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Are you looking forward to your next dinner party? It won’t hurt to loosen up once in a while, take a break from adult life and simply enjoy ourselves.

Here is a list of the best and simple fun games for next your dinner party:

1. Charades for Adults

Charades is a word-guessing party game and a cute game for all ages and even adults love every second of the game. This is where you can show off your award-winning acting and guessing skills, not to mention your expansive vocabulary!

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In the game, a person tries to paint a picture by acting out a word or a phrase without talking or making a sound while the other people try to guess what the word is within a given/agreed period of time.

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Can’t wait to play your new favorite game Charades? Follow these links to either play the online version or download the Charades apps:

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Best Charades Ideas for Adults

  • Wedding Cake
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Titanic
  • Electric Guitar
  • Disco Ball
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Super Bowl
  • Tea Bags
  • First Kiss
  • Lobster
  • Furniture

👉 Here can you find more Charades ideas for your party!

2. Most Likely To for Adults

Most Likely To is one of the classic games! It’s a verbal getting-to-know-you game for adults that tests how much the players know each other for them to find out who is most likely to…

All you need to do is sit in a circle and start asking questions that start with “Who is most likely to…?”. Each player will then share their opinion and together they’ll figure out who among them is the most likely person.

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Wanna play Most Likely To right now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

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Most Likely To Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Best Most Likely To Statements for Adults

Are you having a hard time picking which statement to start your game? Here are some of the best Most Likely To statements for adults:

1. Who is most likely to make us laugh?

This one can be tricky since it’s hard to find something funny about all of us, but overall this will do well in lightening up the mood!

2. Who is most likely to be the next president?

This will get interesting when people start talking about their opinions! This can get heated sometimes but it’s all in good fun.

3. Who is most likely to fall in love this year?

Who doesn’t love a good romantic tale? This question gets everyone in the mood for love and starts off conversations about who gets hit on or flirted most during this year.

4. Who is most likely to get injured this year?

This one can be awkward, but it’s interesting to see who everyone thinks.

5. Who is most likely to become famous?

If you want a touch of envy and some good celebrity gossip, this is the one to play! This can also lead up to predictions for who will be a fashion icon.

👉 In need of more Most Likely To questions? Follow the link!

3. Never Have I Ever for Adults

Never Have I Ever is the ultimate favorite party game of many people. There are a lot of variations created for this game but the simplest and easiest drinking game version is what you should play at dinner.

All you need are the players sitting in a circle and you’re ready to go! You will also need booze like vodka, beer, tequila, or whatever’s available. Since you’re all adults, underage drinking won’t be an issue anymore. The first player starts the game by saying “Never have I ever… (to be followed by something he/she has never done before)” and then everyone who has done whatever he/she says must drink.

The game goes on around the circle in a clockwise motion and the next person makes the statement. It can go on and on until players want it to. This classic party game has definitely made a lot of fun memories and friends.

Play Never Have I Ever Online

Wanna play Never Have I Ever now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

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Never Have I Ever Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

Play Never Have I Ever online

Never Have I Ever Statements

Here are some lines you can use on your next Never Have I Ever game at dinner:

1. Never have I ever kissed a boy.

Girls, drink up!

2. Never have I ever washed my own clothes.

Woah, how rich of you!

3. Never have I ever seen the opposite sex’s genitals.

Down, girl.

4. Never have I ever seen a crocodile in person.

You’d be surprised that there’s a lot of you.

5. Never have I ever drank alcohol in my life.

If you haven’t then you’ve missed half of your life.

👉 Here can you read more about Never Have I Ever!

4. Pass the Bomb

Pass the Bomb is a fast-paced word game for all ages. While the players list certain items, they pass a “ticking time bomb” back and forth. If the bomb explodes with a player holding it, that person loses.

Play Pass the Bomb Online

Use your smartphone as a time bomb with downloading the mobile apps of this game here:

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Best Pass the Bomb Ideas

If you’re wondering what to say during the next round of Pass the Bomb, here’s a list of fun things to say:

1. TV shows that have way too many seasons

There are just too many shows that have been going on for 20 years or more and they’re still not even close to being over.

2.  Things that people do on their phones

Hmm, everything?

3. Famous people who died way too young

This list takes up a whole lot of names.

4.  Things that are more expensive than they should be

This one will make you think twice about your budget.

5. Hollywood couples that split

Who doesn’t love a scandal? This one starts with great conversations.

👉  Wanna know more? Follow the link and have fun: Pass the Bomb

5. This or That

This or That is a super easy and simple game that is a lot like the Would You Rather game that lets you choose between two things. You can just be going along with your dinner and you can still play the game! Here are some This or That questions you can try:

  1. Ice cream or cake?
  2. Beach or Camping?
  3. Blonde or Brunette?
  4. Slim or Voluptuous?
  5. iPad or Macbook?
  6. Sweater or Pants?
  7. Vampires or Werewolves?
  8. Wine or Cheese?
  9. Black or White?
  10. Day or Night?

