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A game industry pioneer, Dungeons and Dragons has stood the test of time as one of the most beloved tabletop role-playing games. So it’s no surprise that this iconic game has managed to weasel its way into the dating scene.

Pick up lines are amazing conversation starters and help you to leave a lasting impression. And what better way to show off your knowledge of D&D than through a clever pick-up line?

Whether you’re looking for a partner in crime or a fellow adventurer, we’ve got you covered with these D&D-inspired pick-up lines. So, roll the dice and let’s get started!

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Funny D&D pick-up lines

One can never go wrong with wit and humor! Looking to make a fellow D&D fan laugh? Pick-up lines are always a great icebreaker, and these D&D-inspired ones are sure to earn you some bonus points.

1. What plane are you from? Cuz you are out of this world!

Your existence just transcends dimensions.

2. My 10+ charisma? That’s my dump stat.

Flaunt that dump, baby!

3. Are you a mimic? Because you look like treasure to me!

Mimics are monsters, so this one may not be romantic, but it’s still funny.

4. Don’t worry, baby. I’m a lover and a fighter.

Show off your versatility with this one.

5. I took the Endurance feat, which means I can go all night long.

Endurance feat? More like endurance cheat!

6. Are you a wizard? Because you surely know how to cast a spell on me!

You just dazzle me.

7. You must be a bard because you’re plucking at my heartstrings.

Another way of saying “You’re beautiful just the way you are!”

8. Got any implements?

A classic spellcaster pick-up line.

9. Looking for a bag of holding? You can hold mine anytime.

If you know, you know.

10. You must be a rebel drow house, because you’re causing a stir in my underdark.

Up to you how you take that line!

11. I may not be a necromancer, but I sure know how to make things rise.

Assurance is key.

12. You can be my dungeon master any time you want.

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Cheesy D&D pick-up lines

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of clever wit to make someone smile. And if you’re a fan of D&D, pick-up lines are the perfect way to show off your love for the game in a lighthearted, cheesy way.

So, why not give these D&D-inspired cheesy pick-up lines a try?

1. I think I need fire resistance, because you’re so damn hot.

Way to be subtle, dear.

2. Are you an illusion? Because I can’t believe someone as beautiful as you could exist.

Just unbelievable!

3. You must have rolled a natural 20 on your looks.

You’re definitely above average.

4. You must be an expert in stealth because you snuck up on me and stole my heart.

Master of Suspense!

5. I could use a little healing, and you seem like just the cleric for the job.

Need some healing after that cheesy line?

6. Is it just me or are you giving off major enchantment vibes?

Giving off serious charm.

7. Are you a rogue? Because I can’t tell if you’re stealing my heart or just sneaking it away.

Watch out - they might be after your heart!

8. You must have proficiency in Charisma, because you’re definitely close to charming my pants off.

Charmed, I’m sure!

9. You must play D&D because that is some Great Cleave.

Show ’em off!

10. You must be a Beholder, because I can see beauty in your eyes.

Unique and beautiful.

11. Did someone just cast Phantasmal Killer on me? Because you are drop-dead gorgeous.

You’re so beautiful, it’s killer!

12. On a scale from 1 to 10, you’re a natural 20.

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Best D&D pick-up lines

Ready for some truly epic pick-up lines that will leave a lasting impression? D&D-inspired ones are sure to capture your target’s heart and imagination.

Take your friends and fellow fans and gamers to a whole new ride with the best D&D pick-up lines of all time:

1. My race is resistant to charms but apparently, not to yours.

Simply irresistible.

2. I hope you’re a druid because this animal wants to be handled.

Oops! No holding back now.

3. What CR do I need to steal your heart?

You’ll leave ‘em blushing!

4. I think I might be a Paladin. Mind if I Lay On Hands to check?

Put your hands to good use.

5. What’s your AC? Because I want to hit that.

A clever mix of flirting and D&D terms.

6. Want to see how many charges my wand has?


7. Are you Medusa? Because you’re making part of me turning to stone.

Hey, I’m just being honest.

8. I wish I was an Elf, because I doubt I’ll be able to sleep after seeing your smile.

Keeping me up at nights.

9. Are you a wildmage? Because you’ve caused chaos in my mind?

The wilder the better!

10. Just like a rogue, I’d like to do it from behind.

That’s how rogues do it and you will like it!

11. This level 3 Wizard has only one spell in his book - Tongues.

Nice asset.

12. I’m a Sorcerer, you’re a summoner. Together, we are one magic item.

We make a great team!

13. Do you have proficiency in thieves’ tools? Because you just stole my heart.

Leave them defenseless!

14. So you’re a divination wizard? Tell me, is our wedding going to be in the summer or fall?

Get a glimpse into the future with this one.

Whether you’re a seasoned D&D player or just getting started, these pick-up lines are sure to charm and impress your fellow adventurers. Ready to spark meaningful discussions? Explore our compilation of 250+ conversation starters that are perfect for any social situation.

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