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⚖ How to become more confident - tips for men

Gentlemen, today is going to be exciting. Because today your self-confidence will break through. The following tips will give you the key that opens the door to more self-confidence. So get ready!

There are tons of reasons why you want to become more confident. Be it to be more popular with women, assert oneself more efficiently at work, or generally deal more easily with people.

These tips will help you with a hundred percent certainty, so you feel more comfortable in your skin in the end. You just have to take the first step and follow the tips. Because don’t forget: Self-confidence is not something you are born with. You get it.

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1. Make sure you have a confident posture

Often, you feel that you’re not being taken seriously as a man. However, this is usually due to the fact that you have the same posture as a potato bag. This, however, is often because you don’t want to attract attention. It’s a kind of defensive stance to stay under the radar. However, if you adopt a healthy and dominant posture, you can quickly increase your self-confidence.

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Men, in particular, should be careful not to let their shoulders sag. Chest out, stomach in - you’ve probably heard this more often than you’d like. But this tip is incredibly useful! When standing, you should also position your legs shoulder-width apart. Put both feet on the floor when sitting. And lift your eyes! Don’t look at your toes! Claim some space in this world!

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You may find it uncomfortable at first, but when you adopt such a confident posture, your self-confidence will grow on its own over time.

2. Exercise

If you don’t already enjoy doing sports, this tip will go against the grain. But exercise is much more important to you and your self-confidence than you think.

Because when a person does sport, they release an enormous amount of hormones. This includes a lot of happiness hormones that make you, understandably, happier, but also testosterone. And - you should have noticed by now - testosterone is probably one of the most important, if not the most important hormone for men.

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Testosterone will help you build more muscle, help you to assert yourself more efficiently, and is a natural means of increasing self-confidence.

But sport has many other advantages! You get to know your limits and what you are capable of. You will also get a more beautiful body in the long run, which is also beneficial to your self-confidence.

However, exercise is not only good for your body, but also your mind! If you exercise regularly, you will have more energy, concentrate better, and relieve yourself of stress.

But don’t forget the most important thing! You should have fun doing it. Pick something that interests you and gives you pleasure. So try out as many sports as possible. For example, if you want to look more masculine and a few more muscles wouldn’t hurt, it would be beneficial to lift weights every now and then.

But don’t overdo it! A good measure would be if you exercise twice a week for about 45 minutes. Feel free to burn off energy. If you want to do sports more often, you should always have enough breaks in between. A day off, for example, is useful if you really give it all when doing sports.

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3. Be positive

A lot of people with a lack of self-confidence are incredibly negative. However, this creates a downward spiral because this negativity also robs you of your self-confidence.

Try to focus on the positive things in life and remove negative things as much as possible. Don’t think about everything that went wrong at the end of the day; just think about what was really good. With people, don’t focus on the bad things that make them up, but on the good ones.

It is also essential that you surround yourself with positive people as much as possible. Negatives can be enormous energy guzzlers and wear you down with their constant criticism and nasty comments, so your self-confidence continues to shrink. When it is not possible to distance yourself from them, you have to learn how to deal with them. Stand your ground!

It is also of great advantage if you do not allow yourself to be dragged down by failure. It is quite normal that things don’t always go the way you intended. Don’t take this personally. Wipe off the dust and jump back in the saddle.

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4. Show humor and smile

You don’t have to be the greatest joker of them all. It’s enough if you don’t take life too seriously and just have fun. Don’t turn people’s necks just because they want to tease you a little; don’t take yourself too seriously.

Accept that you are only human and that life is serious enough. So have some fun. That is extremely important. But don’t keep trying to use humor to avoid awkward situations. Face your conflicts.

Also, try not to look grim all the time. Confident people smile. Those who smile are less stressed and automatically more attractive. That way, people will much rather spend time with you.

So when you get out of the house, think of positive things, and you will smile automatically. Smile at other people too, and don’t be annoyed by everything all the time.

Tip: What to do if a guy gets verbally aggressive towards you

If you get into the uncomfortable situation that another guy - or maybe even a woman - treats you rude or makes stupid comments, this tip will help.

The best you can do is ignore such a statement or shake your head. But if the person won’t stop, then approach them with humor. The best thing to do is to reinforce their statement and reverse it. Repartee is very welcome here.

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To a “Are you gay, or what?” You can react with “No, not really. But if you keep trying, I might make an exception for you.”

5. Maintain eye contact

You may not even be aware of this, but maintaining eye contact is extremely important. When you talk to someone, look that person in the eye. When someone does something that you don’t like, look that person in the eye. When you like a woman, you look her in the eye. It’s that simple. And don’t look away!

