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Being in a relationship with someone is a journey of getting to the other person as you progress further into your relationship. It takes two to tango so both parties should work on their relationship. From time to time, think of ways on how to further get to know your partner but at the same time have fun together!

The different ways to get to know your partner is to go out on dates, spend lots of quality time together and play games together. You read that right! Couples who play games and do their best to spice up their relationship are on the right path to a long term and healthy relationship that withstands boredom, time and other more serious issues they’d face.

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Follow the link below to explore questions you can ask your partner and get to know him or her more: Questions for Couples!

One really cool and exciting way to get to know your partner is through playing Couples Trivia. Read on to find out more!

What is Couples Trivia?

Couples Trivia is a game that tests how much couples really know about each other by asking them questions about their relationship, each other and their life in general. Some questions can be very tricky and others are meant just for them like things only both of them would know.

This type of Trivia game is often played by celebrity couples and loveteams on their vlogs, published interviews and YouTube channels. Not only do they get to know more about each other and know how much the other partner knows about them, it also lets others who watch or listen, get a glimpse of their relationship.

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You don’t have to be in a relationship or have someone to be able to play a Trivia Game. You can actually play it anytime, anywhere when you feel like it.

The Original Trivia game is almost the same as the CouplesTrivia but this time, the questions will test the general knowledge of the players. Categories can range from current events, science, entertainment and more!

Follow this link to know more about the game and have some awesome and competitive fun on your next online game night: The Original Trivia Game Online!

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100 Couples Trivia Questions

Are you ready to play Couples Trivia with your significant other? Can’t think of any interesting questions and time is running out? Check these cool and fun questions that could get you started on your Couples Trivia Night:

1. Who cooks better?

One of the classic things to ask a couple!

2. Who is more reliable when it comes to doing the grocery?

Most of the time it’s the girls but you never know!

3. What is your favorite movie/TV show to watch together?

It could be some romcom, action or a thriller!

4. When and how did you meet?

This is gonna be a long story so settle down folks!

5. What did you eat on your first date?

If you could still remember, color me impressed!

6. What’s something that you both hate?

Doesn’t have to be a thing, could be someone or a trait that annoys you both.

7. How many kids would you like to have?

One of the more serious questions coming through…

8. Do you think you can withstand LDR?

Make sure to let each explain what they think about it.

9. What is your partner’s favorite food?

Obviously, a couple would know this!

10. What is your partner’s favorite ice cream flavor?

I mean, honestly, how could you not know, right?

11. What’s the most annoying thing about each other?

Everyone has certain pet peeves, your partner should know yours.

12. What do you like best about your partner?

There must be some redeeming quality about your partner, right?

13. How do you know when your partner is angry?

Being in a relationship with the person will give you inputs on what agitates the person.

14. What brightens up your partner’s day?

You should be able to answer this in no time!

15. What face does he/she make when asleep?

Spill the embarrassing stuff!

16. What is your partner’s favorite color?

When it comes to Trivia games, the favorite color is an essential question.

17. When is your partner’s birthday?

You’ll get a helluva smack on the head if you get this wrong!

18. When is your anniversary?

You better make sure you get this right!

19. What’s your partner’s family like?

It’s better to know them and what they’re like to get a glimpse of your partner’s background.

20. How many times do you do it in a week?

We won’t judge! Just spill it!

21. Do you cuddle?

You better do it! It’s the ultimate stress-reliever!

22. Who is the big spoon and the small spoon when you cuddle?

This is actually a very intimate and interesting question!

23. Who pays the restaurant bill most of the time?

There’s no shame if you always split it, though. Modern and practical dating at its finest!

24. Who spoils the kids more?

There’s no standard answer to this. It varies in every family and every couple.

25. Who is more likely to splurge on something?

Girls are the renowned shopalics of the two genders, but who knows, right?

26. Who is more athletic between the two of you?

The fitter and more disciplined partner gets this one.

27. Who snores louder?

There’s no shame in snoring, totally normal!

28. Who is more talented?

You might just find out talents your partner has and you never knew about!

29. Who still watches cartoon films?

So what if you still watch cartoons, right? Growing up is natural but growing old is a choice.

30. What makes your partner jealous?

You better minimize whatever makes him or her jealous… that’s called respect.

31. What color is your partner’s eyes?

You should know this since you’ve spent hours looking into them.

32. What do you want to happen with your relationship five years from now?

Always try to see if you’re both on the same page in the relationship.

33. Do you want to live in a condo or at an actual house?

You might have different opinions on this one but you ultimately have to agree on one decision.

34. At what age do you want to get married?

A simple question that gives so much pressure.

35. Would you ever relocate for your partner’s job?

All in the name of love!

36. Was your partner’s childhood experience positive or negative?

You must have talked about the past one way or another.

37. What was your partner’s college experience like?

Another important stage in your life that you must share with your partner.

38. Is your partner friends with his/her exes?

If they’ve really moved on then they should be!

39. What is your partner’s dream job?

Get to know your partner’s closet full of dreams!

40. Who is more likely to travel the world?

It would be great if both of you love to travel… then you can do it together!

41. Who is the dog person between the two of you?

Man’s best friend might just be your biggest rival!

42. Who is the cat person?

Gone are the days when being called the “cat lady” is a bad thing.

43. How do you know when you’re in an argument?

Maybe you’re overthinking things and it’s just a conversation for the other person, right?

45. What is your love language?

It’s simply how you express affection to each other.

46. Who likes to use sex toys?

No judgments here, you gotta do what you gotta do.

