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Let’s try something new. Something exciting. Put all shame aside and try to bring some action to your sex life. Play our exclusively made for couples game version of Truth or Dare!

Flirty Truth Questions for Couples 😏

  • What was the last thing you searched in your browser?
  • When was the last time you masturbate?
  • Name your current crush.
  • Have you ever accidentally seen your parents doing sex?
  • Do you love using sex toys?
  • Name your childhood crush.
  • Name any one quality of mine that you find most attractive.
  • Describe your worst kissing experience.
  • Do you wish to experience threesome?
  • Name your biggest fear in our relationship.
  • With whom would you like to sleep with besides your partner?
  • What is your Facebook password?
  • Name the sexiest feature of your partner.
  • Do you still love your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend?
  • Name the person you had your very first kiss.
  • Name your first love.
  • Rate our love out of 100.
  • Name any three things of my personality that make you uncomfortable in public.
  • Have you ever cheated on your partner?
  • Name any body part of your partner that you love to play with?
  • Have anyone accidentally seen while taking a bath?
  • Name the most awkward thing that had ever happened to you during sex?

Romantic Dares for Girlfriends and Boyfriends 😘

  • Seduce your partner in front of your parents.
  • Wear handcuffs for the rest of the game.
  • Present a rose to the first girl you see.
  • Shave your private area right now.
  • Masturbate in front of your partner.
  • Exchange clothes with your partner.
  • Unhook your bra without taking off your shirt.
  • Hug your partner in public.
  • Take a selfie while having sex with your partner.
  • Do whatever your partner says for the next five minutes.
  • Get your picture clicked by someone while you French kiss your partner.
  • Show your sexiest moves.
  • Lick your partner’s fingers for the next 15 minutes.
  • Go on a candlelight dinner with your partner right now.
  • Give your partner a good shoulder massage for ten minutes.
  • Make a phone call to your girlfriend’s / boyfriend’s parents and take permission to take your partner out to a dinner date.
  • Do a sexy dance with a chair.
  • Give your partner a handwritten love letter.
  • Partially undress your partner.
  • Sing a romantic song for the person you love.
  • Buy your partner something expensive.
  • Drop ice cubes in your shirt and dance.

Sexy Truth Questions for Married Couples ❤️

  • Name your favorite gift that your spouse gifted you?
  • Have you ever fallen in love with your cousin?
  • Have you ever tried cheating on your spouse?
  • Have you ever felt jealous of any of your partner’s friends?
  • Who is your favorite Porn Star?
  • What was the gift you received on last Valentine’s day?
  • Have you ever thought about me while taking a shower?
  • Do you love doing sexting?
  • Name one thing about your partner that gets you horny.
  • Do you like it when I kiss your neck?
  • Describe your dirtiest sex fantasy.
  • Name the hottest person working in your company?
  • When did you lose your virginity?
  • Describe your sexual awakening process in one word.
  • Name your best sex position.
  • Describe your worst wardrobe malfunction.
  • Do you enjoy watching Porn movies?
  • Can you describe our very first date correctly?
  • Do you love taking a shower with me?
  • Describe your sex fantasy.
  • Have you ever slept with anyone (other than your spouse)?
  • When is the last time you watched Porn?
  • Do you think your parents make a compatible couple?
  • Name your favorite sex toy.
  • What was the last video you saw on YouTube?
  • Have you ever cried because of your spouse?
  • Name your biggest insecurity.
  • Have you ever dreamt of having a threesome?

Hot Dares for Husband and Wife 🔥

  • Suck your partner’s thumb.
  • Say something poetic about your partner.
  • Explain the worst sex position, according to you.
  • Clean your bedroom for your partner.
  • Lick your partner’s private parts.
  • Play the rest of the game while wearing a swimsuit.
  • Slap your spouse’s butt
  • Feed something to your partner with your mouth only.
  • Do some kinkiest act.
  • Wear just an apron and do dishwashing in the kitchen.
  • Seduce your spouse without taking your clothes off.
  • Make any five fart noises.
  • Show the least sexy part of your body to your partner.
  • Lick Nutella off your partner’s nipples.
  • Take a bath together.
  • Put your partner’s underwear on your head.
  • Massage your partner’s butt.
  • Scream on the road saying I love my (Your Spouse Name).
  • Cook something for your partner right now.
  • Kiss your partner’s lips.
  • Ask your partner to click a sexy photo of you right now.
  • Send a dirty text message to your spouse.
  • Give your partner a lap dance.
  • Massage your partner’s shoulders with your mouth.
  • Play naked for the rest of the game.
  • Wash your partner’s feet.
  • Lick armpits of your spouse.
  • Send your sexiest selfie to your boss.
  • Do a seductive dance.
  • Shave your partner’s legs.
  • Kiss your partner somewhere you have never ever kissed before.
  • Take off your clothes.
  • Change your Facebook status with “In Love with (Name of your partner).
  • Present a red rose to your partner.
  • Act out your first date.
  • Lick your spouse’s hands.

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✍️  March 23, 2021

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