and at least six players

In the beginning, all players are divided into groups of three or four. Each team receives the materials mentioned above. After a start signal, each group has 15 minutes to build a protective device for its egg with the materials. Finally, the protective devices with the eggs in it are thrown on the ground (approximately 10 feet off the ground). Then someone checks which eggs are still intact. If only one egg is left, its team wins. If several eggs are intact, then count how many straws the groups have used. The group that used the least amount of straws won.

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7. The Toaster Game

Hopefully, you are hungry because there is a lot of talking and eating involved in this game. To play, you need a toaster, toast, and various toppings (wasabi, ketchup spices, chocolate…). Sit on chairs arranged in a small circle, prepare the toaster, and then you’re ready to start the game. As soon as the toaster is switched on, one after another has to tell one thing about themselves. The person who is interrupted by the toast popping out has to eat it. The other players decide which toppings the person has to put on the toast.

8. Bang!

In this fun icebreaker game, you can demonstrate your responsiveness. All people line up in a circle. One player is the sheriff and stands in the middle of the circle. The sheriff surprises the other players by pointing to a random person and shouting “Bang”. The person pointed to must crouch as quickly as possible, and their neighbors must draw their “guns”—the one who was the last to respond to the “bang” swaps roles with the sheriff.

9. Minefield

This game requires teamwork. To play, you need enough free space and various obstacles (e.g., squeaky toys or bubble wrap), which you scatter on the floor. First, two teams are formed. Each team must help its team member to cross the “minefield” safely. The person wears a blindfold and is therefore dependent on instructions from his/her team. There are no winners and no losers in this game. The goal is to have fun. 😃

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10. Who’s that baby?

This icebreaker game requires some preparation. It is ideal for school classes, work colleagues, or other events. Each person in the group must take a baby photo of themselves with them to the meeting. Number the pictures on the back and mix them well. Then the images are passed on to every person. Every player has to match the children’s photos to the persons from the group. To do this, you write the name and corresponding number on a sheet of paper. When everyone has made their choice, it is resolved which baby photos belong to which person. The person who assigned most of the pictures correctly won.

5 Ice Breaker Activities For Adults 🕺

We have selected these icebreaker games, especially for adults. However, that doesn’t mean they’re boring or stuffy. With these fun icebreaker activities, you will learn more about your group members in no time - but most of all, you will have fun.

1. The Interview Game

This game is perfect for getting to know new people and creating a relaxed atmosphere. In the beginning, everybody picks out a partner. Each couple has five minutes to get to know each other. Each person tells the other a few facts about him/herself. When the time is over, each pair alternately introduces his/her partner to the group. So instead of introducing yourself, you say something about your partner.

2. Pick a Side

The game “Pick a Side” is a version of “Would you rather” with a bit more action. First, a moderator is selected who asks questions to the group. These questions should include two opposite options, such as: “Would you rather have an annoying high-pitched voice or an incredibly deep voice?” Everyone who chooses option 1 stands in the left corner; everyone who chooses option 2 positions themselves in the right corner. The moderator announces in advance which corner represents which answer option. “Pick a Side” is a fun icebreaker game for adults where you can playfully learn new things about people.

Here you can find a massive list of over 500 “Would you rather” questions: 👉 Would You Rather

If you want to play “Would you rather” online, you can do so here:

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3. Charades

Charades is a classic among icebreakers and great fun. First, form two teams. Both groups then think of words or phrases that the opposing team will later have to act out. Write your words on pieces of paper, fold them, and throw them into your box. Each group receives the container from the other team. Then you can start playing!

A person pulls a piece of paper out of his/her box and tries to act out the word. This person’s team has 1-2 minutes to guess the correct word. If they guessed right, the team gets a point. The game ends when there are no more notes in the box. The team with the most points is the winner.

Here is a massive list of charade words: 👉 Charades Word Game.

Also check out our online version of Charades:

Play Online

4. Show and Tell

“Show and Tell” is ideal for people who already know each other a bit. In this game, everybody shows a personal item that has a special meaning to them (e.g., jewelry, a concert ticket, a stone, etc.). For this icebreaker, every person has to prepare for the event. One after another shows their object to the group and tells a story about it. This game is a great way to get to know friends, acquaintances, or strangers on a deeper level.

5. Ten Things In Common

This game is about finding things that you and another person have in common. First of all, everyone is split into pairs. Each pair gets a sheet of paper and a pen. After a start signal, all couples have 15 minutes to find ten things they have in common. In the end, each pair tells the group what they have in common.

