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You may have been invited to a wedding recently - or one of your friends has even asked you to give her / him a hand for theirs. What? It’s your own wedding? Even better! First: Congratulations - and then - if you’re worrying about the best day of your (or your friends…) life: Don’t panic.

What do you need?

  • Players: at least 4, including a couple (best would be newly weds) - more peeps - more fun !
  • Preparation: As soon as you got the questions, you can start directly.
  • Time: 10 minutes or more
  • Accessory: 2 chairs and the newly weds shoes

The rules: How to play the Wedding shoe game?

The bride and the groom sit back to back on two chairs so that they can’t see each other. Each takes off one of their shoes and passes it to the other. At this point, the bride got her own shoe in one hand and her darlings in the other. The same for the groom. The guests, either standing or sitting around them, start asking questions. Each question must be answered by “the bride” (or “she”) or “the groom” (or “he”).

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For example: “Who cleans the car more often?”.

The newly weds answer at the same time, by lifting either their own shoe or the other. Ex.: If the girl feels like she cleans the car more often than her guy, she lifts her own shoe. Otherwise she lifts the grooms.

If the vibe was good until now, thanks to our dirty or funny questions, it will turn into mega and your party will be unforgettable!

PS.: If you don’t want to wait for the best day of your life to play this funny party game, you can try it directly with your partner (no need to be married) or even with your roommate! For the last option, we advise you to rather use the funny questions… well, unless you and your roommate end up in the wrong bed from time to time… but that’s nothing we want to know more about ;)

Wedding shoe game - Questions

Since it’s a little challenging to find questions (especially nice ones), we took a step ahead by preparing two different lists for you: the first one, with lots of very funny questions, is also suitable for children and guests who are a little sensitive. The second one is to be kept for the end of the party, when everyone except “the real ones” will be back home. Enough talk - it’s your turn now; get the weds settled, get your peeps together and let’s go!

Wedding shoe game - Funny questions

  • Who noticed the other first?
  • Who’s the best cook?
  • Who got more style?
  • Who has the most shoes?
  • Who spends the most money?
  • Who’s the sportiest?
  • Who’s the most creative?
  • Who’s the most romantic?
  • Who’s the laziest?
  • Who farts the most often?
  • Who’s the smartest?
  • Who’d do better in “Man vs Wild”?
  • Who’s the bravest?
  • Who’s the biggest day-dreamer?
  • Who snores the loudest?
  • Who drools in their sleep?
  • Who drives better?
  • Who spends the most time in the bathroom?
  • Who has the best taste?
  • Who brushes their teeth more often?
  • Who dreams of becoming rich?
  • Who takes their shower most often?
  • Who has the most friends?
  • Who sneaks on the others?
  • Who makes the best choices?
  • Who cleans up more often?
  • Who drinks the strongest alcohol?
  • Who sleeps the most?
  • Who’s able to clean windows without leaving a mark?
  • Who calls their mom most often?
  • Who listens to their parents too often?
  • Who’s most afraid of thunderstorms?
  • Who forgets the shopping list at home?
  • Who likes to play the victim?
  • Who has the most lonely socks?
  • Who knows everything that goes on in the neighborhood?
  • Who’d make the best actor / actress?
  • Who’d make the best boss at work?
  • Who drinks the most alcohol?
  • Who eats the most candy?
  • Who’s the most into gossip?
  • Who could get lost in their own yard?
  • Who leaves an almost empty juice pack in the fridge?
  • Who’s the last person to vomit after a booze-up?
  • Who crosses the red light?
  • Who’d go looking for the glasses he/she’s wearing?
  • Who orders most often on “Just eat”?
  • Who’s the boss at home?
  • Who spends the most time on social media?
  • Who talks the loudest?
  • Who’d be able to make friends anywhere?
  • Who finds a solution to every problem?
  • Who finds a problem to every solution?
  • Who never knows when to stop?
  • Who always manages to make the other person laugh?
  • Who has changed jobs most often?
  • Who ate the last piece of chocolate?
  • Who’s the most sociable?
  • Who cries more often?
  • Who drives the fastest?
  • Who finds it hard to apologize?
  • Who finds it hard to forgive?
  • Who loses the keys most often?
  • Who never listens?
  • Who always finds what the other loses?
  • Who’s always right?
  • Who orders most often on the internet?
  • Who’s the most addict to series?
  • Who takes more time in the morning?
  • Who’s really down to earth?
  • Who’s the most addict to gaming?
  • Who got the best manners?
  • Who buys the most rubbish?
  • Who buys the food?
  • Who buys everything but what he/she got out for?
  • Who runs the fastest?
  • Who talked about marriage first?
  • Who loves tattling?
  • Who takes the first step after an argument?
  • Who talks more?
  • Who’s the most jealous?
  • Who’s the messiest?
  • Who breaks everything he/she touches?
  • Who knows how to repair everything that’s broken?
  • Who takes the longest to get dressed?
  • Who has the thickest mustache?
  • Who eats the most junk food?
  • Who understands the other better?
  • Who takes better care of the other when he/she’s sick?
  • Who’d look prettier in a pink tutu?
  • Who arrives late more often?
  • Who’s the calmest?
  • Who’s most afraid of conflict?
  • Who’s the most realistic?
  • Who vacuums the most often?
  • Who got more apps on their phone?
  • Who makes the best desserts?
  • Who’s the greenest?
  • Who has traveled the most?
  • Who has the best sense of direction?
  • Who’s the last one to buy something totally useless?
  • Who does several things at once most often?
  • Who has ever stood the other person up?
  • Who always wants to be right?
  • Who falls asleep at the movies?
  • Who never understands why the other person is angry?
  • Who commits the most petty crimes when driving?
  • Who sleeps the most?
  • Who’s the most gangster?
  • Who’s best with computers?
  • Who got a green thumb?
  • Who really doesn’t wanna grow up?
  • Who could have a hyper kitschy diary?
  • Who could forget Valentine’s Day?
  • Who has hit on the other?
  • Who pees most often?
  • Who writes the longest sms?
  • Who defrauds on public transports?
  • Who was the most popular in high school?
  • Who tidies up most often?
  • What sings best?
  • Who’d be a super parent?
  • Who doesn’t need to dress up to scare people on Halloween?
  • Who has the most beautiful smile?
  • Who’d be able to forget the other persons birthday?
  • Who is the most maniacal?
  • Who makes the best surprises?
  • Who’s the most dynamic?
  • Who always manages to motivate the other?
  • Who wins most often in board games?
  • Who eats the fastest?

