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How to Play Truth or Dare

Want something different from your regular Netflix movie nights and candlelit dinners for a date night with your partner? Turn things up a notch and play Truth or Dare for adults!

Just like regular Truth or Dare, you and your partner must pick between a question or a dare. Check out some examples of dirty Truth or Dare questions below that will surely spice things up in the bedroom. Answer questions honestly and have fun doing the dares to make your game more exciting!

Play now and discover just how much a game of Truth or Dare can reveal things that you and your special someone didn’t know about each other. Don’t be shy and remember to just have fun!

Play Truth or Dare Online

If you want to play Truth or Dare online, download our Truth or Dare app to your Apple or Android mobile device and play anytime you want.

We also have a web browser version that you can check to get random questions and more crazy dares! Try mixing some of our questions with your own to make your game more unpredictable and exciting.

Play Truth or Dare online

Truth or Dare Interactive Game

If you want to play an interactive edition of (Dirty) Truth or Dare, check out the video below. This video will show you how to play plus it already has questions and dares that you can use. This video is perfect if you’re looking for a quick but hot game of Truth or Dare for adults. Go on! Watch the video and have some fun!

Flirty Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

Don’t let your flirting skills become rusty! Whether you started dating someone or you’re in a long-term relationship, you should do some flirting every once in a while!

Check out our list of flirty Truth or Dare questions to make your partner blush! Just be warned that these questions can go from mild and wholesome to slightly over-the-top wild in snap!

1. Name your current crush.

Hopefully the answer is somewhere along Y-O-U.

2. Name any one quality of mine that you find most attractive.

Would you see it’s my eyes?

3. Name your childhood crush.

Ask and maybe they’ll share a cute childhood story to go along with their answer.

4. Give me your best pick-up line.

It should make me want to give you my phone number!

Quiz: The words you choose reveal if you're ready for love!
Quiz: The words you choose in this quiz reveal if you're ready for love!

5. Compose a short love song and sing it to me.

Let’s sing it together!

6. Describe your best kiss ever.

Was it fireworks and all that? And it better be with me!

7. Wink in a cute way.

You’re so cute that it will make me want to eat you up!

8. Act like a shy teenager.

Make me feel like you have a crush on me but don’t know how to express it.

9. What was the gift you received on last Valentine’s day?

Hope it’s something sweet like you!

10. Tell me what you love about me.

I’m happy if you say it’s my smile.

11. When was the last time you hugged someone?

Hugs are a silent way of saying someone matters to you.

12. Tell the most erotic story in the best way you can.

It should get me hot!

13. Pretend to apologize for a very bad thing you did.

Were you very, very naughty?

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14. Try to demonstrate how you will like the two of you to walk while together in public.

Hold my hand, and don’t let go!

15. Name the most romantic movie that you think we should watch together.

I hope it’s a feel good romantic comedy!

Naughty Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

There’s a little bit of a naughty devil in all of us. Bring it out with our list of naughty Truth or Dare questions for adults! Pick any question from this bunch and discover the wilder side to your partner that you didn’t know existed. Have fun, you naughty little minx!

16. Do you love using sex toys?

Maybe check how wild they can get in the bedroom.

17. Name any body part of your partner that you love to play with?

No wrong answers here. Just putting it out there.

18. When was the last time you masturbated?

Conversation too light? Surprise them by asking this question!

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19. Do you wish to experience threesome?

Honesty is key. Maybe the both of you will be into it.

20. Name the sexiest feature of your partner.

I know someone who’s really into a woman’s nape. Okay, maybe that someone is me.

21. Have you ever thought about me while taking a shower?

I know my answer to this question, what’s yours?

22. Do you love doing sexting?

It’s a different way of exploring your sexuality!

23. Do you like it when I kiss your neck?

Hey some people like it, some people don’t.

24. Describe your dirtiest sex fantasy.

Was it being stuck in an island full of sexy tall Amazonian women?

25. Name your best sex position.

How confident is their skill when it comes to this position?

26. Have you ever received a nude photo from someone you knew but weren’t interested in?

Hope it wasn’t traumatizing.

27. At what age did you lose your virginity?

Was it special for you?

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28. How many people have you slept with?

No judgment!

29. Tell me a crazy one-night stand story if you ever had one.

You only live once!

30. Did you like it with lights on or off?

We all have our thing.

Best Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

If naughty questions are still too tame for you, here are some of the best dirty Truth or Dare questions for adults that may be too scandalous to come up in regular conversation but are just perfect when playing Truth or Dare for adults.

Want to talk about sexual preferences or kinky habits in the bedroom? Grab this chance to ask away, no holds barred! No need to worry about making things awkward because you’re doing it as part of your game! Get down and dirty with these spicy questions!

31. What do you think about dirty talk?

What kind of thoughts are going on in your dirty mind?

32. Spit or swallow?

Hey, some people actually like the taste.

33. Are you a top or are you a bottom?

I’m a little bit of both.

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34. Are you loud in bed?

Do I need to warn my neighbors?

35. Have you tried anal sex? Do you like it?

Would you consider trying it again?

36. Have you ever had sex with a person of the same gender?

Just how adventurous are they? Maybe you’ll discover their secret past sexual affairs with this question.

37. Want to try a sex toy together?

Sex toys for a sexier time.