But what does it mean? It’s impossible for a human not to communicate. And your eyes communicate too. If you keep avoiding the gaze of others, it shows low self-confidence. It will also shrink as a result. In this way, you show them that you are not on the same rank and are below them.

So when you talk to someone, keep eye contact. That signals that you are listening. That shows respect. It also increases that person’s sympathy for you.

If you like a woman, make eye contact. Once it is reciprocated, you must not look away like an ashamed child. Maintain eye contact and start smiling. After that, you can either speak to her or slowly look away. But most importantly, if you are interested in her, you should dare to approach her. There doesn’t even have to be the intention that you want more from her. Just chat with her casually.

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If you stick to this tip, your self-confidence will gradually grow.

6. A strong handshake is a sign of self-confidence

When you shake someone’s hand, you look deep into the person’s eyes, which shows dominance and squeezes their hand tightly. Not too tight, though. Please don’t overdo it, however.

However, it is better to overdo it than to understate it. As a man, especially, you shouldn’t hold out your hand to someone like it’s a damp towel.

Men with a firm handshake are treated with more respect than others. Remember that. And as more people start to respect you, your confidence will grow too, which, in turn, will bring respect. A positive circle!

And don’t forget to adopt a confident posture and smile a little. Something like that is irresistible.

7. Dress confidently

Do it like the peacock does, and don’t be afraid to attract attention. Often people with self-doubt dress so that they merge with the crowd as much as possible. But when you dare to finally put on the things you have always liked but couldn’t bring yourself to wear them, your self-confidence will grow. You will notice that you stand out. Positive feedback will raise your confidence.

However, if you are afraid that certain things will not suit you, you can always ask a friend for help. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out.

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You can change other things about how you look too. How about a groovy haircut that makes you look more like a rock star than a good boy? Or have you always wanted a tattoo or piercings but never dared? Now is the time!

8. Take time for yourself and others

This tip may seem confusing, but it’s really great.

If you are a person who likes to be around others, you should take time only for yourself every now and then and devote yourself to things that can only be done alone. Let yourself grow. Learn something new. Dedicate yourself to projects that you always wanted to realize. But don’t waste time on shows, movies, or video games. No, there is nothing wrong with these things in and of themselves, but you shouldn’t spend most of your free time doing them. Get to know yourself and reflect.

On the other hand, if you love being alone, you should spend time with others every now and then. Socialize, make new contacts. Learn from other people, talk to them, tell stories, and have fun. Sometimes it can be challenging to do this if you have spent too much time alone. However, never lose touch with others.

Why all this? If you keep doing the same thing too much, it can very well be that you forget about the other things in life. Having time for yourself is just as important as spending time with other people. It also helps you to grow. You will also realize this in the next tip.

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9. Comfort zone and goals

To gain more confidence, you should try to venture out of your comfort zone regularly. The reasons for staying in it are mostly fears and self-doubt - or simply laziness. But these things prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest and from trying new things.

You are probably afraid of embarrassing yourself or telling yourself that you cannot do these things. But, you know what? It doesn’t matter at all before anything else. Try new things! No one is born a master. Very experienced people have started from scratch as well. So don’t be afraid of an unpleasant experience, reach for the stars!

Realize that this is what most people do. But precisely those who rarely go out of their comfort zone feel the worst. The more you venture out, the larger your comfort zone will become, and the more self-confidence you will gain!

Do things by yourself regularly, try things out without shame or fear of failure, and stay positive. Start with small steps because the small successes lead to the big ones!

You should also pursue your goals and dreams. Plan on how you can achieve something and put that plan into action. Do you want a girlfriend? Do you want to write a book? Do you want to start your own business? Think about all the important things for this goal and plan the small steps into your day. Finish what you start and do your thing!

10. Socialize and flirt

To gain more confidence, you should meet up with friends regularly. But above all, you should meet new people or people you don’t know very well. Make conversation, listen closely and talk too. It’s best to show up every now and then at events where you can meet friends of friends.

But also talk to strangers from time to time. Don’t see strangers as a threat. If you do this regularly, your confidence will leap forward.

Flirting can also be an unexpectedly good way to boost your self-confidence. Especially if you’re looking for a partner, you shouldn’t refrain from flirting with women. However, if you are already in a relationship, I would advise against it unless your partner has absolutely no problem with it, which is rarely the case.

You don’t even have to flirt if you don’t like it. You can also just keep talking to people of the opposite sex. Based on their reaction, you can see whether they would be interested or not, and you can start flirting accordingly if you want.

More tips

If you’re looking for even more confidence-boosting tips, here’s a great article that tells you everything you want to know about this topic. It’s very extensive, so you can spend hours looking at it. Have fun and much more success in overcoming your doubts and becoming the man you want to be!

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