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Being an adult and handling all sorts of responsibilities can be tiring. That reality somehow sinks in even more during your birthday party. So what better way to relieve that stress than letting out the inner child in you?

Games aren’t just for kids, and drinking games aren’t the only games played at an adult’s birthday party. Find out what are the best party & drinking games to play with your friends!

There are also some fun games for two just in case you and your friend are looking for a great way to pass time. Be it at a birthday party or your normal game night, these games could fit right in!

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Best Fun Birthday Party Games for Adults 🎉

While a perk of being an adult is to be able to even have alcohol at birthday parties, so there are classic games out there that can be tweaked so that every one of your birthday party guests can enjoy the night!

Here are some of the best fun party games for adults!

1. Most Likely To

Most likely to is one of the most classic party games out there. And for good reason!

It’s a fun icebreaker to help everyone get to know each other. It’s also a really simple game and everyone would be able to play along instantly! 👍

To get the most out of this game, try to play with at least 4 people. The main mechanics of “Most Likely To” is to have each player taking turns to ask a question that starts with, “Who is most likely to…”

Then the rest of the group will then point towards the person that they think the statement fits the most!

👉 Check out this article for the best Most Likely To statements to use!

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If you find that most people are having a hard time coming up with fun ideas for a Most Likely To statement, try our Most Likely To Online app!

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Best Most Likely To Statements

Remember, everyone should point to their chosen person at the same time. The person who asked the question should start a countdown just so everyone’s in sync.

If you’re planning to turn this into a drinking game, then the person with the most votes has to take a shot!🍻

1. Who is most likely to win an oscar?

Probably someone who you think is insanely talented! 😱

2. Who is most likely to get away with murder?

I wonder how well they are at keeping a secret… 🤫

3. Who is most likely to forget important dates?

Who was the party guest that almost forgot to show up? 🤔

4. Who is most likely to worry about the small things?

Try not to make that person worry too much about this question though 😉

5. Who is most likely to break some world record?

And the most interesting question is, what kind of record would it be? 😏

6. Who is most likely to forget what they told someone?

How often would you hear this person saying, “what was I saying again?” 🤔

7. Who is most likely to cry in public places?

Now make sure that this person always has tissue with them! 😂

8. Who is most likely to spend the most on make-up?

It might surprise you to know that those who spend the most on make-up try to achieve the “no-make-up” look 🤦‍♀️

9. Who is most likely to fall out with a friend over something so stupid?

There’s a high chance that you can’t even remember what you were even fighting about 🤷‍♀️

10. Who is most likely to go out without wearing pants?

How badly were you in a rush? 😂

2. King’s Cup 👑

If you don’t completely trust your friends, then this game must be really scary for you!

But Kings Cup is one of the best drinking games for any adult party as it’s also one of the best card games!

To play King’s Cup, you’ll be needing the following:

  • A standard card deck with 52 cards
  • Alcohol (Beer, hard liquor, cocktails, etc.)
  • A large cup that will be used as the King’s Cup
  • At least 2 players, but we highly recommend playing with a group of 4-6 people or 4-12 people.

The rules of King’s Cup are simple. The game is played in a clockwise motion and is round-based. At each turn, a player picks a random card from the deck. Each card represents an action.

When the card is turned over, the player must now execute the action that is assigned to the card.

👉 Head over here to see the full rules along with the card assignments to play Kings Cup

While there are plenty of rules to go over, the most important is of course the King 👑

The first 3 people who draw this card, must pour their drink into the King’s Cup (which is placed in the middle of the table). The 4th player who draws this card must now drink all the content of the King’s Up.

If you don’t have a deck of cards lying around the house, we’ve got you! Click here to play our online app for King’s Cup!

3. Beer Pong

A popular drinking game. If you’ve never heard of Beer Pong, we’re secretly judging you 👀

Beer Pong is also one of the most popular drinking games and is probably played all around the world. It’s an exciting game and a fun icebreaker! This is one of those games that you can play even if you aren’t the closest friends 😊

Equipment needed for Beer Pong

  • Beer Pong Accessories: A smooth and long table (maybe your dinner table), 6 to 15 cups, and of course, the ping pong balls
  • Players: While you can technically play with just 2 people, we recommend playing with 4-6 people 😁
  • Drinks: Normal beer, non-alcoholic beer, or other drinks. About 1 to 2 liters should cover you! 😉
  • Construction time: 3 minutes
  • Playing time: 10 to 20 minutes

The main gist of Beer Pong is that you have to get your opponents to drink alcohol by throwing ping pong balls directly into their cup.