38. What was the most unusual place you had sex?

There’s something about the thrill of getting caught that gets you going…

39. What is the dirtiest thing you ever thought about me?

Down on all fours and ready?

40. Name your favorite sex toy.

Is it a dildo named Dildo Daggins?

41. Have you ever paid for sex?

Here’s hoping you were safe.

42. Have you ever come too early?

It’s okay we’ve all been there.

43. What are your thoughts on edible underwear?

Food and sex. Two words that sound so well together.

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44. Can you imagine doing porn if you were wearing a mask?

Your identity won’t be exposed.

45. Have you ever had sex with someone who was married?

Was it a MILF or a DILF?

Dirty Dares for Adults

Enough about questions, here are some dirty Dares you can have your partner do. You can kick things up by adding a few dares into your dirty talk.

Pick a random dare you can have each other do. It’s always interesting when you don’t know what kind of dare you’re going to get next. By doing one of these sexual dares, you will be sure that you and your partner will have a hot and sexy night.

46. Nibble on your partner’s earlobe.

That place is ticklish!

47. Kiss your partner’s neck gently.

You can also add a little nibble here and there.

48. Give your partner a passionate french kiss.

Work that tongue.

49. Massage your partner’s intimate area with the underwear on.

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

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50. Open your partner’s pants with your mouth.

Show them how skillful you are.

51. Undress your partner, but leave the underwear on.

Keep the goods locked for now.

52. Whisper something dirty in your partner’s ear.

Say something that will make them tingle.

53. Lick your partners fingers.

Finger licking good.

54. Imitate an orgasm.

Maybe you should worry if they’re too good at imitating an orgasm.

55. Do an imaginary pole dance.

Enjoy the performance!

56. Lick your lips seductively while looking into your partner’s eyes intensely.

Don’t worry that tongue will be all over you later!

57. Describe yourself using dirty talk.

Just how wide is your sexual vocabulary.

58. Try to turn me on using only sounds.

Dirty talk and moaning counts.

59. Tell me the crazy sexiest thing someone has ever said to you.

Was it something I said?

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60. Send me your filthiest dirty sext.

How dirty can you make it?

Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

People have done some things that just make them cringe no matter how long it’s been. These moments from people’s “dark past” are just perfect when you need to come up with the most embarrassing Truth or Dare questions for adults.

Get ready to reveal, hear or even do some pretty embarrassing stuff with these questions!

61. Have you ever accidentally farted during sex?

Hope there’s no smell!

62. Has anyone ever seen you pick your nose?

Do it in private!

63. Tell me your most embarrassing moment while making out with someone.

Does it have something to do with braces?

64. Do you snore when you’re sleeping?

You must have been very tired.

65. Have you ever practiced kissing on a pillow?

Practice makes perfect!

66. What’s the best kind of underwear?

Lace or cotton?

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67. Try to give your boyfriend or girlfriend a piggyback ride around the room.

They must be light as a feather!

68. Lick each one of your significant other’s fingers.

They better be clean!

69. Have you ever talked to yourself in the mirror and given yourself a pep talk?

It’s all about self-affirmation!

70. What would be in your web history that you’d be embarrassed if someone saw?

Is it something that rhymes with horn?

71. Have you ever walked into a clear, glass door?

We all make mistakes!

71. Tell a dirty joke.

It should be filthy!

72. Has anyone ever told you that you have stinky feet?

They must be true friends.

73. Text someone a really bad pick up line.

I don’t know any!

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74. Have you ever flirted with a boss to get a favor?

It’s just flirting! No harm done!

75. Have you ever had sex on the first date?

That’s called chemistry!

Hot Dares for Husband and Wife

Are you and your spouse looking to take the edge off for the night? Why not play some mood music, chill some wine, and lock all doors and windows. Play a round of hot dares for husband and wife and heat things up!

Here is a list of sexy dares for couples that will make your night sizzle. Make sure you play it behind closed doors because things can get wild and crazy. Here’s a tip: pick random dares. It’s always more exciting when you don’t know what you’re going to get!

76. Seduce your spouse without taking your clothes off.

Should be easy enough to do!

77. Suck your partner’s thumb.

Show them a sneak peak of what’s to come!

78. Ask your partner to take a sexy photo of you.

Maybe a little keepsake for your eyes only.

79. Wash the dishes wearing only an apron.

This is the chance to make doing chores sexy.

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80. Clean the living room while naked.

You can clean and be sexy at the same time!

81. Slap your spouse’s butt.

Nothing too hard or too soft.

82. Take a bath together.

Maybe you guys will want a shower after a day of cleaning the house.

83. Feed something to your partner with your mouth only.

Where’s that banana from earlier?

84. Do something you think is kinky.

Just how creative can they be?

85. Do a seductive dance.

Nothing sets the mood than a seductive little tease.

86. Give your partner a lap dance.

Or better yet, just get on top of them and shake that booty.

87. Write a one-paragraph dirty story to be read later.

Do you have what it takes to be a writer of erotica?

88. Wear your sexiest outfit.

Make me want to rip it off you.

89. Eat a strawberry in a sexy way.

Make me imagine all sorts of things!

90. Take off your bra but leave your shirt on.

It’s the sexiest thing ever!

More Truth or Dare Questions

Still looking for dirty Truth or Dare ideas? There are so many ways you can play Truth or Dare, and so many topics that you can go with. You can make up your own questions or check out our list with 600+ Truth or Dare questions that you can use!

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