Do not use apparent similarities like “We are both women”. Take your time to get to know each other better. You will definitely find things that you have in common. However, it’s no big deal either if you can’t find ten things. Just try to find something.

3 Ice Breaker Activities For Teens ✌️

Whether in a youth group, school class, or a game night, these ice breakers for teenagers are always well received.

1. Tied Up

In this game, you are tied to players and have to do tasks together. You need at least four persons to play so you can create two teams. If there are more players, it is advisable to create more than two groups. In the beginning, tie together the team member’s hands with a rope. Both teams have to master a task, such as painting something, tying shoes, or preparing a sandwich. After a start signal, both teams start the challenge at the same time. The team that finished first won.

2. Have you ever?

“Have you ever?” is basically the reverse version of the question game “Never have I ever”. One person asks the group a question, such as “Have you ever faked an illness to stay home from school?” All persons who have done this before must stand up or raise their hands. This way, you can playfully learn more about your fellow human beings.

Here you can find a huge list with the best “Never have I ever” questions: 👉 Never have I ever

And if you want to play “Never have I ever” online, you can do so here:

Play Online

3. Remember me?

“Remember me” is an icebreaker game for a group of people who don’t know each other well. The game will help you learn the names of everyone in the group. To play, you need a bed sheet and two chairs. Form two teams of equal size and position yourself behind the chairs. Then two people (e.g., the group leaders) hold up the sheet so that the two groups can no longer see each other. In each round, two people from the two teams sit on the chairs. When the curtain falls, both players must say the other person’s name as quickly as possible — the one who shouted out the other person’s name first won.

The 5 Best Ice Breaker Activities For Work 💼

These unique icebreaker games should not be missing at your next work party. These icebreakers will boost your mood and create great work relationships.

1. Picasso

No one will be able to keep a straight face in this game. In the beginning, everyone picks out a partner and sits down in front of him. Each player receives a sheet of paper and a pen. When a start signal sounds, Person X tells Person Y something about themselves for three minutes. Meanwhile, person Y, who is listening, has to draw a portrait of person X. Person Y is not allowed to look at the sheet of paper and has to keep eye contact with person X at all times. After three minutes, the roles are swapped. In the end, each person presents the portrait and tells something about the person they have drawn. Therefore, don’t just concentrate on drawing, but also listen carefully. Multitasking is required. 🤓

2. The One-Word Game

The ice breaker game “One-Word” is ideal for meetings. The person who leads the conference asks the colleagues to think about a word that best describes X. A topic could be the working atmosphere, working hours, or current mood. When everyone has thought about it for a minute or two, everyone shares their word with the group. Then there is a question and discussion round. This icebreaker enables all colleagues, even the more reserved ones, to contribute their opinion on a topic and increases the productivity of the meeting. The discussions often lead to great ideas.

3. Most likely to

“Most likely to” is a question game where you have to decide which colleague would most likely do a specific thing. Here is an example: One of you asks the question, “Who is most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse?”. All players have to choose a colleague who would most likely survive a zombie apocalypse. In the end, each player says out loud which person he/she has chosen. This game shows you what your colleagues think about you.

If you’re looking for ideas for questions, check out this article: 👉 600+ Most Likely To Questions

If you want to play “Most likely to” online you can do so here:

Play Online

4. Electric Fence

In this ice breaker activity, you try to cross a fictive electric fence in a team without touching it. Crawling under the fence is not allowed. The first thing you do is to tie a rope or cord between two chairs or other objects. The fence should be about waist-high. If you are a large group (e.g., 20 people), you can also create two teams.

Position yourself in front of the fence and grab the hands of your colleagues. As you cross the fence, you must never let go of your colleagues’ hands. Many will probably not be able to jump over the fence. Then you have to be creative. Think about how you can help each other. The game is the perfect team-building exercise.

5. Power-Point Karaoke

In Power-Point Karaoke, you don’t have to sing, but rather give a presentation on the spot. Don’t worry - it’s a lot funnier than it seems at first glance. To play, you need a projector (or large screen), PowerPoint slides, and a good mood. You don’t have to design the PowerPoint presentations yourself. That would be counterproductive since you shouldn’t even know what’s on the PowerPoint slides. You can find numerous PowerPoint presentations for free to download on the Internet. A volunteer stands in front of the audience (work colleagues) and tries to give a presentation on a PowerPoint slide that he/she has never seen before. This game has a great entertainment factor and is an excellent exercise to improve your improvisation skills.

Do you want more fun icebreaker activities? Then check out this article with entertaining icebreaker games: 👉 Icebreaker Games

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