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Hosting a Beer Olympics Party is a must-do for any beer lover! Games based on beer-related activities make a perfect theme for a party. These Olympics are often played at pubs, festivals, or university campuses. But you can also host them at your own place! All you need is lots of your choice of beer!

What are Beer Olympics Games?

The Beer Olympics are a series of beer-themed games that are usually played by several people. This is one of the most famous beer-drinking events. The games must be easy to set up and fast to learn, so players can start drinking alcohol right away.

Beforehand, you should form olympics teams for a friendly competition. Don’t forget to put the best players into your olympics team! Because I guess you want to win olympics gold at least in this competition.

There are too many beer olympics games for you to make an overview of them all, but you might want to check out some of the most common games, notably Beer Pong, Kings Cup, and Quarters.

In this article, we’ll present you the best drinking games for your Beer Olympics Event!

Best Drinking Games for Your Beer Olympics

The best beer olympics games are usually the ones where you don’t need lots of equipment or preparation. This means you needn’t buy anything to play the games and can start drinking alcohol right away.

It’s better if all players can drink from bottles or steins, as it speeds up the game and keeps the beer consumption high. The following are our favorite games for this occasion.

1. Beer Pong

Beer pong is the most common beer game out there. It’s basically ping-pong, played with cups and a ball (ping-pong or tennis balls will do the job). Two teams of two people each try to throw the ball into their opponent’s cups as many times as possible. If they succeed, the opponent team must drink the beer in that cup.

This game can be played both indoors and outdoors, requires very little space to play, and you probably already have all the equipment needed! Don’t forget the ping pong balls and large amounts of beer! But make sure to read the instructions carefully before you start playing - people get hurt when pong balls are thrown carelessly!

πŸ‘‰ Here you can find out everything you want to know about Beer Pong Beirut!

2. Kings Cup

Kings Cup is a famous drinking game in which players have to drink all kinds of alcoholic drinks, one after the other. The rules vary from place to place - but the game always requires a deck of cards.

In the beer version of Kings Cup, every player gets a cup of beer, which they have to fill up with delicious beer by following the rules of the game. Every time someone draws a card, everyone drinks whatever is required on that card.

If you’ll play this game with your friends, be aware that you won’t only drink beer here. Get yourself ready for some shots, shots, and even more shots!

πŸ‘‰ Here are all the common rules and ideas for your Kings Cup game!

3. Quarters

Quarters is another competitive drinking game. It was once played with an old coin but now can be played using anything small enough to bounce off the table. For the beer version of the game, you’ll be needing some beer caps or bottle caps, and of course delicious beer. You can play this game anywhere - just find something that can bounce, and use that as a Quarters board!

Here are the basic rules of the beer version:

So not only Beer Olympics are fun to play with your friends, but they’re also a great way to socialize and have a good time. It’s easy to get started - all you need is a couple of willing participants, some creativity, and some beer! Quarters is the perfect game for your Beer Olympic Event!

4. Spin the Bottle

Spin the bottle is a classic game that is particularly interesting for small groups of friends. It’s easy to set up, and it takes just about 5 minutes before you can start playing.

This game is simple - no preparation is needed, all you need is the game itself. Each player has to form a circle around one extra bottle (empty or full) and sit down in an order that could change every time. One person will spin the bottle, and depending on which way it spins, each person must do the action according to the rule of the game.

One variation of this game is that each player has to put their empty beer bottles into the center of the circle before starting, and then they spin the bottle. The direction it spins will show which player has to drink all his/her beers first!

πŸ‘‰ If you want to know more about the game, check out our article about Sping the Bottle!

5. Beer Ball

Beer Ball is a game that can be played by more than two people at once. It’s even better if you have a big group of friends to join in.

All you need for this game is some beer - preferably with caps on them - and enough space to play it. Two teams are needed for the game. The rules are pretty simple - the goal is to throw the beer cap into the opponent’s cup. The team that gets all their cups filled up first wins!

This game is great for big groups of friends because you need at least two teams before you can start playing, so it really doesn’t take much effort to convince your friends to join.

πŸ‘‰ Follow this link for more information about Beer Ball!

6. Beer Frisbee Game

Beer Frisbee is a fun way to mix up your beer drinking games with some good old Frisbee. This game requires a bit more space than other games, so it’s best played outdoors - but if you have enough room, you can also play it indoors!

All you need for this game is a few people and a flying disc. The game is actually pretty simple - it’s like football, except with a flying disc instead of the ball!

The beer version of this game is as simple as it gets - you need a few people and bottles of beer. Each player has to create a line and one by one, everyone goes through it and gets as many beer bottles as the number on their strip of cards! Then you start playing. After every throw, you have to drink whatever bottle was facing towards you when the disc landed.

More ideas for your Beer Olympic Event

The whole idea behind the Beer Olympic Games is to interact with others at the event and create an unforgettable experience. Make sure you head down dressed in your beer-themed outfit as prizes are awarded for best-dressed male, best-dressed female, and best-dressed group.

Checklist for your Beer Olympic Event:

  1. Make sure you have enough resources for the event, such as drinks, food, beer cans, bowls, and cups.
  2. Get a keg and enough ice to keep the beer cool - it will really liven up the atmosphere!
  3. Buy some medals for the best players. Who wouldn’t like to be the gold medal winner?
  4. Organize the event by assigning people to music, decorations, food, and drinks. This can help avoid confusion or miscommunication.
  5. Make sure you plan all the activities, to make sure it will be a smooth-running event. And don’t forget fair game!
  6. Maybe think of some Beer Specials: What about beer making kits, delicious craft beer, or fancy shot glasses for the gold medal winner?
  7. Last but not least, make sure you have fun! The main idea behind Beer Olympic Games is to enjoy the company of other people while at the same time creating amazing memories.

✍️  October 6, 2021

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