The first team to finish the alcohol on their side of the table loses.

If you don’t have ping pong balls, maybe you can substitute them for a puffy marshmallow. But please don’t eat the marshmallow after it’s been dipped in alcohol. Can’t imagine what that tastes like!

❗️ To see the full set of rules for Beer Pong, check out this article right here! You’ll be able to find other rules that can be applied to this game such as double hit, Rearrangement, and many more.

Best zoom birthday party games for adults 🥳

Should there something come up and circumstances prevent you from having the birthday party of your dreams, you can still have a fun adult birthday party via zoom! 👩‍💻

You might think that there isn’t much to do if you have a zoom birthday party, but we’re here to give you some suggestions otherwise! 😉

👉 Check out this article for a list of virtual drinking games that you can have with your birthday party guests!

Here are some fun ideas for a great zoom birthday party with adults!

1. Charades

Charades is one of the best ideas we’ve had when it comes to a zoom birthday party! It’s simple, everyone can join, and it’s a fun icebreaker as well!

How to Play Charades 🤓

First, you’d have to divide the group into two teams. Each team will then have their turn, and during each turn, a player from the playing team should volunteer 🙋‍♀️

Now since this is a zoom birthday party, the best way is to have the group go into a breakout session so that they can discuss who will be acting 👏

Once that’s settled, the host would then send the word via chat to the person who’s acting. Then the game is ready to begin! 👍

👉 Check out this article for fun ideas on Adults Charades!

Games aren’t just for kids; adults and grown-ups deserve to let loose and have fun every now and then too! Charades for Adults will definitely add a naughty spin to your game night! 😉

If you’re planning to turn this into a drinking game, it’s possible as well! If the person, from let’s say Team A, guesses correctly, then Team B will all have to take a shot! Otherwise, everyone on Team A will have to drink! Talk about pressure! 😩

❗️ If no one has any more ideas on what words to act out, try out online Charades App! It will automatically generate words for you which makes playing Charades so much easier!

Enjoyed playing charades with your birthday guests? Then you should definitely download our Charades app “Kabuki” so that you’ll always have a set of words with you ready to be played!

Play Charades online

2. Never Have I Ever

How could you have a party without playing Never Have I Ever? 😉

Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular games to play at many birthday parties (or even dinner parties!) because you don’t need any equipment to play the game! Just you and your favorite people! 🥰

👉 Check out this ultimate list of Never Have I Ever Questions for Adults!

How to Play Never Have I Ever 🤓

The most popular way to play Never Have I Ever is to play it as a drinking game. It’s a great way to get the birthday guy to open up and hear crazy stories

So before you start, decide the punishment. Will it be a sip of beer or an entire shot of any hard drink? Once that’s settled, let’s get to it 🎉

Someone should start the game by saying, “Never Have I Ever…” then add an action that they themselves have supposedly done. (Note: Lying is allowed in this game 😉)

If someone has done that action, they have to take a sip/drink 🍻

You can also have everyone put up their fingers. For each action that you have done, put down a finger. The first person who has put down all of their fingers will take a sip/drink. This allows slower gameplay, but the same amount of fun!

This is one of those games that instantly turns phrases into conversations. It’s a fun icebreaker to help everyone get to know each other!

❗️ If you find yourselves enjoying Never Have I Ever and wanting to always have the game ready to play, you can download the Never Have I Ever app on your phone so that you’ll always have it with you!

App icon Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Play Never Have I Ever online

3. Truth or Drink

Another classic birthday party game is Truth or Dare, but since we’re doing this over zoom, why not just turn it into Truth or Drink? 😉

The rules of Truth or Dare apply, except that it’ll be much simpler this time. Answer the question truthfully, otherwise, drink up! Easy, right? 👍

In essence, the birthday person should give out the first Truth or Drink statement 🥳

Now since you all won’t be sitting around in a circle, maybe going in alphabetical order would be easiest!

❗️ If you’ve run out of ideas on what to ask, check out this article for the ultimate list of truth or dare questions for any event!

Best indoor birthday party games for adults 🎁

When you’re looking for something more mellow and wish to have a fun adult birthday party indoors, here are some fun ideas on how to achieve just that!

1. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is definitely a game that will come up when talking about fun games to play indoors. Simple, enjoyable, and it can even turn embarrassing at times! 😅

Talk about the perfect fun party game! You only really need one thing to play Truth or Dare, and that’s an empty bottle.

Everyone should stand or sit around in a circle, then the empty bottle is placed on the table or on the ground. The youngest player starts by spinning the bottle. Whoever the bottleneck points to should answer the question: Truth or Dare?

👉 Check out this article for a list of dirty truth or dare questions for adults!

If this is an adults-only game, maybe consider including in alcohol the game? 🤔

So whoever the bottleneck points to should now take a shot or a sip of alcohol before choosing truth or dare.

Everyone can decide on whether they’re playing for a certain number of points, a certain number of minutes, or if everyone’s just too drunk to play! 😏

Play Truth or Dare online

App icon Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

2. Would You Rather

If you’re looking for a fun trivia game that involves learning stuff about the people in your guest list (or even your favorite people), then Would You Rather is the game for you! 😉

Would You Rather is a simple game that doesn’t require much equipment to be played.

It’s a worldwide favorite party game and for good reason! Would You Rather is a great ice breaker that helps everyone open up and get to know each other!

👉 Check out this list of Would You Rather Questions for adults

How to Play Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a simple game. First, we recommend playing with at least 4-6 people, but the more the merrier! 🥳

Then you can choose to play with an empty bottle but even without works fine as well.

The empty bottle is simply to help you decide who’s turn it is to answer a question, but if you don’t have an empty bottle lying around, you can just go in a clockwise direction.

Once that’s settled and everyone’s sitting around in a circle, let’s have the guest of honor begin! The birthday guy! 🎉

The birthday person starts off by saying, “Would You Rather…” then adds two statements that are somewhat contradicting.

You can also have two similar statements making it much harder to choose from! 😅

Would You Rather Questions for an Adult Birthday Party 🎉

1. Would You Rather be the richest person or the funniest person in the world?

Remember what they say, money can’t buy you happiness.

2. Would You Rather never get drunk no matter how much you drink or get drunk from just one drink?

While I don’t want to be drunk every time, I also don’t want to miss out on the buzz… This is hard 😕

3. Would You Rather have to fart loudly every time you have a job interview or burp loudly after every kiss?

I’m pretty sure that you can convince your partner to laugh, but maybe not with your interviewers 🤷‍♀️

4. Would You Rather have a life-long supply of coffee or gas?

What’s more important to you, coffee or being able to drive your car? Also, consider what would save you the most money!

5. Would You Rather always tell the truth or always lie?

Sometimes honesty can get you in trouble as well 😅

6. Would You Rather be omnipotent and be miserable or know nothing at all but be happy?

Let’s start the discussion!

7. Would You Rather be allergic to salt or sugar?

One of the staple condiments, I honestly don’t know how I’d live without either one!

8. Would You Rather have a runny nose or have dry eyes for the rest of your life?

Never leaving the house without tissue paper or eye drops? Maybe a runny nose would be easier.

9. Would You Rather lose your family or your friends?

One of the classic hard-to-answer questions. Well, good luck then! 😂

10. Would You Rather be rich and alone or just get by but be surrounded by loved ones?

Again, money can’t buy you happiness. 😌

👉 Check out the complete and ultimate list of Would You Rather questions for your next dinner party!

If you’re running out of ideas for Would You Rather questions to ask, head over to our online Would You Rather app! Where questions are automatically generated for you!

Play Online

App icon Would you rather?
Would you rather? Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

3. UNO - Drinking Game

If you’re looking for a simple card game to play at an adult birthday party, then UNO may be just right for the occasion!

You might be thinking, “Hey, UNO is a kids’ game! Why would we play this at someone’s 30th birthday party?” Well, you’re in luck! We’re turning UNO into a DRINKING GAME!

There are several rules that you can follow to turn it into a drinking game 😉

For example, if you lose a turn because of a skip or you miss a turn in general, you should take a drink! 🍻

As you can see, UNO isn’t just any classic card game, the possibilities are endless with UNO!

How to Play UNO 🤓

Similar to how regular UNO is played, players are first dealt with 7 cards each and the remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table. This is now your draw pile.

❗️ You can only play cards of the same number or the same color.

The first person to clear their hand from cards is the winner. But of course, there’s a whole lot of other rules to follow here!

👉 Read up on the full and complete rules in playing UNO as a drinking game!

Regardless of what game you play, we hope that everyone had a blast! Happy Birthday! 🥳🍻🎉

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