47. Who is more adventurous in the bedroom?

If you know what I mean… wink, wink*

48. What’s your idea of the perfect sex?

You’d be shocked that we all have different ideas in our heads.

49. Who watches more porn?

Then again, every person has different kinky sides to them. You do you, babe!

50. Who is more likely to cheat in the relationship?

This is kind of an intense issue so don’t answer it if you’re not comfortable about it.

51. Who drinks more?

No judgments here, what’s not to love about booze, right?

52. Who is more likely to get a tattoo?

Everyone has their own way of art expression.

53. Who is more likely to meet someone famous?

Maybe due to his proximity to the stars or his/her job or other factors like eagerness and connections!

54. Who is more likely to become a billionaire?

The thriftier or more hardworking one, for sure!

55. Who has a weird laugh?

Don’t be embarrassed about it. Weird but possibly very cute, right?

56. Who’s more likely to crack inappropriate jokes?

There’s always the clown between the two of you.

57. Who’s more close to his/her family?

Familial issues are very much common so don’t be embarrassed about yours.

58. Who works out more?

There must be at least one of you who loves to exercise in order to be a positive influence to the other.

59. What’s your fondest memory of each other?

This will bring back feelings of excitement and romance, very good for your relationship.

60. What were you wearing when you first met?

Joggle those memories and try to see if you can still get this right.

61. What is something you wish never happened to the two of you?

There must be some regrets down the road, right?

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62. Would you rather cook dinner or dine out?

Agree to disagree on this one, folks.

63. What is your favorite place on Earth?

Then you could both visit those places together!

64. If you haven’t met each other, how different, do you think, would your life be?

This is one of the toughest and albeit the most awkward questions to answer in front of your partner.

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65. Who is your celebrity crush?

Everyone has one! Even though you’re dating someone, that doesn’t make you immune to the charms of the stars.

66. What’s the weirdest random fact about your partner?

Spill the tea and make your lover blush with embarrassment!

67. How many people have you slept with?

Okay, this question has literally topped the list of most embarrassing questions to ask.

68. What’s your partner’s biggest turn-on?

You should be a pro at answering this one!

69. What is your partner’s deepest darkest fear?

Being open to one another about your fears will help you conquer them.

70. What’s the last text message you sent to each other?

You better pray it’s not something dirty and naught, lovebirds.

71. Who are you jealous of the most?

A very awkward question for the both of you but you surely must’ve talked about it.

72. What do you usually fight about?

No matter how small of a fight that is, spill it!

73. What’s the grandest gesture you’ve ever made?

We’re all about the details, hun, so take your time.

74. Who was your first crush?

You must be able to freely share this one to each other before even calling what you have as a real relationship.

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75. When did you first know that you’re in love with each other?

Love is in the air and you’re the one pumping all the dopamine, serotonin and all the other love hormones, darlings.

76. Are relationships meant to last forever?

Depends on who you’re asking…

77. Do you believe in love?

The most cliche question in the book but you gotta ask it!

78. What made you like each other in the first place?

Really think about it and you’ll love him/her even more.

79. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had about your partner?

Dreams can be weird, green and wet for all people so don’t be shy about yours.

80. If you could change one thing about your partner, what would it be and why?

But then again, if you truly like and love a person, what’s there to change?

81. What is your partner’s favorite sex position?

Everyone has one so don’t be embarrassed about yours!

82. What is your partner’s all time favorite book?

You gotta know this, especially if your partner’s a huge bookworm!

83. What was the last movie that made you cry?

Then you can watch again together and lend each other a shoulder to cry on.

84. Who makes more money?

Mature couples won’t be embarrassed when asked this. It’s pretty normal.

85. What keeps your partner up at night?

Share your late night quirks like midnight snacks, addictive games, un-put-downable books and whatnots.

86. Beach wedding or church wedding?

You gotta both agree on this one and not be pressured by your families and friends. Do what makes you happy. It’s your big day!

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87. Sleep in or rise early?

Are you and your partner early birds or not? There’s no correct answer. Just be yourself.

88. Winter or summer?

Sometimes, couples are exact opposites and other times, they’re both exactly alike in their attitude and their choices. Both types can actually work!

89. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Hiking? Camping? Bungee jumping? You can do everything together!

90. Who sings in the shower?

This is totally normal. A lot of people sing in the shower. It’s where most concerts take place!

91. Who is more likely to forgive easily?

The more soft-hearted one, for sure.

92. Who can’t resist who in the relationship?

Most of the time, both partners in a healthy and loving relationship can’t resist each other.

93. What song makes you wanna dance?

This is a fun question to ask and maybe try to play the music afterwards to test the theory.

94. Would you rather give up the internet or give up sex for a whole month?

This is quite possibly the most challenging question in here.

95. If you could be anyone else, who would you be?

This will totally let you know more about each other’s fantasies and dreams.

96. If you could ask your partner anything, what would it be?

It’s time to really open up to each other to strengthen your bond.

97. If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex, what would be the very first thing you’ll do?

You must be curious, right? Unleash your curiosity and explore!

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98. Do you ever do roleplays in bed?

Spill the tea! It’s healthy for a couple to do kinky and erotic stuff to spicen things up!

99. Who is the better kisser?

There’s no doubt you’ll both think you’re the better kissers.

100. What is the most sensitive part of your partner’s body?

If you’ve been together long enough, you’d be able to answer this in a heartbeat!

It’ll take a lifetime to really get to know a person in his or her very core. If you truly love or like someone, you’d be willing to know everything about him or her. The little details are what makes up a whole person.

Hungry for more questions to ask your partner? Follow this link and have some fun: 100 Questions for Couples!

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