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If you’ve never heard of We’re Not Really Strangers (WNRS), then you’re missing out on all the great questions and relationships you could’ve built with this fantastic card game.

Creator Koreen always felt the importance of creating meaningful connections with people. As a photojournalist, it allowed her to talk to anyone about anything and she wanted to share that experience with people.

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So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about WNRS and why you should buy it.

What is We’re Not Really Strangers?

We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game that, according to their website, “empowers meaningful connections with others.” Its questions can pierce hearts, initiate conversations, and bring players together on an emotional level.

Just as they’ve advertised, “WARNING: Feelings may arise.”

Depending on the kind of pack you’re getting, the number of cards varies. Most of the kits range from 50-55 cards (including wildcards), while the main pack holds over 150 questions (including wildcards).

Some questions on these cards may shock some players because of how deep they are. So if you think you’re not ready for it, you can also visit this page for a complete list of questions that can substitute. From funny questions to ask to great relationship questions, this page has got it all.

Different packs for We’re Not Really Strangers

These different versions of the We’re Not Really Strangers card game can be bought their website or on Amazon. They also sell a wide range of We’re Not Really Strangers merchandise, from clothing, greeting cards, even iPhone cases!

Suppose you’re nervous about how to ask a person to play with this game with you or even shy to just start a conversation with them. In that case, you can take a look at this article on tips we’ve collected to find your confidence to do just that.

1. We’re Not Really Strangers: Card Game

Priced at $25.00, the WNRS card game comes with the following:

  • 2 pencils and a WNRS notepad
  • 2 transparent Dig Deeper cards
  • 150 questions and wildcards

With the main pack, you get three levels of questions and wildcards. Each level getting harder to answer, which digs a deeper hole into your existing relationships or maybe even creating new ones. With 1570 reviews, 97% have rated it five stars.

Available on

2. We’re Not Really Strangers: Self Reflection Kit

Although this pack can be played with other players, the questions in this kit are focused on one’s reflection. So if you are playing with others, make sure to be prepared with your own notebooks just in case you feel like noting anything down.

The key to this pack is to be completely honest with ourselves.

Priced at $25.00 on their website, the Self-Reflection Kit comes with the following:

  • Self-Reflection Edition Pack, pen, and notebook
  • 52 cards and wildcards
  • Reflective material covered notebook and gilded edges
  • Gel tip, matte covered finish pen

If this seems interesting for you, you can check out the We’re Not Really Strangers: Self-Reflection Kit on their website. With 205 reviews, 96% have given this product 5 stars.

3. We’re Not Really Strangers: Break Up Kit

And I quote, from We’re Not Really Strangers themselves: “Breakups are important. They teach us about ourselves; what we want, and what we don’t.”

Priced at $25.00 on the We’re Not Really Strangers: Breakup Kit page, this version comes with the following:

  • Breakup edition, pen, and notebook
  • Red covered notebook with inked edges
  • Gel tip, matte covered finish pen
  • 51 cards and wildcards

You might think that this pack might bring up a lot of pain and sad memories, but the truth is, the goal of this pack is to help you recover if you’ve recently gone through a breakup. According to a review left on the website, “A positive surprise after a breakup or loss of a friendship to answer these cards that focus on your feelings and thoughts.” (Mary Moomaw)

4. We’re Not Really Strangers: Relationship Expansion Pack

This pack is perfect for couples who’ve spent a lengthy amount of time together. This specific pack was curated to be able to help couples in further strengthen their relationships.

For only $12.00, the We’re Not Really Strangers Relationship Expansion Pack only comes with 54 cards and wildcards. They recommend that it’s best played if added to the original WNRS card game.

You can find more details on the We’re Not Really Strangers Relationship Expansion Pack. You will also be able to purchase the pack through the previous link.

Available on

👉 If you’re unsure about whether or not these questions are for you, then you can check out this article as a pre-game to see if you’ll be able to handle being honest/open with each other.

5. We’re Not Really Strangers: Breakup Edition

If you’re tight on budget but still looking for a calming and beautiful way to recover from a break-up, then this pack might just be for you.

The WNRS Breakup Edition pack is priced at $12.00. It consists of 51 cards and wildcards with questions that can help you heal if ever you’ve just come from, you guessed it, a breakup. I quote from their website, “…for those who want to self-reflect after a breakup and can be played with a friend or used as journal prompts.”

Available on

👉 If you feel like you’re not exactly ready to handle the deep questions, here are some questions for girls and questions for boys that could act as a warm-up before the seriousness begins.

6. We’re Not Really Strangers: Self-Love Edition

The We’re Not Really Strangers Self-Love Edition is priced at $12.00 and includes 51 cards and wildcards. This set’s primary goal is to get you to fall in love with yourself. The questions on this pack prompt you to genuinely reflect on yourself and how you think about yourself.

👉 If you’re not into self-reflecting at the moment, don’t worry! You can also visit this page for the 20 questions game. The questions here are light and fun!

7. We’re Not Really Strangers: Honest Dating Expansion Pack

Priced at $12.00, the We’re Not Really Strangers Honest Dating Expansion Pack comes with 50 cards and wildcards. Its primary goal is to help couples be open and honest with each other.

According to their page, the questions on these cards are perfect for new couples and even couples who have been together for years and are looking to reignite the spark in the relationship.

Available on

👉 Once you’re done with the pack and looking for more questions like those, you can check out this page for 100 questions for couples. It has tons of content that is sure to be fun for all parties involved.

How to Play We’re Not Really Strangers

Now that you’ve been introduced to the different packs that We’re Not Really Strangers offers, let’s talk about how to play We’re Not Really Strangers.

The game is simple. It just needs a minimum of 2 players and doesn’t really have a maximum. Everyone gets a turn to pick a card and read the question out loud. The statements on the card vary. Sometimes there are questions that the player has to answer about whoever they’re playing with, or sometimes the cards can have other players give an answer that’s about the player selected.

If you’re looking to try the We’re Not Really Strangers game before actually making a purchase, and you might be wondering, “can you play we’re not really strangers online?” The answer is yes!

Play We’re Not Really Strangers online

Similar to the card game, the online version on their website also has different decks, including “Inner Circle” and “Quarantine” (which don’t have a card game version of it). Each deck also has three levels, each containing only a specific amount of questions.

Once you’ve noticed the questions have begun to repeat themselves, you can move onto the next level to get more questions. It can be confusing at first but don’t worry.

After picking the deck you want to play, the site will prompt you for player names, and then the game will start. At the top part of the screen, the game will say whose turn it is. The player whose turn it is needs to read the question. Depending on how the statement was structured, it can sometimes ask you about the people you’re playing with, or it can ask you questions about yourself.

This is a great game to play even when apart. Only open the app on one device, and maybe you can share your screen or simply read out the statements you see.

We hope we’ve swayed you into buying your own We’re Not Really Strangers pack!

WARNING: Feelings may arise!

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