👉 This is a great game you can play to get to know the other players well and could also be a very good conversation starter. Follow the link and have some fun: This or That!

6. Trivia Quiz

A dinner party is a great opportunity for you to hold a Trivia Quiz Game. Playing the original Trivia Game is quite simple. You need at least three players to start the game. Then, all you need to do is prepare lots of different categories and questions related to the show, then for each category, you will have to take turns asking yourselves the questions.

If there are lots of players, assign a trivia master and you can turn it into a competitive trivia night wherein each correct answer corresponds to a point the teams will compete to see which team gets the highest score and wins.

Best Trivia Questions for Adults

You can ask trivia questions about history, movies, television shows, sports, geography, and many more. If you’re not so sure what questions to ask about, try out some of these:

1. How many bones are there in the human body?

  • 306
  • 206
  • 106
  • 406
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There are 206 bones in the human body.

2. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?

  • Saturn
  • Mercury
  • Earth
  • Neptune
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Up until 2006, Pluto was the smallest planet in our solar system. It has since then been reclassified as a dwarf planet.

3. What is the currency of Kazakhstan?

  • Pound
  • Ruble
  • Yen
  • Tenge
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The currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge.

4. In what year did Barack Obama become President of the United States?

  • 2010
  • 2020
  • 2009
  • 2012
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Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States in 2009.

5. Who is the creator of The Simpsons?

  • Piers Morgan
  • Matt Groening
  • JK Rowling
  • Stephen Spielberg
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Matt Groening

The creator of The Simpsons is Matt Groening.

👉  Follow the link and turn your dinner party into an epic Trivia Party: Trivia Quiz!

7. Truth or Dare for Adults

Truth or dare is the most famous fun party game of all time! You just need the players themselves for this game, nothing else. You can play it with friends, lovers, and family. You will need at least two players, but the more, the merrier!

You can also prepare the questions and dares ahead of time. Write them in slips of paper and put them in separate containers labeled “Truth” and “Dare”.

If you pick truth, get one slip of paper from the container labeled “Truth”, read it out loud, and answer it truthfully no matter how embarrassing it is.

If you pick “dare” or if you can’t answer a question truthfully, get one slip from the container labeled “Dare”, read it out loud, and perform the dare. Then again, the others can make up a dare for you on the spot if they feel like it!

Play Truth or Dare Online

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to play Truth or Dare? Just try out our apps!

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Truth or Dare Rated 4.8 stars out of five stars

👉 Follow the link and play Truth or Dare

8. Who Am I?

Who Am I? is a simple dinner party game that will test the wits of the players during the game. The players just need to guess who’s the character/personality described by asking yes or no questions to the other players that will give you clues on who the character/person is.

The name of the character/person will be written on a piece of paper and pasted on the player’s forehead. You can make it a contest between teams and just keep score to know which team guessed more!

Here is a list of great names you can use for the game:

  1. Rapunzel
  2. Winnie the Pooh
  3. Gandhi
  4. George Washington
  5. Billie Eilish
  6. Barney
  7. Steve Jobs
  8. Dwayne Johnson
  9. Jay-Z
  10. Snoop Dogg

👉 Here can you find out more about Who am I?

9. Would You Rather for Adults

Would You Rather is a simple verbal game that adults love. You can just sit around at the table during your dinner party, eating your food, or drinking your beer and you can still play this game. It’s a getting-to-know-you game that will let the players socialize with each other.

All you need to do is ask each player during his or her turn a question that starts with “Would you rather…?”. The questions will ask the players to choose between two things without thinking too much. They should blurt out the first thing that comes to their mind. They say speed brings out the most honest answers!

Play Would You Rather Online

Wanna play Would You Rather now? You can play it online with our app or download your very own for your Android or iPhone!

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App icon Would you rather?
Would you rather? Rated 4.9 stars out of five stars

Best Would You Rather Questions for adults

Can’t think of what to ask your friends for this game? Here is a list of some Would You Rather questions you can ask at dinner:

1. Would you rather eat seafood or pork?

Too much of either would be bad for you so choose wisely!

2. Would you rather be Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe?

Both are classic fashion icons so it’s a win-win!

3. Would you rather date Superman or Batman?

Superman or Super Rich? LOL!

4. Would you rather meet BTS or Black Pink?

The KPOP fandom has taken the world by storm.

5. Would you rather be smart or pretty?

One of the hardest questions ever.

Being an adult does not mean you’re boring. So gather around all your adult friends and throw a dinner party for the books that you will never forget with these favorite party games for adults that will surely turn your game night into the funniest adult game night ever!

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