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D&D is an online gaming sensation that has captured the interest, attention and hearts of millions of people all over the world. In this adventure game, you get to be any character you want to be; you can be a hero with awesome customized features you use in fighting off monsters in different battlegrounds in the game.

If you’re trying to make friends with fellow D&D fans and gamers. It helps to recognize your common denominator which is D&D and try to start with that as your common ground. Talk about the game, your characters, your favorite parts and more!

Take your conversations to a whole new level of fun by inserting these topnotch D&D pick-up lines!

Funny D&D pick-up lines {#funny-d&d-pick-up-lines}

You can never go wrong with good wit and humor! Try these funny pick-up lines that only D&D fans can get:

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1. I know I don’t gnome you well but I just want you to know that your beauty dwarfs all expectations.

It uses pun and flattery so the girl you’re trying to impress will surely giggle.

2. My 10+ charisma? That’s my dump stat.

Too technical right? But a true D&D fan will get it.

3. You must be a cleric because you know how to make me feel better.

Interesting way to flatter someone!

4. I know you’re a fighter, that is why I never wanna (c)leave your side.

Why is this romantic but at the same time funny?

5. You must be a wizard because you surely know how to cast a spell on me.

Swoons dramatically

6. You must be a sorcerer because a face like that must be innate, not acquired.

Another way of saying “You’re beautiful just the way you are!”

7. I’m a beholder and looking at you, I realized that my eyes have never beheld beauty ‘til I saw you.

Don’t you just wanna melt?

8. Anybody looking for a bag of holding, you can hold mine!

wink wink!

9. You must be a rebel drow house because you’re causing a stir in my underdark.

Up to you how you take that line!

10. Damn baby, I must be a Displacer Beast because I know I’ll be beside myself if you don’t come home with me tonight.


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Cheesy D&D pick-up lines {#cheesy-d&d-pick-up-lines}

Up for something quick and cute to the point? Here are some cheesy and cutesy D&D pick-up lines that you can use anytime, anywhere:

1. Oh my, you seem to have rolled high during creation!

High rollers in the battleground!

2. Are you a barbarian? Because you’re all the rage!

Down, boy!

3. I’m gonna wield my broadsword on you.

Get ready for it!

4. I need fire resistance because you are so hot!

Way to be subtle, dear.

5. You must be a Mindflayer because I can’t get you out of my head!

One way to tell them you’re always thinking of them.

6. You must be a paladin because I won’t mind if you lay on hands.

Nothing beats the perks a paladin can give!

7. You must have some crazy charisma if you have half-off on a roll of 5!

Now that’s a great way to compliment a fellow gamer.

8. It’s about to get wild so put those ranks in Animal Handle to good use!

Get ready for some action, boys and girls!

It’s a very low-key D&D line that you can use anytime.

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10. Darling, you must be a medusa because you’re making me hard.

Hard as a freakin’ rock! There’s no way you won’t get that pick-up line!

Best D&D pick-up lines {#best-d&d-pick-up-lines}

Make your pick-up lines as epic as the adventure game itself! Take your friends and fellow fans and gamers to a whole new ride with the best D&D pick-up lines of all time:

1. My race is resistant to charms but apparently, not to yours!

You got it down!

2. I hope you’re a druid because my animal wants to be handled by you.

Oops! No holding back now.

3. What CR do I need to steal your heart?

You’ll leave ‘em blushing!

4. I think I need a Spot Check to see your d*ck, boy.

Oh that D&D insult hit literally below the belt!

5. Are you a bard? Because you are too good at plucking my heartstrings.

Casanova alert!

6. Your beauty has flanked me because I’m sure I feel flat-footed right now.

You’re THAT gorgeous, dearest!

7. Feeling wild, darling? No worries, I have a lot of ranks in Handle Animal!

Let’s get it on anytime, anywhere!

8. When I saw you, I must have failed my save against awestruck.

Say this to someone you consider as jaw-droppingly awesome!

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9. Hey darling, you’re so fine that I’m taking -2 to attack rolls.

Can’t resist you, baby!

10. Just like a rogue, I’d like to do it from behind.

That’s how rogues do it and you will like it!

Only legit and true D&D fans can appreciate the wit and beauty behind these questions. You’d be talking nonstop about the game in no time and you’d be surprised how effortlessly you will connect with each other!

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