Wedding shoe game - Dirty questions

  • Who’s the most dominant in bed?
  • Who has the most sex appeal?
  • Who does the best stripteases?
  • Who has the dirtiest fantasies?
  • Who has slept with the most people?
  • Who has had more orgasms since you’ve been dating?
  • Who’d love a threesome?
  • Who has hit on the other?
  • Who’d be the best porn star?
  • Who takes the most time for foreplay?
  • Who’s the prettiest during sex?
  • Who screams loudest in bed?
  • Who likes to get a finger stuck in their behind?
  • Who spends the most time in sex shops?
  • Who knows best how to satisfy the other’s dirty fantasies?
  • Who tells the best dirty jokes?
  • Who’s going to get a good spanking at the end of this game?
  • Who has the most naughty voice?
  • Who loves getting taken from behind?
  • Who’d be the sexiest teacher?
  • Who gives the best sensual massages?
  • Who could have a diary, in which he/she only talks about sex?
  • Who was a stripper in another life?
  • Who observes the other while he/she is in the shower?
  • Who has secretly registered on Youporn?
  • Who is a sex god/dess?
  • Who prefers it hard?
  • Who has the biggest boobs?
  • Who comes first?
  • Who’s already horny just by listening to this questions?
  • Who spends the most time with their tongue between the others legs?
  • Who is most often on top?
  • Who knows immediately when the other person needs a good spanking?
  • Who could fuck day and night?
  • Who has the sexiest work clothes?
  • Who has seen the most porn?
  • Who has the most sensual dreams?
  • Who’d like to make love in public?
  • Who sucks the best?
  • Who has had the dirtiest experiences?
  • Who has licked the most parts of the other persons body?
  • Who bought your first sex toy?
  • Who watches the sexiest movies?
  • Who orders the most sex toys on the internet?
  • Who makes the most erotic face during orgasm?
  • Who is most often underneath?
  • Whos name sounds the most porn?
  • Who sleeps naked the most often?
  • Who turns into a pervert as soon as it gets dark?
  • Who’s the sexiest in a thong?
  • Who got the most hair on their ass?
  • Who’s wildest in bed?
  • Who prefers soft stuff?
  • Who dreams of becoming a porn star?
  • Who’s horny the most often?
  • Who listens to the sexiest music?
  • Who has magic hands?
  • Who knows the most Kamasutra positions?
  • Who loves to be punished?
  • Who prefers to leave the light on?
  • Who had sex first?
  • Who wants to have sex all the time?
  • Who would be able to try SM?
  • Who has more stamina in bed?
  • Who handcuffs the other more often?
  • Who makes amends using dirty services?
  • Who wants to change position more often?
  • Who was libertine in another life?
  • Who’d love to become libertine in this life?
  • Who prefers to stay passive?
  • Who lets themselves go the most?
  • Who loves to be stroked?
  • Who shaves the other person best?
  • Who gives the most sensual kisses?
  • Who likes to be whipped?
  • Who has seen the most porn?
  • Who has the dirtiest ideas?
  • Who’d be more comfortable on the naturist beach?
  • Who gets horny the fastest?
  • Who takes the most naughty initiatives?
  • Who knows the most dirty words?
  • Who talks most often about dirty things with friends?
  • Who fucks even better when he/she’s drunk?
  • Who’d like to join a swingers website?
  • Who likes to watch their partner masturbate?
  • Who likes sex in the kitchen?
  • Who likes sex standing up?
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